CHA picks from the PRT!

Here’s my short list of *REALLY* memorable products from CHA 2011.

ONE. Smash Books

I think this “back-to-basic” stuff+book approach is spot on. I LOVE products that bridge the gap between scrapbookers and the rest of the picture-taking, stuff-collecting world out there.

They are beautifully designed.
They are fun.
They come with dozens of cool accessories.

Smash Books (to me) are the offspring of the uber-cool office store Russell + Hazel and K & Company’s always gorgeous lines of product for traditional scrapbookers.
They are a beautiful, archival composition books for the memory laden.
Watch this video and I think you’ll see why I’m so excited about these.

Here’s where you can learn more about Smash Books.

TWO. The Lucky 8 Punch

I preface this pick by saying I’m not much of a punch-girl, so you really need to pay attention. The NEW Lucky 8 punch from We R Memory Keepers will (with 8 successive punches) turn an ordinary sheet of cardstock or pattern paper into a decorative-edged sheet of paper.

Once again, you can watch the video to get a better idea …

Cool, eh?
Looks like you can pre-order one here.

THREE. For The Record

I’ve mentioned this paper line from Echo Park already, but it really is worth another post. It’s bright and vintage-y all at the same time and I’m all about the typewriter and the twisty phone-cord line. The mix of colors and patterns makes me want to sing. This line would make a FABULOUS Finish Line Scrapbook.
Click on the link to see individual pieces.

Ok, that’s it — other than I got to sit around the real Paperclipping Roundtable at CHA and talk about all these fabulous products (and more!) The table itself was just slightly oval, but the company was grand. It was an absolute delight to see the girls that I so often talk with when we record monthly episodes that I am on. Pictured here (clockwise from me: Ana Cabrera, Nancy Nally and Noel Hyman) If you haven’t listened to the CHA episode yet, you can do so here.

I just realized that Wendy posted this same photo to the BPC blog today.  Be sure to go over there to read her post about this and other ways you can stay connected with our AMAZING industry!


  1. Lovin’ that lucky 8 punch! looks totally cool.

  2. The Smash books look awesome…I’ve been looking for something just like this.

  3. I like all of your picks- but the Smash book?? Gotta have it NOW! I hate to wish my life away but April (is it coming out in April?) can’t get here any too soon.

  4. Love the Smash book and the punch. Both are on my must have list! Thanks for sharing them!

  5. wow, wow
    and thanks for a CHA post that didn’t swamp me!! less is more

  6. So excited to see both the punches and the smash book (very cool video), of course I NEED them both!! So Sad that I have to wait until April and June! Thanks Stacy for sharing these great products with us!

  7. Loved the CHA Paperclipping — so fun to listen to. That SMASH book is awesome! I want one and that Echo Park paper — great picks. What did you think of the paper piercing wheels — I think by WR Memory Keepers — or maybe Making Memories — I will have to look up — anyway Noelle did a video on them and they look cool — I do not typically sew on my pages but that made it look pretty easy.

  8. I just had to go check out the SMASH website. What an absolute inspiration!! I’ll keep a reminder close by as it said it will be available in April?! How much fun!

  9. The SMASH Book looks totally fun! I already have something like it in progress with a repurposed and altered Composition Notebook – the spiral binding is a real benefit in the SMASH book!

  10. Those punches are pretty clever. I love that you can choose to do just the outer cut, just the inner cut, or the combination. And that you don’t even have to do the whole sheet of paper.

    Every time I see that For the Record kit, I think I drool just a little bit. ;)

  11. Thanks so much for the Smash book video, I feel super inspired to journal in that way and make something memorable for myself and for a record… think I’m going to start today!

  12. OMG, those were my favorites too. Especially the Smash books. I know the idea has been around, but when you package it like this it’s irresistible. Hoping they won’t be too hard to get.

  13. I can’t wait until the Smashbooks are available! I’m a collector of stuff and that would help me keep it all together! I love that the pen is also the glue. I think the punches are great. I may have to start using die cut pages now, maybe even on one of those gorgeous new papers. Thanks for letting us know what is coming to the stores soon.

  14. Oh those punches are amazing. I had heard of them somewhere, but now I understand what they do. Thanks for posting that video. How cool are those. gotta look into getting some! sounds like you sure found some fabulouse things at CHA!

  15. I am a “punch” girl and LOVE those new punches! Also thought the smash book was way cool! Thanks for sharing!

  16. OMGosh! A pen that is glue too???!!! Where have you been all my life??? =) I love that smash book video so much I had to watch it twice. Oh the colors, oh the products…oh the torture of not being available yet!!! Thanks so much for the recap…this made my day.
    Now if they would make those punches for 8×8 paper, I would be in heaven! =)

  17. Love that punch; I love punches!

  18. I am dying!!!! I LOVE those Punches! I was so tempted to buy some but am without a job right now so I’ll have to wait!!! Hopefully my Scrapbook store will get a couple for our use in their crop room……..One can hope.

    I can’t tell you how many “Smash” Books I already have. I have cut and pasted random thought and ideas, wishlist items and design plans into folders and binders for years. Brilliant marketing!

    Thanks for Sharing!

  19. Holy macaroni! I want a Smash Book! Actually one in every color. And those punches? Crazy good! And I’m not a punch girl either.

  20. Whoever thought of that Lucky 8 punch is an absolute genius. Genius, I tell you! LOVE them! And that Smash book looks so fun. Was the one in the video different than the one on their website? I loved the papers they showed on the one on the website. It looks like so much fun, too! Great pics!!

  21. Cool. Love the Smash books! The pen/glue combo is brilliant! Don’t want to wait until April!

  22. Love the Echo Park paper! I got two of their lines at Christmas because they were just so fun! I might have to get this one when my LSS gets it in! Thanks Stacy!

  23. Love the Smash books! Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  24. bea medwecky says:

    The Smash books look great! I can’t wait to get one. And those punches! I have so many already, but these look so cool.

  25. Love, love, love the Smash Books! I used to create books like these years ago in college, haven’t made one in ages, sometimes I get so caught up in the “formality” of scrapbooking. Gonna have to make one of these again soon! Thank you for sharing, Stacy!

  26. I just watched…and I’m not exaggerating…the smash book video SEVEN TIMES. In a row. And may or may not have salivated each and every time.

    I want one in each color, I want all the little pads, the do-dah’s and gadgets, that is a MUST HAVE! It’s like all my little “unimportant piles” in one place!

    I may, hypothetically, need to rob a bank.

  27. Love the SMASH books! I have a sprial journal that I have filled with all kinds of bits and pieces. Stuff I’ve saved for possible scrapbook pages, but never put them in.
    My girls, ages 9 & 7, watched the video and are busy cutting out stuff from magazines in the recycle bin to put in a book. I’ll have to get SMASH books for the whole family!

  28. Ooooh! I was so excited to see the Smash book and the lucky 8 punch. I heard you talking about it on Roundtable. Love the smash book idea as I’ve done some of those with composition books. Thanks for posting those videos.

  29. AHHHHHHH! I am in LOVE! Thank you so much for giving us the low-down. I am uber frustrated that i can’t get my paws on one NOW! I keep saying that patience is a virtue. Sincerely, thank you so much for giving us the best. You rock. I am holding my breath until they take orders…..

  30. The worst part about seeing/hearing about all the goodies at CHA is how long it takes for them to trickle down to us lowly people! lol

  31. Whitney P. says:

    Thanks for sharing! These products look fun! More things to add to my wish list! :)

  32. Trade you jobs! I thoroughly enjoy your perspectives in this forum! I look forward to each post! Thanks for being you!

  33. Thanks for the visual of the roundtable ladies. It’s nice to put faces with voices:) I can’t wait tho watch the video on the smash books…(its almost might midnight and somehow I don’t think my husband would appreciate the info as.much as I would!).

  34. The smash beautiful is beautiful and I really like those punches. I have been wanting For the Record since I saw it somewhere else as a sneak peak. Too cute and bright for vintage. Yeah, I might actually use vintage items on my layouts. Thanks for sharing.
    Oh and I listen to Roundtable all the time. Love it and reallly enjoy when you are on. You have some amazing insights. Thanks.

  35. Can’t wait for the Smash books to come out, I am already collecting things I want to keep to put into one!! Appreciate your sharing your picks with us. I always look forward to your blogs. Hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself Stacy!!

  36. for the record is on my wish list

  37. Very excited about the lucky 8 punches!! I love shaped papers.

  38. I saw the Smash books on someone else’s website and I immediately thought “I want one!” followed by “Stacy J. is gonna love that!” :-) I want one for me and one for each of my daughters and one for my friend and…

    Thanks for sharing your favorites from the show!


  39. Can’t wait to see the Smash books in person! They look awesome! Thanks for sharing, love all your picks!

  40. WOW – LOVE both of these. Smash would be perfect travel journal – wiish I had one for my cruise Feb 25th. LOVE punches too – thanks for the videos.

  41. Sharon F., California says:

    Love the Smash video and the product. I think the most fantastic part is the pen/glue stick in one…yes, its all there, convenient, easy and portable. What more could you want? Awesome…love the colors too. Its all very clever…

  42. Wow – those punches are just too cool! They will be fun to work with :)

    The Smash books are cool too. I also think the pen is the best part – how clever!

  43. Oh I am totally loving the SMASH books. Seriosly cannot wait for those to hit the stores. I may have to buy them in several colors cause they’re all so pretty! Think I’ll get one for each of my kids as well. At 5 and 8, this would be perfect for them. All those little snippets of their world would finally have a home. These are FAB. I love em. Thanks for sharing.

  44. already obsessed with Smash book…can’t believe I have to wait till April! great idea abt getting one for kids too…perfect for my 5yr old son. also loving Lucky 8 Punch… <3

  45. OMGosh! Love that video of the Smashbooks and i want one in every color! So inspiring and cool and it has Stacy Julian written all over it!! Happy,happy good stuff!

  46. That punch is really cool!!!

  47. OMG – those SMASH BOOKS look too cool!!! I’m not always tbe best at filing away my memorabilia to use on future pages (to put it lightly) but this looks like a fun, easy way to keep those tidbits of life that you just don’t want to part with. Reminds me of the scrapbooks my mom kept when she was in high school and college. Oh, and the glue/tape dispenser in the pen ROCKS! Can’t wait to get my hands on one or two of these.. thanks for sharing with us!

  48. Love Love Love that smash book.

  49. MMM….”For the Record” is just delicious!!! And the smashbooks are great. Totally reminds me of my middle-school scrapbooking self – glue and pasting stuff down. Love it!

  50. Can’t wait til I can get a Samash book… much fun!

  51. Hehe, I was just tickled to see the Lucky 8 punches as one of your pics…I stumbled across those online this morning and posted about them on Two Peas. I’m liking the same stuff as Stacy…say it with me “JINX!”

  52. That Smash Book trailer is so cute. I wants one. I wants one bad.

  53. Love, LOVE the smash books trailer. I want one too. Good therapy for my perfectionistic tendencies — plus great gift for a tween or teen daughter.

  54. Gail Alcorn says:

    Echo Park is one of my new faves and I really love “For the Record”.The colors are the best.

  55. I can’t wait for the Smash Book to come out! I think my 12 year old daughter and I will both love them.

  56. LOVE the Smash book – they look like my composition books only COOLER and hello? That pen/glue combo thing? Genius. I logged right on to get them for myself as a birthday gift … and wish I was born in April now :)

  57. Ok LOVE LOVE the Smash books. Have got to get one of those!

  58. Okay…I couldn’t even wait to read the rest of the post! I think I just fell in love with the Smash book. Yep…I’m in love!

    Now off to read the rest of the post!

  59. Oh my…I love those Smash books – I do lots of ‘saving’ in note books – too much fun!

  60. STACY!!! I love love LOVE the smash book! Messy and Beautiful….just like life, huh? I am turning 40 at the end of the month and juts could not come up with an idea of what I wanted….hubby is asking and asking (He’s a keeper!) I can now send him this link and order me a year’s worth of smash books!!! Love that the glue comes with it! YOU made my day, Stacy!!!

  61. How fabulous Stacy, thanks for posting about the Smash books. You have no idea how long I have been trying to find something like this. What a fabulous base for an Art Journal type thingie, Yay!

  62. I can’t wait to see the Lucky 8 punches. At first I thought ‘so what?’ but then I watched the video and am trying to decide which one I must have.

  63. I’m so excited about the smash book. But I already have a large sketchbook I use as an art journal & “smash” in all those bits & pieces of life. When I fill it up, though, I might just ask for a smash book for my birthday. Thanks for sharing!

  64. The for the record paper looks AWESOME! Can’t wait to get it!

  65. As someone who has tons of notebooks and sketchbooks crammed with magazine clippings, ticket stubs, etc, I am in love with those Smash Books! Even the video was inspiring :)

  66. Just tonight I was talking to my daughter about starting an art journal to record how she’s feeling. (She been having a hard time lately being a military family and moving all the time, leaving friends behind).
    I think these Smash journals are perfect for this. TFS.

  67. this was such a fun episode!
    i love listening to you & anna…
    your love of all things sb comes through so loud & clear!
    i just love it! (& i don’t even sb anymore…shhhh :)

    (apparently ‘love’ is the word of the day…appropriate, i must say :)


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