meeting Marie

I got to meet Marie today.
She was in Spokane and asked if she could come by my house.
I said YES–of course!

It is ALWAYS such a treat to meet a blog or BPC friend. Marie is living in San Diego (she is actually from Washington) so she brought me an ” I *heart* Sprinkles” shirt, from the Sprinkles bakery. I have wanted one for a LONG time. We chatted a little about life and work and classes she has taken. I showed her my very “worked in” studio and even gave her some “loved” storage binders, to start her collection. She is signed up for Finding Photo Freedom and it was fun to show her around my system.

Thanks for coming Marie!


  1. So fun to make new friends.

  2. Lucky her! Lucky you!

  3. Wow! This is so fun. So…next time I’m over in Spokane I can stop by and say hello? :)

  4. How cool to be in Marie’s shoes!!

  5. That is so cool! I was in Spokane last weekend and kept asking my husband to drop me off at Target, in hopes that I might “run into” you there! I used to work at Altek in Liberty Lake. I can’t believe how much that tiny town has changed. So excited for FPF!

  6. Oh how fun and what a cute t-shirt! How exciting for Marie to have a first hand look at your system – now she’ll be all ready to set up her own this summer!

  7. A dream visit. Making connections. Love it.

  8. I love the Sprinkles sparkly!!

  9. Mamasue123 says:

    How lucky for you both! The world indeed seems to be getting smaller thanks in part tothe Internet!

  10. How lucky for both of you. You are so inspiring. It would be a dream to chat with you. It would also be so fun to see the “colors” in your house!!!

  11. Hi Stacy,
    Yes, it was sooo fun coming to your home, meeting you and your kids (Addie and Tate are adorable!) and of course talking about BPC. I loved loved loved how colorful your home is and how warm you are :) You generosity was overwhelming! I drove away feeling like I had been showered in sprinkles! Fun fun fun.

  12. carol in seattle :) says:

    Stacy, I love that the world is your friend! (and I’m wishing I knew how to harness that part of myself.) You’re awesome!

  13. Hey Stacy! My family is gearing up for a cross country trip next month. We are driving from NC to Washington State (me, husband, 7 and 4 yr olds and my parents). Are there any “local” things that would be really cool to see in the Spokane area?? I’m not taking Finding Freedom this summer, but I am signed up at Becky’s community class for Project Life and Come Away with Me w/ Kimberly Lund. Both of those have renewed by motivation for scrapbooking which has been kind of on the back burner for me for the past couple of years. I really want this trip to be special (my dad is recovering from Melanoma and my mom from a broken ankle) and I want to capture the trip but most importantly the memories. Thanks for all you do – you are SO inspiring to me. Let me know if you think of anything in the area we “can’t miss”:)

    • Kristy, I live in Spokane and I would say you must go downtown to Riverfront park. There is the 100 year old Carousel, the Big Red Wagon(which is a slide) and make sure you feed the goat some garbage.(He is a shredder that sucks up garbage if you hold it in front of him) Riverfront park is located alongside the river and is just beautiful. There are bridges you can walk over and if it is high like it is now you might even get sprayed with water.

  14. That is so AWESOME! I mean really, how often do we get to meet people we connect with online? You are such a part of so many people’s lives that you may not realize just how many. But can you imagine the joy you shared in giving just a small part of your day to Marie? Sharing joy…..such a blessing….

  15. karen Hobbs says:

    So fun! Love that sprinkles shirt!

  16. Renee J. says:

    I am so glad that you and Marie had a great time! It is always so nice to hear stories of people who meet from our great hobby! Thanks for sharing, Stacy!!

  17. How cool that you were able to meet irl and that you both came away feeling lucky to have met and rejuvenated about all things scrappy!

  18. What fun! Love the shirt!

  19. What a fun meet up and such a cute shirt!

  20. Nicky from Canada says:

    I agree – a dream visit!!!

  21. Someday we will meet. Our paths have crossed many times (Education Week, the rely run, etc.) but just not close enough. You said you are coming to southern Utah in July so maybe we will meet then. I am signed up for Photo Freedom and I’m waiting patiently for it to start. Thanks for inspiring us all.

  22. Maureen says:

    I can’t wait to stop by next time I am in WA. Inspired by your post about your Mom’s birthday I had my 9 yo take pictures of me and my mother working in the garden – thank you!

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