Happy Mail.

i.Scrap starts TODAY.
Super happy about this, as registration sometimes feels SO LONG and the first day of class like it will never come.

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LeAnn in Oklahoma sent me a super cute magnet that says, “Life is better with sprinkles.”

Lucy in the UK sent me colored Bobby Pins (called Kirby Grips there)
Actually, Lucy sent me two packages of Kirby Grips, so I’m sending the 2nd one to Renee T (italgal @BPC) because she left a comment on Tuesday’s post that made me smile.

Getting such thoughtful gifts in the mail really boosted my spirits.
I’m thinking we should all plan a little “Happy Mail” and send it this weekend.
Leave me a comment and tell me who (and if you’d like) what you’ll send.

Life is good, let’s spread it around.


  1. OK so I am gonna jump I’m going to go sign up and get my stuff I need tonight THERE I’m doing it… unless I’m too late to register… FYI.. that cupcake did it to me Ha…

  2. Great idea. I think I will send my mother in law some Happy Mail. :)

  3. Annette Kuusinen says:

    As the one year anniversary of my bbf’s husband’s death nears, I’ve been thinking about “Happy Mail” for her recently. Just a few little things that will hopefully raise her spirits during what is bound to be a difficult time. I’m thinking of making her a little canvas with an inspiration quote. I’m still looking for the right quote.

  4. I will send my grandma some happy mail. Her birthday is coming up so I might have to send something fun each day till the big day! Oh what fun!! :-)

  5. My darling daughter has 5 out of 7 children sick this week. I plan to send her some odds and ends that I’ve accumulated. And maybe a bit of chocolate to make her smile.

  6. Sherri S. says:

    I will make my bff a card just because I miss her. She lives in Fla while I’m up here in VA. All I can say is thank God for cell phones:D

  7. I sent some happy mail earlier this week. A few years ago I sent little anonymous notes to some of the sisters in my ward to lift spirits or thank them for some of their talents. They recently have been mentioned which reminded me of doing it, so I have decided that is a little something that I can do for the sisters in my ward even though I am busy with 5.5 kids. So I am not sending a thing, but it will bring a smile to someone’s face.

  8. My dear friend lives in Christchurch, NZ. I know she is alive because she sent a mass email right after the earthquake. She wrote about running around Christchurch for an hour trying to find her children (they were in school when the earthquake occurred). I find myself tearing up just writing this comment. I can imagine how awful that would be. Anyway, I want to send her and all the people of Christchurch some little thing to make them smile–to help them through a tough patch. I don’t know, maybe a pressed flower or a new coffee cup to replace all that was destroyed. I’d really like to send a hug, but they are so hard to fit in mailbox.

  9. I love Happy Mail! I sent out 4 cards earlier this week – to people I care about and just wanted them to know it! I try to do this once a month just to let people know how much they mean to me!

  10. I need to send my sister a box of Nerd’s (her favorite candy. She doesn’t like chocolate – {gasp}). She is dealing with a sister-in-law that is dying from cancer, a teenage daughter (nuff said), a son struggling with a divorce, a son returning from a mission in 3 weeks and another son leaving in 12 weeks plus a 12 year old son. It’s been a rough year for her. Thanks for inspiring me.

  11. Kirsten J says:

    okay, Stacy…you’ve shamefully inspired me (little story behind that phrase…) to send my mom the birthday calendar I started at Christmas. Yep, it was going to be her Christmas present (she’s getting up there, and forgets the family birthdays from time to time) and then it was going to be her January birthday gift. And now it’s MARCH!?!?!? It would make her so happy. And me too :)

  12. I am sending random cards with chocolate enclosed and a free coffee date coupon to several of my friends.

  13. I will send a card to my friend in the mail whose husbands father died three weeks ago but due to some legal issues with the wife (who was to be an ex but didn’t happen before he died) has prevented the funeral happening. The lawyers are trying there best but its really hard for them to move forward when his body is being held.

  14. I love sending “goodie bags” to my friends kids… Kids never get mail, and are always so excited to recieve something. I know I did as a kid. I’m preparing for St. Pattys, & Easter right now

  15. Planning to send my brother, Wayne some “happy mail”. He just returned to Iraq for his 3rd tour and he has a birthday coming up. Not sure what I’ll send, but hopefully I’ll find some fun stuff!

  16. I’m sending a friend of mine (who keeps me motivated to workout) a card that I made with this on it: http://everyday-glimpses.blogspot.com/2011/03/three-word-thursdaycelebrate-everyday.html Her friendship is one of the things that I celebrate and am grateful for :)

  17. I’ve been going through some of my scrappy stash and I think I’ll send out some unused goodies to some of my fabulous online scrapbooking friends.

  18. Rhonda Z says:

    My daughter is in college in IL (I’m in TX). She has been a little homesick this winter. I believe she is suffering from ‘cabin fever”. I’m going to send her a happy, colorful spring card and some chocolates.

  19. I’ve got this little “bride bag” filled with all sorties of random stuff that might come in handy on a wedding day. This little baby was great for my wedding day and has seen many weddings since. But I think my years of weddings are over, so I’m getting ready to pass it along. I need to get a box but then the only engaged gal I know (the sister of my friend’s husband…random I know) is gonna get a little happy mail!

  20. I am going to send some happy mail to our ward young men who are serving missions right now. We only have 3 and they may need a little pick-me-up!

  21. What’s your trick? I need a way to subtlety inform my friends and family that I also need fun (and frequent) packages to arrive in my mailbox. Maybe a poster? An email message? A banner in the sky?

    Coveting you.

    Those bobby pins are so FUN! I can’t wait to see what you do with them.

    Happy Thursday!

  22. I just wrapped a package to send to my blogging friend in Pennsylvania. She’s the first one I’ve met in real life – that was so special!! She’s a mama to 2 sweet little boys so I hope the treats will make her smile and have a special day.

  23. Maureen says:

    sending my niece some blocks, I am sure she will have a blast with them.

  24. i’m spreading the happy with random happyface post-its on coworkers’ desks and some awesome, inspiring Hallmark cards to my 13 year old daughter. in a world of texting, email and social networking, it’s nice to send some handwritten mail. :)

  25. I delivered “teacher Survival Kits ” to two friends, who are teachers. I delivered them in honor of Dr. Suess Day (yesterday). With the weather we have had this winter there will be very little Spring Break for our Teachers and kids this year. Felt they need a “pick Me UP.

  26. I am planning to send some “happy mail” this weekend to a dear woman going through a difficult time. My best friend and I traveled to California for a beachside scrapbooking retreat this past fall. Our hostess, Dorothy, was an absolute sweetheart and spoiled us with her warmth and hospitality. She mentioned that her husband usually helped her out with the weekends, but that he wasn’t well. We later learned he was being treated for cancer. A few weeks ago we found out that he passed away before the holidays. My friend and I are sending her a comfort/pampering basket to let her know we’re thinking of her and want her to take care of herself during this difficult time. I only hope she doesn’t read this post so I’m not spoiling the surprise :). She absolutely deserves some happy mail.

  27. Its funny you should post about happy mail today. I teach second grade girls Sunday school class. We’ve been talking about kindness all month. During the course of this last week’s lesson, we were discussing little acts of kindness we could do for others, and I told them about how you send out happy mail. (I was a lucky recipient of it in LOM:) ) Anyway, it was a great reminder to me about how small kindnesses make a big difference. Thanks for the inspiration, Stacy!
    ps- I think I’ll send some happy mail to a young mom I know who just had surgery.

  28. Bec_Kilgore says:

    I am sending my friend in MN a Teddy Bear, a math calendar and a mini-album.

  29. My sweet cousin is losing her dad, so I have a card I need to send. And then I’m going to run through the drive-thru at McDonalds and bring her a Diet Coke!

  30. My Sister, she survived a brain annurism and is a miracle to us all, the doctors said that is the only way to describe it, she is here and alive, a miracle!. She struggles daily, but always keeps her spirits up for her loved ones. She can always use and so deserves Happy Mail! And i have been putting together a box of goodies for her scrapy days!

  31. This is happy mail I am sending: my mom just returned home from a visit, and I’m going to send her a disk of photos from her visit.

  32. I am going to send my twelve going to be thirteen year old niece some stationary. We have started writing to each other and it’s the absolute best! Even though we don’t live far from each other, we have enjoyed getting letters in the mail from each other. In the age of text messages and emails, I’m glad she’s enjoying putting pen to paper. I’ll take it for as long as it lasts.

  33. excited about iScrap and just read this today, but sent out some happy mail! lots of handwritten notes, it’s been too long since i’ve done that, and some custom designed thank you notes to a blog reader that has had surgery and needs a lift!

  34. I got so many Happy Birthday wishes this week via Facebook, from friends from all stages of my life. It was remarkable, and I want to thank them in some way. Mail, not email, might just be the ticket!

  35. Just before getting on the computer and reading this I did some grocaryshopping and found some fun shamrock stickers that a shamrock-loving friend of mine would love, so I bought them and will send them to her soon. She’s great at sending happy mail herself and she’s always so nice and supportive to me, plus, she deserves a little reward since she has lost some weight.

  36. LIsa Hulsey says:

    The happy mail I am giving away today is for my cousin-in-law, who takes care of our dog for us anytime we have to go out of town. She doesn’t just feed him and walk him; she also takes him to the park to play and to the pet ‘barkery’ for treats. We are giving her a beautiful wood lap desk because sometimes she likes to sit on the sofa and watch basketball while she works. We ordered the lap desk and it came via Fed Ex today so we can give it to her tonight while she is visiting our home for a family meal!

  37. I am going to send my parents, and in laws a disc of some pictures of their grandson. They love getting those.

  38. Last night I sent off a thank you package to a dear friend, who kindly opened her home to me and my daughters when my Dad was unexpectedly sent to hospital in her city. She was so kind and generous – leaving hearts made from jelly beans on our blow up beds, which she set up and made and which had taken over her living room! I sent off a few of my handmade cards to thank her and perhaps these, too, will make “happy mail” for someone else.

  39. Mellena says:

    I’m going to send my neice a box of goofy toys like bouncy balls, paddle ball, slinky, coke and mentos. She is in Iraq and will be getting back from her leave and I think she might just need something to cheer her up. Thanks for the idea. Have a great weekend.

  40. {vicki} says:

    I’m gonna be sending a book to a friend.

  41. carol in seattle :) says:

    Today’s job is to run to See’s and pick up a box of dark chocolates to send to my grammy for her 89th birthday! <3 ya Stacy!

  42. I cannot say who or what because she might also read your blog, but I did send a little bit of happy mail to a friend this morning, BEFORE I read your blog! I think that getting something fun in the mail—opening up the mailbox and finding something other than a bill or an advertisement—is one of life’s best things. I’m vaguely envious of people who lived before e-mail because of the letter writing!

    • I wrote and received so many letters in college, and I kept them all. (they are all organized in a rubbermaid tote in files by year, so no big clutter)

      It’s one of the reasons I still mail things to people. I loved getting letters and cards and treats in the mail! Now I get my mail kicks from Netflix….

  43. Stacy! I just got my first job (in my new career!!!)!!! And I start Monday.

    I bought 3 gift cards to Starbucks and am sending each with a thank you note to each of my 3 references. When you spend 2 or more hours answering questions about me via email so I can get a dream job, well, you get a present from me!

    In my card I will invite them all to have a coffee and/or a treat, on me. I have thanked them all of course and they all said, hey it’s my job to help you. So they definitely get a GOOD JOB from me.

  44. I love the idea of sending happy mail to a friend. I will make a card for my friend who recently divorced and has 3 little ones at home. She works so very hard and has had more than a few misfortunes lately such as unexpected car repairs and general bad luck. She always remains optimistic though and I find her to be an inspiration!

  45. I’m being treated for breast cancer and my best college buddy is being treated for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She lives far away, and I don’t see her much anymore. I’ve got a wonderful prognosis, but I’m not so sure about hers. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to send her, but I’m heading to our not-so-local scrapbook store today to support a small business, and since my friend is a big crafter and card maker, I’m going to pick up a bunch of little things to send to her – cute small stamps, a new inkpad to try, maybe some of the flock, some cute papers, etc. She’s always been there for me, so maybe I can lift her spirits a bit.

  46. susan in naples says:

    last week i had to fly to PA to attend a funeral. it was one of my parents’ best friends (he was 89). he and his wife are like second parents to me. i grew up next door to them. his daughter is my best childhood friend. his WIFE, well i can’t begin to say what a wonderful woman/inspiration she is. she raised 6 children, plus most of us neighborhood kids! while at their home last week i was looking at her photo albums. the old magnetic kind that is eating away all of her photos. the one that holds all her kids baby and graduation photos. so, of course, my happy mail is going to be to send her some PHOTO SAFE pages to replace the ones in that album. i heard her say how much she cherishes those photos.

    hopefully that will give her something to keep her a little busy as she deals with her loss. they were married for 65 years!

    hug someone you love today and every day!

  47. I had fun at a box-making workshop run by a friend (who is also an agent for a well-known stamping company). The boxes we made were so cute and fun, I’ll send one of these to my friend Sue. We used to job-share with another woman, who passed away two months ago. Sue & I share the sadness at losing our friend, and it will be nice to know I’m brightening her day (and mine).

  48. pretty bobby pins. I was very interested in the iscrap workshop, but decided I didn’t have the energy to commit to it right now. I so hope it comes up again. I am sending happy mail to Australia from Washington State this week. Just kind of a lets stay connected type of mail that has tidbits of my life. I’ve also had an idea rattling in my head for some time that I’m going to commit to accomplishing this week. I’m going to send taco time crisp beef burritos to my brothers family in Georgia. They love Taco Time and it’s not found in Georgia. They can’t afford to visit this year so I’m gonna send them some happy mail. I hope eatable, but if not it will at least make them laugh good and hard.

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