A New Channel for Inspiration

I’m thrilled to announce my participation in a brand NEW
online adventure call
My Craft Channel.

Starting in 1999, I traveled to the Midwest to film segments for Creating Keepsakes magazine on a PBS show called More than Memories. After several years, the show changed owners and became Scrapbook Memories. I continued to film segments as editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine. I think the show has evolved again, but I can’t seem to find updated information. But all of this is just to say that I have been running into people who say, “I saw you on T.V” for a long, long time.

I love being on camera. I’m really not that good, but I’m comfortable enough that I can relax and be my goofy self. Anytime someone asks me to come film something I’m like “Absolutely … let’s do it!”

When I heard that Kristine McKay was putting together an Internet TV channel that would embrace the spectrum of crafty pursuits and that I could have my own show I could hardly contain my excitement. The official My Craft Channel website has not been unveiled, but as one of 20 (yes, twenty) show hosts I’m on board to promote this thing, so it can truly fulfill it’s potential. Yesterday, MCC announced it’s first two hosts — the adorable sister team of Kim and Kris at DIY Dish. Hello? Love that I get to follow them in all their fanciful fabric-crafted glory! Shows on My Craft Channel will cover DIY home projects, scrapbooking, painting, photography, mixed media, and much more, so there will be something for everyone and plenty to push you past your creative comfort zone into new, inspiring possibilities.

To celebrate the launch of My Craft Channel, with a line-up of 20 expert shows, I get to help give away 20 Cricut Machines in 20 Days.
The really phenomenal thing is that by helping spread the word today, YOU could WIN not just a Cricut, but a Cricut E2 Machine!

I know.

The winner will be selected after midnight, TONIGHT, pacific time.
This is open to a world-wide audience, 18 years and older. Void where prohibited.

NOTE: This giveaway is being hosted on the My Craft Channel blog.
To make yourself eligible to WIN the Cricut E2 Machine, you can do any one of the following FIVE things.
Even better, you can enter the drawing for each of these things you do (so, do all FIVE and you can enter FIVE times!)
Be sure to leave a comment on the My Craft Channel blog for each thing you do!

ONE | LIKE my new Facebook page. I just recently created my professional FB page and I need all of my friends to like me in this new location!

TWO | LIKE Cricut on Facebook. I think we owe them this, so their impressive generosity.

THREE | Share with 5 of your friends, a link to this blog post

FOUR | Facebook, tweet or blog about me or my new show coming this fall on My Craft Channel

FIVE |LIKE the My Craft Channel Facebook page.

Helping us in this way will keep you in the My Craft Channel loop as things develop and also allow me to share the details of my NEW Photo Freedom show.

It’s all pretty dang exiting.

IF you have time and you want to leave me a comment, please tell me what sorts of things you’d like to see or learn on my show. I’m working on my my outline now and I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts and requests.


  1. Congrats Stacy! Can’t wait to see your new show and the whole Craft Channel line-up! Maybe you could show us or have a guest on to show best setting to scan-in old photos and repair them. I’d love to scrap more of those pictures without using the originals. Thanks and Best wishes on your new adventure!

  2. ana smith says:

    A chance for the Cricut machines is great, but I love the news about a craft channel. I love BPC classes, Ella books and the Paperclipping Roundtable shows & videos, so this is GREAT news to me. Thanks. p.s. Since I’m at work right now, I’ll join in the giveaway when I get home tonight. Thanks, again.

  3. Wow, I can’t wait to see your show. I have always loved the little tips. I really enjoyed your color bin videos. would love for you to go through something like that again on your show. Giving examples of your connections you make in your category drawers always motivates me. Showing your mini albums that you have in progress would be amazing as well.
    Best of luck. I have followed your work since 1999 when I started scrapping. I will definitely watch.

  4. Wow! This is SOOOO exciting, Stacy!! Congratulations!

  5. Very exciting, Stacy! And YES, I’ve followed all the links and likes in hopes to win that new Circut 2 Expression. Now that my favorite and closest/convenient studio has closed (Lasting Memories…so sad!) I have not access to a die cut club. Been looking to bring it in-house. So exciting. Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  6. big hoorah – anything with your infectious energy will be fabulous – still have strong memories of your classes in Wellington, NZ several years ago. More specifically the Stacy projects that I turn to again and again are your minis and using photo albums – getting complete projects done with no fuss

  7. I would still love to see your finished project 180!

  8. Congrats Stacy! I love your approach and if you just bring an inkling of that, I know you will hit it out of the park….over the years you’ve taught me how very important journaling is. And I simply adore your 2-up mini albums.

  9. Oh, my gosh! I’m so darn excited! Will the kids wander into the shows like they do on your BPS videos sometimes? I love that!
    I would love to see pages done with 4×6 photos without having to resize them. I follow your Library of Memories system and to do a page right from the category drawers and not reprint photos in a different size would be great.
    Also pages using old product mixed with new product. It would be fun to use up some of the old stash that I have.
    I can’t wait until the shows start. The whole concept sounds amazing!

  10. Did all five things! Sign me up :-)

  11. Wow- that is one craft show that I will be checking out for sure.

  12. What fun! So excited to see what they think up.

  13. bea medwecky says:

    Oooh, a cricuit machine! Thanks for the chance to win Stacy. I love your LOs. I’ve said this before but I will say it again. I love how carefree and fun they seem. I can always recognize a Stacy page. They are always so happy. Plus they seem easy to make. I don’t know how you would teach this, but I would love a class on making cool, fun, carefree pages that will reflect who I am (or whoever is creating the page is). Does that make sense? I guess a class on finding your style without having to copy other people’s style. Can’t to see you in your new shows. The best part of FPF this year have been your videos.

  14. I liked your facebook page!

  15. TracyBzz says:

    I remember watching you on More than Memories and Scrapbook Memories. Scrapbook Memories was still on PBS Spokane last winter don’t know if the episodes were new or not. Love you on Paperclipping Roundtable (and everyone else) so this will be even better!

  16. Susan Gabel says:

    Congratulations Stacy! Looking forward to the new show! And thanks for the chance to win that new Cricut.
    I have done 3 of the 5 things…so count me in!
    Best of luck!

  17. julie Lueck says:

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!! I am still waiting for the rest of your color bins on video. I used to watch when you were on the PBS show. I would love to see how you are incorporating PL with the LOM/Photo Freedom. Your words are always inspiring, and you are even better in person! I guess the next best thing is to get to watch you.

  18. Congratulations Stacy! I would love to see a show about your School of Life Albums.

  19. SueinMtVernon says:

    You are such an inspiration to me. Your enthusiasm for this hobby is extremely contagious and I know this show will benefit so many that will take the time to watch. Some show content suggestions from me would be organization of supplies, ideas for mini-albums (I love my I-Scrap BPC album!), and maybe showcase some of the new product that is coming out and different ways it can be used. I see new things on the internet and in stores, but have no idea how to put it on a layout until someone else gives me an “aha!” moment. Whatever you talk about, I’ll be a #1 fan!

  20. Congrats to you!

  21. I tweeted about the giveaway.


  22. I was already a ‘fan’ on FB:)

  23. What fun! I like your new facebook page!

  24. I like the Cricut page on FB.

  25. I like My Craft Channel on FB.

  26. Duh. Just realized that the comments are supposed to go on the Craft Channel blog.

  27. I wish you and everybody at C Tv much success. Ever since hgtv got rid of craft shows there has been a big hole in this area.

  28. Thanks for providing me with this valuable content. I am highly impressed with your writing abilities and your insight. I hope to read more soon.

  29. Krunberry says:

    I love your excitement for your projects. Anything you say motivates me! :) Showing your organization and how it works for you…from your colors to your digital workflow are so very helpful to me. I can’t wait for this to launch!

  30. I liked you on FB!

  31. Yeah! I enjoy watching you all the time Stacy! I can’t do green cartwheels but I would if I could!

  32. This is very exciting news! Congrats! I can’t wait to see all they have to offer!

  33. Wow.. this looks great. Contrats to you Stacy… Cannot wait to see what great ‘shows’ you provide us with…

  34. Congratulations!!! Awesome news!

  35. Mini scrapbooks, like we use to see in Simple scrapbooks. Good Luck on this new adventure. I wish you much success.

  36. so super!! Can’t wait! I just liked everyone and now I’m off to spread the word! =)


  37. I MISS Scrapbook Memories and watched you ALL THE TIME!!! How exciting for you!! I cannot wait!!

  38. i liked you on my craft channel

  39. i liked your new channel on stacy julian llc on face book

  40. i liked you on cricut- the offical page

  41. and i tweeted you to my followers. congrats on you new show. cant wait to see what you come up with. like how you do what you do. i will be waiting …….. thanks for the opportunity to win.

  42. carol in seattle :) says:

    I’ve done all the “liking” LOL!

    I would love to see more about your “sort/scrap by color” theory. I really liked the videos you shared here and want more! How do you start a layout? How do you decide what color(s) to use on a particular layout? What inspires you?

    Thanks Stacy for all you do – hope you’re having a happy summer!

  43. Thanks for a chance to win the cricut…I am following and liking all pages

  44. Thanks for the chance to win the cricut…I liked all pages on FB

  45. I am soooo excited. I just went and did all the requirements and posted comments on the Craft Channel blog. Can’t wait to see the results. I would love to see more of your LOM system on the show. I love the class and can’t wait to have more of it.

  46. Corinne says:

    Congratulations – what an exciting adventure!

  47. Gee Stacy! I don’t tweet, facebook or blog, so how can I enter? Sorry, as a 52 year old mom, I am a big crafter, but have very little interest in the social networking.

  48. Congrats Stacy! I can’t wait! Okay I “liked” everything and tweeted. :) Thanks !

  49. Kimberly Ann says:

    Excited to see the show! If it’s photo freedom themed, I vote for some of the extras in your system, like the family quotes and story cards. But I’ll tune in to watch whatever the topic!

  50. Congrats, Stacy! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  51. I’m excited to see what this new adventure is all about! Go Stacy!

  52. I think people would like to see “organization segments”, such as the videos you had showing your colour baskets.

  53. Congratulations Stacy! I am looking forward to the launch of this new channel, and all the crafty goodness that will undoubtedly be shown.

    Photo Freedom…I would love to learn even more of your awesome process.

  54. This is awesome news. Congratulations. Wow seriously there is so much too cover! I’m lucky enough to be doing your class Finding Photo Freedom but I would definately head in that directio. Your insight and very hard work is amazing. The photo Freedom is very liberating and I think in todays society any help with dealing with digital media will be welcomed.
    Cheers Karen aka Mudgie

  55. I love your website. Can’t wait to see your new channel!

  56. Laura J says:

    What awesome news! I love your infectious energy, so I can’t wait for the show!

  57. Melissa Norstrom says:

    This is so cool! I can’t wait to see you on tv again! And yes you are very good at it! Don’t let that inner voice tell you differently!

  58. SusanHnSC says:

    Ok – I “like” the new Facebook page!!

  59. SusanHnSC says:

    And I “like” Cricut on Facebook!

  60. SusanHnSC says:

    I “like” My Craft Channel on Facebook!!

  61. Wow, how exciting to have your own show on this new channel!!

    I really like the way your new videos in the Finding Photo Freedom workshop show you actually interacting with LOM system and think something similar would be great for the show.

  62. Fiona Cockerill-Ghanem says:

    This looks amazing – can’t wait to see your new channel!!!

  63. Ooh Cool, more stuff to watch at work(hee hee)! I’m sorry Srcapbook Memories isn’t any more, but I read on Julie McGuffie’s blog that the new show is going to be call Srcapbook Soup and they have already taped the first season. Incase you didn’t have Julie’s blog address – juliemcguffee.blogspot.com. Sorry I missed the giveaway, but I got me the eClips last year at CHA in Chicago so I’m happy!

  64. Can’t wait for the new channel! I am spreading the love!

  65. Melinda says:

    I liked your page and you channel page. Looks great!

  66. Leeann Sammons says:

    This is the BEST news I have all Summer…well a little white lie….but is ranks up there for sure!

    I hope my friend Jennifer Lewis is a winner. I recently showed her how to use a Cricut and now she is hooked!

  67. Courtney says:

    I would love the opportunity to win this. I have liked you on facebook.

    Thanks so much

  68. Courtney says:

    I have liked cricut on Facebook. It would be so wonderful if I actually won this.


  69. Courtney says:

    I liked the my craft channel page on facebook.

  70. Courtney says:

    I have posted on facebook about this site.


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