Friday FIVE for June 10th


What happens when you combine two of my best entertainment memories from growing up …

Muppet Star Wars.
Coming soon to a galaxy near you.
Learn more here and here.


Ok. I totally saw Pretty Little Studio on the Ella Publishing blog.
You must go check out this site and buy yourself something just because.

Here are a few of my favorites …

Star journaling tags

Vintage circle tags

Apple Cider Collection of pattern papers


If you’re looking for a SUPER EASY way to back up your digital images, check out the Picture Keeper. This handy USB drive comes loaded with picture-seeking software that will find your images and make a portable copy/archive that you can store outside your home.

Affordable peace of mind!


This is hands down my FAVORITE issue of the year. If you see it, buy it and thank me.
If you want to purchase online, click on the link:  Reader’s Digest Best of America

and btw, I’ve always wanted to make a scrapbook page about summer and create a mustard-on-hot dog title, so when I saw this I liked it all the more!


You have to act quick on this last one …
But hey, if you’ve got nothing to do tonight, head over to Jo-Ann’s and save some money!

I bought me one of these.
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. carol in Seattle :) says:

    Seriously? The best Friday Five EVER! I’m dying for the Star Wars Muppets. They’re so cute!!! Also loving Pretty Little Studio and Reader’s Digest. RD and me go WAY back! Stacy you always find the coolest stuff! Thanks and have a great weekend!

  2. I pulled that same coupon out of a magazine the other day, but I think I’m going to make myself wait until I do more scrapbooking before I add MORE supplies to my collection!

  3. Muppet Star Wars! Oooooh thank you Stacy! :) Just forwarded those links to the rest of my family.

    The Pretty Little Studio is exactly that pretty. :)

    Cool stuff and I am sooo going to do a mustard title on our annual July party. How fun.

  4. heather d says:

    Those star wars muppets rock! Thank you for sharing those! I must get them! MUST! :D

  5. Great 5, I can’t even decide which I like the best! These are that good!!!

  6. Oh how I wish I had nothing to do tonight. Right now I am at the hospital in the ICU with my dad who got a terrible infection after some kidney stone surgery. His blood pressure was terribly low so here I sit with my sister keeping an eye on our dad…all…night…long. I want to print out that JoAnn’s coupon and go shopping instead. Oh well. Maybe next time! Thanks for the Fab 5!

  7. Allison S. says:

    I may have to get those Star Wars muppets for my husband. He was such a muppet & star wars fan as a kid growing up, and me…not so much! I always fall asleep halfway thru any of the SW movies. I was much more of a Bugs Bunny & Raiders of the Lost Ark kind of kid!

  8. I may have to use that reader’s digest hotdog on my 4th of july page for this year – SO FUN! THanks for sharing! [HAve a great graduation!]

  9. My boys will be so excited. They love STar Wars and started liking Muppets not that long ago. My husband kept loading you tube videos of the Swedish Chef, and then Beaker singing Carol of the Bells. fun!

  10. must. have. star wars. muppets.

  11. Jen Small says:

    Just wondering about the picture keeper…I do have 2 (the 1st filled up super fast!)…does the 2nd one “know” the 1st one already has certain pictures?? Or would it go get the same ones? I`m assuming it picks the pictures chronologically…

  12. My computer just notified me that the hard drive is full…I’ve been trying to figure out a great way to back up pictures. Thank you!

  13. this is awesome, love what you’ve shared. Definitely going to check out the picture keeper. Thanks for sharing my layout/thoughts on Finding Photo Freedom in the Testimonial Tuesday email. Such a nice surprise. Love it and how it all works.

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