The biggest boy …

… just said good-bye to the other three and we’re leaving for BYU. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! Is he off to college already?

  2. Andrea in SLC says:

    Good luck! Bring tissues, and remember how much fun you had at BYU. He will have just as much fun (at least). It is SO hard to have them grow up! Hugs to you, and GO COUGS!

  3. bea medwecky says:

    Wow, Stacy, what a handsome family you have. Good luck taking your son to school. That first time is always so hard. It’s amazing how so many different emotions can make one cry. You can cry because you are so proud of them, because you are so happy for them, because you are so going to miss them when they’re gone, and because you can not believe how fast the time went. Take lots of pictures and have fun laughing and crying.

    • karen Hobbs says:

      So true…love how you put that into words….my 3rd child just graduated and will be off to WSU in August. I anticipate it being just as emotional as it was the last 2 times…And there is nothing anyone can do or say to really prepare you or help. It is one of those life experiences that you just have to live through yourself. Good luck Stacy! And congrats on raising such a terrific person!!

  4. reneecrops says:

    The 180 days are over and on to the next adventure for both of you. Take tons of pictures and I’m sure you will be in touch since you broke him in with the 180 days. I know this must seem so sad, but enjoy his new “firsts” at BYU!! (I agree with the tissues comment!) Keep smiling, focus on the new home dynamic, and remember the world is smaller via computer;)

  5. TracyBzz says:

    WOW! College! He’s off already, not sticking around for the summer? Good luck to all of you :)

  6. Jolene O says:

    We are sending our oldest out on a mission next month and already I get teary when I think about him not being here for 2 years! However, this is what we work towards with our kids. Raise them well and let them make their own way. Good Luck!

  7. Meredith says:

    Wow! Out of the frying pan and into the fire! It’s a good fire, though. Enjoy your happy/sad time with him. And congratulations!

  8. Great looking bunch of boys you have there! Wow, college days starting already.

  9. If you are driving, wave as you pass (in the distance) Cache Valley!!! Be safe.

  10. Many Blessings to your son and your family for the wonderful adventures ahead!

  11. It’s a bittersweet moment, indeed. We just went throught it last year with our oldest. The mix of pride, & “loss” is indeed powerful as all of you find your new family dynamic.
    Hang on, it’s really good stuff, but allow yourself the time to adjust. It didn’t come easily to me, but we’re already one year down & now, it feels more ‘comfortable’. enjoy!!

  12. Our #3 son celebrated this milestone on Monday and leaves for Basic Training in one month. I understand the bitter sweetness of the whole experience!!! Pack tissues :)

  13. Wow! Good luck! I still remember the day my mom dropped me off at college at WSU (over 20 years ago!). She told me she had to drive around the block several times because she could not see through her tears.

  14. Clark sure grew up to be a fine young man. I can’t believe he is off to college already. Next year, I’ll be sending Katelyn off to college and will be looking to you for some words of wisdom. Enjoy the drive down to Utah.

  15. We are just about to do the same thing. It’s a happy and sad time! Good luck to you (and to him).

  16. SueinMtVernon says:

    You done good, Stacy! Look at all those extra “fancies” hanging around his neck! Hurrah for the Class of 2011 – my boy just graduated from college last month. He got a job (yeah!) in his college town, so this is my first summer without him. It’s so-so hard . . .

  17. Kerry G. says:


  18. This is such a wonderful, exhilarating, frightening time of your lives. Enjoy the process:)

  19. karen young says:

    Wow! What a milestone. And what a handsome group of guys you have there. My daughter will be leaving next year and it already gives me a pit in my stomach. I wish you lots of luck and good thoughts as you send him off to college.

  20. Karen Schmidt says:

    Good Luck Stacy. I’m praying for you.

  21. BARB TOPPING says:

    Happy and sad times. I think PRIDE is the word to sum it all up. Blessings to all of you

  22. Blythe Shupe says:

    Transitions! Exciting and hard. But you should be so proud of those handsome young men!

  23. Such a grab bag of emotions! Wishing you both a smooth transition. Hugs!!

  24. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am curious how he like his 180days scrapbook you made him??? Be sure to let us know!!

  25. good luck. Hope things go smoothly for you all.

  26. Phyllis says:

    Good luck! You can do this. Just took my ‘baby’ who is 19 to the airport today to go to Europe for 10 days. I’ll miss him and worry (a little) and he’ll have a blast! It’s hard to see them go, but I’m so proud of all three of mine and the choices they make. Isn’t being a mom the greatest?

  27. What an emotion laden milestone. Good luck to you all!

  28. Maureen says:

    what a happy/sad day – congrats!!!

  29. Wow-congratulations to your oldest, and best of luck to him and all of you in getting him off to college. My daughter’s 11 and when we watch College Road Trip I always cry when they drop their girl off at college, imagining what it will be like when it’s that time for us. Hang in there Stacy, we’ll be thinking of you!

  30. Yea, Clark! Jim is heading to BYU, too (fall). I hope they somehow reconnect!

  31. Hello Stacy,
    When we took Sarah to BYU all those years ago we met you and Clark there! He was just an itty-bitty. WOW! A bittersweet time that is for sure. Lot’s of good times ahead though!

  32. Time to go already? I hope it’s a great trip.

  33. Hugs and wishes for a safe and happy trip! Go Clark! Lovely picture of the boys. :)

  34. Congrats! Such exciting times!

  35. Sharon Gullikson says:

    Oh my gosh, I love the felt people

  36. Good Luck to You! And super duper CONGRATULATIONS to all of you. My Jacob just graduated too. Awful strange. It’s all good, right? All good! Here is to the adventure ahead! With you in spirit, Leora

  37. Congratulations, Clark! Good luck to you when you take him to BYU. I still have two years before my oldest goes off to college and I already know that I will be an emotional wreck when that happens, especially if he goes somewhere that requires a plane trip. My husband says that I will have to take two weeks off from work just to recover. Hugs, Stacy!

  38. Christine says:

    All my best to Clark. Congrats!! Have a safe trip down to Utah. Look forward to hearing all about this new chapter in your family.

  39. Thanks for sharing this special day with us! Such a blessing to see our children accomplish so much!

  40. Thinking of ALL of you!! ;)

  41. Congratulations to him! Among all the other emotions you are feeling, you’ve got to be SO PROUD!

  42. congrats to Clark and mom & dad!! my son will be a hs senior this coming year. time goes far too quickly!! (p.s. i love that his tie matches his gown. very nice…)

  43. Peggy Leland says:

    I feel the same as Vickie, college already, usually they get one last summer at home. Good luck to your eldest, I’m sure everyone will miss him. And wow, it’s time for the next chapter in your life!

  44. Congratulations! I think it is hardest when the first child leaves the nest, but such an important milestone for all.

  45. Such a joyful day for your son, so bittersweet for you and your husband. I clearly remember when my own parents dropped me off at Penn State in 1977. I will remember you in my prayers. New joys will come to you !

  46. Kary in Colorado says:

    Oh, our daughter did that too! Off to BYU a couple of weeks after her high school graduation (we finish school at the end of May here)–her first day of BYU was her 18th birthday! It was great for her though–she had a wonderful summer, and I’m sure Clark will too! Congratulations!

  47. sarah page says:

    He’s going to love it! Just focus on that when you’re feeling a little “misty.”

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