Love these commercials …

For Sherwin Williams.
Great animation and COLOR — take a minute (literally) and watch both!

Speaking of COLOR … I made myself a little travel journal from the notebook in this line, by Kate Carpenter.
Love her new site.

Just added a variety of letters to the front …

and a few stickers here and there on the inside.

I folded, ripped and sewed a couple of pockets, so I have somewhere to tuck things. I’m looking forward to filling this up!

Next post from Hawaii (IF I decide to post!)


  1. Jenny McGee says:

    Those commercials are adorable, fun watching what they do with those paint strips. I enjoyed your colorful travel journal too. Have a great time in Hawaii.

  2. I love those commercials too! Even weirder is that they made me think of you when I saw them. :)
    Hope you and your family have a WONDER-full time in Hawaii!

  3. have a wonderful trip!
    can’t wait to see the journal all filled up—please share with us

  4. While I love reading your posts ~ you shouldn’t feel any need to post from Hawaii. It can wait. Enjoy your time there and of course upon return, we’d love to see some photos & that very cool journal with it’s contents! Happy Hawaii!! : )

  5. those are great commercials! Have fun in Hawaii

  6. I DVR almost everything so I can’t even believe that I actually chose to watch commercials! But they were so cute! I love the paint chip beehive. And that “aloha” album is adorable–can’t wait to see how you fill it!

  7. Oh my gosh, how cute is that! How awesome to see such a great use of one of my notebooks. Have a great trip!

  8. You are the color queen– just love it! I like the idea of making a special journal for the trip. We have a travel journal that we take every trip — silly tradition that we love — Mom (me) records the days blow by blow, Dad records the meals and what he feels are the “quotes of the day” and now that the kids are along they record their favorite (and sometimes least favorites) of the day. Hoping that you will eventually share what you do with your Hawaii pictures — it is big trips like this that intimidate me!

  9. Love the travel journal, I’ll have to give that a try next time I go somewhere. Haven’t been brave enough to tackle stitching. Have a fabulous time in Hawaii!!!

  10. Oooh, cute journal, have a wonderful time!

  11. Have an awesome trip – the travel journal looks amazing.

  12. michelle says:

    Cute little book to tuck in your travel bag. I say uplug (leave computer at home if you can) and just have a fab time with your family!!! michelle

  13. LOVE the Sherwin Williams color ad! So clever AND inspiring. I was at the paint store this week and brought home a bunch of paint strips to put on my inspiration wall. Oh, all the possibilities :-)

    Hawaii is all about relaxation. UNPLUG. Better yet, leave the laptop at home… needs a vacation too :-)

  14. krunberry says:

    I love those ads! That travel journal is awesome…when we went to Disney I was boring and just took notes on the computer every night. But hey–at least I did something! :)

  15. sarah page says:

    What a darlingn journal. Wishing you a very happy family trip!!!

  16. Very cute journal! Might have to borrow this idea when we take our next trip. Have a great time in Hawaii! Aloha!

  17. I love those commercials also. I think they are so clever and very creative. Have fun on your trip.

  18. Enjoy your vacation!

  19. Have a great trip!

  20. Thanks for the spot of brightness with the commercials and sharing your travel journal–so cute! Have a wonderful trip!

  21. Naomi A. of Colorado says:

    I totally agree on the commercials…they are ingenious! Whomever make the paper art is totally talented! Have a great time in Hawaii and enjoy yourself, the family and the beautiful surroundings!

  22. Nicky from Canada says:


  23. karen Hobbs says:

    Love your little travel journal! Hope you have time to use it!
    Have a fabulous trip!

  24. carol in seattle :) says:

    I love those commercials too – so inspiring! Have a great vacation. I can’t wait to see your book all filled up with photos!

  25. Love that little journal….may have to go and get me a few. You know just in case!

  26. Great journal for a great trip! Enjoy!

  27. So Cute! Enjoy your time away!

  28. Awesome! Have a wonderful time in Hawaii. I hope it is a refreshing, renewing vacation.

  29. I looked at them a few days ago when you first posted them: THANK YOU FOR SHARING those FANTASTIC commercials! I have never seen them before, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM!!!!

    Hope you are having a WONDERFUL VACATION!!! :)

  30. Those commercials must be of your happy place, right Stacy? Well, other than Hawaii. Had never seen these and they are just wonderful. . .something I never expected to say about commercials.

  31. Wonderful commercials that make me smile.
    Love your little journal, great idea!
    Have a wonderful time on your trip.

  32. You’re even thinking of posting while in Hawaii?!! Just enjoy your time with family!!! And fill up that cute travel journal!

    Above all, have fun!

  33. Dear Stacey, this is not a comment on your post of the day, but just a small thank you for your book on photofreedom. i bought it used and i love it. Finally, i am back to loving this scrap booking “Thing”. i was in a rut, i HAD to go by Jan. – Dec., could not skip and go just any way, HAD to be in order. but now I am telling the stories. And I LOVE it. i just finished putting approx. 30 pages in a album, and they are all random. everyday stories about our grandkids and our lifes. the stories I want my grandchildren to know. I want them to know why I took that picture and what we were really doing that day and how precious time with them really is. I thank you so much for allowing me photo freedom. truthfully i had just about give up because I was never going to be caught up, but not now. I can not wait until your new class begins I have been watching for it for months, i check daily to see when I can sign up. I can’t wait until “Mid April” to see the OK , so i can sign up. sorry this post is so long, and really i have no idea if you even read all the comments, you must get thousands, but i hope you read this one and know that i sincerely THANK YOU for giving me back the “fever”.

  34. Mamasue123 says:

    Great commercials, hope you are enjoying yourself while in Hawaii!!

  35. i loved the fish jumping out of the water & the beehive…totally cool…i love it when super creative things make it to the main stream… thanks for sharing!

  36. Lisa R - saner4 says:

    Those commercials are adorable! The beehive one is my favorite, probably because of all the flowers and colors.

    Your album is fun and adorable. I really love the sewing bit you did and that you made pockets and flaps.
    We are moving this summer. Maybe I can get organized and make a fun journal like that before we move to record our details. We are driving from the west coast to the east coast. Plenty of time to record little tidbits ;)

  37. bea medwecky says:

    That journal is so adorable! Love all the bright colors. Have a blast in Hawaii.

  38. I love these commercials too. The advertising company was genius.

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