Army Men & Finding Photo Freedom

Trey found Army men under the grass in his Easter basket.
I found Army men all set up for battle this morning–after Trey left for school.

There was even what appeared to be a reconnaissance mission underway!

Now, about Finding Photo Freedom

I received this email a while ago  …

I know that you are changing the format of LOM this year which I am really excited about and are then sadly retiring it from BPC. As a UK member of the BPC population and therefore unfortunately not in the position of being able to see you in real life I have to say that it is with sadness to see that you will only be teaching it live, though I fully understand your reasons and that LOM is an intensive and draining class to teach . But as you do self paced classes at BPC could you not do one of Photo Freedom? Include a voice message, some additional handouts and a copy of the photo freedom eBook? I am sure it would be very popular especially to newbie’s to the site whom hear everyone talking about LOM and how it has helped them.

Sometimes I’m not as clear as I would hope.
Sometimes information gets garbled as it is passed along.
Sometimes things are completely misunderstood.

I am VERY EXCITED to announce the registration for Finding Photo Freedom.
I am also anxious to clear up some confusion and set the record straight.

1. I am changing the format and the title of my LOM class this year. My new LOM class is called Finding Photo Freedom.

2. I am not retiring anything. I am converting the 2010 LOM classroom to a self-paced project classroom. This will happen as soon as I am finished with content for the new class!

3. I will be teaching Finding Photo Freedom every other year as a “live” workshop. This does not mean live and in person, this means live as a scheduled workshop, where I am very present and interacting with students on the forums and via video chats.

4. I am changing things up for LOM alumni. If you have EVER taken Library of Memories from me you are invited to join me in a special alumni classroom for Finding Photo Freedom for FREE. Since we now have forever access at Big Picture Classes, the Finding Photo Freedom classroom (in it’s entirety) will remain in your account to refer back to.

5. There will be TWO separate classrooms this year. One for ALUMNI (mentioned above) and one for NEW students. These two classrooms will allow less confusion for new students as they move through the course. The only difference with the alumni classroom is that it will not feature interaction with the LOM coaches.

6. Because I can’t seem to keep up with my life, registration has been delayed. There are only FOUR weeks until class begins. This is NOT very long. There are things you can do to prepare for the first day of class, so if you know you want to take this course with me, it makes a lot of sense to sign up as soon as possible.

Ok, I think that is it (for now.)
If you have questions relating to Library of Memories or Finding Photo Freedom, please leave them as a comment and I promise I’ll answer them!


  1. No question- just excitement!

  2. I am SO SO excited that alumni can take the class for free this year. Thank you so much for that! (Also, I don’t know if I’ve ever told you but your class Have More Fun inspired me not only to start a blog, but my blog name – Fun Mama. Thank you!)

    • Deanna,

      I’m so pleased that you are a Fun Mama and that your blog reflects that. I LOVE the line, “I have sprinkles and character bandaids and I’m not afraid to use them!” ha.

  3. I have been so eagerly anticipating the opening of registration for this class! My first time ever, but it has been very highly recommended by two friends. I can’t wait to have an efficient photo organizing system in place and have fresh inspiration to document all the wonderful segments of our lives that I have recorded!

  4. Can I just say that YOU ARE AWESOME?!! As someone who started LOM in 2007, I missed all the digital content, even though I am a purely digital scrapper now. This is so generous and wonderful that you are sharing the new class with us! (I never regretted for a second taking LOM three times, even though somewhere in there I went digital. It changed my scrapping life!)

    • Nicky,

      I’ll be introducing my 2011 coaches on my blog soon — but you’ll be glad to know that one of them has adapted Library of Memories to her 100% digital life. You’re in for a treat!

  5. Sooooooo excited for this class!! My picture files are a MESS in anticipation of it. :) one question….will you be republishing the book as well? Please oh please? :)

    • Heather,

      Great question. I will be publishing Photo Freedom as an e-book, but not in time for class. It’s Ok, though — you won’t need it. The class is more in depth than the book. Down the road, its nice to have the book as a quick pick-me-up refresher.

      Hope that helps!

  6. I was so excited to get my alum email (and have already signed up!) that I posted my thanks in your previous post. Thank you so very, very much for opening up Photo Freedom to LOM alum! I am looking forward to learning about your “new” system and hoping to improve my own while embracing photo freedom! Thank you!

  7. KristiGilbert says:

    I don’t usually leave blog comments, but have to this time. You are SO generous! I took LOM the first year (’06) and paid $85. I then got to take it again for free in ’07 and ’08. I paid for it (half price!) in ’09 to get the new digital content, and now I’m getting to take Photo Freedom for FREE! That means I’ve spent $130 for FOUR 12 or 10 week content-rich classes! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I really appreciate your generosity and look forward to seeing how you’ve revamped the class this year.

  8. Heather G says:

    Is there a special code for alums? I took LOM in 2010 and just loved it!

  9. All signed up and can’t wait. Thanks so much for including the LOM alumni!

  10. Thank you so much for offering this to alumni for free. Will the content be as in depth for the alumni as for the newbies? I have only taken LOM twice and I feel like there is still so much to grasp. Truthfully, I almost signed up as a new student so I could start completely fresh. Thanks, again, for sharing this wonderful process with us!

  11. Sandie Conry says:


    I was willing and planning to pay to take the new class, so your alumni email today was extremely exciting! I’m curious in general what the difference is between the alumni classroom and the one for new students. I noticed you are giving us all the class materials up front instead of week by week…perhaps that’s the difference? I think that’s fabulous!

    Also, will all the videos in the class be iPad friendly like the preclass video is?

    Thanks so much for your generosity, Stacy! Can’t wait!


  12. Hooray! Got to go sign up!!!

  13. Yeah, just wanted to say “You’re Awesome!” And second the comments from the others as someone else who took LOM who took it in ’06 & ’07 and missed the digi stuff. As someone who is just now dipping her toe into the digital scrapbook world, I can’t wait for this new class and your perspective. You are an inspiration (and awesome). thanks for creating BPC!

  14. Stacy S. says:

    Awesome! So excited to read there is a classroom for alums – thanks!

  15. I sent an email to BPC today as well, thanking you so very much for offering this to alumnae for free. I love my LOM system, but it certainly can be freshened up, and my digi pictures need some time spent with them. I am so thankful to get to take the new and improved class! Such a treat! I didn’t realize there were two different classrooms. How will they be different? Thank you!

  16. Karen Schmidt says:

    I’ve already signed up for the class. Thank you so much for offering it free. My husband thinks thats awesome. I would have paid for it in any case. I’ve taken LOM twice, in 2009 & 2010. Ever since then I’ve been working on my digital organization with PSE. I so need help with it. Can wait.

  17. Stacy, do you have anyone that can help with Lightroom during this class? I’d like to keep using that system but don’t see it listed on your suggested programs list.

  18. Just registered for my first time ever and I am so excited! Very ready for a fresh approach and to get out of this chronology rut.

  19. Thank Thank Thank you Stacey! You are so giving and generous to offer this to LOM alums! You and BPC are just fabulous!

  20. bea medwecky says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your generosity. I can’t wait to see your new class. After two years of LOM, I think I finally “got” it and am very excited to actually start using the system for my scrapbooking!

    I also have the same question that Sandy Conry had. What is the differences between the class for alums and the class for newbies? Just curious.


  21. I am so thrilled you’re offering this class. I need it so badly! It’s been 18 months since I moved, and I’ve done ONE scrapbook page in that time (and had a baby!). So, I feel terribly behind, but I have read “Photo Freedom” and know that it’s not productive to feel guilt. I’m excited to get back into the swing of things and really document the memories for my family. Thankfully I have a blog going and a new computer with good photo organization, so I’m terribly excited to get going! I have been waiting for this blog post about registration opening! Thanks for making my day! :)

  22. Thanks so much for gifting the alumn with the class for free. Even more, thanks for offering it in the summer! Each time I’ve taken LOM, I’ve done well up to a point, and then school got too busy… I’m looking forward to really getting my whole system working and then actually using it! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  23. Hi Stacy!
    I’m wondering what the difference between the alumni classroom and the regular classroom will be. Last year I was excited to sign up for LOM for the first time, but I wasn’t able to participate in the class. I was pregnant with twins and wound up spending three months on strict bedrest with frequent hospitalizations. I glanced at classroom materials from time to time in an effort to catch up, but then I’d wind up back in the hospital. I haven’t done any scrapbooking at all this past year and am feeling ‘behind’. I’m hoping that your new class can get me back on track! Will the alumni classroom still provide all the info that a first timer needs to get started? Even though I’m technically an alumni, I feel like I’m starting in the same place that the new students will be. Am I going to be lost?

  24. Sherry G says:

    Dear Stacy,
    Thank you so much for making your new Finding Photo Freedom class free for alumni! This was such a pleasant surprise. I originally signed up in 2009 and a few weeks later I moved across the country and bought a house. I just didn’t have time to work on my photos. Then in 2010 I signed up for the alumni class, but my son had some health issues that started around the same time. He is perfectly healthy now, and I can’t tell you how happy and joyful I am to finally have this time for me :)
    Thank you!

  25. Love the army men. Some of my favorite pictures are the ones I have taken of the way my kids arrange things. Army men on the light switches= priceless!

    I have enjoyed trying to put some of the photo freedom concepts in place….I’m hoping to take the class this time around and learn more about paring down and organizing the photos I do have.

  26. I really should be folding laundry, but just wanted to say how excited I am that I registered today for Finding Photo Freedom. Thanks for your generosity in letting Alumni register for free!

  27. I took the class in 07 and 08. I’m so excited about the new class! I haven’t received an alumni email though. Should I contact customer support?

  28. Thank you so much for your generosity in allowing Alumni to take this new class FREE! I’m very excited to see the changes and KNOW I will be inspired by you.

  29. thank you so much for letting us old timers in for free, I am past the point of justifying the expense, but enjoy the class and the opportunity to continue to improve my system.

  30. Can’t wait til class starts. Another big thank you from an alumni…your generosity is appreciated beyond what words can express.

  31. Thanks so much for offering Alumni the chance to audit the class! I was wondering if there is a coach to help with questions? Or anyone who has tips on lightroom photo management? Those were two features that I used a ton last year, and would like to make use of again. Thanks!

  32. Cheri Stine says:

    Hi, Stacy, I’ve taken several classes at and was eagerly waiting for Photo Freedom registration to open, but. . I’m very concerned re: the highlighted sentence on the listing of supplies. I’m not a digital scrapper, am very uncomfortable with doing anything with my photos on the computer other than uploading to a commercial site. Will I be setting myself up for lots of frustration if I take this class with no intention of doing anything resembling a “digital workflow”? As an aside, I downloaded Picassa following the suggestion of one of the other classes and can’t even figure out how to open it. My computer skills are basic and likely to stay that way. Thanks!

    • Cheri — You will be fine. If you are uploading and printing the photos you want to work with, then you can skip the digital workflow part and focus on everything else which will most definitely apply!

  33. Karen C. says:

    So, I was *SUPER* excited to take the class, until, I saw how much you stressed having Photo Organization software. I don’t have the money in my budget to purchase a software right now. :( I don’t know what to do, I have been dying to take this class and have slowly been getting my supplies, but, I have a PC and I have had PSE in the past on an old dinosaur computer, now, I no longer have it and I hated it when I had it, what to do, what to do! *Boo Hoo*

  34. Excited! but how do I register for the Photo Freedom alumni class for LOM alumni?

  35. Lynn in FL says:

    I wanted desparately to sign up for the last session of LOM, but because it wasn’t self paced, I just couldn’t work it into my schedule. But I vowed to take it next time around, and so today I signed up for FPF, and am SOOOO excited! I signed up quickly, before I could second guess myself…remembering my pledge to take it next time, no matter what!

    I am mostly a traditional scrapper, but really want to dive into the digital world a bit, and want so much to organize my digital photo files, my printed photos, and all my filing systems to support being able to scrap efficiently when I have the time. I’m just so psyched about this class! Can’t wait! Thank you so much, Stacy!

  36. Krunberry says:

    Perfect timing for this post. I was reeeeeeeally wanting a place to come say THANK YOU for your generous offer for the alumni. I signed up yesterday, printed out all my handouts and started preparing. I am great at starting projects but not at finishing. I am hoping to finally finish the class and get the most out of it. It will be a bit of a challenge with a two week vacation with my honey thrown in toward the end, when I most struggle with keeping up. But I vow to myself to try my best to follow through! We now have an iMac and it is so much easier working with my photos now on this huge screen and huge memory capacity. I love that you encourage so many ways of memory keeping and are embracing everything life has to offer us as memory keepers and story tellers!

    Oh, and as a side note. I love the army men on reconnaissance…it reminds me of Toy Story. :)

  37. Jolene O says:

    Okay, the army men on the light switches just cracked me up! My boys do things like that all the time. I really need to get a picture next time.

  38. Karen Holman says:

    Thank you again for all you do! I have taken the classs before but still have not received my email for the alumni’s to sign up again. I will keep checking. Thank you again and have a blessed day ~

  39. oh, Stacy – I am so excited I may burst. honestly. Registered (via Noell and Izzy’s site – yay, Paperclipping!) and am just barely able to do anything else this morning but dream about class….

  40. Lisa R - saner4 says:

    For years now I have felt extremely grateful for you and your vision of scrapbooking, from Simple Scrapbooks magazine, your book Big Picture Scrapbooking, to when you first started BPS and I took my first online class with you. My all-time favorite class is LOM. LOM freed my photos from captivity in rubbermaid bins and freed my mind of chronological scrapbooking taught to me by CM, which caused me to not scrap for a long time cause I could only scrap in order and didn’t have the next pics ready or couldn’t find them etc.
    Anyway, I am once again blown away by your generosity and so thankful you are offering this class free to alumni!! As much as I loved LOM, the past year has been hectic and busy and I haven’t been keeping up with organizing my photos so I very much look forward to taking your new version, FPF! Thank you so very much!

    P.S. love the army men ready for battle. that brought back some memories of my brothers and I as kids :)

  41. First I want to thank you and BPC for all the help I received trying to sign up yesterday as an alumi. You and your staff are all awesome.
    Thanks for teaching this class and letting us sign up for free. I really appreciate it and am looking forward to the digital part this year. I do have picassa and like it just need to learn how to use it better. Last year I was too busy with the rest of class to do it.

  42. I very seldom comment on here but when I opened your email and saw Trey’s Army Men on the ligh switch and your comment, I burst out laughing!!!! I needed that laugh so much today and just want to thank you for adding some lighthearted humor to my stressful day. And…thank you so much for making Finding Photo Freedom available for free to this 2009 alum!

  43. Christine H says:

    Love the army men! When my now 15 year old son was younger, he saw my old metal doll house (yes metal, it was the 60′s!) and the little plastic furniture in my mom’s garage. She got it out for him and he proceeded to turn it into an army bunker for the men fighting the dinosaurs. So be it. He’s the only grandkid so no little girls were there to care. After we left for home, my mom called me to say she was sending me some pics of some discoveries she made after we left. It seems my son went from room to room in the real house and placed the accompanying doll house furniture behind the door along the baseboards. Kitchen table in the kitchen, bed/dresser in the bedroom, pedastal sink/toilet in the bathroom. It was just so cute to see those pics. We would also find army and Star Wars guys in the freezer as they were undergoing “cryo training.” I miss those days but love the current ones as well. Thanks for making me think of that again. It always brings a smile to my face.

    • Christine — this is hilarious. I can totally imagine this in my mind and can absolutely see one of my little boys making this connection with the doll furniture!!

  44. I can only imagine the smile on your face when you spotted the army men:) Have a wonderful day!

  45. Hi Stacy,
    I am really looking forward to spending another ten weeks with you. This will be my third time and I am very excited because I come away from each session more balanced and focused and feeling very positive. Thank you very much for giving us alumni the opportunity to be a part of your new system at no cost. This is very, very BIG and we are very, very grateful!

  46. hi there

    just wanted to add my thanks as well. go my alum email last night and signed up as soon as i got the chance. i’ve reviewed all the pre handouts and am already thinking about what i need to do now…. but i just wanted to pop over and say THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

    it is truly truly so generous of you and we appreciate it. as i am in New Zealand and dont often get the chacne to learn from industry ‘greats’ it’s an honour to spend 10 more weeks with you :>
    thanks, julie in NZ :>

  47. Stacy,
    I have been waiting and waiting to take this class. I am so glad to be registered! Now, does the content include how to get a WHOLE room to scrap in? ; )

  48. Stacy – I was all prepared to budget in the cost of FPF in May and went home last night to find the email about alumni being able to sign up for free. THANK YOU. It made my night – it is so generous. Maybe this time around I’ll actually make some decent amount of changes to be able to enjoy the whole scrapbooking process again! Stacy – you are the best.

  49. carol in seattle :) says:

    So excited for Photo Freedom! I took LOM 2009/2010 but due to life circumstances really haven’t done anything with either class. This one will be different! I am preparing for a great ten weeks!!!

  50. Is it June yet!?! I am so excited for LOM!! Yippee! Thanks for all of your hard work on this class Stacy…I know it is going to be terrific!!!

  51. Those army men are the cutest! On a totally unrelated note, that Talenti Gelato is delicious but did you notice how great the containers are that it comes in. I removed the print on the container and with some patterned paper added to the top they are the cutest little size for a little gift or some treats!

  52. i love, love, love the army guys on the light switches!! aren’t little boys the best? my son is 17 and still pretty great!!

  53. Hi Stacy! Thank you for offering the class free to alumni, just signed up and downloaded my pages to read. Also, thank you for doing it over the summer. I’m a teacher, so it will be nice to be able to devote more time to my system. Yippee!! :)

  54. sharolyn says:

    Have to agree…LOVE the Army men! I’m also very interested in your upcomming class, Finding photo freedom. I have boxes and boxes of photos spanning my 30 yrs. of marriage and beyond. I’ve also got lots and lots on the computers…I for sure need help! I’ve never really started on my photos..cause I don’t really know where to begin and it sounds like this class can help with that. But I’m a bit worried about taking on more then I can handle and then getting nowhere w/ it…How demanding is the 10 week class? What time of a weekly time commitment would be involved? I’m also taking photo inspiration, photo spring, then photo color and photo summer! Yea, I know, MORE photos! I’ve started several classes in the past, (including I Scrap! which really inspired me to scrap!), but haven’t completed one yet! I wonder if this is the class I need~ THANKS for your input~

  55. I have a couple of questions re: Finding Photo Freedom. 1) I definitely *get* your approach and also own your book Photo Freedom. What will I gain from the class that I wouldn’t get from the book coupled a good understanding of the approach? 2) In the past I seem to remember someone adding content for digi scrappers. Is that still the case?

  56. Love those army men on the light switch!

  57. How do I sign up as an alumni to get access to the class materials?

  58. Will we have access to your Photo Freedom book?

  59. Chanda Seiter says:

    Reason #4,597 as to why being a Mother is the best job on earth: Finding things like Army men on the light switch. I love it!

  60. I am a 2010 LOM alum and I can’t wait to see what has been tweaked for FPF. I am very grateful that you are offering this FREE to alum. I didn’t get an email for how to sign up though, so I am wondering what to do??!!!

    Thanks for your inspiration and I just think you are a genius for how you think about scrapbooking!

  61. Tobi-Lynn Arnold says:

    Thank you so much Stacy! I am an alumni of LOM 2 years ago. I had really wanted to repeat the class last year, but life got in the way. My mom went in for surgery, came home the next day but then was back in the ER with complications. She stayed in the hospital for a week, ending up in the Critical Care Unit and passing away on Sunday May 2nd. I really couldn’t add in the LOM class last year —– so I am GLAD to be able to take it this year as an alumni. thank you!

  62. Hi Stacy,

    As an alumni from 2007 (and redid it in 2008), I’m wondering how we sign up for Photo Freedom? Has an email gone out to the alumni already, or is it forthcoming? Don’t mean to seem impatient, and I really appreciate that you’re giving us the updates and changes, but I’m really excited to see how you’ve tweaked everything. :) Thanks!

  63. Cheri Stine says:

    Hi, Stacy, Hope you have time for another question. I’m going over the preclass material for Finding Photo Freedom and its bringing up lots of questions. I only have a yr or so of digital images on my computer; all other photos are printed. Is there a benefit in scanning these photos onto a disc then uploading onto computer and organizing into folders? (I’m talking about a photo management benefit, not a preservation benefit). If this is a question that should wait until class begins, I understand. Happy May Day!

  64. Heather K says:

    Regarding this part of your post:
    2. I am not retiring anything. I am converting the 2010 LOM classroom to a self-paced project classroom. This will happen as soon as I am finished with content for the new class!

    Does this mean that 2010 alumni will no longer have access to the 2010 Library of Memories and only to the new Finding Photo Freedom (ie converted from one to the other) or that the 2010 classroom will remain the same with forever access and the same information content will also be placed into a self paced format for new scrappers who weren’t able to do that class? Thanks in advance for the clarification!

    • Heather,
      You will always have forever access to the 2010 classroom as a registered student. You will also have access to Finding Photo Freedom, so … you will have two classrooms archived in your account that will act as a resource for LOM information. The 2010 Library of Memories self-paced class will be for new students that have not or do not want to pay for the premium experience of a live workshop and interaction with me, coaches and other students. I hope this helps clarify things for you!

  65. sarah page says:

    I love the army men on the light switches. That is certainly something I would find at my house. Love those little boys!!!

  66. Annette says:

    Yay!!! Thanks for letting the alum take this!!

  67. Hi Stacy,
    I guess I am still a bit confused…I am Alum from 2009 and 10 but didn’t ever really get through all of the material and consider it all a work in progress. Is there a reason for me to purchase the class this time or will I have access to the exact information because of your generous offer for alumni to take it free? I just want to get the most out of it and feel like the timing is better for me this season in my life… Thanks for your help!

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