catching up to leave again!

Hello blogosphere!

We are home from our family reunion in Zion National Park. It was a long drive to get there, but it was worth every hot, sticky and uncomfortable minute in the van. There is nothing like spending time with your extended family … nothing. I suppose I’m just getting old, but I thrill at seeing my younger siblings raise families and do an outstanding job too. It’s so delightful to watch cousins playing and then even better to stay up after they’ve gone to bed, so we can hang out and talk.

I’m preparing for a week at Girls’ Camp — this adventure will begin for me and a group of 4th year campers and leaders next Monday (at 6:00 am) for an overnight canoe trip. We’ll then arrive and stay with the larger group Tuesday through Friday. There will be no phone or Internet, so I’m scrambling to wrap up content for Finding Photo Freedom.  I’ve got LOTS to do to prepare myself and my family too — and then one week after I get home, I’m flying back to Utah to film 12 episodes for My Craft Channel — yikes!

What’s that line about the lazy days of summer again?

Nevermind! Look what came in the mail last night …
The latest issue of Where Women Create that features the speakers and teachers that will be attending The Creative Connection event in September.

I am pleased to report that our industry is well represented …
On the cover is the ever adorable Heather Bailey (she has had a paper line in the past) and  Tim Holtz (who is featured in a new column about creative men.)
Inside, there are articles about them and a dozen or more creative people, including Becky Higgins, Melody Ross, Jinger Adams and Me!

The crazy thing is I haven’t had a chance to read this issue yet — I’m dying to go sit on my porch and read the whole thing page by page, but I’m using it as a reward for getting my work done! Just thumbing through makes me uber-excited to go and learn from all of these talented people.

You can learn more about The Creative Connection HERE.
I’m also going to be HERE in October.

more details on that soon!


  1. Oh my goodness – you are staying busy! But it does all sound like fun! :>)

  2. Did you see me waving at you from LaVerkin when you were at Zion?
    You are a busy woman!
    Do you know where I could buy that issue? There doesn’t seem to be a link on their blog.

    • I have seen the mag. at Barnes and Noble. I am drooling over this issue, kids napping- so it must wait.

  3. Congrats on your spot in the magazine, Stacy, that is exciting!

    I think (if you have time) we should have a BPC and/or WCS lunch when you come out to Utah…there are lots of us here!

    Hope you have fun at girls camp. I love it.

  4. TerrieF says:

    I can so relate to your busy life. There have been so many times over the years where I’ve wondered just how I get myself so over-committed! I’ve learned that we make life choices for a reason, so now I just try to go with it….and to try and schedule some down time now and then.

  5. Wow! You always have a lot going on! And I can’t believe that you are coming to San Diego just when I am moving out! (hopefully!!!) That event looks great!
    Good luck and have fun!

  6. Fun! I’m going to have to check out the magazine.
    I cannot wait for MCC to begin. The suspense is killing me!
    Safe travels….

  7. I can’t wait to gat my hands on this magazine!!! Enjoy your summer!!

  8. Lorie Gomes says:

    love reading your blog and finding out what’s new and exciting…can’t wait to check out the magazine and never even knew about the craft channel…so cool.

    thanks for keeping us informed!

  9. Karen Schmidt says:

    happy travels. can’t wait to see the craft channel.

  10. LOVED the update. Been missing you and your sweet and inspiring blog posts!

  11. Christine H says:

    I thought you were supposed to be slowing down???? I’m tired just reading your blog! Safe travels. Sounds like lots of fabulous fun ahead for you.

  12. carol in seattle :) says:

    You have so many exciting things going on! So glad you got to spend some quality family time – that’s one of the things that inspire me most about you – your committment to your family. Can’t wait to check out the magazine. Safe travels!

  13. oooh, I’ve been watching for that magazine to “hit the stands.” Think I’ll be heading to Joanns tomorrow:)

  14. bea medwecky says:

    Wow Stacy, now I see why you do the FPF class in winter. Your summers are crazy! Thanks for taking the time for us. Can’t wait to see the craft channel segments you are filming. Have a great time at camp.

  15. You can rest when you are old!! :) I just finished a week being a leader at a Girl Scout day camp! And just now signed up for the CKU Reunion!! I can’t wait! See you there!
    And congrats on being in the mag, how cool is that!

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