I think FUN preschool snacks are …


Addie and her fellow classmates get to go fishing today at snack time. I don’t mean to insult your intelligence at all, by explaining that you dip the tip of the long pretzel into the whipped cream cheese or peanut butter — if nut allergies aren’t an issue – and then use it to ‘fish’ for the crackers.

It really is the simple things, isn’t it?
This is the discovery that Neil Pasricha made when he started this blog.

Thanks to my Twitter friends, I was informed of and watched Neil’s talk he gave at TEDx Toronto

It’s most definitely worth 18 AWESOME minutes of your life.

by the way, my first cup of Adagio Tea (Rooibos Vanilla) is brewing. I can now verify everything that Cathy has said about their customer service. Truly an AWESOME and enchanting company!


  1. What a wonderful inspirational video! I think I need to check out this guys book. Wonderful, just wonderful! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Great snack idea! My daughter (9) will love it!

  3. My Sweetie gave me this book for Valentines day… He is Awesome! The book is great too! Good to see Neil and hear his story. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Stacy, first: LOVE the snack idea. I am pretty boring when it comes to food creativity…but when I find ideas like this that are so easy then I totally try them. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Second: thanks for the heads up on that blog. I love finding little things in life that make me happy. I think I need to start a mini book because I love the little things–cloud watching being one of my favorites. Today it was the free daffodils my grocery store gave me when I bought some clearance flower bouquets. These are my best friend’s favorite flowers, so I ran right over to her house to surprise her. I have a new pocket camera so I was sure to snap a pic. This is going to be my first page!
    Third: That tea sounds heavenly! I have only recently gotten into drinking herbal tea, but never thought to go beyond the boxes of tea bags in the grocery store. Since I, like you, only drink the herbal varieties, I never thought I could venture beyond the prepack stuff. Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new world!

    • And … you’ll be glad to know that there is a mini-book class in development at BPC based on The Book of Awesome (just in case you want to create your album along with lots of friends. I learned to drink herbal tea on my mission and I’m wanting to revisit the way an afternoon cup can slow you down a bit! I bought the little “personali-tea” personal tea pot that allows you to brew the tea the old fashioned way — it’s totally fun!

      • I started drinking it on my mission too, (funny story, that one is) but just recently got back into it. I’ll have to check out that teapot. By the way, my husband and I are reading more of the awesome things blog and it almost sounds like I wrote a lot of those posts. I’m having a blast realizing that I live my life like a book of awesome. Thanks for helping me realize that!

  5. This is great! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thank you for sharing! Seems to me you and Neil have a few things in common. Your positive attitude, awareness of the little things (& big!) that make life so special, and the authentic way in which you write and share…you are Awesome! Thank you so much for following your heart and creating this space. It’s one of my favorite stops each day with a cup of tea in hand(:= (I just recently purchased a personal little tea pot (so fun!), I’ll have to try the tea you mentioned!).

  7. Kimberly Ann says:

    Great snack idea! I think I have a 26 year old preschooler at my house that would love something fun like this on the weekends :)

  8. Loved the Awesomeness. My boys did a skit acting out his speech as I listened to it on my laptop around the kitchen table while they thought they would get homework done. Truly it doesn’t get better. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I get a little “awesome” post in my Google Reader every day and it does remind me to be so grateful for all the little things that we often take for granted. I loved hearing Neil speak about how the blog/book came to be. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    I’ll be looking for the mini-book class!

  10. Love this snack idea! Will have to try it out!

  11. Oh yes!!! South Africa’s homegrown Rooibos tea!!

  12. Do you suppose that 50 is too old to ‘go fishing’?! I don’t care, I’m going to try it but might have to sub in pretzel fish. Pretzel and peanutbutter sound OK together, but cheese, peanutbutter & pretzel maybe one to many flavors for me. Thanks for the snack idea.

  13. love that preschool snack – so much fun! Thanks for sharing that blog – I had a quick look but I’ve bookmarked so I can go back and read more. So inspiring

  14. Ok — this is great! Having a challenging week and really enjoyed listening to this this morning. Also, I just listened to Paperclipping this week — — it reminds me to get back to using my notebooks to record the little things. You know, I had a realization about this a few years ago when my brother and I were both home visiting my parents. It suddenly occurred to me that our discussions about what we remembered about our childhood were not discussions about holidays, graduations or birthdays. We talked about the foods mom made for dinner (surpise to my mom some of the things we did not like!), games we used to play out in the yard and eating lunch at our kitchen counter with Dad (he came home from work everyday for lunch —yes– small town!) It is the little things, the funny things we say (we have an ongoing joke in our family of when I thought jackalopes were real and when my brother thought Barbados W.I. was a town in Wisconsin.) It is the little things that are the most awesome, probably the easiest to record and often the things we forget to write down. Thanks for the reminder to do so.

  15. sarah page says:

    I LOVE the snack idea. In a few weeks my Sunbeams will be learning all about fish. I think we’re going to have to go fishing!

  16. Love all things TED. Even the topics I know nothing about and would not normally be interested in are inspiring. Thanks for pointing this one out!

  17. No little ones in my house, so thanks for explaining the “fishing” just in case I didn’t get it. Love peanut butter & pretzels.

  18. I love this book! It’s a book that you can pick up whenever you have 10 minutes to spare and just read a couple of entries and go ‘Yeah! That is awesome!’. Thanks Stacy!

  19. What a cute treat idea for little ones!


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