YouTube We Love.

Thought it might be fun on this fine Tuesday to share some of the YouTube that my family is currently enamored with.

First up is Kid History, where three dads act out stories as told by their children.
Prepare to laugh.

Then onto the hilarious clip promoting studying in the BYU library. Note: You neeed to be familiar with this Old Spice commercial, in order to get this one.

Next, the slightly disturbing skit involving two brothers and hot Kool-Aid.
Clark and Trey recite lines from this every single day. Geoff even pulled out the video camera on Sunday night to capture them doing their own version of hot Kool Aid.

And finally, the hand dancing skills of Clearly and Harding. You may have seen their unusual talents in a recent McDonald’s commercial.

My mom sent an email to all of her children yesterday challenging us to a Hand Dance off at our upcoming family reunion.

If you’ve got a YouTube video you love, please share it with me in the comments!


  1. Oh how much FUN!!! :) I love the Scholar one I put it on my FB page :) One that always puts a smile on my face is this one :

    Happy Tuesday to you!

  2. Jennifer W says:

    Thank you for the entertainment! Loved everyone of them. For some reason I see my two girls acting out the kool aid one – hee hee!

  3. OMGoodness than you so much for my morning laugh – I am sure our 17 yr old will love the kool aid skit. Thank you soooo much!

  4. Oh MY! My kids and I laughed and laughed at “Kid History.” What great dads to put that together!

  5. Julian Smith is a big hit in our home. The “Jellyfish” video in particular is a favorite. My 16-year-old daughter recently gave a friend a T-shirt that had a coffee pot filled with Kool-Aid on the front. She said everyone at the party knew exactly what it was when the gift was opened.

    And on the back of her homemade card, she wrote, “I made this for YOU!”

  6. Very Funny. I love the library one the best.

  7. sarah page says:

    We watched Kid History 1,2, and 3 last week. We are still laughing about it!!!

  8. Great videos. And, yes, we will be waiting anxiously to see videos of the family reunion hand dance off.

  9. carol in seattle :) says:

    AWESOME vids! I’ll have to share those with my kids and hubs. Here’s one for you:

    Taylor Mali makes me laugh. I first heard of him with the video about what teachers make. I also like his one about reading stories.

    carol :)

  10. Nerdy Girls Need Love Too –

    And one just posted yesterday by the same person – Save Me Mario –

  11. Thanks for sharing those videos. We’ve seen and loved the Old Spice knock off by the “Y” students.

    I posted a video on my blog that I’m liking a lot right now. Don’t remember if it’s a YouTube or not. You can find the it on today’s post at

  12. I got an email from GASC regarding BPS Partnership. I attend the Scrapbbok Convention in Arlington TX, every year. I am soooooooo excited to hear of your partnership!!!

  13. My kids have been singing for far too long now………. I’m Reading A Book!!
    Gotta love that catchy beat! Oh and yelling I MADE THIS FOR YOU!!! Which sounds awesome coming out of my 3 yr old. ;)

    :)Rachel Berry

  14. I like the hand dance in the new McDonald’s commerical. I like that they are using props.

  15. I’m pretty sure this one is very old, but my 5 year old is currently entralled with “Charlie Bit My Finger”. :)

  16. Definitely Julian Smith’s Reading a Book (my kids get a kick out of his videos too – and yes, some of its a bit disturbing). Reading a Book is my favorite. Also his Waffles video, Jelly Fish and 25 Things I Hate about Facebook.

  17. Thank you. I hadn’t heard of Kid History. That’s too funny. My all time favorite is ‘Proof women are born this way’.

  18. You find the coolest stuff!! I love you Stacy Julian for finding a way to brighten my day every time I click on your blog!

  19. This little guy singing “I’m Yours” is adorable!–UJZ4

  20. This is a little off topic, but I know you will love it Stacy. It’s a lip dub that was made by a high school class that a friend teaches. I love the honest message of inclusion that these high school kids are sending. So tired of hearing about what is wrong with kids these days. Finally living proof that kids today are AWESOME!

  21. Kimberly Ann says:

    That sounds like a great family reunion activity! I would love to know what other things you’ve done at family reunions.

  22. Carrie alexander says:

    My three year old is currently asking for the Gummi Bear song and anything Crazy Frog! The boy boogies down hard when the music starts playing!!

  23. Youtube….Cats Playing Patty Cake (with voices).

  24. These are great. We love to watch the Sound of Music Antwerp Station Mob scene. Also another favorite as of today is the intro to Smash Books. Good stuff there.

  25. Love the hand dancing!!

  26. Cindy McDannol says:

    My 16 month old nephew is absolutely smitten with the Irish Hand Dancing video. He sits on my lap and wiggles his little fingers on the desk. He even swings his arms and stops at the appropriate time. We laugh till we cry. Oh, yes there are pics of him and will be a scrapbook page.

  27. Heidi Gore says:

    I loved the Kid History so much I posted it on facebook. Thanks for sharing it.

  28. Loved the story from the kids!!! the boys will LOVE it!!the others are ones we know well! LOL When you asked for link, I immediately thought of this one:
    Also, please e-mail me…I have been trying to get a hold of you for 2 months. No joke!

  29. BARB TOPPING says:

    Thank you, Stacy, for the daily chuckle. Your blog really is my go to, feel happy place.

  30. How funny!

    This is my all time favorite You Tube video- I’m a math teacher, but you may appreciate it with school-age kids. :-)

  31. Check out this guy who makes musical instruments out of vegetables! Here is the brocolli one!

  32. I Believe She’s Amazing flash mob dance. Made me cry the first time I watched it.
    My whole family loves Hilarious British Voice Over Animals – we now go around repeating Alan! Alan! Alan! over and over. You have to watch to understand.

  33. Dh and I watch WGN Noon News every day, even though we live many hundreds of miles away from Chicago. When we saw two of our favorite newscasters doing their “hand jive” between commercials, we nearly laughed our faces off!

    A flash mob video I enjoyed:

  34. Yikes, I’m home alone with the dog and my MIL can’t see well enough. I have to wait hours for the kids to come home before I can share the hysterics with them! The creativity of people is endless and with sites like YT, it gets shared with the world. We love YouTube videos. The dancing hands – opens up possibliities for folks like me who have lost use of their feet/legs but still love to move and groove. Thanks so much for posting these new videos.

  35. karen Hobbs says:

    Thanks for sharing! What fun! I hope to see your family hand dance-off in the future on You-Tube!

  36. Lorie Gomes says:

    Have to second “Charlie bit my finger”….it’s been out awhile, but is absolutely hysterical! Thanks for sharing…love the hand dance!

  37. My boys LOVE Julian Smith!

  38. I watched these with my 10 month old and we were both cracking up.( I think he was laughing cause I was laughing though…lol) Then I played the videos for my older kids when they got home from school. That was about 3 days ago and we are still quoting “KID HISTORY”….Thank you so much for posting these…We loved them!


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