the surprise.

Happy Friday.

I’m forgoing the Friday FIVE thing because it does not feel like it should be Friday. After the Monday holiday and the unexpected snow day — I am somewhat in scramble mode.

Anyway, I dropped Clark’s surprise off this morning.
I’m dying to know how he reacted … I do weird, unexpected things to my children — hopefully there is no a lasting negative effect.

If everything went as planned, then he opened a BOX of 18 light sabers during his advisory period.

Seriously, I’m so enamored with myself right now I can hardly stand it.
How completely random is that?
It’s completely random and I LOVE it.

I’m really hoping that his good friend Kelby was able to catch a little bit of the action on her camera’s video.

The note says: The FORCE has always been strong with you. Now that your 18 you are old enough to do many dangerous things. Obi-mom-kenobi thought you might want to celebrate with a massive light saber duel after school.


BTW, Clark was accepted to Brigham Young University (BYU) on the eve of his birthday. BYU is my alma mater and the place where I met Geoff. We’re pretty proud of him and very excited as it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get accepted. Actually, he’ll have to start summer term to secure a spot for himself in the fall. This means, my first child is potentially leaving for college on June 18th. I’m currently experiencing some interesting emotion around this idea.

Happy Friday (I think I already said that, but I mean it — Happy Friday!)

Oh, and one more thing.
I’m super proud of my sister Darci, who started something REALLY COOL on her blog today.
I hope you’ll check it out!


  1. There are many office situations that would be improved by the impromptu arrival of a box of light sabers as well! Nice job obi-Mom!

  2. obi-MOM-kenobi, you rock! it’s hard to let go of our 18-year old’s, I agree. wishing your family lots of fun memories between now and then.

  3. Congrats to Clark on his acceptance to BYU! And Happy Birthday.

  4. That is totally cool!! You are an awesome mom. I hope that his friend captures his reaction and the light saber duel so that you can share it with us. Happy birthday to Clark and congratulations on his acceptance to BYU!

  5. I wish someone would drop a box of lightsabers off at my work right now. Amazing job, Stacey and Congratulations to Clark and your family on his acceptance to BYU.

  6. As a mom who has sent a child “off” to college this past August all I can say is be prepared to bawl your eyes out. The feeling of overwhelming pride, joy and loss are all consuming for at least the trip home. My daughter has been “away” now for a semester and a half. It gets easier as you see just how much they grow into the wonderful adults that they are, but its okay to cry into your pillow once in awhile :)

  7. Congrats to Clark! My oldest didn’t get in, so good for your son! And what a fun surprise – you’re a great mom!

  8. You are a cool mom! I love that idea. Congrats to Clark on getting accepted to BYU! How amazingly bittersweet for you though…such overwhelming pride and the ache in your heart knowing he will be off on his own soon.

  9. That’s great news and so cool of you to send such a fun gift. I love BYU and am so happy for anyone who also gets to experience it.

  10. That is an amazing surprise! You’re just awesome Stacy! Congratulations to Clark for getting in to BYU. You and your husband must have been on an emotional roller coaster the last couple of days!

  11. That’s great! Could u please write a post about some of the other random things you’ve surprised your kids with? I think it’s such a great idea. My daughter is 1. :-)

  12. obi-MOM-kenobi, you crack me up! How fun and I bet they’ll have a ball. Wow, June…that must be causing some emotions but it’s all good. Congratulations to Clark and Happy Birthday! Would love a 180 days update sometime when you have a minute. Love the idea of that project.

  13. Molly McCarthy says:

    I adore your sense of humor!! Congratulations to Clark on his milestone birthday!! And most importantly STAY WARM!! xoxo

  14. I sent my oldest (a son) off to college in August of 09. It was hard for me at first, but he was ready. After a little while, it was easier for me. I think it was because we knew he was in the best school for him and he was happy and flourishing. This August my oldest daughter will leave for college and I will have one left at home. It’s exciting and heart-wrenching all at the same time. I wish you all the best.

  15. You sound like a fun mom. Your’s is probably the house where all the kids hang out. That is how my house was, growing up but for different reasons. Our friends sought out my mom and dad and where there even if we weren’t! It was a great way to grow up. My brother and sister have the same kind of houses for their kids. Congratulations to Clark. My niece is at BYU Law school and she loves it there.

  16. Congrats to your son for his college acceptance! I’m sure he’ll do well. You and Geoff will miss him a lot, at first, but it will get better. Really.

  17. How fun! Happy birthday and congratulations to Clark; what will he be studying?

  18. I love your ideas. How creative. I’m thinking a light saber dual would be fun for adults, too. Congratulations on Clark’s acceptance to the “Y”. I’ll be saying good-bye to my own boy as he heads off to BYU-I shortly.

  19. Rebecca Baggaley says:

    Happy Birthday Clark! And congrats on BYU! My alma mater, too. He will have a blast. And he’s got some family around there, which is nice, right? But sad for you. I would feel the same. You’ve done a great job raising a fine young man. How does that quote go? The mark of a good mom is to work your way out of the job? Or something like that. Anyways, you are both lucky!

  20. Happy Birthday to your son and Congratulations to all of you on such a collegiate achievement. Mom and Dad deserve a high five too…you must have done something right!

    My boys are all over light saber duels…I have a Ben and a Luke (Star Wars coincidence?)

  21. Happy Birthday and congratulations to Clark. You crack me up, obi-MOM-kenobi. Have a great weekend.

  22. Happy Birthday to Clark and congratulations on being accepted at BYU! Checked out your sister’s blog and just bookmarked it! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  23. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea! How awesome! AND congratulations to Clark! How exciting!

  24. Kary in Colorado says:

    Many congratulations to Clark, both on his birthday and on his acceptance to BYU! My daughter did the very same thing for the same reason–started in June (actually on the very day of her 18th birthday! Ack!!) in 2009. Whooo–hard to do, for both Mom and kiddo, but after a rocky first week, she has done very well. I am sure that Clark will too! And then next year, after his 19th birthday, you get to prepare for that big 2-year goodbye. Enjoy these last few months of having him under your roof–both of my college kids have never really come back to live after they left for college & mission (and now both are getting married this spring–one month apart . . . ).

  25. love that he is going to byu and I love that his mom is so cool! This Friday is being really really good to me, hope it is being really really good to you too!!!

  26. this is the funnest idea I have read in a long time obi-mom!

  27. Vinyl lady says:

    “I feel the Force” brilliant Stacy. Happy B- day and Congrad to Clark. I won’t mention that it is much harder sending them out on a mission then to College, but what a man you get in 2 years. I hope you are still on a good healing road. Thanks for sharing your path!!

  28. Awesome idea! And great job on being accepted to BYU. I love the Obi-Mom bit.

  29. what an awesome idea! and congrats on his getting into BYU! I can totally relate to your mixed emotions, I could really use a light saber myself of late, daughter went of to school a year ago, got married in June, and just one week ago we dropped off our oldest son of at the MTC!, talk about emotional overload, some days I don’t think I’ll ever stop bawling. We now have just one left at home, and thank heaven he’s only 14 (only, lol), so I get him for a few more years. Life as we knew it, has totally changed.

  30. Such a fun idea!

  31. I totally love this idea! We are the proud owners of a light saber ourselves, so it’s important to keep track of who else might be armed! :>) Great job obi-Mom!

  32. One of the best gift ideas! Very clever and one that I would love to duplicate. I wonder if she’d like it.

  33. What a brilliant idea! I know that Clark loved it…how could he not? I have a 32 year old who is a Star Wars fanatic & you’re giving me such ideas. Do you think a law office could use a box of light sabers? Might be just what they need to settle some cases. Anyway, as always, you are fantastic Obi-Mom!

  34. What a fun mom! Can’t wait to celebrate May the Fourth Be with You with my boys! Congrats on BYU, though best wishes coping with the early entry.

  35. bea medwecky says:

    You are such a clever girl, obi -MOM! What a great idea. I’m sure it put a huge smile on Clark’s face. And congratulations to Clark for getting accetped into BYU.

  36. How fun Stacy! And many congrats to Clark for getting into BYU!

  37. You are such a COOL mom!! Congrats on him getting in to BYU. :) Have a great weekend!

  38. Random and FABULOUS! You’re the coolest mom ever…keep the fun ideas coming! I’m glad you’re so pleased with yourself. It makes me giggle.

  39. LOL, how fun!

  40. Meredith Fairbanks says:

    Congrats on BYU. I went there and loved it as well. You’re making me feel a little sad for when my own kids grow up and fly away!

  41. Congratulations to Clark on getting into BYU!

    Such a fun package – when my Ewok turned 18 a few months ago we had a Star Wars party complete with home made light sabers and R2D2 birthday cake :)

  42. So was there a massive light sabre dual?

  43. This surprise says not only something about you, but also something about Clark. I could NEVER have done anything like that for my son when he was in 12th grade last year! He is the type of kid that abhors anything that draws attention to himself. When he was in 1st grade, each student was required to bring a box of tissue for classroom use. I picked up a bundle of that included brightly coloured boxes, some with robots and other cool motifs. I was excited to show my son all the funky choices, and was kind of stunned when he dug into the bottom of the stack to select a box that was plain grey-blue with no motif. “Don’t you want to take one of the ones with a fun design?”, I queried in puzzlement. “No” he answered firmly, “I don’t want mine to stand out”.

  44. What a fun birthday surprise, I hope he and his friends had a lot of fun with that!

    Congrats to Clark on getting into the Y, he’ll make a great cougar. :)

  45. Cool Mom Stacy! Clark will love the Y. My son is finishing his freshman year and has grown is SO many ways these past 6 months. He is heading off to serve a mission in the San Pablo, Philippines mission on July 6th. Time flies! Sweet times ahead for the Julians in the coming few months! Enjoy the ride!

  46. Just catching up on my blogs…Congrats to your son on BYU. I can’t imagine the emotions that must come with an eighteenth birthday and college…my babies are 3 and 1, but I know that it will come only too fast. Hope you are having a great weekend. Off to check out your sisters blog!

  47. scrapper al says:

    What a fun idea! I hope Clark enjoyed it. And congratulations to Clark (and you!) for his acceptance into BYU.

  48. BARB TOPPING says:

    What a fun mom you are Stacy! I love the relationships you have with your children.
    congrats to Clark on BYU and to you and Geoff for raising such a caring and wonderful young man.

  49. I always love your ideas. And surprises like that are the best! Wanted to stop by and let you know that the OLW class is having another blog hop on March 1st in case you want to check out all the great projects. We had such a great response with our first blog hop, we are going to do it monthly – the 1st of every month. ONE (Little Word) on 1!

    • Sorry, I suppose I should say that the fun starts at my blog ( at 8 AM PST Tues, March 1. : ) Thanks so much for your support the last time.

  50. Obi-mom – You are my hero!! That is SO cool! I would love to see a video of him opening his gift!

  51. Hi Stacy:
    I love your blog. What a fantastic idea for your son! However I just have to mention your use of “…now that your 18″. Obviously that should be a “….you are 18″or “’re 18″. I’m not one of those crazy grammatical police, but it is an entry about sending off a young adult to college and into the real world after all!

  52. What a totally cool surprise! Fun, fun, fun! My son would have loved something like this. We are a huge Star Wars family. Love the movies, Jare loved the light sabres and all that when he was younger.
    Congrats to Clark for his acceptance into BYU! wonderful news!

  53. BYU! that’s awesome. Way to go Clark!

  54. Wow, that sounds like so much fun! You are a cool Mom for sure.

  55. Congrats to Clark and to you and your hubby on BYU plans! That birthday gift is awesome and fun — and he’ll remember that always!!!!!!! I love that idea.

  56. Nicky from Canada says:

    congrats to Clark – such exciting times

  57. Our first born went to college this past Fall so I know the emotions of which you speak. It’s so hard!! I would be the Mom that had to bite her lip through Toy Story 3 when the Mom goes back into the empty room of the now soon to be off to college, “Andy” & then I just couldn’t hold it any longer & snuffle-snorted through it. Ohmyyes. Such a range of emotions. Lots of pride mixed with joy and a healthy dose of a sense of “loss”. It took me awhile to find my rhythm and our new family dynamic with one younger son @ home. I tried to keep in mind the feelings that our son was also experiencing. Excitement with Graduation, excitement about college, fear too and I’m sure trepidation.
    Good news! We’ve all made it through his first semester, and he loves it! Enjoy every moment of it all (& hang on tight! it’s quite a ride!).

  58. What a cool mom! And congrats to Clark for being accepted at BYU.

  59. Love, love, love this crazy fun idea. My boys are only in grade school but oh how they would love this too! Can’t wait to hear how he responded. Thanks for giving the rest of us permission to be fun and crazy!

  60. Oh my gosh!! I just found out I got into BYU too!! :) But I’m not going until the fall.. but that’s way exciting about Clark as well!! And very cute blog!!

  61. LIsa Hulsey says:

    LOVE the random and surprise light saber idea! I also love to do totally weird things for my kids and this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing your goofy side!

  62. Congratulations to Clark on his acceptance to BYU. Bummer that he has to start in the summer, though. What’s the school’s logic behind that system?

    I hope you do a follow-up on the light sabres. I’m dying to know Clark’s reaction.

  63. I forgot to ask you how the surprise went when I talked to you on Sat. (at the Crop). I also saw that you left your “Book of Awesome” there, I hope you got it back. If not, Krista said that she would mail it to you. Also, I have an awesome story about my daughter that night- I will email you, it’s kind of long-but AWESOME!

    The book my mom and I were telling you about is “The Seventeen Second Miracle” by Jason Wright.


    It’s Tuesday and we’re all dying to know Clark’s reaction to the package last Friday.
    What a hoot! I hope when my girls are in school, I aspire to do crazy-fun things, too.

    Maybe that should be our “Sprinkle” for this month/week!

  65. Congrats Clark on BYU! What an exciting future you have ahead of you.

    Stacy, cool and fun idea with the light sabers :) Can’t wait to hear how that went.
    My son graduates this year too so I definitely am experiencing a huge range of emotions. I can’t believe it’s been 18 years already.

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