Happy Easter.

The older I get, the more this holiday means to me.

My children will be waking up soon. The baskets are hidden and so are the more than 3 dozen colored eggs. We’re having Easter dinner with friends, complete with ham and all the fixings. Addie has a new dress and little white gloves. My camera is ready, but without the opportunity to attend church and reflect and be grateful for the life, death and resurrection of my Savior, everything else wouldn’t mean very much.

The verses found in Luke 24: 5 and 6 may be my most favorite in The New Testament, they are at least in the top five. One of the plastic eggs tucked inside each of my children’s baskets is an empty one. This little tradition grows sweeter and sweeter each year, as I listen to older children explain the symbolism to younger ones–the egg is empty, because the tomb was empty.

I hope that you enjoy a blessed and Happy Easter with those that you love.


  1. What a lovely post Stacy, I do wish you and your family a wonderful day! PS: we have just returned from a trip to Orlando (major jet lag today) and I spotted a Target, and I had to drag the family in. What fun! (I even had my photo taken outside, which they all thought was totally barmy). I can see why you like it; I wanted to ship back the entire cute coloured storage section, LOL!

  2. I love the tradition of the empty egg….and the fact that your older children can explain the significance to the younger ones. He is risen indeed!

  3. For you to take the time TODAY, to blog to us. I am BLessed to know you and I thank you for being you. Have a Blessed Day with your family. Hug an empty egg for me, if you think about it.

  4. Damiane Lucas says:

    Happy Resurrection Day, Stacy! Rejoice evermore for HE is risen!

    I’ll be looking forward to your photos of today. Oh, also, would it be possible for BPC to offer more 8-1/2 x 11 layout classes? Also 8 x 8 layouts? Pretty please?

    I LOVED your “I Scrap” class! Since I don’t have kiddos, these smaller-sized layouts (only one photo per page) were PERFECT for me. Thank you!

  5. Blessed Easter from my family to yours!

  6. Thank you for thinking of us on this amazing day of celebration. To think that while so many of us here are connected by scrapbooking, I love that we are also connected by celebrating the Risen Savior! Happy Resurrection Day!

  7. Amen! Thanks Stacy, have a blessed Easter.

  8. It brought tears to my eyes reading about your “empty” egg tradition. How lovely! Wishing you and yours blessings on this holy day.

  9. Sherry G says:

    I love the symbolism of the empty egg. Thanks for taking the time to share your family traditions with us. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  10. Some of my favorite verses too – as a matter of fact, they were my Facebook status today. My other…and really, probably my MOST favorite verse — 2 Corinthians 5:21 He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf that we might have the righteousness of God in Him. {happy sigh} He took on our sin and gave us His righteousness. It doesn’t get any better than that, my friends! :) Hallelujah, what a Savior!!!

  11. Love the symbol of the empty egg. Thank you for sharing this.

  12. That is a lovely tradition. So wonderful to have your children understand and pass it on.

  13. I love the empty egg tradition – I’m going to do that with our grandchildren next year! I baked Resurrection Buns – the marshmallow melts during baking and the bun is empty, just like the tomb. Happy Easter!

  14. nathalie says:

    Happy Easter – what a sweet, simple and symbolic way to make an impression of what the day is truly celebrating! I’ll tuck that idea away for next year. This year I mostly kept my one-year-old from eating the eggs as though they were apples, shell and all.

  15. BARB TOPPING says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful Easter greeting with us. I love the empty egg tradition. Praise be to God! Peace be with you.

  16. I have goosebumbumps! I will have to incorporate the empty egg tradition into my family. Powerful stuff- Thanks for sharing.

  17. Happy Easter! I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Our weekend was fast and crazy – a birthday, baptism, and priesthood ordination. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend focused on the gospel. Now….I’m off to clean dishes :)

  18. LOVE the empty egg! We started our day with a sunrise service outdoors in a cemetary – such a gret reminder that our jesus left the grave to give us everlasting life!

  19. Oh Stacy, your post made me cry. That is exactly how I feel on Easter :)

  20. I am totally going to use the empty egg thing. I love that idea. Thanks again.

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