Friday FIVE for Monday, March 28th

The title of this post contains a clue to how far behind I feel as we launch into a new week!
Oh well … forward March (get it?)


The MOST yummiest body wash EVER. Ok, so let me qualify that statement.
If you visit My Favorites page then you’ll read that I absolutely LOVE the Lemon Almond body wash by Bettijo. The only problem is I recently discovered that Bettijo is no longer making her phenomenal Lemon Almond body wash. This disturbing fact led me on a search for something that might come close.

I recently photographed my last bottle of body wash from Bettijo and my first bottle of body wash from Laura. I am aware that this borders on strange. Get over it.

I’ve found it and it is SO AMAZING. Clearly, I am a busy mother who savors her showers. I figure for the amount of time I spend in the shower (which isn’t long) AND the amount of inspiration/ideas that come to me in that short amount of time. I should invest in making this time as fragrant and enjoyable as possible. Are you with me?

You can click here to see if I’m telling the truth.
And yes, you are worth the $34 that will be required.

Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Body Wash


A NEW and GOOD READ by Guy Kawasaki.
If you’re not familiar with Guy, I hope you’ll watch or listen to the talk he gave about this new book at Stanford University.

To read more information and reviews or purchase a copy of Guy’s book click on the link. I have thoroughly enjoyed his straight and humorous talk about how to influence people in positive, world-changing ways. Guy isn’t afraid to be himself or tell it like it is and I appreciate the emphasis on several traditional Carnegie-esque values that are often forgotten in the new globally-connected economy. I particularly enjoyed Guy’s support of the wrinkles around my eyes and the story of the Oragami butterfly that dons the cover.


Another great e-book from Ella Publishing. I’m especially excited about this book because it encourages everyday storytelling AND it’s co-authored by two of my FAVORITE scrapbookers, Elizabeth Dillow and Tina Cockburn. Click on the image below to learn more and purchase.

Scrapbooking the Everyday: 34 fresh new ways to celebrate your daily life


Forgive the shameless self-promotion, but I am REALLY EXCITED about my new workshop, Finding Photo Freedom. I’ve taught the ins and outs of my Library of Memories system for FIVE years at Big Picture Classes and I felt it was time for a significant refresh and a new approach. Since I now own the rights to my out-of-print book, Photo Freedom. I am renaming my course and madly working to get all the details and registration posted. Since my family is headed to Hawaii for an extended spring break, my registration is being delayed until late April, but class will still start on Thursday, June 2nd and here’s some really GOOD news. Finding Photo Freedom will be less expensive than Library of Memories — go figure?!


I’m saving the BEST and most affordable Friday FIVE for last.
I recently received an email from Monica, who took my i.Scrap workshop at Big Picture Classes.
Monica enjoyed the slide show that I created and shared on the last day of class — she particularly enjoyed the fact that I read my journal entries out loud. Here is what she said, in her own words: “When I was little my grandparents lived in Hawaii and I grew up in the midwest.  We didn’t get to see them or even talk to them very often.  But they would record letters onto cassette tape and mail them to us.  I used to love listening to my Grandma talk to me through those tapes.  And while it is infinitely easier to record voices now-a-days I find that few of us actually do it.

This is Monica’s title page.

Monica continues: “I decided to make a slide show of my album and record myself reading the journaling . And then it hit me, what a gift this is for my children!  Someday I can imagine it meaning a lot to them to be able to go back and not only see my reflections about 2010 but hear me read them!  So I began to imagine how I could incorporate this into more of my layouts …” Monica goes on to share some really great ideas for incorporating more of our actual voice in our scrapbooking. If you want to watch/listen to Monica’s i.Scrap album, click HERE.

I’m now off to start packing for SEVEN people.
Wish me luck.

And … Have a wonderful week!


  1. You are never behind, you are always right where God wants you!!! Happy Monday! And got room for me in your suitcase?!? I’m a really good packer! =)

  2. I’ve already put your class on my calendar. Just waiting for registration to open! YAY!!

  3. I am so honored that you included me in this post! You can’t know how much it means. :) Enjoy your trip!

  4. Totally love that you photographed your body wash. I do stuff like that all the time including this weekend when I photographed my favorite GS cookies. Just another way to tell our “stories”.

    • Good for YOU Kelly — is it Girl Scout cookie season? If so, I have got to get my hands on some. Not that I get to eat them this year, but that I need to keep the love alive for my kiddos!

  5. ana smith says:

    love monica’s idea. i have recordings of my son learning his abc’s & colors when he was a toddler, tomorrow he’ll be 30. they recordings are precious but on tapes. I think i need to move them to disc or mp3′s. woo time flys when we’re having fun. enjoy your family time in the warm hawaii sunshine.

  6. Good luck packing! It’s hard enough to do it for just one person! The vacation will be worth it though. So excited for “Finding Photo Freedom”. Can’t wait to sign up!!!

  7. lynne moore says:

    I remember my Nan recording letters and I actually think it started with my mom recording the 3 of us to her. The tape recorder was such a cool thing to us. years later, I remember visiting my Nana in Yonkers, NY once and her buying me a really old tape recorder from a garage sale. We took it and recorded life stories from my Great-Grandma that weekend. It was such a blast. While I don’t have the voiced letters, I do have the life stories. Reminds me I need to nicely beg my husband to put them on a cd – maybe for mother’s day…

  8. I am dying for your new library of memories. I have been waiting and waiting for this to become available to register. I purchased my category drawers, my albums, etc….. My money is burning a hole in my pocket waiting to be able to sign up. :)
    Have a fun and fabulous trip to Hawaii!

  9. Rebecca Baggaley says:

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling behind this week!
    2. Good luck packing! I’m going to be doing the same thing in a month–packing for our family of 7–but we’re going to San Diego, not Hawaii. We live in Portland, so like you, it’s warm enough here to have our summer clothes out, so it gets complicated packing for a warmer location!
    3. I loved LOM and can’t wait for FPF. Except I’m so far behind in life to-dos, that I can wait. And catch up. And be ready for a fun and productive summer with Stacy! :)
    4. Have FUN in Hawaii! It’s probably one of the last family vacations before Clark goes off to BYU and his mission and all that….so I truly hope you all have the BEST time!!!!

    • Rebecca Baggaley says:

      I meant it’s NOT warm enough here to have our summer clothes out.

      And any great packing tips to pass along? Or after your trip…what you wish you would have brought? :):):)

  10. Good luck getting all those suitcases packed and ready to go! Have a wonderful time in Hawaii. It will be gorgeous weather, so soak up that sun! Safe travels!

  11. bea medwecky says:

    have a fantastic trip. Can’t wait to see some photos/LOs. Good luck packing. I hope you have some help with this tedious class. Love the colors for the Photo Freedom class. Can’t wait to sign up.
    P.S. I found your c’oredinations paper at my LSS and was so excited! I bought all your colors.

  12. I can hardly wait for PhotoFreedom to start – really looking forward to it! I also recorded my i.scrap album and posted it to my blog. It was a wonderful workshop and such a great introspective project.

  13. Good luck packing and have a great trip! I always love reading about your favorites, and I am especially excited about Photo Freedom. I can’t wait to check it out; I have loved LOM but never progress as far with it as I feel I should… but I’m okay with that!

  14. Enjoy! Just relax and I’ll bet everything will go great. Wishing you all the best.

  15. I am so excited to register! I have been stalking the blogs waiting for the details!

    Have a great vacation!

  16. I really embraced the whole i.scrap experience, even if the painting was “out of my comfort zone”, it ended up coming together nicely, and I enjoyed it. I have been blessed by your concept, as well as your encouragement and inspiration.
    Your slide show was amazing! I literally closed my eyes and just listened to you read. It was very moving. Thanks again for another wonderful BPC experience.

    Have a wonderful vacation. Safe travels.

  17. oh, that body wash sounds totally divine! I’m dreaming of beautiful, free-of-interruption-from-children, sweet-smelling showers now! have a fantastic holiday!

  18. Good luck packing and have a wonderful time! Can’t wait for registration. I really hope I am able to get in the class.

  19. Headed over to check out that body wash!

  20. Lisa R - saner4 says:

    Have a fabulous vacation! Relax and thoroughly enjoy your family time. Everything else can wait. All of your faithful followers will still be here waiting for your return and more of your fantastic classes, so no worries.

    I look LOM twice and loved it, but I’m still hoping to take Finding Photo Freedom. We are moving in June though, so Im not sure if I can take it this year.

    Enjoy your time in Hawaii!

  21. Thanks for helping me stop feeling guilty about the 156797 bottles of Bath & Body Works Shower Gel I have collected in just a bit over a year! LOL! But they are all different scents. I like variety. mmmmmmm… You are right, why not enjoy shower time???

  22. Good luck on the task ahead… seven times! Have a fantastic vacation and break, you SO deserve it!!

  23. Good luck on your packing, Stacy! Hawaii sounds great.
    I, too, savor my showers. With 4 girls and a 5th due in May, there are not too
    many quiet moments. I’ll have to check out that body wash!

  24. Hi Stacey,

    I have been a “lurker” on your blog for quite some time (almost a year)!!! Absolutely LOVE it!!! Thank you so much for your inspiration! I have been waiting, not sure if patiently is the right word (lol) for registration to open for Library of Memories and am so excited that it is getting close! It’s going to be my birthday present to myself!

    I hope you and your family have a fabulous vacation in Hawaii!! Relax and Enjoy

  25. Enjoy your Hawaii trip! I am reading your blog right now from sunny Marco Island, FL and I can honestly say that after a very long and cold winter it’s so nice to warm up and greet the sun each day with my family! When are we going to see pictures of your new office space? Did you post them and I missed them? I love seeing people’s crafting spaces! Well, anyway, ALOHA!!!

  26. Oh my gosh I love the idea of taping myself reading my journaling (even though I hate my voice on tape). My dad passed away 12 years ago and about 3 months after he died we found his dictation machine and it had a tape in it with just a small bit of him talking. Now I know he is probably talking about some gross surgery but it was so comforting to hear him talking!!

    Have fun in Hawaii!

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