tea parties and curiosity

About a week ago Sunday, I woke up from a nap to find this:

My sweet Taft was helping Addie stage a full-blown tea party for the majority of our stuffed animals.

Seriously, cute.
In case someone wants to know, you can click here to purchase this adorable Asian baby doll and click here for the big sister dolly.

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We spend a LOT of time in our industry talking about creativity.
I believe we are ALL inherently creative, in much the same way that we are inherently capable. To develop talents and abilities, we have to discover our gifts and the things that interest us and then study and work. To unleash our innate creativity we must in a similar fashion discover our curiosities and follow them to the point of connection. For me, these connections are generally patterns or problems that force me to see a new possibility and exercise creative thought that results in new ideas or solutions. I’m not sure any of that makes sense outside my own head, but it works for me and I’m thrilled that it is the foundation of Tami Morrison’s NEW workshop, Just Curious that opens tomorrow at Big Picture Classes.

Tami’s class is only $15 for 4 weeks and if you know Tami, you know the classroom will be all about FUN interaction and community.
I chatted with Tami on the phone today and we are still teeming with new ideas to add to this experience.

The more curious we are, the more creative we will be.
If you’re not signed up for this workshop, leave me a comment and share something that your curious about right now.
I’ll wake up and add one of you to
Tami’s class!


  1. I am curious all things that are happening in the world of my babies just like this tea party (TOO FREAKING CUTE! -loving your little girl’s nails!) Its so much fun to get peeks into their lives.. I can’t help but giggle to the conversations my little girl’s barbies have or hearing the conversation that all 3 of my babies have when they are together. I can’t stop and be thankful and feel so blessed. The curiosity they share makes me want to do the same with my own world. Thanks so much for the chance!

  2. Kitty O'Dea says:

    I thought this is an appropriate quote on the topic of curiosity.

    One’s destination is not a place, but a new way of seeing things. Henry Miller

    Its easy to get so busy, that we forget to see the possibilities around us and venture into uncharted territory. How wonderful to have a class to nuture our curiosity and “see” all the cool things around us.

  3. That tea party is just too cute!

  4. I’m curious about digital scrapbooking. I would love to be able to do it but I’m just overwhelmed with all the places I could choose to start! As I test the waters though I find myself becoming more and more curious and hopefully soon I’ll be ready to dive in and give it a try.

  5. I’m curious about history…family, world, US. I have a precocious 7 year old son who LOVES military history and is challenging me daily to remember all those things I learned in school but have since let slip (like who fought in the 7 years war and why?). I’ve lost both my parents in the last few years and am curious about all the family history and family stories I never thought to ask. How to get those stories back for me and for my son?

  6. I am curious about quilting – all the gorgeous colors out there and the myriad ways they can be combined! Love the tea party!

  7. carol in seattle :) says:

    I’m curious about what college class(es?) I might take next quarter….must do research NOW!

  8. I’m curious about homeschooling, and whether it would be a good fit for us. Also, I am on a bit of a spiritual journey right now, and found a church home that feels really good so far – curious to learn more, curious if it is the right place, curious what happens next and where God is leading me. Thanks for the chance to win a seat in Tami’s class!

  9. I’ve been signed up and waiting for a while now. Can’t wait!!

  10. Kimberly Ann says:

    I’m curious about color. I’m in a color rut decorating my home, on my scrapbook layouts, and with my clothing. I would love to experiment with some different accents to my main colors or different color combinations entirely.

  11. That is one seriously cute little girl (and what a fab big bro she’s got, too).
    I’m curious about lots of things – what colours make what mood on my scrapbook page; what my 20-yrs-old-tomorrow son will make of his life; whether time travel is possible; why (even though I know it’s the atmosphere doing it) the twinkling of stars is magical…. I think I’m one of those kids who drove my mother nuts by asking ‘why’ all the time, and I’ve never stopped having questions (I just don’t always ask them out loud anymore).

  12. I am curious how I will be as a mother to 6 kids. I am curious how I will raise them with the values I am trying to share. I am curious how to fit more time for me into my day. I am curious what the future holds for me.

  13. I have to say what sweet joy this picture portrays!!!! You are in one of the best times of your life, when ALL of your kids are still at home! I would love to just sit right down, and join Addie and Trey at “tea”

    I’m curious to see how so many recent changes in my life (a daughter got married, a son just left on a mission, youngest child starting high-school), lead me in new directions, as a mom, a wife, a woman! It has become a new form of quiet at my house, and I’m struggling to find a new “normal”, with 2 less children in our home. I am curious to see how my relationship changes with my last child, already I am finding a new closeness with him I haven’t had in the past, he gets a lot of undivided attention, and we are having lots of fun together. I am excited to find new things I love to do, take a little more time to develop my talents and do more to help others through service. I’m excited to see where my curiosity takes me, and what new joys I find in each day. You wouldn’t think it is hard to find joy, but when you suddenly don’t have 2 of your main sources of joy in your home, it really sends you reeling, (atleast it has me!), I would love the opportunity to take this class, to take a new journey of discovery, and just maybe surprise myself with what I find!

  14. Oh my gosh, this is beyond adorable. I LOVE the tea kettle and the goldfish and especially the guests. And Addie’s dress is pretty darned cute, too. What a wonderful big brother.

  15. As I sit here listening to my two cute girls chatter in their bedroom (they are suppose to be sleeping) I am curious as to why as a child you do not understand the value of the opportunity to get a long, restful, good nights sleep!!!

  16. I’ve been really curious about The Happiness Project lately …. studying it and trying to work bits into my life :)

  17. samantha says:

    I’m curious about the nature of the thing that keeps me on the couch (away from more life affirming things).

  18. I am curiious about how I can be supportive of my cross-country best friend over the next few months as they wait for their travel date to South Korea after receiving their adoption referral. She will be a fabulous mom, but she tends to over think things and will drive herself nuts in the next few months. Wish I was closer to her geographically.

  19. I am curious of all the things my daughter will be learning when she starts kindergarten this fall. Being my first child (and myself not being in kindergarten for many, many, many, many years….lol) I am curious + excited to see how she likes it + what she will learn + discover.

  20. Addie looks so stinking cute, with her nails all polished, drinking from a cup almost bigger than she is. How fun!

  21. Thanks for a chance to win!! Right now I’m curious about what kind of tricks Photoshop CS3 can do and how I can use it to better my digital scrapping.

  22. I am really curious about marketing. I am thinking about switching degrees, or getting a minor in marketing. Scrapbooking inspired me to get a degree in design, and now that i’m taking a marketing class i love it too!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!


    • Congratulations Megan — you are my WINNER. I think this is because if I had it to do over I would get a degree in design and a minor in marketing! But then, I probably wouldn’t have bumped into my husband and that would be super sad, so I’ll just be happy for YOU and all of your curiosities.

      I just added you to Tami’s class — enjoy!

  23. I am curious about making items from trash to treasure. How can I reuse items; how can I spray paint them to give a new life? My mind is brimming with ideas, now if the weather would get nicer so I can go out into my garage and start trying a few of them out.

  24. Stacy Ziegler says:

    I am even more curious about using paint in my paper creations since taking BPC’s “Got Paint” class. And how I will be able to enjoy tea parties w/ grandbabies if they are going to live so far away. :(

  25. I am curious about the gender of the baby in my belly!

  26. I am curious as to how a sleeping bag can come home from one school camp and totally disappear somewhere in the house before the 2nd child needs it for her school camp.
    Where can it be?

  27. At 58 years old (for the second year), I’m curious to see if I can make some big changes in my health during the next year- so that I’ll be ready to meet 60 head-on.

  28. I am curious as to when I stopped being curious. Clearly this needs to be rectified! Adorable photos Stacy!

  29. i love that her pinkie is up while she’s sipping on her tea. precious.

  30. im curious about babies and how their speech develops . baby number 2 is 11 months and has just started really pointing and gesturing and make sounds to tell us when she wants something and so we have all spend the week going …. “bb… bbb” – “did you say bbb, do you want bread?” etc and we are loving it and its so fascinating to watch her develop and so im curious about how, why and what i can do to help her as she learns all the words in her world!

    p.s we had an indoor picnic this week too, so cute :>

  31. I am curious about how communities deal with natural disaster – all the small things that make it possible to keep going. My thoughts are prompted by friends in Christchurch and Northern Queensland who are putting their lives back together after natural disasters

  32. Now that is one awesome big brother!! And, one awesome tea party!

    I am curious about how life is going to change when our oldest daughter heads off to college in the fall, and I’m curious about God’s plan for her.

  33. I’ve loved Tami’s classes in the past. I’m curious as to how this class will enhance creativity! I’m sure she will be great at it.
    I’m also curious as to how I will make meaning from a trip we just took to China. We’ve only been back a few days and life seems “normal” again, though the trip was wonderful and insightful . . . how do I keep that feeling alive? Where do I go from here with the information learned?

  34. What a beautiful scene. I’m curious as to the fact if I’ll have a job in a month. The school I teach at is in a budget crises and seeking to make cuts. I’m wondering how God is going to work this in my life. Thanks for the chance.

  35. that is so sweet, thanks for sharing. I’m curious about how Grade 4 is going to work out for my daughter this year.

  36. I love the tea party. I remember those with our children. Infact, I just scrapped a page of our 9 year old and I having a tea party with hotdogs ha!
    I am always curious how our children describe me to their friends. Oh to be a fly on the wall. Have a great day!

  37. Renee J. says:

    Good Morning, Stacy,

    I am curious about photoshop. I don’t have it and would love to learn more about it. I hear you can create all kinds of thing with it. One day, I would love to try it. I am sure it will be fun!

    Oh, what an adorable tea party! The sweetness of children is always a delight to see! They show creativity at it’s finest. Thank you for sharing!

    Have a wonderful day,


  38. I’m curious if I’ll ever again have time to scrapbook! I have a 4 year old who needs special attention, and just had a baby 3 months ago. I miss scrapping terribly, but there is seriously NO time for that and I’m just wondering if this is the end of my beloved hobby or if there’s hope for me yet!

    • Kristi — there is absolutely hope! Hang in there a few years and in the meantime, spend time with your digital images. Purchase a digital frame and keep all those images fresh and then write down the stories you want to scrapbook when you can again!

  39. I am so curious about life at the age and stage that I am in now. The kid in me is losing ground, to the rigor of LIFE! Spring is here and the kid see no break coming!

  40. Mary Ann says:

    I’m curious about life. How do we change from one season of our lives to another – how do we make the transition to the next season gracefully? Seeing my children grow up and become independent has been a life changer for me – I have to look at it as one season at a time – so I’m curious, what will the next season bring?

  41. karen schmidt says:

    I’m curious to know when my children get bigger will they still be good friends in life. I can only hope they do because its a wonderful thing having your sisters to talk through anything; like being a mother, work, just everyday life, etc… I know I’m thankful for my sisters. Who lately kept me strong when I had to discipline one of my daughters, it broke my heart but she had to learn a listen… We are both better for it. I love my sisters.

  42. I am curious why it never occurred to me, until recently, that I could be both a traditional and mixed media artist.

  43. Jenny McGee says:

    I am definitely curious about this class. I am curious about how my kids will turn out, will I ever move to another house, will I ever get a better job… The world is full of curiousness. Thanks.

  44. SueinMtVernon says:

    I’m curious to know what my life will be like in 10 years – retired? grandmother? traveling?

  45. I am curious about what is now going on in the head of my nine year old child. I find it challenging to motivate him to read GOOD books and look forward to learning! Is this a phase?

  46. Taft is seriously the best big brother to Miss Addie! Love his sweet heart. :)

  47. I’m curious about photographing babies. I don’t yet have any kids, but my cousin has just had a gorgeous little girl, and I’m going to do her first photoshoot in a few weeks when we all have some time we can get it done. Ideas on settings, and ways to keep her attention and also to include Mum and Dad are greatly appreciated! Also, any good props… LOL!

    I’m looking forward to it!

  48. Meredith says:

    I’m curious about why things have to change ALL the time!

  49. I am curious about what a vacation with my husband will be like. We have always done family vacations, mostly just to visit family. But this summer we are actually going somewhere just the two of us! Actually, we are coming up to Washington and Canada…we think. Any good ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  50. Oh my – what a great tea party. I think it is so adorable how Taft participated in Addie’s tea party. As a mother of 2 boys we don’t do too many tea parties around here – now dinosaur and car parades yes. Thanks Stacy for sharing this adorable pictures!!

  51. SO CUTE!

    Corolle makes the nicest dolls! And did you know American Girl dolls have an Asian set of dolls, too. The “Bitty Twins” have a boy and girl. We have the girl, her name just happens to be Addy. And right now she’s in her Chinese New Year dress!

    AND…BTW…are you aware that a new American Girl store is opening up here in Western Washington? Alderwood Mall. It’s going to be full-blown HUGE! Check it out next time you’re in town, but be prepared! It’s hard to walk in and NOT walk out with a new doll!!!!!!

  52. I am curious to see if my new theory is true: Drinking Pop = more awake time during the night. I haven’t slept well this week and I think that is the reason why.

    Anyway, love your blog updates and Thanks for sharing a bit or your life with us. Hope YOU slept well!

  53. that is so funny as i was driving to work this morning, I started thinking about daylight savings time and we in Arizona dont fall back or spring ahead so then I started thinking well who came up with this idea anyway and that lead to well who decided it needed to be early on the east coast than it is on the west coast, and then I thought I am weird!! LOL Have a great day Stacy and I hope you had a great nights sleep!

  54. Brenda in Sunny SoCal says:

    I am curious To know how no matter how many loads of laundry I do in a day, there’s always one more left

  55. I am curious to learn something new about myself lately. Am I willing to sit an be in a moment long enough to learn something about myself? I love being a wife and mother, but what else is there for me? Rather what is it that makes me, well me. I am purposefully slowing down to learn about me.

  56. This sounds like such a wonderful class and that tea party is precious.

  57. First of all, this is the most darling thing ever. What a WONDERFUL big brother. Addy will look back at this and smile for the rest of her life. As will you.

    Right now, I am curious how 2 parents are going to juggle 3 childrens sporting events on the same night at the same time. Eeeeek.

  58. FUN! I am totally curious about how my child’s mind works :)

  59. What a great brother Addie has! I am curious to know when my 12 month old will start walking!!! She’s so close! I can’t wait and yet, I know that when that happens I will be asking myself why I was in such a hurry! =)

  60. I am curious about my 4 boys and what kind of men they will grow up to be. I am constantly worried that I am not doing enough to make them into great men, fathers and husbands.

  61. Gina Taylor says:

    I’m curious about my girls and their God given gifts. How do I help them cultivate them, and use them to the best of their ability?

  62. I am already in the class but I just wanted to say how much I like Addie’s green dress! What I really want to know is why adult dresses aren’t as cute? I love kids clothes! By the way, you are doing a great job as a mom if Taft will play with and what his little sister wants.

  63. Just had to comment on Addie’s little tea party. That is the cutest thing and esp. sweet that her brother helped her set it up.

  64. I get my updates from your journal by email so I’m a day late, but I had to come see pics of Addie and her tea party. It’s so cool that Taft was helping too. I’m going to come more often and get my “seeing a little girl grow up from her mom’s eyes” fix. Your iScrap journal touched a spot in my heart that I had been ignoring. Thanks for sharing. Have great fun in Hawaii (I read ahead while I was here) and looking forward to the new class you have in the works.


  65. Those pictures are just too sweet. What a nice brother to help his little sister out with her tea party.

  66. I am very curious as to why, WHY, we still have so much snow and grey skies every day. It makes me so tired!

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