Do you want a FREE 2011 Planner?

Remember this super-cool customizable planner that I create for my Mom every year for Christmas?

You could get one for FREE.

Yes, I know it’s nearly the middle of March, so technically it’s a little late to be starting a 2011 planner. I also know there are NINE months left in 2011 …

This is why when PerAnnum approached Big Picture Classes and asked us if we could use a surplus of 200 2011 planners, we said YES! We jumped on this very generous offer because we believe in the value of every single day and we love products that are customizable. We believe that starting something is far more important than NOT starting something because you’re a little late! All  we had to do get our hands on these planners was pay shipping and now we want to pay (again) to ship these 200 FREE planners to the first 200 people to register for the self-paced class, AMAZING WOMEN.

This class was developed by Lisa Flanagan a few years ago as a way to bring awareness to the amazing women in our lives (and the world) who are fighting and have fought breast cancer. Lisa and several of our other BPC instructors share ideas for creating a blank  journal that can be kept or given away as a gift. The ideas that are shared in this classroom are wonderfully adaptable to this planner.

Learn more by visiting the Big Picture Classes BLOG.
and thank YOU for all of your comments yesterday — wow!


  1. karen schmidt says:

    I already have this planner, its new to me this year and i love it. I write little everyday things down in it what the kids say or do and even when we have a mouse eating out of our freezer! (true). I have not customized it yet but need to. Thanks for the FREE offer.

  2. Mary StClair says:

    Hi Stacy! I think it is awesome that you take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves! I wanted to comment on yesterday’s post, but wasn’t sure you would see new ones after today? Your post truly spoke to me, and I thought you’d like to know that your approach, your sharing with others your Library system, and all you’ve done on your blog and at BPC pretty much saved me from giving up scrapbooking altogether. It seemed to me that a long time ago, magazines and others in the scrapping industry were about selling product, and presenting perfection as the only acceptable style. Another impossible “tenet” of alot of scrappers I knew was “scrapping everything you’ve ever done” and “catching up.” Well, all of those things just weren’t possible for me to keep up with. So I began to think I shouldn’t scrap, and I didn’t want to keep attempting that which was impossible for me. Along came Simple, and Stacy Julian’s LOM. Did you hear the angels sing? I sure did! It was the exactly right thing at the exactly right time for me. And so I worked hard and created my LOM and I know that I will be able to sustain that system. I gave up the magazines and turned to the blogs by the individuals that celebrated the people, places, things and stories rather than product or technique. And I am so thankful for the internet that allowed it all to happen.

    So… THANK YOU Stacy Julian, for sharing your vision, your YOU… You saved at least one scrapbooker from quitting that which she truly does love! Telling her family’s stories…


  3. I signed up and am excited to do the project. My life is absolutely crazy for certain reasons this month and I am in awe of certain people in my life (almost all women) who have really stepped up to help. I can’t wait to do this project in tribute to them and as a reminder to me how special relationships can be. Also, to remind myself to be there for others when they are in need!

  4. Stacy – I just want to say: it’s never too late to start over. Every day is brand-new, a clean slate, and yours to fill as you feel led. So why not start a new planner in March? Makes sense to me! :)

  5. Stacy,
    What an amazing way to celebrate International Women’s Day! Kudos to all the ladies out there who give so much to others.


  6. These planners are awesome, and I am so glad you have paired them with such a great class. I truly want to pay tribute to my Mum who died of breast cancer when she was only 55. I have signed up for the class and can’t wait to start (after i.scrap, I promise, LOL!). PS, I too am sorry your article wasn’t published, I stopped all my subscriptions except Simple Scrapbooks because it was all too fancy and gave me feelings of inadequacy. Which = overwhelm = not starting.

  7. I made a planner like this a few years ago. It was so much fun. Can’t take the class right now but I wish everyone else the best.

  8. I would love to win this planner. It looks like so much fun! I loved your video. You are too cute for words!

  9. Thank you Staci for sharing. The vidio, “your personal style”, makes story telling easy for all. I also loved the 3 layout descriptions. I am loving truly telling stories with my scrapbooking. When my children were growing up, I kept my pictures in albums chronologically. It was before digital became available. Now as an empty nester, I am not trying to “catch up”. I do love my project life album as my new chronological album BUT my scrapbooking pages are made from my favorites of everyday stories as well as discovering new insight as to what stories are important to tell for my children to know our history. Thank you for continueing to share what you’ve learned and are learning. We are helped by your insight.

  10. I am a bit behind on my blog reading, as I chose to spend my “free” time scrapbooking lately. But my iScrap pages are done, and I am impatiently waiting for tomorrow’s lesson so I have been catching up on your blog. Comments are closed on older posts, but I just wanted to say that I LOVE, love the “fishing” snack idea!! My almost 4-year-old will love that! Need to find some long pretzels. (And I am glad you explained it!) That TED video came my way via Facebook, and it really was extraordinary, and I though of you when I saw it. Just like sprinkles. Thanks for sharing all of your coolness!

  11. I have not yet purchased a planner this year. I get one every year and try to write something every day that my kids did//said, so I have something to look back on and remember. I do it for me to make scrapbooking easier and I do it for my teens, so they can remember the things they did. I’m bummed I haven’t recorded anything so far this year…but I can for the rest of the year, so I better get started.

  12. I purchased a bunch of those planners and got a good deal of about 5 of them for my 2 moms and 2 kids and an extra. Well, 1 mom has hers, my other mom’s caregiver has hers and she’s expecting but the boys and my mom’s – undone sitting there…. I can’t wait to see the ideas that the class will showcase. I can use them to decorate the remaining ones I have for some amazing women who have helped me this year. (The kids didn’t want them) You are so generous.

  13. Gypsy Chaos says:

    I just signed up for the class. I’m hoping I’m within the first 200; money is getting tight as my period of unemployment continues….

    Now I need to figure out how to create this journal for someone else. A friend was diagnosed recently; she’s already had a double mastectomy and starts chemo on March 16. Definitely headed her way!

    Thanks, Stacy. And yes, your LOM saved me. I knew I couldn’t try to catch up chronologically, but I wasn’t coming up with an alternative.

  14. this is my first time seeing the planner—it is super key-oot!—-i would love to make one even though we are in to our 3rd month of 2011—thnx!

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