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I am used to being busy, but the last week and the one to come are beyond anything I’ve encountered.
It’s all good, just NOT a lot of time to write blog posts — even though I’ve got LOTS to say!

The very least I could do is do a quick share of the project I’m teaching at The Creative Connection in Minneapolis September 15th- 17th.

You can read more about the event HERE, and more about my Project HERE.

My class will be a 3 hour lecture + project class called, When I See You. Each student will create a mini-book that nests inside an adorable lunch box tin. I’m using this line from Pebbles in My Pocket and the kit will also include papers for a more masculine version. Wendy is also teaching an adorable button-tufted family tree project, framed with a yardstick — seriously too cute for words! I get to be a keynote speaker with Becky at this event too, so it promises to be a jam-packed weekend.

I’d LOVE to hear who went to this event last year, what you thought and whether you’re considering attending this year! BPC will have a booth and we’re planning some pretty FUN stuff there as well — we’re pretty excited!


  1. This project is adorable….as is Miss Addie! She is just precious!

  2. I SOOOOOOOOO want to go to hear you and take a class from you. I live in Wisconsin so I am only 1 state away. I am going to check it out!

  3. What a fun project! I wish I were able to attend this event. I would like to tell you, though, that I very much enjoyed one of the classes BPC sponsered at the GASC in Arlington. I am so glad you branched out into classes at the convention. I will certainly take more if given the opportunity in the future.

  4. Rebecca B says:

    Hang in there with your busy weeks! We’ll still be here when you’re able to blog more. :) And I just have to say LOVE that project! SO stinkin’ cute!

  5. How cool! I don’t think I can afford the event, but if you need any suggestions for fun places to go in the Twin Cities (restaurants or otherwise), I’m happy to help. :)

  6. Kathy Jo Camacaho says:

    Project is adorable!!! Love it. And even just by lookiing it at – it inspires me to go grab the lunchbox I’ve stored and make my own project. (Sorry I can’t make the event.) But THANK YOU for the inspriation! :)

  7. Karen Schmidt says:

    Oh the projects are soooo cute… I want to come to this and take your class. I’m going to look into it. I have a little rainy day stach put aside for just this thing. Plus if my husband can go hunting for most of November then why can’t I take a weekend and maybe hook some of my friends on the Stacy train.. TooT! TooT!.. :) Love it.

  8. So I read this and my FRIST thought was I’M GOING!! It’s not far for me, I’m in WI too. THEN, reality hit and I’ll either be REALLY pregnant with my twin boys, on bed rest or I could even be at the hospital {not too far away in Maplewood, MN} having them. Who knows?? I just know that I can’t plan out that far and commit to going! So have fun {I know you will} and I SO, SO wish I could be there!!! LOVE the project!!

  9. How fun!! It looks like it will be an amazing class! Days like this I wish I still lived in MN! ;-)

    And it’s okay that you haven’t had time to blog. I mean, of course we miss you, but we’ll be here when you return… anxiously awaiting to be inspired! ;-)

  10. Oh Stacy…I hope you’ll share more photos…these look like wonderful projects, and I’m totally intrigued by the family tree one!

  11. Sherri in Sammamish says:

    Where did you find the adorable lunch box????? Too cute, especially with all the fun ribbon!

  12. karen Hobbs says:

    Graduation is tomorrow and I should be pulling pork or finishing cards but my heart is full of pride and sadness and ….I am sure you know! I have so many good things going on and no time to process them all. Congrats on your son’s graduation and I look forward to seeing photos when you have time. good luck !

  13. I have signed up to go to the luncheon and Stacy and Wendy’s class. I just need someone to sit with at lunch. Anyone going or know who I can connect with.

  14. Congrats on being a keynote speaker. Sounds like a really motivational and inspiring time!

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