Friday FIVE for April 29th

Happy. Happy. Friday.
This is how I feel today. It has been a good week, but I’m happy it’s winding down.
I have a LOT of work to do, but it is fun work for this I am truly grateful.

Here are a few things that have crossed my path lately … ENJOY!


Team Sparkle running skirts.
Yes, I’m serious.

My adorable sis-n-law Hillary is running a relay race this weekend and her team of six women will be wearing these. How fun is that? If you have any need of matching running outfits that SPARKLE, now you know where to go.

You gotta love the Internet and all the glittery possibilities it has opened to us.


Mini planters from Buzzy Seeds. Addie got the Forget-Me-Not kit in her Easter basket (the EB found it in the dollar section at Target.) She has dutifully watered this 3″ pot every day, and everyday says, “I have my own flowers.” Adorable.


Couldn’t resist the Nesting Sock Monkeys for Trey’s basket. The littlest monkey was holding a jelly bean!


I was asked to review this game designed to improve reading and verbal skills. It’s called Synonyms and can be purchased on Amazon.

Taft and I played it on a Sunday afternoon not that long ago — it was pretty intellectual (and by that I mean my vocabulary is severely limited) but we enjoyed playing together. I think this would be a GREAT tool for home schooling too.


I’m SUPER excited about this one.
One of my “she-ros” in life is Arlene. When I first moved to Liberty Lake, I had the chance to visit her every month and I always came away feeling better about myself–she is one of those people that love and build up everyone they encounter. Arlene collects heart-shaped rocks and has a really cool Etsy store. She makes AMAZING little journals compiled of found papers, hand-stitched textures and all kinds of little time-intensive ephemeral treasures (like stamps, tickets, tags and more tucked into tiny handmade envelopes) all of this is wrapped in between the covers of old books and beautifully bound for using and sharing. I’ve seen lots of mixed journals, but none that are so painstakingly created and chock full of kindhearted messages.

I have ONE of these gorgeous little books.
I am GIVING it to Keely, who commented yesterday and told me I don’t talk too much when I’m a guest on the Paperclipping Roundtable. Clearly, leaving complimentary comments that specifically address my insecurities is a smart thing to do *wink*

If you would like to purchase or give one of Arlene’s books, click HERE.


  1. I love the sparkle skirts, and I hope you post a photo of Hillary and her team decked out for the race.

    Your vocabulary must not be too limited, since you used the word “ephemeral” in this post!

  2. carol in seattle :) says:

    I love Arlene’s journals! I’ll bet she’s a special lady!

  3. I love the stacking monkeys! Our grandchildren loved my marushka dolls at Easter – this would be perfect for them. You always find cool stuff to share – thanks!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing Arlene’s books. They are incredibly beautiful! I just ordered two. One for my mom for Mother’s Day and one for me to use as a scrapbook on the go for my honeymoon in June.

  5. Stacy, thanks for posting the link to Team Sparkle. I’m running in my 2nd ever 5K in June and signed up to wear the “Traveling Skirt”. My goal for this race is to run non-stop. I’m sure the sparkles will help!!

  6. Karen C. says:

    Stacy, I don’t think you talk too much at all on PCRT! In fact, I wish you would talk more and, maybe Noell would have just YOU on as a guest so that we could hear more of you. :)

  7. I’d love to stay and chat but I just heard somebody say mixed journals. ta-ta

  8. Stacy, you do NOT talk too much on PRT! I hope you get 100 more comments that say that, because it’s true. I love it when you are on PRT – those are my favorite episodes.

  9. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Bloomsday! Oh yes, my family will be in coordinated sparkle skirts next year. That is so much better than tying balloons to pigtails

  10. How I love your Friday Fives! I click on almost every link and enjoy checking out new products that I never before realized I NEEDED!

  11. I think I could actually start running if I could wear a cute running skirt! Love it!

  12. You always find the coolest stuff for your Friday Five!

  13. You have had a real busy week. I like the mauve and rose running skirts because they match our team colors. We do not custom make but buy from a convenience store. The lacy fabrics are just cute and airy.

  14. BARB TOPPING says:

    I love all the really cool things you find and then are gracious enough to share your finds with us. I probably missed something, but I have no clue as to why you would think you talk too much. I love listening to you and all of your inspiring ideas. It is not just your vast knowledge in scrapbooking but the way you relate it – with style and sincerity. A couple of years ago I happened to watch some reruns of a show called Scrapbook Memories”. It was the way you presented your few minutes on that show that gave me the push to start recording our memories for future generations. Thank you and please keep talking as much as you want because you are an inspiration.

  15. Our stake is putting on a “tri-your-best” triathlon and I need that sparkly skirt! Thanks for all the fun stuff you clue us in to.

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