Unplugging for 4 days!

Happy Friday,

My kids are home for a four day weekend, so as soon as I hit publish on this post. I’m walking away and unplugging until Tuesday. I’m hoping for some creative time, but mostly time in my home with my family — I think we are finally catching up after CHA and I’m still nursing the cold that never ends, so I need a break!

BUT … before I go away, if you don’t already know …
Wendy has authored a new book!
I seriously think that every single one of you reading should give this book and a BPC gift certificate to a friend before National Scrapbook Day on May 7th. Let’s keep our hobby alive by sharing what we love with those you aren’t yet involved!

I know, I have the best ideas =)

Learn more about Wendy’s Book

And … it gets better.
If you’re already committed to scrapbooking Wendy has a book for you too.
Wendy has teamed up with Aby Garvey again to write the latest e-book from Ella Publishing. Need ideas for pages related to your personal heritage? Just click on this image …

How to Scrapbook Your Personal Heritage: 36 vintage page ideas and fun challenges (by Wendy Smedley & Aby Garvey)

I’m looking forward to working with Crystal Rieger on a class for BPC.
Crystal teaches popular classes every year at The Great American Scrapbook Conventions and we have a FUN new partnership in the works with GASC.

I just ordered Crystal’s Book as I’m a huge fan of handwriting.

And finally, lest you forget …
I’m also a HUGE fan of Little Missmatched

It’s time to order  your Spring line-up of socks and …

Flip-flops and …

Flip-flop socks!

You can get 20% off Spring anklets and knee highs RIGHT NOW.
In fact, today is the last day. Use code BLOOM

And … Have a WONDERFUL, LONG weekend.


  1. Hi Stacy, if you’re reading this it must be at least Tuesday, right? :>) Hope your unplugged weekend was filled with lots of fun family memories and great creativity.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the hand writing book. I also love hand writing (and books). I’m excited about having a class about it and I LOVE Little mismatched. Have a great weekend.

  3. Knee highs with ruffles? I am so gone! TFS.

  4. I impose unplugging myself from late Saturday to Monday am almost every weekend. It is very freeing. We went to Ikea today and 90% of the couples/families who were eating at the restaurant were plugged in to their phones but not to each other :(
    Thought of the grey/color campaign – my husband saw a big Behr paint truck go by as we sat eating our lunch – I had visions of big buckets of violets and lime paint being unloaded at the doctor’s office building I was just at – grey, grey, grey – in the basement no less! With a waiting room titled ‘subwaiting room’.
    Have a awesome weekend and drink in the moments of love.

  5. Heather Crawley says:

    Enjoy your unplugged weekend. I have been itching to scrapbook all week and decided, this weekend, I am taking over the dining room and getting back to basics – pens, stickers, scissors.

  6. Enjoy!!!

  7. I love those socks…Little Mismatched is popular in our house. Although, I will admit that the flip flop socks has not grown on me, yet!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Have a great weekend. Relax! I love Little Mismatched. We bought one of the bedding sets at Fred Meyer for my daughter’s room.

  9. Good idea to unplug! Thanks for the encouragment to do the same!

  10. Kimberly Ann says:

    Thanks for sharing Wendy’s new book, and wonderful idea! I have a few people in mind for gifting the book to.

  11. Enjoy your unplugged weekend!

  12. You DO have the best ideas! Hope you have a wonderful unplugged weekend!

  13. Great idea to unplug and enjoy your family for the weekend! Those books look awesome and it looks like I’m going to have to get a couple of them. Thanks for the suggestions. Happy President’s Weekend!

  14. sarah page says:

    wishing you a happy unplugged weekend! I’d love to improve my handwriting. Perhaps I should check into her book. Thanks!

  15. Stacy! Yeah, that cold…wow…ick! Even all the way over here in Florida, it’s going around. I cannot believe it lasts like a month! Here’s to you all getting better. I am sure glad I finally am too! Really cool books too. Enjoy your unplugged time. I have been for a month or so kinda by accident, though…oops. But, hey it’s all good because we need it!xo

  16. Hope you have a FANTASTIC WEEKEND! Enjoy! :)

  17. That post was so full of bright colors! On this gloomy day with a pounding headache, this was just what I needed to lift the spirits a bit. I also may need that handwriting book! It will bring me back to junior high when I changed my handwriting weekly! such fun memories! Love it! Enjoy your weekend with your fun family!

  18. Can’t wait to read Wendy’s new book! Hmmmm. . .unplugging sounds like a great idea.

  19. Wendy’s book looks awesome!!
    i’m off of school for a week, so i will be unplugging too, for some much needed relaxing time!!


  20. You go, Girl! Hope you have a great “unplugged” weekend! Looking forward to your post on Tuesday!

  21. Have a wonderful ‘unplugged’ weekend Stacy! I’m taking some family time too. Sunday I’m hoping to have a great family day to do some celebrating. My hubby’s birthday was the 15th, our anniversary is the 20th and our daughter will be 21 on the 22nd! Not to mention my brother in law’s birthday on the 14th and my 2 older brothers on the 16th and 19th and sis in law on March 1st. I think we will have a wonderful weekend.
    Have fun!

  22. I hope you thoroughly ENJOY your long weekend!

  23. Hey Stacy,

    you are leaving us with a chockful basket of things to explore online while you happily unplug. It is just not fair!!! :) All these beautiful goodies and all your great ideas. Enjoy your family! And thank you for being so upbeat. You are my inspiration. Have you been thinking about a relaunch of Have more fun? I still have the kazoo from last time and enjoy looking back to the carefree time we had.

  24. Chris Cross says:

    Enjoy your weekend. I can’t fathom a weekend unplugged. I think I would never catch up. Admire your will.

  25. Have an awesome relaxing weekend. Thanks for the link to Little Missmatched. My neice always wears mismatched socks, so this is great! I love the flip flop socks!

  26. Thanks for all the great suggestions on new inspiration coming out. Have a great unplugged weekend!

  27. SueinMtVernon says:

    I know you are “unplugged” until Tuesday, but I just have to let you know how excited I am that you (BPC) are teaming up with GASC. I have been attending the GASC conventions in Virginia since the very first one they had in Alexandria many years ago. I look forward to it every year and when I saw that you two were partnering? Well, let’s just say I let out a little audible shout of glee at my desk at work this week! To have my two favorite scrapbooking outlets join forces is just the icing on the cake. (I don’t know if you will remember me or not, but when you taught classes at the Get Croppin’ event in Chantilly a few years back, I gave you a Fred Flintstone ornament that said “YOU ROCK!”.) Stacy Julian – you do rock! Enjoy your weekend — especially enjoy your family time!

  28. Jennifer Monroe says:

    Now I am ready for spring!

  29. Sabrina Kapp says:

    Love the encouragement to share our love by gifting this great new book, ALMOST as much as I love the two other books you shared with us – Wendy’s new e-book collaboration and the one on handwriting (I, too, am a handwriting and font nut!). Hope you enjoyed your family, creative and down time this weekend. Good too unplug every once in a while!

  30. I have the never ending cold also, mine has been going on for 3 weeks. Finally gave in yesterday and went to the doctor as I started having coughing fits. Get plenty of rest!!

  31. I like the sound of that Stacy! Have a great long weekend.

  32. Wendy’s book looks great! I will have to check out her heritage book too. I love Little Mismatched but sadly my daughter doesn’t :(

    Have a great weekend with the family!

  33. carol in seattle :) says:

    You’re right – you DO always have the best ideas! Thanks for the link for Wendy’s new book, I’ll have to get a copy. Have a great break and I hope you’re feeling better soon – whatever is going around this year has hit everybody hard (including me).

  34. BARB TOPPING says:

    This is just an absolutely wonderful post. I shall find someone to whom I can give Wendy’s new book along with a BPC gift certificate. None of my friends scrap, and it would be so fun to have a scrapping buddy. I am also interested in the e-book, lots of heritage to get to. Handwriting fonts? Never even considered playing with letters to make my writing more acceptable. Imagine that!! If there is a good book and a BPC, I can do it. Well, I can at least try. Love LM. I have one granddaughter who deliberately was wearing mismatched socks because it was more convenient and saved time.

    I have had such a wonderful Saturday. Two of my grandchildren played with me for a couple of hours while their mom had her hair done. When the 7 year old dgd saw what is my very messed up, but about to become my scrap room, she declared she wants to be a scrap-booker when she grows up. Of course I told her she could start right now, and that all it takes is some photos, some paper, adhesive, and a pen. I am quite certain I shall have this sweetie visiting often this summer. She was eyeing the really fun stuff in my room, not just the paper, etc. I truly love spending time with my DGC, all eight of them.

  35. Can’t wait to check out the book. I was mentioning to my girlfriend just yesterday that it has been a while since we have seen a new scrapbooking book out.

  36. I’m looking forward to picking up a copy of the Wendy Smedley book; I’ve been feeling pretty blah about scrapbooking lately and could use some new inspiration!

    Have a great weekend!

  37. Hi Stacy…i was hoping you could help me, one time you put a web site up on where you could get bookplates to put on your scrapbook albums so you could see from the outside what album is was. I can’t reamember what it was called and can’t find whre I saved it..Could you help me….do you rememberit??? thank you so much!!

  38. Allison S. says:

    Thank you for originally posting about Little Miss Matched…I bought my kids some socks for Christmas, loved them so much that I picked some up for myself! I was away at a seminar this weekend, and everyone commented on the socks, so I think I may have gotten them some more fans…thanks for posting all the things you love.

  39. Nicky from Canada says:


  40. signed up for i.scrap today, then chose my pictures, ordered them on scarpbookpictures.com…..tomorrow I’ll pick out papers & embellys…….thanks Stacy, the pre-class handout is great. Can’t wait for March 3rd.

  41. Those are happy flip flops!! Love them!
    Hope your ‘unplugged’ time was fabulous!
    ….something we all should do!!

  42. Hi Stacy:) Have fun with the kids while you are unplugged:) I too recommend that everyone picks up Wendy’s book:) It is full of so many inspiring ideas!!!!


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