Memorial Day. I almost forgot!

We sent my sister Chanda and her sweet family on their way this morning. We enjoyed a too-short, but FUN visit and we’re so grateful they made the effort to “stop by” on their route home to Arizona.

After they left, Geoff and I headed out to our favorite nurseries.
I’ve spent the remainder of the day, with Addie’s help, planting flowers on my porch.

We’re not quite there yet, but we’re getting close.
I came in to get the dirt out from under my finger nails and to start my salad for the neighborhood BBQ and I remembered that I had a cartoon I have been saving for Memorial Day …

I almost forgot to share it!

I want to publicly thank ALL of the men and women who work daily to defend the freedoms I enjoy.
We are truly blessed as a nation.
Perfect? No.
Blessed? Absolutley.

Thank YOU for the opportunity to gather with my family and our neighbors, to enjoy barbequed steaks, fruit salad and freedom!

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