$12.99 or Less

Turns out Gymboree is having a Memorial Day sale.
Everything in the store is $12.99 or less.

After discovering this impressive sale, there was only one option that seemed fiscally responsible …

buy all three girls dresses, purses, sunglasses and hair accessories.

Wouldn’t you agree?


  1. Kelli C says:

    I totally agree! So, so adorable! I love a good deal, and when it leads to this kind of cuteness, it’s the best! I remember the Gymboree days with my now 14 yr old daughter, I think I even have a few photos from the old film days of her hugging a pair of Gymboree tights she had just gotten for Christmas! Too fun!

  2. Totally agree!!! Enjoy Gymboree while you can – the clothes are that cute when they become teenagers. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  3. BARB TOPPING says:

    Thank you! Thank you! I am shopping for b-day gifts for two of my granddaughters, and this will be wonderful. I love to give some clothing in addition to books and toys. At ages 3 and 4 they are quite the fashionistas and enjoy clothing almost as much as the newest princess doll. Your photos are adorable.

  4. I love flamingos! So cute and the perfect spot to take this photo, too! Enjoy your time with family!

  5. I totally agree too! What a darling trio!

  6. Ronnie Crowley says:

    your also stimulating the economy which is very much needed. Unfortunately for me my Gymboree days are over until grand babies and here’s hoping that’s a while off. Cute cute picture

  7. lynne moore says:

    sweet and adorable.

  8. Damiane Lucas says:

    Gorgeous girlies!


  9. Yes, I agree. Very fiscally responsible. Plus you’re adding beauty to the world!

  10. OMG…totally agree. How could you not?! Absolutely adorable! And priceless!

  11. Bec_Kilgore says:

    Boo Hoo! I want a grand daughter. They are so so cute.

  12. Absolutely! So very cute! And that sale practically puts Gymboree in my price range – I may have to check it out. Certainly my kiddos should be dressed Gymboree cute at some point in there toddler years! Check out the “Twinkle Toes” shoes by Skechers. My DD just got some for her 4th birthday and they are DARLING! She gets comments everywhere we go, and Skechers is missing a huge market by not making them for bling-loving grown- ups!
    The girls look adorable, hope you are having a great visit!

  13. KathieR says:

    OH MY FREAKIN GOSH!! They are so ADORABLE!!! Love the toes first of all, but the sunglasses matching the purses…so girly girl. Yep. You had to do it. ;-)

  14. Oh my, how cute are they! Now why do I only have boys in their 20s :) (And they haven’t even got girlfriends let alone children)

  15. Totally a REQUIREMENT and just look what that gorgeous pic did for you blog today!!!

  16. Sherri Stone says:

    Seriously ADORABLE! The girls look so excited and I love that you had them sit in that big chair!

  17. Love those pictures!

  18. Ruth Ann says:

    Totally adorable picture. How cute are those little girls…

  19. They are just too cute!

  20. Oh MY! Do they look adorable or what? I loved that store when my kids were little. Didn’t buy much there as I’m a skin flint, LOL! But they did have a few outfits and I loved them so much! I should check it out, since I have a new Great Nephew who is not 8 days old!
    So glad you are a fiscally responsible person!

  21. Absolutely 100% agree! These girls are SO cute!!!

  22. Cathy K. says:

    Absolutely the only adorable option!

  23. KathleenB says:

    I agree! So cute. Love their dresses!

  24. SO cute!

  25. How sweet! My favorite accessory, which money can’t buy, is their sweet, happy faces. :-)

  26. Great deal – adorable dresses and accessories – priceless smiles from three little girls.

  27. i agree!!! SUPER cute!! :) as a mom of twin boys {8yrs} with another set of twin boys on the way {due in oct}, whom i love dearly… i also LOVE seeing cute litte girls is cute little dresses! thanks for sharing!!

  28. Kelly Koesters says:

    Yes, I used to LOOOOVE Gymboree when my daughter was little!! Sadly she has grown out of it!! Enjoy it while you can!


    Pickerington, Ohio

  29. Oh how I miss those Gymboree days. They have some great sales. My daughter, age 12, is definitely not into the “cute style” anymore. Jeans and t-shirts for her. Enjoy your fun days of “playing dress up”, what my mom said I was doing when my daughter was little!

  30. Nicky from Canada says:

    It just doesn’t get any better!!

  31. karen Hobbs says:

    Of course you did! And as you know they grow so fast and you will treasure these adorable matching outfit poses!

  32. SO cute!!!!

  33. How stinking cute are all of these pics?!?!?! LOVE THIS POST!

  34. SOOOOOOO incredibly cute!!!

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