Paper Dresses+ A Challenge

You may or may not have heard about an interesting booth at the recent CHA trade show. DCWV created an exhibit, Make It With Paper: A Runway Collection, which featured eight dresses that were as intricate and detailed as they were stunning. This was my favorite dress …

I snapped this pic with my iPhone.
Here are some other “more professional” images from the DCWV PR group …

I thought you might be interested in seeing what all the talk was about.
Each dress in the exhibit was inspired by one of DCWV’s paper stack lines, and
reflects the theme and feel of the stack — admittedly a cool way to feature your paper!

Every Thursday, a new challenge is posted in the Library of Memories Community at Big Picture Classes. These challenges are designed to keep those using and refining LOM engaged in the parts and pieces of their system, so they can stay productive. I really like today’s challenge. I remember writing it and thinking, “I should do this on my blog!” So, here it is …

Doesn’t this sound fun?
I want to find a blog reader/friend that will SWAP photos with me.

Here are the photos I’d like to swap — some of my top product pics at CHA.

I always *think* I’m going to make a CHA layout and I’ve NEVER done it, so …
IF you’re interested in scrapbooking my NINE fun and colorful photos AND you’re willing to let me scrapbook some of your pictures, then leave me a comment with your proposed page title (for my CHA layout) and I’ll pick my favorite.

Nothing like a little friendly competition to get your creative juices flowing, right?

I’ll pick a title next Monday around noon, so you have the weekend to mull things over. And YES, you can “enter” or suggest as many titles as you’d like.
By the way, my photos will arrive in a LARGE envelope with some of the NEWEST products from Winter CHA!


  1. My title: “Don’tCHA just love it?!”

  2. Tracy Dayett says:

    “Eye Candy” because that is the first thing I thought when I was looking at your photos. What a rainbow of inspiration! Thank you for the chance to have you work with some of my photos…..what an honor that would be!

  3. Color my fancy! or fancy my color!

  4. OK, here are some more: “sensory stimulation” or “juices flowing” or creative connections.”

  5. Michelle Powell says:

    A little of this… and a lot of that….

  6. Inspiration!

  7. “Color Happy”! Love SusanC’s title “DontCHA just love it?!”! I would love to swap photos and layouts with you but I would be WAY too nervous! I could never match your great style and personality on a layout. I’ll keep practicing in the meantime.

  8. Oh, that would be so fun! And I have JUST the photos, too! As for a title for these fabulous shots… My Own World of Imagination… They are fabulous!

  9. Color

    get it? C. H. A.

  10. CHA – Ching! went the strings of my Heart. OR “ohm-m-m-m my goodness!” (yoga referance).

  11. “A sprinkle of this, a sprinkle of that . . .

  12. This Makes Me Happy.

  13. I seldom put titles on my pages because I’ve always been a chronological scrapper but I’m changing my ways so here’s my title: “Altogether to happy!”

  14. Colour My World (small title – What I Love About CHA!)
    (I could spell color the American way if you would prefer :) )
    What beautiful inspiring photos! And I know know know the ones that I would send you to have fun with. What a great idea – I think I’ll do this RIGHT NOW with a friend.

  15. I am so impressed; those paper dresses are amazing! I love them; they are ART! WOW!

  16. Hee Jin R. says:

    How about “In Living Color”, “Color My World”, “My World of color”, “Don’tCHA ya wish u where here, like me!”, “Don’tCHA love color!” says it all. I do wish I was there!

  17. Color Wonder!

    (As in I wonder what I can create with all this color and how wonderful all this color is!)

  18. Julie Ann says:

    Oh my, I love those “dresses”, wouldn’t that be a fun piece of art for a home! I love all the Colorful, Happy Accessories from CHA! :)

  19. Heather Crawley says:

    Creative Juice! And, in return, I would send you pictures of my then 5-year-old’s first visit to the American Girl store. I am struggling with. So cute, so many possibilities. So, want to do it justice.

  20. It has got to be:

    JUICY {creative} COUTURE

    Those colors are just luscious!

  21. How about Oooo! Cha, CHA! Those pictures would be so fun to play with.

  22. Delightful Details or Delighting in the Details, because you look delighted in that photo by all the lovely details you discovered. I’d be nervous to scrap your photos, but excited too, and what a privilege to have a scrapbook page done by you! Good luck choosing the title that speaks to you; there certainly are great suggestions here already on Thursday afternoon.

  23. Love those photos! My suggested title: “Like a Kid in a Candy Store”!

  24. Oh, I just thought of another one: “These are a few of my favorite things”. I can just hear Julie Andrews now!

  25. Here’s my first one…”Celebrate”…or “Me!”
    This would make me really nervous too, and there are already some wonderful titles! Can’t wait to see what gets picked and the end result.

  26. Oh, here’s another one…
    “Sprinkles (pg1)…for the Big Picture (pg2)”

    but I would need a couple more photos for this idea! =)

  27. Stacy this is such a cool idea. I have a friend that lives about 3 hours from me that scrapbooks – I can’t wait to swap photos with her.

    Anyway, I would love to scrapbook your page so here goes…how about “Smash Hits at CHA”

    I’m sure I’ll think of more – it’s fun to see everyone’s ideas!

    • I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday and I seem to keep coming back the the word “smash” – what about “A smashing good time”

      Or something as simple as “I (heart) CHA” – this would be an actual heart like NYC shirts that say I (heart) NY.

  28. Sierra Dawn says:

    Ok, so I have two to contribute! “Too Cha-Cha for words!” (From Steel Magnolias–LOVE that movie!) :) or “What kind of dance do they do at C-H-A?” “The Cha-Cha!” Lifted that from the Paperclipping Roundtable “Almost Live at CHA”. Love that show and loved your joke Stacy!

  29. OH my gosh!!! I WOULD DIE TO DO THIS WITH YOU. My title for your page would be:


  30. This is so fun! I would entitle my page “The Colors of CHA” or “CHA: Springs of Color”

    Love this idea!! Thanks for everything you do Stacy

  31. “Cha-cha-cha-ing my way through the products at CHA 2011!”

    Or just “cha cha CHA!”

    “9 things to love about CHA ’11″

    No matter which title you pick, you have to throw in a picture of you and the Pantone cookies!

  32. I’ll have to think on it some more, but the title that popped immediately into my head was “Cream of the Crop.” I don’t always have a lot of confidence in my creative intuition, but I have to give it a try!

  33. “All Dressed Up (CHA Winter 2011)”

  34. Or how about “A Few Of My Favorite Things”

  35. This would be so fun! I’ve done this kind of swap with some online friends before and had a ball! Now I know this is a little long for a title, but I’m sure it can be worked out.

    Goodies from Pebbles and colorful ribbons,
    Scrapbooks and SmashBooks and gifts for the givin’
    Dresses of paper and all CHA brings,
    These are a few of my favorite things!

    Hope you like it!

  36. Heather W says:

    When I see these pictures I think “I Dream in Color!”

    Going to CHA someday is one of my dreams and just to drink in all of that color and creative energy. Makes life worth living.

  37. Heather W says:

    I had another brainstorm looking at your pictures.

    My 2 page layout on craft paper cardstock would be one big random stair step series of titles paired with the photos starting with the top left and working it’s way down to the bottom right with “All the way to CHA!” in the bottom corner.

    Button me
    Smash Me
    Ticket Me
    Bind Me
    Color me
    Tie Me
    Glitter Me
    Flag Me
    Fly Me
    All the way to CHA!

  38. Wow! It would be so cool to swap photos with you! The title that popped into my head was “Bits of Hobby Happiness” with the subtitle “…at CHA 2011″ Definitely a 2-pager ;) (Someday I’ll make it to the Super Show in Chicago…)

  39. “Life in the Craft Lane”
    subtitle: My favorites from CHA- W 2011

  40. “My Pretties” would be the title.

    Scrapping your photos would be awesome…intimidating, but awesome.


  41. Julie lueck says:

    CHA Goodies…I want them to be MINE…All Mine!!!

    By the way, when I marked CHA on my calendar, my son remarked, “Mom, what is cha?”
    I was so lucky to get to see you and get my picture taken with you. You are always so gracious. I feel like you’re one of my good friends, and can’t help but treating you as such when I see you. However, you don’t know me from Adam and kindly take the time to place who I am from your blog/FB friend. That is Class.

  42. Rebecca Baggaley says:

    I am not as clever as many of these ladies, but I do love all that color! And never a page about CHA? I’ve been reading your blog for years and always love your sneak peeks, although I rarely buy much product! So I think based on what I’ve heard about CHA, I would title the page “Tired and INSPIRED!” because it sounds exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. But maybe that would need some more people pictures. I really like Heather W’s idea above. Fun trade!

  43. carol in seattle :) says:

    How about “A Splash of Color”? (that sounds kinda boring….I’ll think some more!)

  44. ‘Eye Candy’ ? I would LOVE to have a layout by Stacy in my Library Of Memories! I saw this email today & immediately thought ‘I need to swap some photos with my mom’ she lives about 500 miles away now so I know she would love to do a layout of her grandsons

  45. Lorraine R. says:

    1, 2 Cha, Cha CHA……..Ahhhhh


  46. Hi Stacy! I’m thinking “Ha, Cha, Cha, Cha” and talk about how much fun it is seeing the new products and how much fun it is to visit (and laughing with) your friends and family in the scrapbooking community that you do not always get to see in person like Noelle and Izzy from Paperclipping!

    I would love to swap photos with you. I have a bunch of church photos (my husband and I run a preschool department) that I just have not been able to figure out how to put them together.

  47. Kimberly Ann says:

    Oh, fun! When I saw the e-mail this morning, I immediately thought that I’d love to do this, but don’t really have anyone to swap with.

    I would use the letters C, H, and A to start the words Colorful, Happy, and Awe-inspiring as the title for a layout with your photos. I’ll have to give it more thought and suggest a few more :)

  48. Well Stacy, I think that you should swap some pics with a canadian gal!!! I will send you some lovely winter, and Canadian themed pictures that you could scrap! I am thinking your LO title could be something like “CHA 2011…had a SMASHING good time!”

  49. “Like a Kid in a Candy Store” :) Heather

    So many fun new things!

  50. The Wonderful World of Color… it doesn’t get any better than color!! Thanks for the creative ideas. You are simply wonderful!!!

  51. hi, Stacy!!

    my title concept for your photos is “to the nines”.

    i’m excited about your challenge and can’t wait to tell my friend about it. :)

  52. For some reason.. the only thing that comes to my mind is
    window shopping
    with a subtitle of –who needs 5th avenue??

  53. Oh my goodness, that would be SO. MUCH. FUN.
    Naturally my mind is screaming “Doin’ the cha-cha-CHA!”

    And I love how the picture of you has blue, green and orange that perfectly match the album shot next to it…I think there’s the color scheme… :)

  54. cha-cha-changes :) since CHA is all the new trends & ideas, it is such a time of change!

  55. “I’ve got the CHA 411…”

    so fun. what a funtastically great idea :)

  56. “The WOW Factor” or “The S List” (like Oprah’s “O” list)

  57. My title concept for your (fabulous) pics is: “Color my world!”

  58. I love all the beautiful color, so how about “Color Me Happy!” or “Color Happy Always” (with the C, H and A highlighted) for a title?
    I love this challenge…thanks for the chance to win!!!

  59. HAHA, what a fun thing to do. My title?


    [maybe with subtitle] I feel an instant need of a new … everything

    Expl: careful + CHA makes chareful which one can pronounce as shareful. And I thought that was just the case with the photo swapp.

  60. The CHA layout that (almost) didnt happen!

  61. Winter Wonderland, because walking through all those fantastical creations must be like walking in a wonderland.

  62. Or, a play on book/movie titles: Best in Show; Sea of Inspiration; Walk.Talk.Love

    • See.Stop.Love may work better. And now I am going to stop thinking about this challenge and work on my i.scrap journaling.

  63. Kathy Jo Camacaho says:

    (Those dresses were incrediable!)

  64. This is such a fun idea……but you’re crazy for putting yourself in the position of picking one title. Don’t you realize how many awesome ladies are gonna be leaving you comments all weekend? LOL

    Here’s mine: CRAZY FOR COLOR

    Man, those albums are gorgeous, aren’t they?

  65. Love those dresses, makes me think of project runway which makes me think ” Make it Work” which is a little something I say to myself when I am scrapping and want to keep perfectionism at bay.

  66. “Eye for Color”

    You could alsor put it as “I” as in the way you – Stacy – looks at the products at CHA; for example – some people are looking for the swag, some people are looking for the latest and greatest gadgets, some people are looking for whats trendy – but what comes up on your radar? Color!

    And maybe something along the lines of a subtitle of “Bright & Whites” which is the color palette you are attracted to.

    (P.S. If I were choosing – I might pick Pat’s comment above: Spinkle of this & Sprinkle of that .. or Sprinkle of Color”)

    (P.S. just noticed you were sitting on a pantone stool – cute).

  67. I’m one of the world’s slowest scrappers, so I don’t want to take on the layout, but want to share the title: “Like a Kid in a Candy Store”

    That’s what CHA has always seemed like to me, from afar:)

    Off to look up those cute doodlebug albums—oh and I love your outfit above, you totally look like Maria from Sound of Music—but with some happy aqua thrown in!

  68. Jodi Berg says:

    Hi Stacy…I am throwing in “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I hope to go to CHA someday!

  69. Carol S. says:

    I would title it “No Wonder I’m Inspired…”

  70. “l love this hobby”

  71. Hi Stacy, I am still working on the title, but I think I would use this quote:

    I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.
    Georgia O’Keeffe

  72. Such fun pics and such a fun contest!

    “What kind of dance do they do at CHA?” (your PRT joke) :)

    “Liberally Sprinkled!”


  73. Good sunshiney morning, Stacy!!

    I see new products on the CHA sneek peeks and I always ooh and ahhh over the fun new products. So I thought this title is fun:

    C.H.Ahhhhhh I picture using some fun chipboard bigger letters for the CHA and then the “Ahhhh!” would stand out better.

    Fun times! :)

  74. CHA CHA CHA! The CHAllenging and Creative Dance…

  75. Cathy Mischuck says:

    This came to my mind immediately…
    So Many Colors, So Little Time.

    It would be so amazing to have a set of pictures scrapped by you. I would be scared to death to scrap for you!!! I HAD to share my title with you!!!

  76. oh how I would LOVE to swap photos with you, Stacy! even without all of the extra goodies!

    the first word that popped into my mind when I saw your photos was “Eye Candy” so that would be what I would use. Now that I think about it, I like it even more because it kinda plays off of your “Sprinkles” idea.

    Oh? and those dresses! those are amazing.

  77. Hello! What a fun idea!!

    “Creative Collaborators” is what first came to mind. SOOOO much creativity all in one place that we combine to create amazing pieces of art and history for our families and friends.

  78. ok…one more! :) I just looked at the photos again and I kept thinking of the Brady Bunch – like you are Alice in the center!! :)

    So – “Stacy’s Color Bunch” or “The Color Bunch” or “That’s the Way It All Became My Color Bunch!” and lastly “There’s a Story…of a girl named Stacy”.

  79. Sherrie M says:

    Hi Stacy! Such awesome photos!
    How about…

    Color Me Happy
    Yummy Inspiration
    Yummy Goodness
    Tickled By Color
    Can’t Help Falling in Love…..
    What a Colorful World
    Got Color?
    Nothing Makes Me Happier

  80. The dresses were amazing! I’m not going to enter the challenge because if I was picked, you probably still wouldn’t have a CHA page done. Great idea tho, and I love the LOM challenge this week.

  81. I would love to scrap your pictures (and be nervous the whole time)! Besides having boys, it would give me the chance to use a whole other color scheme!

    My title would be CHA-creative happy adventure

    Thanks for sharing the dresses from CHA. That was a truly creative marketing feat!

  82. I am not even going to attempt the page or a title, just too busy but I must say I love your pictures…the colors, your perspective, the arrangements. Share the page later please. Looking forward to seeing it.

    • I’m with Nancy…I don’t have a title for you but would love to see both pages later!! LOVE the CHA colors you shared! Thanks!

  83. ” Smashingly lovely!”

  84. Suzanne B says:

    The look on your face says it all……I would title the page “Possibilities” because with all those wonderful things at CHA, the creative possibilities are endless!!

  85. I’ve got two, and I’m sure they’re not very original, but they’re what popped into my head when looking at the photos, and thinking of what you’ve written and said about CHA.

    So many colors, so little time…
    Color me inspired!

    I loved the idea one of the other posters had about doing a title using CHA as the jumping off point.

    This is a really fun idea. I’m going to see if I can find anyone else to play with me.

  86. The title that popped in my head as soon as I saw the pics was
    “These are a few of my favorite things” – ala Julie Andrews – maybe even some song lyrics??

    Like the “colors” ideas as well.

  87. How about – A Color CHAngover

  88. I think that “Scrapbook Sprinkles” would be a great title. Scrapbooking is about the stories, but all the fun colours you captured just make a LO that much more exciting. Just like toast is about nourishing yourself, but it is a little more fun with sprinkles on top.

    I am going to keep thinking about this over the weekend.

  89. “Paper Pretties” or “Color- CHA Style”
    What a fun challenge!

  90. Terri Torrez says:

    Not particularly clever, but the first thing that popped into my head when I saw those pics (even before I read the challenge) — Happy Colors!

    Just looking at them makes me happy!

  91. Bronwyn Boge says:

    so I have a couple for now!:)
    “Taste the Rainbow” (the skittles slogan)…I actually have used this on one of my lo’s and thought it was perfect for this!


    happy, happy, JOY, JOY!
    this came to mind because this is what I was saying in my head when looking at these pics.

    i’m sure therer will be more…but for now!


    • Bronwyn Boge says:

      Oh and I would TOTALLY love to swap photo’s with you, that would be so much fun…I have a few in mind…:)

  92. Amy Egger says:

    Walking in a Color Wonderland

  93. “at my fingertips” because I remember the few times I was at CHA how there was sooo much creativity and inspiration right at my fingertips. :) Those are great pictures :)

  94. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I stink at coming up wiht good titles! LOL :) My title for your pictures would be something like “the many COLORS of CHA 2010″

    But the stinker in me is tempted to title your page something like “2010 CHA: Meeting my biggest fan, Jackie T” :) and I would sneak in the pic I took of us. OR Maybe “Julian’s top ten” as in Letterman’s top ten, since you only gave 9 pics I would be forced to use the one of us. LOL :)

    This is a great idea! I am going to do this wiht my scrappy friends. Hugs,

  95. Summer Mobley says:

    How about:

    “The pot of gold IS the rainbow!”

    I would LOVE to scrapbook your pictures! WOW!

  96. stephanie says:

    I get a real FASHION vibe from these photos and your post. It is almost like CHA is the crafters take on FAHION WEEK! The photo with all the “shoe” boxes spilling over with trendy goodies, the eye popping threads in a spiral remind me of jewelry and of course the paper dress along with all the other “accessories!” I have thought of a few “vogue” titles that are a play on fashion and the fun of CHA. I can’t decide which I like best:

    “From the Runway”
    “Fashionably Create” (this could be a play on the cliche’ “Fashionably Late” and go into more depth in journaling about how you’ve never scrapped about CHA until now).
    “Eye Catching”
    “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without CHA”

    I for one would LOVE to do a swap with one of my FAVORITE scrap celebrities! I am one of your oldest fans, probably one of the first to buy your first book, SIMPLE SCRAPBOOKS, clear back in the day! I have everything else you’ve ever written and have put into practice almost all of your ideas (If obnly I had a tenth of your energy, I might be able to do it all)! You have changed the way I preserve my family’s memories and a lot of my scrapper friend’s memories too! I love the inspiration I get from your blog too, not just on scrapbooking, but parenting, decorating, life and etc! THANX!

  97. stephanie says:

    Oooohhhh! This is such a fun challenge to have at the back of my mind (makes cooking dinner a little more enjoyable)! I thought of another great “fashion” title idea. This one really gets the ball rolling on telling the story. That quote from Steel Magnolias, “the only thing that seperates us from the animals is our ability to accessorise.” I would accentuate the last three words of that phrase and make it be the title. I love that the entire quote would be there but the last three words, in much larger scale, would do the job as the title, killing two birds with one stone, which I LOVE TO DO! What a fun page! Even if I am not chosen, maybe I will do my own version using pictures from my local scrapbook expo coming up!!!!!

  98. Bronwyn Boge says:

    one more…

    “don’t ‘CHA just wish you were here?!”

    • Bronwyn Boge says:

      oops, didn’t realize this was already said…
      so here goes another…

      “Albums and stickers and twine…OH MY!”

  99. What a fun idea!
    How about “Color me Happy at CHA”
    or “The Colors that make me Happy at CHA”

    My husband suggested “Color Hue Assortment”. He’s not a scrapper… but not bad. The other day he suggested I title one of my pages, “My Mama took a zillion pictures of me in the same outfit on the same day just so she could scrapbook them all on one page”. I understandably made up my own title after that.

  100. Gypsy Chaos says:

    CHAllenge: Pick one
    These are a few of my favorite things…
    I grabbed the rainbow at CHA
    Stacy: Winter CHA 11 Color Trend Setter
    Color Trends by Stacy
    A little of this, a sprinkle of that
    Surrounded by inspiration
    Stacy’s Stash
    Surrounded by color
    YES! I scored at CHA!
    Snap-a-holic: Product Picks or Pics
    Treasure Trends
    Color Wheel, CHA 2011 Style
    Where shall I start?
    through the eyes of Stacy
    sprinkles of memories
    a glimpse of goodies
    new products = smile on my face
    New Stuff and Stacy: happy together
    Distillate of CHA
    oh the layouts I will make…
    oh the memories I will preserve…

  101. “enCHAnted”

    What a VERY cool challenge! how fun :D

  102. Stephanie says:

    Stacy- What an original challenge, and it would certainly be a challenge since I only know you from your blog and not personally, but since I’m always up for a challenge, here’s my storyboard in words: (the “why” part is your words/thoughts from your blog entries)

    Title: eye CHAndy,
    Subtitle: ONE, TWO, THREE and something like “each time attending CHA is like being a kid in a candy store, and this winter was no exception. Here are just a few of the things that moved me, and why:

    ONE: Smash Books
    Smash Books (to me) are the offspring of the uber-cool office store Russell + Hazel and K & Company’s always gorgeous lines of product for traditional scrapbookers.
    They are a beautiful, archival composition books for the memory laden. They are beautifully designed. They are fun. They come with dozens of cool accessories.

    TWO: Dresses made entirely from paper
    DCWV Make It With Paper: A Runway Collection. Each dress in the exhibit was inspired by one of DCWV’s paper stack lines, and reflects the theme and feel of the stack — admittedly a cool way to feature your paper! This dress was my favorite.

    I would probably create a digi-version of the layout so that you could add words for you own “why’s”.

    • Stephanie,
      This is such a FABULOUS idea and so personal — thank YOU so much for putting so much thought into this.


  103. the only one that is coming to mind right now: i*CHA

  104. Wait…I ‘ve got another one. (or a few)

    CHAspiration (or color CHAspiration)
    In the Land of CHA
    CHA Fever
    So much CHA (color, inspiration, *insert word here*) so little time

    That should be good for now. Although, I will be dreaming about it all night now!!

  105. Bronwyn Boge says:

    I thought it may be fun to do the alphabet around the 9 photos as a border…with a manufacturer representing each letter of the alphabet…
    here’s what I came up with:

    American Crafts, Bella Blvd, Cosmo Cricket, Doodlebug, Ek Success, Fancy Pants, Glue Dots International, Hero Arts, Imaginisce, Jenni Bowlin Studio, K & company, Little Yellow Bicycle, Maya Road, NK galleria, October Afternoon, Pebbles, Queen & Co., Ranger Industries Inc., SMASH, Tattered Angels, Unity Stamp Co., Vintage Street Market Inc., WeRMemory Keepers, Zyron Inc., Your Next Stamp, Zutter Innovative.

    I kinda liked this idea also because you have a picture of letter stickers, So i thought the idea of an alphabet went well with that pic.

    You could always change up this idea by putting products in place of manufacturers, I just figured since CHA is about showcasing the companies, I thought it went well.

    Then U could use my Previous title (that I put on another post) of “Taste the Rainbow” for the main title on the page.
    Using “Taste” as a metaphor for “try” all the products!

    Hope you like my ideas, and I would love to do the swap with you!


    • Bronwyn Boge says:

      Just realized that smash is a product from K & company so instead of using smash for “s” , you (or I:)) could use sassafras or SEI Inc.

  106. Your pose in the photo of you reminds me of Saturday Night Live’s Dana Carvey and the church lady…so, the title could be “Well isn’t that SPECIAL…”

  107. Whitney P. says:

    The title that immediately came to mind for me was “Blown away by CHA”. So jealous! I wish I could have gone!

  108. Bronwyn Boge says:

    your face says to me:
    “betCHA can’t choose just ONE…”

  109. Hey Stacy! I didn’t read the other comments os if this has already been suggested go with the first one [not mine] Here’s my title – “I’m Back!” – not that you ever left the industry – but that you’d missed a couple of CHAs and that your health is getting better too.

  110. Color and Shape and Texture, Oh My!

  111. Got Color? Get Happy!

  112. color me HAPPY!

  113. Perks of the Job

  114. Bronwyn Boge says:

    “Experience the rainbow” – another one from skittles!…can you tell I like sweets?! their slogans just go so well with these pictures!

  115. Gypsy Chaos says:

    Stacy, I do not envy you. Selecting just one title is going to be a tough task.

  116. “Certain Happiness Awaits!”

    “I Want It All”

    “The pot of gold”

  117. color wheel wonder…

    1,2 cha, cha, cha!

    such fun pictures :)

  118. I had a couple more ideas:

    “Gotta get me some!”

    “Isn’t it lovely?”

    “Love me some CHA goodness”

    “My CHA faves”

  119. Boo… I just saw this post! Maybe I can still enter PLEASE:
    “Can’t Hardly Await!”

    “Oh This is fun!’

    “I Rave, for these Favs!”

  120. Bronwyn Boge says:

    the suspense is killing me…so…which one did you decide to go with??
    It must have been a tough decision!! Lots of good titles to choose from.

  121. Melissa Martinez says:

    color me crafty

  122. Love the photos from CHA…..

    Titles I would love….I live a “CHArmed life”…..”EnCHAnted”…”CHA…you color my world!”.

    Loved looking at your phots from CHA….what an inspiration!


  123. How about cha Cha CHA?

  124. Reneecrops says:

    I think it should be the “Textures and Colors of CHA” .

    Can’t wait so see the layouts!!

  125. Maureen Mathis says:

    Color = Happy Always

    (CHA, get it!)

    I think I should prepare a Durable Power of Attorney and name someone to make the page in my place, because I would ABSOLUTELY die if I won!!

  126. Kimberly Ann says:

    Long title…I went to CHA and came back with all of this great stuff to decorate my t-shirt!

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