Friday FIVE for February 11, 2011

Lots of life going on, as usual.
I’m going to need a really good nap on Sunday and a couple of slower days next week! But, for now, let’s be happy it’s Friday and enjoy a Friday FIVE (family style.)

ONE. Clark is going to Winter Formal …

on Saturday. This is how he asked Rachel if she wanted to accompany him.

TWO. Trey showed his school spirit this week …

when he and Pete dressed up for BLUE Cheese day. It was salad dressing week??

THREE. Taft and I are doing the Valentine party …

In his class today.

We’re going to play Minute to Win it (Valentine style)
Each child will get a bag of candy and the obstacle course (pictured above.)
Here’s what they have to do, in 60 seconds or less:

1. Bite the ends off the Red Vine
2. Open the Pixy Stix and dump the powder into the circle
3. Use their Red Vine straw to blow the powder out of the circle
4. Open the Hershey’s Kiss with one hand and eat it
5. Arrange their M&Ms in the circles


6. Complete the “M&Ms Math” problem!

It’s a bit quirky, but I totally made it up and I think I’m a genius.
Here’s the PDF of my Candy Obstacle Course just in case you want to test your skills! We are also going to play a game of Cupid’s Arrow, that I saw on Darci’s blog.

FOUR. Our new kitchen table top …

is being delivered tomorrow. Our friend Steve Holdaway built this larger and more durable (not to mention more beautiful) top to mount to our current table base. Steve is a master craftsman; he also designed and built my scrapbook island in my studio!

This butcher block, solid wood top will extend the surface area of our table by 3 inches, which means my seven chairs and the seven people who sit in them will all fit around it in a much more comfortable way.

FIVE. I’m on the Where Women Create blog today!

Click here to read the post.
My little upstairs office is coming together slow, but sure and I cannot even say the difference it has made for me to work in the midst of my family. I am LOVING it. There is a bit of a bird/nest theme in my decor–this was intentional and represents my delight in being back in the “nest” of my home—see the cool window hanging on the wall behind me? I’m looking for a cool “bird/nest” quote to put there (in vinyl lettering) and I’m also still waiting for my sofa and my hassock to arrive (early May?)

My friend and
awesome photographer Randi Brunt
came over and snapped these photos
and a few more that I’ll
share later.

Thanks Randi! If you live in Eastern Washington
you need to visit Randi’s website!


  1. I love all the bright happy colors in your new office!

  2. love that table top, and may I say what a brave boy wearing tights to school.

  3. Love the fun Valentine Game. I’m so excited to use this. You are a genius!!!!

  4. I love that you have such bright colors in your in your home! In the past, whenever I have picked a bright color to wear or to paint, someone in my family ( sisters, aunts, cousins, etc.) would say “That’s awfully bright. You don’t want that. You want something more muted like this…” and I would agree and change what I wanted to something more acceptable – to them – but you have helped me see that what I like is okay and that it works and it is me and they don’t have to like it. I also love your table top. My grandpa could do things like that. All I had to do was show him what I wanted and he would build it for me. I miss him – his laugh, his knowledge, the smell of sawdust – thanks for reminding me of him.

    • Jody,

      Surround yourself in the colors you love–I have never regretted any of my “brighter” color choices. And … please, write those things you love about your grandfather down. Find a photo of him and scrapbook these memories!

  5. Your new space looks so cute! Can’t wait to see more. Is that an exercise ball chair?

  6. Hi Stacy, Your space is so bright and cheerful! I am going for a slight bird/nest theme in my room too as I shovel my way through it. I have pictures up on my blog as to what a disaster it was/is, but I am working through it and it is a great process!
    I just recently started making birds nest out of old books. They are call “Mum’s feathered Nest” and they are customized with the amount of eggs by how many children you have in your nest. The whole idea is…even though they LEAVE…they are still in your heart! Anyway, those are what have gotten me started in the “nesting” area…I have them up on my etsy site and some local stores here:)
    Anyway, reallly what i want to say is your post today inspired me…i have been dragging my heels the last two days, just looking at the MESS of my studio. After seeing what you have done, I am ready to get away from the computer and work again! Thanks and happy nesting!
    Dancingly, Denise

  7. Love seeing your space. Hope your cold goes away soon.

  8. Love your 5 this week. Love Clarks invite idea! Salad dressing week? okay, well blue cheese is my favorite! The table looks beautiful, amazing what a difference a few inches can make eh? Your work space is coming together nicely! And I agree you are a genius with that game. I have passed a link on to a couple friends who will love the idea.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love the Valentine’s game. How adorable. I love your office space especially the window. When we replaced the windows in our house I saved one that we’ve been moving around in the garage for the longest time. You’ve inspired me to HANG it up in the spare bedroom. Thanks.

  10. The valentines are fantastic! :)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your clipboards! Where did you find them? Or did you make them?

  11. Ahhhh, I LOVE that you were featured on Where Women Create! I just smiled through the whole article. :)

  12. love the game. genius. filed away for future reference. office looks amazing and happy. can’t wait to see more when it’s done!

  13. Look how super cute you are in your office! I love the mix of colors! They are so. . . happy. of course!

  14. I have the quote “today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry” in vinyl in my kitchen and I love it! I actually think I first saw that quote on this blog. If I could figure out how to link a picture I would send it. It would go perfectly in your bright, fun room!

  15. To say that your candy obstacle course is genius is the understatement of the WORLD.

    Seriously. I’m in love with it.

  16. Damiane Lucas says:

    Oh, Gosh, Stacy! That M&M math seems hard! If I can use a calculator, I think I can do the obstacle course in the 60 second deadline. LOL!

    By the way, that wagon with toys is AWESOME!

  17. Your new office looks so fun! Love the new photos. And thanks for sharing Randi’s site. Her blog is such eye candy and beautiful photos. I don’t live in Eastern WA anymore, but I will always be a Spokanite at heart. Love to see my hometown and the region as the backdrop in her photos. Put a big smile on my face! :D

  18. Chris Cross says:

    Glad to see the sneak peak of your new space. Love the color inspiration!

  19. I LOVE your Valentine’s game. I teach 5th grade and they are so hard to entertain. This game will be the HIT of our Valentine’s party. I would love to have a parent like you helping in my classroom. Thanks again for the great game.

  20. Oh look how cute you are in pink polka dots with your green phone and the light shining in those windows!

  21. I love your new workspace. And the green phone!!! eeeeekkkkk! I’m dying here! I just have to have one! :)

    And a super special thank you for the AWESOME Minute to Win It Valentine game idea. This will be PERFECT for our family night on Monday!

    Thanks for sharing all you do!

  22. Love your workspace (so far) can’t wait to see the rest (hint hint) love your clipboards – you make color soooo inviting!

  23. sarah page says:

    I love your Valentine game, so fun!

  24. I found some quotes for you, “Success is full of promise till one gets it, and then it seems like a nest from which the bird has flown.”
    Henry Ward Beecher quotes (Liberal US Congregational minister, 1813-1887)
    “A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.” ~Chinese Proverb
    “When I learn something new – and it happens every day – I feel a little more at home in this universe, a little more comfortable in the nest.” Bill Moyers
    For every Bird a Nest by Emily Dickinson
    “Little by little the bird builds its nest.” French Proverb
    I love looking for quotes to use and found these after I read your Friday Five today.
    Hope you enjoy them.

  25. YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!! I could never in a million years even THINK of M&M Math. TOTALLY FUN! You must be like the funest mom in the school!!!!!

  26. You ARE a genius! The Valentine game is beyond clever.

    I’m thrilled to get another glimpse of your new office, and I can’t wait for the complete video tour. Maybe after you get the rest of your furniture . . . ?

  27. I absolutely love the minute to win it VDay game. I am so stealing it!

    Your office is going to be gorgeous!

  28. Lots of fun Friday moments today. You are truly blessed.

    Love the Valentine’s Day game. We just had 2 parties yesterday–these would have been great! How creative and I love your handwriting.

    Enjoy getting used to the ebb and flow of your new office.

  29. Great post!! Love all the cool pics of what is going on with your weekend!! Love the way your new office is coming together!! :)

  30. I love the Friday Five posts! So fun to see what’s going on with you. Your office looks bright, cheery & happy. Fun! Love, love, love the new table top. Cute shots of the boys. Honeydew? New to me, but cute. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

  31. What a great V-day party idea. Love it!

    I would love to know what kid of chair you are sitting in at your desk. I am a SAHM who also happens t be a full-time nursing student which means I spend a LOT of time at my desk. Thanks in advance. =)

  32. Thanks for the sneak peek of your new office, love all the bright colors! Can’t wait to see more! :) Cute vday game and the honeydew idea is so clever!

  33. your new table will be awesome, love that your kid participates at school, want to try the ‘minute to win it’ valentine style, all the color in your office is just what i expect from you, but what i love the most is the message at the bottom of the post it note……SETTLE FOR MORE…….that’s a keeper.

  34. Hey, this has nothing to do with your post today, but I just have to thank you for showing your cute, cute albums that you have done in photo albums. I have been overwhelmed by scrapbooking for years and years, so when I saw what you were doing with your scrapbook for Clark, I took that idea and ran with it. I searched back on your blog and found your travel albums. This has made my life so much easier. I have finished for the first time ever, my summer travel scrapbook – it’s done!!!!! I have never finished an album before, but your idea’s and examples have made it so easy. I can’t thank you enough. I might even think of doing a Project Life album next year, but this year I’m just too happy about getting an album done!!!! It never could have happened without you, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! And I tell all my friends how easy this is and refer them to your blog.

  35. Okay Stacy! The Minute to Win it V day party idea is BRILLIANT! Love everything about it! and my answer to the m&m math problem is 33!

  36. Totally in love with your Valentines Candy worksheet!!!!! You rock girlie!!!

  37. Stacy, Thank you so much for the PDF of the Valentine minute to win it page. Having 2 boys it’s so fun to find things that anyone can enjoy. i am going to print it out and do it with them after school as their teachers already have a plan for their parties. Thanks for sharing your colorful, upbeat approach to life even when it isn’t all sunshine and roses for you!!! Oh and i hope my boys are as creative as yours about things like dance invites when they get older.

    And i LOVE your new office!

  38. Love your Valentine Minute to Win It! Such a fun idea! I’ve been wanting to try out some of those awesome games from the show in my classroom.

  39. Oh, the Valentine’s Day Minute to Win It game is going to rock tomorrow! The kids are going to LOVE it! And the salad dressing idea, how fun is that? I’d love to hear of any other totally fun school spirit dress up days your kids get to do. We’re always on the lookout for new ideas.

  40. Thanks for the great game idea! I will have to try that one. Also, love your colors in your office!

  41. Hi Stacy-I heard you speak years ago at a DOTS convention before simple was created. Then through the years you have seem to weaved in and out of my scrapbooking life as well. I am getting caught up on the paperclipping round table discussions from last summer and you were the guest. I won’t be able to quote you but it was about how CK told you that your idea was fluff. I am so proud of you to leave that family behind to do what was right for your heart. I have seen the site grow more and more each year and it reminds me of the love that this craft is really about. I got caught up in the names and the buy buy buy and do this to be cool layouts and got burnt out. I stepped back into the hobby recently with paper again and have truely found where my heart it. You were speaking on that episode and I felt like I was crying along with you and being there to support you as if we have been friends for life. When in reality, you have no clue who I am. Thank you for being a women that believes in following her passion, and for being funny and most importantly real. A real person with real problem and real layouts designed for your family. God Bless

  42. your office (and you!) make me so happy.

    and i never thought i’d be one of these commenters, but here i go…

    where did you get your turquoise chandelier shades?

    i know, i know…i’m annoying, right?

    but those are exactly what i’ve been visualizing in my head for my living room i’m creating…buttercream walls, lots of white, with tons of happy colors everywhere!

    thanks so much,


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