Is it really Tuesday?

time flies — doesn’t it?

Wanted to check in and say THANK YOU to adorable Maegan, who came to my house yesterday (from Seattle!)  Maegan has designed digital templates for both School of Life and Library of Memories, which are available on her website, — ANYWAY, she is tired of my excuses regarding digital scrapbooking and has taken my education into her own hands.

I now have a goal to finish creating (and post to my blog) my first digital page using a template.

Maegan was not my only visitor yesterday.
Randi came back to photograph my downstairs studio (which I have been feverishly working on since last Thursday) for Where Women Create.
ONE of the things I did in my refresh (something I’ve wanted to do for a LONG time) was sort my books by color and place them in various places in my studio.

I LIKE it.

NOTE: crappy photos taken at night!

It is SO FUN to have a clean and refreshed studio — now I’ve just got to push past a few deadlines (ie. Finding Photo Freedom) and I can actually create again.
and YES, registration for Finding Photo Freedom is very close.
Hang in there — it’s coming SOON!

I’m just about to record the Paperclipping Roundtable with Izzy, Noell, Nancy and Elise (a new friend.) I’ll be discussing my 180 Days project. Will work on an update post for that too!


  1. I absolutely adore your color book piles!

  2. Lovely!!

  3. Who knew books sorted by color and placed next to other colored accessories would be so dang cute! I HATE having books on my bookshelves that are not grouped by color but I have no EVER put other accessories with them to really emphasize the color. Ummm… my brain is now in overdrive trying to picture the possibilities in my living room! Thanks, Stacy!!

  4. carol in seattle :) says:

    I can’t wait to see more photos of your studio! Stacy, I know your focus is on your health and your family, but I’m so glad that you’re still blogging. This is one of my favorite places on the internet!

  5. Books by color! What a cool concept.

  6. Love your passion for color!

  7. The little stacks of colorful books makes my heart LEAP out of my chest! I’m moving my boys into a newly finished basement this weekend and FINALLY (FINALLY!!!) get their room for my crafts. I think I’ll incorporate color in a fun way like you have…it truly makes me happy! And what good is a scrapbook room without happiness? :)

    Thanks for the inspiration. I needed that today.

    Your friend in the paper crafting world-


  8. love this idea! you always inspire me in a new way!!

  9. As a muppet fan, I love that you have a copy of “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” I have that as well, though not in my craft loft.

    Don’t work too hard, Stacy. You look very tired. Get some rest!

  10. I love the book sorted by color – great idea for your studio!

  11. I love how your books look arranged by color. I probably won’t do that myself — I’m a librarian by trade — but it looks really lovely. :-)

  12. Andrea A says:

    Thanks for giving us a sneak peek- can’t wait to see the article. The books by color thing is GENIUS! Now I want to try this, but I don’t know if I own enough colorful books.

  13. tchrtiff says:

    When will we get to see the new room? Would love to see lots of photos or better yet, a video! Thanks. Love love love how you grouped your books by color–so very Stacy!

  14. I loved seeing Guy Kawasaki in your books. Macs rule. :)

  15. i super adore your book collection and wish a) i either had that many books, b) i read more and c) i had room to store them all like that. I think your craft room looks great. I hope this inspires you to create more this year. :)

  16. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Love that little scooter!

  17. That’s absolutely the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  18. I love your book organization.

    Yay, I can wait to hear the PRT episode & see your 180 day update, because I too am doing it for my graduating senior. So exciting!

  19. Neat idea with sorting the books by color – so totally you!! And so inspiring to me to think outside the box.

  20. Love, love, love to see your books sorted by color!
    I was wondering all day how your photo shoot went…can’t wait for
    magazine issue:)

  21. You always inspire! Sounds like you’ve been very busy. So I will try to wait patiently for Photo Freedom. :)

  22. I love, Love, LOVE the book idea! Can’t wait to see the issue of WWC you will be featured in.

  23. It never would have occurred to me to sort my books by color, but i have to say – it looks really stinkin’ cute in your space! Love your style!

  24. Stacey, I love how you sorted your books by color. It’s so simple and clever. Good luck with your digital layout. :)

  25. Excited to hear you on the RT again. I love it when you are a guest. Have a great day!

  26. Colorlicious!

  27. sharolyn says:

    I LOVE how you have everything grouped by color! Looks like such a FUN place…..inspires me to get my room in order!

  28. Krunberry says:

    I saw a picture the other day of books organized by color. It looked so fun! You have so many fun books. I would love to do that, but I just don’t have enough cute books to make it worth it. :) Looks great! Can’t wait to see the rest of your studio!

  29. LOVE the color groupings!

  30. Love the books organized this way. I REALLY loved seeing so many books that I also have read. Would be very interested to see a list of some of your faves!

  31. Allison M. says:

    Oh WOW! Your book organization looks amazing! Love the pop of colour coming from each stack. Now you have got me thinking…

  32. Love the stacks of books. (just started “Wreck This Journal” and am having fun with it!) Looking forward to taking Library of Memories. Every time I have taken the class I get a little more. Thanks for sharing Stacy!

  33. Christine H says:

    I spend so much time on a computer for my job I have been reluctant to cross over to digital scrapbooking. Afraid it might ruin my love of my hobby…..become yet another thing to do on that machine I am strapped to 8-10 hours a day. Let us know how you feel about it. I seem to often think “that is so much like me” when I read your comments….if you love it I might just have to give it a try!

  34. karen schmidt says:

    I just don’t know about the digi side of scrapbooking. sometimes I think it would work for me but then I work on computers all day at work so when get home I don’t really want to touch it. anyway, love the new design studio and can’t wait to see more photos and ready about it. i’m going to listen to the round table because I want to hear about the 180 project. I tried to do this project with two of my nieces this year because they are seniors but both gave up on it and me about three weeks into it. I’ve very disapointed but for the three weeks we did do it I have the pics in an ablum for them.

  35. Great job on the cleaning and can’t wait to see you in WWC. But I gotta say…I’m amazed at how monochromatic your book cover colors are. I looked at some of mine and no way would mine look that grouped, darnit. Except for my really old hardbacks and they are all brown and black covers. Book publishers really need to get into the bold solid cover colors, lol. Don’t they know we need to group them on our shelves by color? hehe Okay…..waiting patiently for FPF….patiently….patiently. :-))))

  36. I love the books organized by color idea! Yours look wonderful! I still don’t have a craft room of my own, but it is in the planning stages…….can’t wait!!!!!! Also very much looking forward to FPF :)

  37. I’m asking myself “Is it the end of April already???” I heard once that life is like a roll of toilet paper – the closer you get to the end the faster it goes. Sounds about right to me. :) Love the books stacked by color and I’m waiting patiently for your photo class.

  38. Stacy did you see this??

    Talk about a giant sprinkle! This is a very “Stacy” project! :-)

  39. LOVE your books sorted by color! I put myself through college working in a bookstore, and I always joked with my colleagues that we should surprise our bosses and arrange the books by color rather than by type/topic. Maybe I’ll follow your lead and do it at home, I seem to have my own little bookstore going in my own house, haha! :)

  40. Kimberly Ann says:

    I’ve been struggling with my office built in bookshelves and I think color sorting is exactly what I need to make it better! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us – not only do you take the time to do projects like these, but you generously share them with us.

  41. Hey, I see that your “scooter” still has a prominent place ;o) Your books by color look great! I really need to work in my scrap area as I can’t even work in there now. It is a horrible mess! I will be finding homes for a lot of stuff that I’m not using or “love” anymore. Should be exciting to see your studio in print “again”-just a different publication. Take care.

  42. Never realized that our book collections have so much color impact – until you placed them together. Remind me of beautiful easter eggs – all the yummy colors.

  43. Stacy, you’ve done it again! The idea of organizing your books by color is so brilliant! I’ve organized everything else in the house by color so now it’s time to try our books too! Thanks for sharing your ideas once again!

  44. love your stacks of books! So fun!

  45. Oh, my…. the books by color are SO SUPER CUTE!!! LOVE THAT!!! Filing that thought away in my memory bank (for when I have a home for it and when it is safe to leave THINGS on display without a toddler getting into it…)

    LOVE IT! Thanks for the inspiration!

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