BPC Partners for 2011

We ran a little “guess our 2011 sponsors” contest on the BPC blog this week. This package of Echo Park, American Crafts, Jenni Bowlin and Bella Blvd products, valued at well over $150 (there’s even more stuff than I can show in this photo) was shipped to the lucky winner today.

We are SO EXCITED to be working with the following companies this year. Plan on seeing some incredibly COOL collaboration as we partner on all kinds of projects  designed to promote creative expression and community.

Thank YOU so much for your trust, support and enthusiasm …

American Crafts

Bella Blvd

Cosmo Cricket

Crate Paper

Lily Bee Design

Little Yellow Bicycle

Pink Paislee

Studio Calico

Echo Park

Jenni Bowlin Studio


Unity Stamp Company

Have a GREAT Weekend …

Our high school production of The Sound of Music opened this week.
Brigitta’s mom was nice enough to email me this photo from a dress rehearsal.
Geoff’s dad is in town and we all went together last night — it was FANTASTIC.
We are going again tomorrow, so more coverage coming soon!


  1. that is so exciting Stacy! I remember a few months back when we were asked to update our profiles on BPC and I complied. I remembered reading something about happy mail, but didn’t really pay attention. And then one day I had the cutest little package of cuteness in my room when I came home. I can’t even imagine how this lucky gal will feel when she receives this!
    The partnership also sounds exciting. These are brands I love so I look forward to seeing more about this.
    The Sound of Music was the first movie I remember watching with my mom. It was her favorite when she was little and it is my grandma’s favorite too, so this is somewhat of a tradition (hmm, i feel a scrapbook page coming on – better document that!). Thanks for sharing.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Echo Park! When they launched last summer, I practically tripped over myself trying to get to my local shop to buy up their new collection. Sadly, my local supplier closed, so now I have to watch for online announcements. Luckily, they recently started a BLOG and a Newsletter! YAY! No more guessing.

    And I love BPS! What a wonderful combination!
    I’m excited to see what’s in store!

  3. My kids and I love The Sound of Music. My dd and I will randomly start singing some of the songs from it. What a great movie! I’d love to see it as a play.

  4. When I put my 21-month old to bed each night, I sing to him. Granted, I am no Julie Andrews (more like Edith Bunker, actually) but he doesn’t seem to mind. I sing the “When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything… DO, RE, MI…”

    OH HOW FUN!!! Can’t wait to see more pics from the musical! Those costumes are great!

  5. Love their costumes, though how are they possibly performing without you as Maria??

  6. Love the companies you’re with, especially Echo Park. Their papers and embellies are so bright and fresh. And the Sound of Music? LOVE the movie. I’ve watched that thing at least a hundred times since seeing it on tv as a kid. Doe, a deer, a female deer… :)

  7. Super cool companies to work with. I’m excited to see what you come up with!! Who ever won is lucky to receive such a great kit!!

  8. He looks so cute in leiderhosen! (Spell check?)

    I can’t wait to see what is in store with your new collaborators!

  9. ana smith says:

    love the movie, saw it on stage once, but this must have so fun for your family. love to hear that families still do these type of things together.

  10. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing such exciting news, professionally and personally. Break a leg!

  11. Julie Ann says:

    look at all that pretty product! off to check out some of those sponsors and one of my favorites-the sound of music! how fun!

  12. A girlfriend and I went to the play last night, because Captain Von Trapp is the son of some friends. (And because I simply love The Sound of Music.) I missed you on both ends! I loved Trey’s “when the dog bites” antics. :)

    I had to fight breaking out into song during the whole thing!

  13. Love the photo and really live the look on Treys face.

  14. That is a High School production? It sure looks like off Broadway to me.

  15. He looks perfect in the part. The Sound of Music is one of my favorite moviesand plays and would love to see this play. thanks for sharing

  16. sharolyn says:

    What a wonderful pack of goodies for the lucky winner~

  17. How exciting to see ‘em all in costume. I love happy mail – so glad you send it out!

  18. Wow – lucky winner!
    Great costumes!

  19. Tracy Dayett says:

    You should be so proud of your little guy!
    Wonderful gift package…yet from you No Surprise.

  20. What a great photo! So thoughtful of Brigitta’s mom to share!

  21. Rhonda H says:

    I was in our local children’s theater production of The Sound of Music in high school. I love to watch the movie and the faces of my son and husband when I can sing every word of every song! I’m not as on-key as I used to be. Maybe THAT’s what they’re looking at! hmmm..

    Anyway…LOVED the old Simple video clip. PLEEEEAAASSSEEE do more about authentic scrapbooking! Since Simple is gone, we don’t get our fix.

  22. So fun! I love the sound of music!

  23. Stacy,
    I have great memories of our high school Sound of Music performance. It’s still one of my all-time favorite movies.
    I wanted to comment on how much I love your “Sprinkles” section. I’ve recently gone back to re-read all the “oldies”. I hope you have a new update to publish soon!

  24. It was SO fantastic!! Trey was wonderful… We had a great time!

  25. Wow!! I was wondering when this was happening…I was hoping to be able to come to Spokane to see it, but alas, my daughter’s birthday was this weekend, and next weekend is full of Solo and Ensemble Contests! Gorgeous set and costumes BTW.
    Enjoy the performances.

  26. The photo is great. Love The Sound of Music, as do my kids. Been catching up on your posts as things have been on the fast track here lately. Regarding post that mentioned SS (which I miss!), I think one should indeed be authentic and use her voice to teach. But that voice will only be truly heard, imho, if one is open to the voices of others as well.

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