Next Thursday, Last Thursday and Today!

Thursdays have become my FAVORITE days.
This is primarily because BPC workshops start and refresh on Thursdays and because I try to set aside an hour or two to create. My husband generally takes Thursdays off, so there’s yet another reason to be happy. NEXT THURSDAY will be super awesome though because my whole family will wake up on the Big Island in Hawaii! I have got to shift into hyper-packing mode pretty quickly here and I’m still head down working on Finding Photo Freedom (my new version of LOM.) As soon as I get all the promo and pre-classroom stuff done, I can focus on leaving!!

Taking pictures of people on stage is most tricky.
Using a flash is prohibited and photography in general is frowned upon–however, this is my child participating in a FABULOUS production and I’m sorry, but I am not going to not take a picture.

I could only bring myself to click 3 times, last Thursday night.
This is as good as it gets …

When we left on closing night at 12:45am (after helping strike the set) Trey said, “So, those people are like my family now and I’m just supposed to not ever see them again?” If you’ve ever been involved in a major project or production then you know exactly how he feels. Now a few days later he seems relieved that it’s over. Yesterday he said, “Wow. I forgot how much time I have after school. I can really do a lot!”

The best part about last weekend was hanging out with my parents and this girl.
We had FUN taking pictures of each other taking pictures.
Somehow I still don’t take enough or rather I don’t take enough of relationship photos — I’ve got to get better at that!

Oh, and by the way … I just added Megan P. from Calgary to Tami’s Just Curious workshop, which opens today!
Megan’s comment:

I am really curious about marketing. I am thinking about switching degrees, or getting a minor in marketing. Scrapbooking inspired me to get a degree in design, and now that i’m taking a marketing class i love it too! Read MORE about Megan on her blog.

Congratulations Megan.
Thanks everyone else for sharing your curiosities and for reading my blog!


  1. Stacy, thank you so much for sharing the pics from Trey’s production. I am sure he made you very proud! Oh, and the pics are really nice. You did a great job! Congrats, Trey!

    Congrats, also, to Megan! That is awesome! Enjoy the class and best wishes in your career!

    Happy vacation, Stacy,


  2. I think your pictures look great! What did you do to get great pics? My daughter just got her first part in a production this spring at the SCERA in Orem so I need to figure out this type of picture taking fast. I’m going to try to get seats up front and sneek a few pictures my self. Hope they turn out as good as yours!

  3. I am taking Finding Your Way right now…so Thursday’s are my favorite day of the week! Anyway you can talk Karen into teaching a journaling class SOOON!!! PLEASEEE!

    Excited to find out more details about your new LOM class. I have been saving up for it! Today is my birthday so I am hoping to bank the rest of the funds! lol

    Have a great weekend and an awesome family Vacation!

  4. Lisa R - saner4 says:

    I love your photos of The Sound of Music. I hope to sneak a few pics of my daughter in Brigadoon this weekend.

    As for the Big Island, my family and I went there this past December and so enjoyed it. Many of my pics for the iscrap class were from that trip. We stayed at KMC Kilaeua Military Camp. Our main focus was the volcano and Mauna Kea.
    1. Lava – Seeing the lava up close was amazing. we did a lot of hiking on Kilaeua.
    2. Mauna Kea. Driving up to the top 13,000 ft elevation. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous, but there is an age limitation, so check before you go. I’ve never seen so many stars in the sky. We saw so many constellations,clear as day. We also saw Jupiter thru their telescopes at the 9000 ft site.
    3. Black sand beach – really neat to see the black sand and the sea turtles, though I hear the Kona side has a lot more turtles to see.
    4. We also drove to the southern most point in the U.S. Right around that was these beautiful cliffs and a site where they still have these structures standing that were used years ago to lower livestock and supplies down to the ships. I like to throw a little learning into our vacations when possible ;)
    Have fun on your trip. I can’t wait to see your pics when you get back.

    • Lisa,
      Thank YOU so much for taking time to share these highlights — I’m emailing this list to my hubby now.

      • Lisa R - saner4 says:

        You are so welcome.
        P.S. If you are going to see the lava, pack flashlights for everyone. The walk out to the lava is dark and an uneven path. Flashlights are a must have.

        Have a great time!

  5. Great post. Loved the Sound of Music photos. Trey looks fabulous in lederhosen! Loved the picture of adorable Darci taking a picture of herself, too. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii.

  6. Stacy,
    Thursday is my favorite day – ask anyone who knows me! I totally preach the wonder that is Thursday.

    My reasons are:
    1. Thursday has all the “cusp of the weekend” potential of Friday – we are SO nearly there!
    2. On Thursday, I still feel that getting everything done on my “list” is possible YET THIS WEEK! by Friday, realism creeps in and 5 people I need are “out” and.. and… and… I realize that some things will still be hanging around to start again on Monday.

    3. Celebrating Thursday keeps me from wishing my life away – I do not feel Thursday is between me and Friday – Thursday makes Friday possible.

    I love it!

    yay, Thursday – the BEST day of the week ever. Seriously.

  7. Have an awesome vacation~

  8. Oh your pictures turned out so great! I remember the days when my son was involved in the musicals. My daughter did a little, but my son was really involved and I did a lot of backstage and costuming etc. What a ball we had!
    My friend and I take pictures of each other taking pictures of each other at almost every event or party we are at. I plan to someday do a layout with a whole bunch of them. such fun!

  9. Julie Lueck says:

    Just wanted you to know I have Photo Freedom out an open on my desk and ready to tackle my moms old pictures. How do you incorporate Project life and LOM? I am anxiously awaiting the LOM class.Last year I missed signing up because I waited to long and was at CHA when registration closed. I didn’t have my droid phone then.Have a great trip.

  10. I won!! wow! thank you so much! i never win anything!

    Just wondering should i be expecting an e-mail? or do i need to contact you?


  11. Thursdays are a big deal for us too. My Mom and her 5 sisters have designated Thursday’s as Girls Day. They meet at someone’s house about 10:00 am to do crafts, or quilt, or shop, etc. All the daughters are invited also, as long as they are over 16 years of age. (There are 17 girls, plus those married in and now there are their daughters) It can be a big group or a small one. The number of us usually fluctuates throughout the day with those that work or with kids school schedules. Not all of us live close enough to come every week but at least several times a year. It is an all day thing (sometimes until midnight) and a lot of fun and memories. It has kept us close as a family.

  12. Stacy, a BIG BPC fan like me agrees that Thursdays are pretty awesome.
    The pics of the play are wonderful. I used to get videos of my son in plays. I wish I’d done that when he was playing football in high school. I have great photos but would have loved some videos.
    Have a great family vacation on the Big Island. I have always loved my time there and it’s the perfect place for the whole family!
    Thanks for introducing me to Karen Grunberg at CHA. I am enjoying both her classes. She’s such a warm and encouraging soul.
    I like Tami’s curiosity class, also. You know me, always curious and eager to learn something new!

  13. I love the photography pic! I see both Darcy & Your photos paired. And that IS your relationship! So full of fun.

    Thursdays are for cleaning at our house. The idea is that then the house is “clean for the weekend.” Even though the laundry is rarely done!

  14. I will echo all Lisa said about Hawaii. We stayed at a B&B in Volcano, in the rain forest, and rain it did. But the variety of climates on the Big Island is amazing. You are in so many different varieties it’s hard to believe you are on the same island. There is a great fruit and vegetable Farmers’ Market on Sunday am in Volcano, and the thrift shop and used book store is open then too. It’s a real gathering spot for local residents. Oh yes….Macadamia brittle was sold.

    Seeing the volcano at various times of day was awesome but at night it’s COLD so plan a sweatshirt or buy your Hawaii one in the Museum gift shop. Also bring hot dogs to cook on a stick over the steam vents. A fun activity for all.

    On of my fave views which I found impossible to capture on a photo was the windswept landscape with cattle glimpsed through the fog on the drive from the western side of the island up to Mauna Kea. What a difference in windward vs leeward sides of the island.

    Have a great week and a great next Thursday!

  15. Rhonda H says:

    Okay, first get into the CONGA beat! Ready? Da-duh, Da-duh, Da-DUH!
    Find-ing PHo-to Free-DOM! Find-ing Pho-to Free-DOM! Can’t you just see a line of ladies behind you doing the Conga and chanting this??? Well, I’ll be the first one in line. What’s the proposed release date for this fabulous opportunity?

    Rhonda H, 2009 LOM alum and dance instructor

  16. Oh how fun!!! We were on the Kona side just a few weeks ago – wait! no, a month ago….bummer is, my girl caught the flu on our last day there, and then she developed pneumonia, so basically, I lost a month. On our way to healthy finally. You’ll have to share where you stay so I can live vicariously – it was my first stay on Hawaii – always Maui before, and quite different. The best beach is at the Mauna Kea resort – they only let a few dozen cars have beach parking, so get there by 10 – great boogey boarding and wave jumping and a very well-maintained area :)

  17. Have a great time on the Big Island. Hopefully the winds will have died down before you get there. It’s where we usually vacation, but it’s a lot closer for us since we live on Oahu!

  18. Great pictures of the play, my favorite! I lived in Salzburg when I was a sophomore in college. Pure magic!

    My theater photos are terrible. How did you do it?

    Have a great time in Hawaii. My friends tell me that the Big Island is very low key and relaxing.


  19. Aloha! So excited that you’ll be in my neck of the woods. Staying in Hilo or on the Kona side of the island? Take in the culture and warmth of the island. Enjoy the local cuisine — try a loco moco, freshly made kamaboko, strawberry mochi, or saimin. I know you’ll have an awesome time!

  20. Hawaii is awesome! I hope you have a great time. I am anxiously awaiting the LOM registration. :)

  21. Sound of music is my favorite “old” musical. It was the first musical I ever saw on stage, was the first album I knew word for word…..I just love seeing the pictures of Trey and the rest of the cast in it.

    Safe travels! Make many moments to remember while you’re there.

  22. We just came back from some time on the Big Island – we absolutely love it there and hope to make it our home some day. We were there during the tsunami and it did get the Kona area – many of the shops and some of the hotels were damaged, but hopefully that will be all put back together while your family is there. If you are hikers, the Polulu Valley lookout has a beautiful black sand beach at the bottom of the lookout. Probably tough for your little Addie, but an adventure for your boys!

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