Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m still alive.
Everything is OK –other than I’ve been extremely busy and not sleeping well so the blog thing has not been a priority.

Taft begged for these sticky letters at Michaels. They were 50% off — he came home, put it on the window and must have taken the photo, because I didn’t! If you look close you can see his finger prints — cute!

BUT … today is St. Patrick’s Day, one of my most favorite days and I simply cannot stay way. Besides that, Darci and her family are in town and I’ve got a few pics to share. I still haven’t had a free moment to select a title and a winner on last Friday’s post, so thank YOU for  your patience — the submissions are so CLEVER and I will (maybe by next Monday) be able to report back on that.

Taft with our neighbors, Ethan and Preslee …

He even asked to borrow some of my socks!

And here are these SUPER CUTE cousins.
Clark came upstairs this morning and Addie announced, “Clark, these ones are my cousins!” Needless to say she is in heaven (and let’s be honest, so am I.) Grandma and Grandpa Hall come later this afternoon and then we all get to see Trey in The Sound of Music tonight and tomorrow night.

Happy Days.


  1. Amy Egger says:

    I love that Taft is wearing you Little MissMatched socks! Too cute!

  2. carol in seattle :) says:

    So AWESOME! I love having cousins! It’s so exciting for me to be the “fun mom” on days like today. Apparently we had leprechauns running around our house last night…they turned the milk green and left tiny shiny shamrocks all over the house!

  3. Thought you might like to see this: the newest Episode of Kid History via YouTube!

    Kid History Episode 4

    Loved it!

  4. Love that cousins photo and Addie is so precious. Those socks are so cute, I would want to borrown them too! LOL

  5. I have the same shoes as Taft and I can’t believe I’m not wearing them right now. *St. Patrick’s Day fail!*

  6. That smile on Addie is priceless! Love how the kids get into the holiday! Thank you for sharing. Hope you get some sleep tonight. :)

  7. Jennifer W says:

    My kids love this holiday too. We had a leprechaun go through our house while we were gone today who peed green in our toilet and left gold chocolate coins around the house for the girls to find. My oldest said she believes the chocolate coins are to distract us from trying to look for their real gold! So fun!

  8. Enjoy your time with the family! Have fun!

  9. Super cute! Good luck to Trey. It sounds like a great play.

  10. Everyone in my neck of the woods are party poopers. No one wore green or even mentioned the day. The photo of Taft and the neighbors made me a little jealous – what fun!

  11. sarah page says:

    St Patrick’s Day is my favorite and we were decked out in green all day today. We’re visiting our cousins too, and its been so fun! Thank goodness for families, right?!!

  12. I love that your kids have inherited the creative bug from you! Taft, you rock in those socks!

  13. karen schmidt says:

    all the kids and I dressed up in Green but Dad was the party pooper, no green for him so my 6 yr old made him put on a green winter scarf. it was funny. Then at night after dinner my 3 & 4 yr olds was going through the change(coins) bucket and the 4 yr old Violet found a 50 cent piece she came running up to me and said ” the leprechaun left this for us, he left us money, I knew he would come today” so funny she was very excited. Love this age.

  14. love how the kids go all out

  15. Nothing like family!

  16. Lynnette says:

    Stacy, When I saw this on Katy the Scrapbook Lady’s blog – I thought of you http://scrapbookladypages.com/ wonderful images of Green – that will make you smile! Lynnette

  17. Michelle Evans says:

    Everyone wore green and we had corned beef and cabbage – a family favorite (my 17 year old even told the play director he had to run home for a few minutes, but not that he had to eat….he was afraid if he waited til after practice that the”tidbit” monsters would have eaten the last of the corned beef and that he wouldn’t get any!…Love that they love it so much!)

    the socks rock!

  18. Cute, cute, cute! Honestly Addie has the greatest smile! TFS!

  19. Rhonda Z says:

    I adore the cousin photo. I can tell that before you snapped the photo you said, “smile!”

  20. I love the socks picture. Precious.

  21. Hey Stacy-I tried that rice that you raved about and OMG. I have never been a rice person and I am LOVING it. I fixed up a whole bowl and just eat it plain with a pinch of sea salt. It is so good. Thank you for sharing that.

  22. Hoping to see some pics from the musical. I’ll bet it was MAGICAL!

  23. Hi Stacy! Glad to see you posting. I have really neglected my blog since CHA. love your St. Patrick’s Day spirit! Sadly the Truhes did not celebrate this year. We got home at 2:00 am that morning from an exhausting trip to Disneyland. Before Grace (our 4 year old sweetie) was born we could make ti to Disney and back in 6 or so hours but with Gracie’s heart defect we are no longer able to drive over the Grapevine, she just can’t tolerate high altitude, so we take the coast. Funny, our doctor tells us that it’s such a beautiful drive, yes it is but at night you can’t really see the beautiful view but you can hear the cranky kids in the back. I invited him to join us on one of our drives but he said he would be happy to meet us there :) Anyway, we spend St. Patty’s day in our PJ’s and laughed because we didn’t even realize what day it was until after dinner. I sat down to make my meal plan for the next week thinking I wanted to do corn beef and cabbage for the holiday… That’s when I realized we missed it. We all had a good laugh about it. How in the heck do you miss a holiday! Sheech, I guess I needed a vacation from my vacation. Hugs, <3 Jackie

  24. Lisa R - saner4 says:

    So I returned from my brother’s funeral two days ago. (I left the family home and went to be with my mom to help her plan everything). When I returned, both my teen kids said how much they missed me and that they didn’t like me being gone. Then my daughter said, “Yeah, St. Patrick’s Day was so boring without you here”. I always make our meals green that day, whether I make food that is naturally green or foods that I make green, like soaking diced potatoes in water and green food coloring till they absorb the color. This whole experience made me realize that it really is the little things that mean so much.
    The ironic part is that my first and only “green” meal when I was a little girl was made by my brother, Ernie, who just passed away. I’m so thankful that this memory was triggered by a conversation with my daughter. I am definitely going to make a page about this for my LOM!!

    Thank you for teaching my that stories can be told/scrapped without a specific picture from that occasion. I can use any picture of my brother for this story and mix it with photos of my kids and their green meals that I’ve made. Priceless memory for me to record! Thanks again!!

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