Addie + i.Scrap

I’m home and finally sitting back at my desk.
I’ve been watching emails accumulate on my phone and I suppose it’s time that I start digging in.

Our friends the Cordons are in town for their annual ski trip and we just sent them off with some of our boys for a day on the slopes of Mount Spokane.

In the midst of the breakfast and ski-prep craziness, I prepared Addie for her first “big girl” birthday party.

I just dropped her off and loved the look of anticipation and trepidation in her little face. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of photographing her in all the adorable details of her life.
I feel so blesssed to be her mommy.

If you’ve checked in over the last three days, then you know that we’re giving away classes this week at Big Picture Classes. Today we are giving away FIVE seats in my upcoming two week workshop, called i.Scrap. I’m really excited about this class because for me it has proved to be a very authentic look back at the last year and I am so grateful to have that documented.

You can learn more here.

I was delighted to hear from Cathy S. a few weeks back. In simply preparing for my class she expressed some of the same feelings I did–which is always a reassuring thing for a teacher! Cathy is also gathering digital files to use rather than traditional papers and embellishments — I think is awesome!
Here’s a portion of her email:

Hi Stacy,
I just wanted to send an email telling you how much I’ve learned already from the class prep for i.scrap.

Last year, I really enjoyed your New Year’s Eve blog assignment of choosing 12 favorite photos from the past year. That process of selecting the most meaningful photos to me, not worrying about keeping them evenly distributed between children and events, was a learning experience. An unintentional theme emerged: my favorites were the ones of our daily life. My journaling for that layout, which I’m attaching to this email, reads “Out of the 7,000 photos from 2009, these are my favorites. They are not the showcase photos, not the birthdays and special occasions. They show how we lived this year, who we loved and what we loved. These photos capture our life.”

This year, using the 9 “i” prompts as a basis for selecting photos, I’m learning much about myself. How the photos I am drawn to reflect my own introverted, observant personality. How a photo of my children flying a kite on the beach at sunset can represent my “I will…” statement. At first I was worried that the one line on the handout for jotting down the “i” statement was too short and that I had much more to say. Now I look at the photos and think they need no explanation. I should also say I’ve spent a lot of time with these photos in the past several days. Although I am a primarily paper scrapper, I’ve collected many digital kits and often get offers for free 8×8 Shutterfly photobooks, so I’ve challenged myself to do this assignment digitally. Selecting the papers and embellishments has taken longer than it would from my paper supplies, but I am having fun going through my digital files and putting together kits that match the photos. In case you’ve had other students question about doing this project digitally, I’m sending along two of my kits as an example of the prep work. I created a 8×16 .psd file for each prompt, edited and framed the photo, selected two papers that I’ve resized to 8×8 plus the ribbon and five embellishments. The time-consuming work is done, I think. All I need to do when class starts is arrange these into two separate pages, journal and embellish as per class instructions!

If you’re interested in winning a seat in i.Scrap hop on over to the BPC blog.


  1. Addie is sooooo cute! ANd love the wrapping job!! :) Makes me wish for this baby to be a girl (due in July ;)) Thanks for sharing and keeping my fingers crossed to win a seat in your class! :)

  2. I’m excited about this class, because I just didn’t scrapbook much in 2010. I made a lot of gifts for other people and took many pictures, but I didn’t have nearly enough scrapbooking for me and my own albums time.

  3. Addie looks so cute! Love her little shoes, my daughter had some of those. We bought them for her “Dorothy” costume, and they were soon her favorite pair of shoes. Glad you are back!

  4. Love Addie!! She is so adorable!
    Thanks for posting Cathy’s email. I too was considering doing the project digitally – now I know that it’s my darn project and if I want to do it digital I can! what a relief! Now to get to work! thanks Stacy!

  5. I love Addie’s “cheesey” smile!!! So cute! Hoping to get a seat in your I-scrap…I have NEVER done a page about ME ME ME!!! I think it’s about time! =)

  6. Quick question for an expert (you!): have you done any reviews on the Xyron 900?? I am a mostly digi scrapper but am thinking it may be a good laminator for mini books, etc. Is it worth the extra $?? Help!! Thanks!!!!

  7. I love those polka dots! Both on her dress and the wrapping paper. And her super cute smile. I hope she had fun at the party.

  8. Happy Birthday Addie! My daughter has some red sparkly shoes – so fun! Can’t wait for your iScrap class.

  9. Oh, my, was there ever a better bright polka dot dress for a little girl’s birthday party?! I think not! So, so sweet and adorable. The gift is beautiful, nice job! My gifts never look so pretty. The cards sometimes but not the gift. LOL

  10. Addie is such a cutie, love that big smile! Those red sparkly shoes remind me of my daughter when she was little! Brings back some great memories!

  11. Love the sparkly shoes!

  12. Kitty ODEA says:

    I especially like Addie’s blue nail polish! What a cutie head to toe :-)

  13. I love,love, LOVE the polka dotted dress! Some of the cutest clothes are for little girls. I love the colors and how fun and happy they are. To bad they don’t come in big girl sizes.

    • Jody,
      That’s what I always think — how come I can’t find FUN, colorful clothes to wear. I want a Gymboree for moms!

  14. Makes me want to party just looking at her! You are so blessed!

  15. monkeygirl says:

    your little girl is soooooooooooooo cute bless her. Love her shoes and her little blue nails x <3

  16. What a cute dress – I love the sparkly red shoes. Addie is adorable.

  17. Makes me wish I had a girl…cause I don’t think either of my boys would be happy in that polka dot dress…although I am pretty sure they would both wear the shoes! lol (3 and 1 years old)

  18. I seriously can not wait to come back to Spokane and work for you again!!!!!!!!! Starting to count down the days till I get to spend my days with you and Addie again!

  19. Addie looks adorable!!

  20. Love Addie’s dress – my little girl loves dresses and sparkly shoes!

  21. How absolutely adorable is Addie?! I love the combination of her dress and the wrapping papers. I love, love, love her big, happy smile!

  22. Kimberly Ann says:

    Addie looks adorable and very ready for a party!

    I’m so looking forward to i.Scrap. I signed up as soon as I saw it, and have been anxiously awaiting some scheduled time to work on the prompts. This e-mail is wonderful inspiration!

  23. Those pics of Addie are so adorable. Look at that polka dot dress — that is a Stacy dress! With the colorful gift wrap, of course! And the little red shoes!

    One of these days I will have to get around to doing one of those digital photo books. I have debated it on and off but… it’s just not inspiring to me. I have PS and have worked with it professionally but I would probably do it in InDesign. For me — when I start working digitally it feels like “work” and I get too perfectionistic instead of embracing the imperfections.

  24. Addie looks adorable. Every time you post a picture of her, I think she looks so much like you, Stacy.

  25. ana smith says:

    Addie is one happy girl! Her picture made me smile.

  26. Ann in WI says:

    Well the pictures of Addie brought tears to my eyes, just yesterday (actually 8 years ago) my little girl was that big and I could dress her in all those Oh so cute dresses and bows in her hair. Now she’s 2 inches taller than me and NO way would she consider a cute dress or even a tiny bow. Enjoy those moments, take lots of pictures, because like that Kenny Chesney song says, “Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster than you think
    So don’t blink” Thanks for the adorableness and the memories.

  27. Your little Addie is so precious! I absolutely love that smile of hers. Then there are the darling clothes you buy for her – just way past delightful!

  28. bea medwecky says:

    That dress is so adorable! Your daughter looks like she is having so much fun. Lovely gift wrapping too. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Hope Addie enjoys the party; she really is adorable! Thanks for posting Cathy’s e-mail; I was thinking of doing it digitally too and never thought of putting together digital kits like she has done (I know, duh!). Hope you had a great time at CHA!

  30. Oh the wonders of red sparkly shoes – I miss having party shoes! Love that one of the gifts is wrapped in paper that matches Addie’s lovely dress

  31. Your daughter is SO CUTE! I love the red, ruby slippers, too – by the way. If only adults could dress like that… (sigh) CUTE!

  32. Chris Cross says:

    Addie’s smile is one of the cutest things ever (besides her red shoes and adorable dress)!

  33. Your daughter is adorable! And I’m hoping to win one of those spots in your class! Have a wonderful weekend~

  34. Stephanie says:

    How adorable is Addie! I love how your photos really capture the emotion! Beautiful!

  35. Oh.My.Goodness. Addie has a smile that just lights up a picture! Children are a blessing to us older folk. :)

  36. MichelleD says:

    Aww… Addie look so so adorable!! Love her outfit and her smile!! Too cute!! :)

  37. What a beautiful little girl! Hope she had a wonderful time at the birthday party.

  38. So, so cute! When I see Addie and think of her with your family I think of the verse in Psalms 68:6 God sets the lonely in families. I think Addie will be very glad for this.

  39. Stacey, I love the photos of Addie, and I love her blue nail polish even more!!

  40. Bec_Kilgore says:

    Addie is just the cutest little girl. As the mother of boys (now grown men), I can only imagine how much fun it is to have a little girl in the house.

    I am signed up for you class. Looking forward to it. Working on pre-class things.

  41. I love that polka dot dress sweet Addie is wearing! So cute! Where did you get it?

  42. Stacy,
    Every time I see a photo of Addie, I think she looks so much like you! I know she’s adopted, but her sparkly smile and eyes just remind me of yours! Big smiles to you!

  43. Addie is so beautiful! She is lucky to have you as her mommy.

  44. Hi Stacy! Addie looks so cute! I hope she had a great time at her party. Loved finally getting the chance to meet you at CHA. I did a top ten CHA moments on my blog. Can you guess what my #1 moment was???? Hugs!

  45. Addie is looking so adorable! Miss not having a girl to gussy up!

  46. Cute dress! She is a doll!

  47. I love Addie’s precious smiles. I click back to see her beautiful smiles and they are contagious. How can your household not be filled with laughter, love and smiles with that gift from God to greet you every day? Now I can really understand why you were inspired to create your smiles mini book (ella publishing).

    Don’t know what is was about your posting but I signed up for the i.scrap yesterday – maybe influenced by Cathy’s comments. Also a gift to myself for my birthday – i.celebrate.

  48. Addie is adorable, love the dress and the grin, so much like her mama!!!


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