I feel like giving something away!

If you’re a BPC junkie (like me) then THURSDAYS are the best days and it’s not because the weekend is almost here … it is because NEW classes begin and ongoing classes get refreshed. I almost never have an issue getting out of bed on a Thursday morning because I know there will be so much to see and do!

Today is no exception and I’m particularly excited about Elizabeth’s BRAND NEW workshop, Design Challenges.

1. I’m a HUGE Elizabeth Dillow fan.
2. Who doesn’t love a scrapbooking challenge?
3. You get 3 new challenges a week!
4. Each challenge is actually a full handout, so in 4 weeks, you’re getting 12 well-written, beautifully designed handouts.
5. In each handout, Elizabeth share two layout examples and offers several other variations. This is a TON of really good content!
6. This would be the PERFECT summer workshop, because you can keep up (or not) and either way you’ll have twelve (really clever and well designed) layouts when you’re done!

I think I’ll giveaway a FREE Seat in Elizabeth’s workshop …

IF YOU ARE MY WINNER, you’ll get a NEW email in your inbox, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!

IF YOU ARE MY WINNER, you’ll follow the email back to the classroom to download the challenge handout …

IF YOU ARE MY WINNER, you’ll get TWO layouts to inspire you in the challenge along with design how-to and tips …

IF YOU ARE MY WINNER, you’ll get all this, plus a super-inviting, beautifully designed classroom complete with personal instruction from Elizabeth and interaction with hundreds of other challenge-takers.

SIX years ago this summer I started dreaming about an online community, where top-notch talent could share their expertise with students all over the world. Their classes wouldn’t be the “cut and paste here” type of class. Their classes would focus on the creative process and encourage personal development in fundamental aspects of scrapbooking.
When I dreamed what BPC could be, this is the kind of class I dreamed of …

IF YOU WANT TO BE MY WINNER, leave me a comment and share the best design tip or advice you’ve ever learned to help you design better scrapbook pages!
I’ll post a WINNER Saturday morning.


  1. Jennifer Monroe says:

    I always try to follow the advise of my friend to keep it simple and to tell my story. That advise has always worked for me.

  2. This looks like fun, Stacy! Thanks for the chance to win it :)

    I think the best 2 pieces of advice I’ve read about designing scrapbook pages is to have the pages balanced and have a good focal point.

  3. Don’t know if this qualifies as a design tip, but for me “Keep it SIMPLE” would about sum up the best way to pair words & photos to get layouts done! And I sooooo miss Simple Scrapbooks!

  4. JenGall says:

    Best scrapbooking advice for better scrapbook pages? Future generations will appreciate knowing the story behind a photo more than they will appreciate how many products or techniques you fit on the page. Remember the real reason you scrapbook – to preserve your memories.

  5. Let the pictures and words tell the story, not the product. The product is there to accent the story of your life, not to tell it.

  6. The best advice I was told (being a perfectionist) is that there are no mistakes in scrapbooking, whatever ends up on the page is perfect. There’s always ways to cover up mistakes if you don’t want them seen but a lot of good things come from what somebody thought was a mistake.

  7. Jenn Guymon says:

    The best tip I’ve been given is that you dont have put every picture in your scrapbook. Its okay to just do a great from any given event.

  8. Thanks Stacy for offering this giveaway! What fun! BPC is my favorite resource for online learning. There is not a class I’ve taken yet that I haven’t loved.
    The best design tip I’ve heard was from Nic Howard in her Cluster Embellishing class. She said to be sure that the embellishment grouping touches the photos at some point. This brings all the attention right where you want it.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Laura Yazge says:

    “Repetition is all about pulling things together and making them dynamic” – Cathy Z, Wk 3 DYL 2008. Best advice I ever got.

  10. shelley says:

    The best design tip I have gleaned from the blogs, forums, classes and magazines over the years?? It was something you shared long ago… the pictures without context will be meaningless within a generation. I am paraphrasing your insight, but I have found it to be at the forefront of my creative process. What is the story? Always include the story!!

  11. Best tip I recall is that you do not need perfect pictures to tell the perfect story!

  12. Kristigilbert says:

    Tell the story, add supporting pictures, the rest will just happen.

  13. I have been given a lot of advice, but haven’t followed all of it. The two things that I have learned to follow are: Use your own hadwriting in journaling because your children (and their children) will cherish it. And, that pictures don’t need to be done chronologically. You can go out of order. Especially if you have something that happened recently and want to remember what was said, or how it made you feel.

  14. Keep it simple is my favorite advice.

  15. I think the best advice I received back when I first started scrapbooking was simply, “Focus on the photo.” What story does it tell? What are the details you always want to remember? You can also use it to give you ideas for your design (colors, mood, etc.). It’s amazing what you can create using even just ONE photo! :)

  16. best tip I heard was work with what you have and how you feel about the story / photos

  17. Rebecca B says:

    I learned everything I need to know about scrapbook design from Simple Scrapbooks! :):)

    Seriously, I did. I loved your magazine and until last month I think I still had every copy, but had to purge like crazy for our move. I still kept my favorites, though. :)

    Between you and Cathy Z I learned about focal points, balance, white space, repetition, triangles of accents, uniform margins, using COLOR, and that it’s okay to break the rules, too!

  18. Best tip I’ve received: It doesn’t have to be perfect!

  19. Anne-Liesse says:

    The best tip I got was from Rebecca Sower’s books. She said to journal about what you’re feeling about the pictures, not just the details of the events. Everyone can see what’s going on in the pictures, but years from now people will want to know about you, and the way to do that is to journal from your heart. It has made every bit of difference in my scrapbooking.

  20. The best design tip I’ve ever learned is something I learned from Julia Cameron. DO THE WORK. There is no growth, no discover, no figuring out who you are artistically (or any other way) unless you are willing to do the work. Thinking about the work, or hoping for time, or lamenting the lack of a supply or whatever it is that you are using as a reason to not get into the process is stagnation. to be creatively free, you have to get into the process…I love that. Or, as Mary Poppins says, “Once begun, is half done.”

  21. My favorite tips were from the Embrace Imperfection class! It’s something I need to do in all areas of my life, not just scrapbooking. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  22. To journal right away, if you don’t you won’t go back and do it later.

  23. The tip that took me a long time to adopt is use sketches. I no longer have to stare at piles of photos and blank cardstock. Now I grab a sketch, some paper, print my photos and in no time I have a gorgeous page :)
    Canyon Country, CA

  24. Christa Allgood says:

    My advice is to do what you like and what makes you happy!! I try to make my pages a reflection of me and not worry so much about making the perfect layout!’ I also constantly remind my self that it’s ok to not be perfect!! Scrapbooking should be fun….not work so do what you love and love what you do!!

  25. Always pick an odd number of embellishments (3, 5 etc). It looks much better :)

  26. cindy b. says:

    Oh man..I have received (and used) tons of advice and tips through the years that it’s almost impossible to pick one. However, in recent months, after taking Karen’s classes (Embrace Imperfection and Finding Your Way) I have literally been given a breath of fresh air and all things have just come together for me in her classes. Seriously, my whole way of scrapbooking a page has been TRANSFORMED because of her! YOU transformed my way of looking at my photos and Karen transformed my way of scrapbooking them MY way. So, can you see why it’s impossible to pick one??????? Man oh man! ONE of the things I’ve learned is to embrace imperfection and just put it done and move on!!! :-)

  27. Less is more :)

  28. Meredith says:

    I know this isn’t so much design advice, but the best scrapbooking advice I ever had was when I figured out (through Simple Scrapbooks), that I didn’t need to scrap chronologically. That opened up a whole new world!

  29. Oh my, this sounds like such a great workshop. I considered it but wasn’t sure if I would just be CRAZY to add something else right now! :>)

    The best design tip I’ve ever received and often share it to HAVE FUN – when a hobby quits being fun, it’s time to re-evaluate.

  30. I love having the focus on the photos and including all the juicy details that I would be telling people if they were leafing through a photo album. It is so important to keep true to yourself and to make pages that make you happy and that your family will treasure for years to come.

  31. Viki Powell says:

    Best advice I’ve gotten is “Just do it”. I overthink my pages, therefore they don’t get done!! You have helped in a big way, with colorful, siimple, clean ideas. Thank you:)

  32. I feel I cannot learn enough about design, but I think the best tip I can give, is when in doubt use a grid — looks clean and is easy to do.

  33. I think the best design advice is to cluster embellishments in groups of 3. I like how it makes the embellishments look more connected.

  34. The best advice I ever got was perfect isnt doesnt done so just do it!

  35. Amy Wolff says:

    I think it’s good to study layouts that you are drawn to, try to figure out why and add those elements to your pages. It doesn’t hurt to scrap lift a couple of pages either until you find your own style.

  36. Keep it Simple—that is why I miss the magazine so much!!

  37. The most important part of any page for me is the journaling and telling the story.

  38. Colleen says:

    Common margins, baby! Iterated so many years ago on yearbook staff, and reiterated by the one and only CZ (cue chorus of angels). This sounds like a great compliment to FPF. :-)

  39. Years ago I nearly quit scrapbooking because my layouts weren’t “as good as” a friend’s. And then someone told me to not compare my work to anyone else’s. My style is my style and that is not good or bad. And I still try very hard to this day to not compare any of my work whether it be writing, “art” or scrapbook layouts to anyone else.

  40. ~ alli ~ says:

    The best design tip I’ve gotten that I use often is from Cathy Zielske – keep margins and spacing uniform.

  41. Brandi Z says:

    No trapped space – thank you Cathy Zielske :)

  42. Can’t remember where I heard it, and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it more than once – Practice :) Just sit down and scrapbook a page, then another, then another. You’ll find a groove and learn by actually Doing.

    I’d love a design challenge this summer, thanks for sharing :)

  43. I always go to let the photos be the focus. And don’t forget the journaling, because what good is a great photo if you don’t know who it is, when it was taken, and why!

  44. I love Elizabeth Dillow. I didn’t sign up because I already am doing LOAD, but I should have so I can get the 12 handout and design tips to do later.
    My best tip is the rule of 3. I really try hard to have 3 things, embellishments, colors, papers or what ever it is that seems off. When I make it 3, it feels better.

  45. Whitney S. says:

    I always felt overwhelmed at all I had to scrapbook. I like the advice I was given to do what I can just as long as I tell the story….and I really like the picture to be the focus.

  46. Melanie says:

    I’d LOVE to take Elizabeth’s class. She is one of my all-time favorite scrapbookers. My best design tip – the visual triangle. It really makes a difference in my layouts. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  47. Basics like grounding elements, not trapping white space, even margins, and visual triangles have helped me most.

  48. Creating a visual triangle has helped me the most. I find my layouts more pleasing to the eye now.

  49. Jeannie says:

    The best advice I’ve ever gotten was in a BPC class with Karen Gruenburg and that is to take the time to find your style and what you like and stick with it. It helps with purchasing product as well as creating layouts.

  50. Larisa B. says:

    The visual triangle to have a neat and complete look. Thank you for the giveaway!

  51. The best design tip that I learned was to write. A beautifully laid out page will mean more to your loved ones if you include the story and feelings behind it!

  52. Chiming in about the triangle….seems to work for me!

  53. I’d love a space on this – enjoying the LOM/PF class but something fun and light sounds like a great addition to the a stress and builder filled summer.

    Best design tip I ever got? “Don’t stress on the perfection” love it and try to live with it.

  54. this class looks a load of fun. I love the colorful handout previews and if nothing else, that makes the content a winner in my book.

    My design advice? “just glue it down”… it is paper and glue. Nothing will ever make it perfect. so whenever I am wasting time moving things around to find the one perfect spot? I just tell myself “just glue it down”.

  55. The best advice I’ve ever received is “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” I think of this ALL the time, in so many different aspects of my life. It frees me from perfectionism which used to stymie most all of my efforts and makes everything so much more FUN! The advice came from a home decor blog – The Nesting Place.

  56. rheanne says:

    the best advice that i ever received was to let my page age. look at it for a couple of days before adding anything else. now when I do that I realize what I have is great and doesn’t need another thing

  57. I love Elizabeth Dillow’s work! And I’d love to take her class.

    One of the best design tips I’ve ever used is contrast. Whether it’s contrast in font size, photo size, element size, color… it’s a great way to emphasize things. ;)

  58. Lycia (SchoolMommy) says:

    The best advice I’ve ever received? Just do it! Practice, practice, practice until you find your own design style. Also, the page doesn’t have to be perfect to be meaningful :)

  59. Jennifer P says:

    You actually gave me the best tip ever – creating color coded drawers that hold all my embellishments! Ease of access is so often a source on inspiration for me!

  60. My idea of design is just that – mine. My mom as always said – if you like it then go for it! It doesn’t matter what other people think…I use that today, even in scrapbooking!

  61. Best design advice – to include what you love. The pictures you love, the journaling you love, the colors you love, etc. It’s about the memories you love.

  62. The best design tip I heard was” design the LO for yourself” – not your husband or your children or your family or some fancy designer – do it for you. If you love it or even just like it then that is good enough!

  63. Everything counts (blogging, scrapping, FBing, etc).

  64. nicole Q says:

    Keep your photos organized!
    It’s really hard to scrapbook when your pictures are in boxes, drawers and envelopes!

  65. I don’t remember who said it, but I repeat it often: Perfection is the enemy of completion.

    In other words, better done than waiting to get it perfect. :)

  66. My best advice was the visual triangle. It all comes together for me easily when I keep that in mind!

  67. The visual triangle is probably the best design tip I learned. My layouts come together much easier when I keep the triangle in mind!

  68. My best tip received was give every page a title. Even when I don’t do this by having it in the back of my mind I look for the one thing that is going to grab the attention, speak the loudest and how to draw the viewer into the whole story or thought of the page.

  69. Kirsten says:

    My best design advise is the use of sketches. The foundation is laid and all I have to do is tweak it to make it my own.

  70. I love BPC!!!! I’m not sure the best design tip I’ve ever gotten, but I think it really helps to have elements on both pages of a two-page layout. For example, if there’s a cluster of flowers on the left page, you might one some flowers on the right page too.

  71. My best advice is to enjoy yourself and don’t worry about whether every page is as good as the “pros”. I’m not a graphic designer or artist and my pages will never be published anywhere but it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy getting my pictures on a page and just be happy with that!!! I don’t have to follow anybody elses rules.

  72. Rita Legge says:

    I think the best advise I every received & USED was from you!!! It was when you first came out with the idea of scrapbooking out of order……I put my heels in the ground & resisted for a while. Once I finally decided to dive into the concept, there was no turning back!! It’s the best thing I ever did~

  73. Karen Schmidt says:

    I love BPC! My best advise would be to take the time to journal on all layouts and include all the W’s (what, when, who, why & where)

    thanks for the chance to win.

  74. kathy b says:

    I think the best design tip I have received is this…”there is no such thing as a mistake, just an opportunity to be more creative”.

  75. The best tip I’ve learned is to not stress over everything. Sometimes I get so bogged down by products and choices that I end up getting nowhere.

  76. I actually quit ‘scrapbooking’ some time ago. It was just too overwhelming for me and I don’t really enjoy the creative process part of it. I just want it done. I do, however, write stories of our life and pair that up with a photo or two. Very basic, no frills. I have also been doing PL this year and am loving it. Very unconventional, I know, but it works for me.

    • Jolene,

      I don’t believe there is a conventional when it comes to telling your story — you can approach it in any way that works for you!

      I’m delighted you’re enjoying Project Life — that is awesome.

  77. Jacenda G. says:

    When designing I try to remember that inspiration can come from anywhere – so keep a notebook handy and also let go of perfection.

    I still have to work on that last one!


  78. Christy Pair says:

    The best tip I have been given is to use your own printing when possible. A simple and personal touch!

  79. Love your classes, the talented teachers, and am very grateful for BPC site. I would love to take lots of classes but do not have the time to attend in person locally. BPC allows me the ability to sign up for a class and go at my own pace (so to speak). With LOM, for example, the class notes are always available. With my crazy, busy schedule I often do not have time to stay right with the class but the wonderful thing about BPC is that I can always go back and refer to the class notes on a later date well after the class has ended. That’s a huge deal for me.

    Best design tip: “creativity is uniquely personal, just get in there and create a page the way you want”.

  80. The best advice I have ever been given is to be yourself when creating! You do not have be like anyone else! Just do it and make sure you journal!!

  81. I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Dillow as well! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in her new class.

    One of the best design tips I’ve received (from Cathy Zielske, of course!) is to avoid trapped white space.

  82. Don’t think, just do!!! That is probably the best advice I got! I love it!

  83. Carrie K says:

    the rule of threes…one of the first ones i learned…and one that i use every time!

    visual triangle, odd number of embellies, put your picture in line with the crossing of thirds…all of them are so ingrained now…

  84. bea medwecky says:

    Thanks so much for this opportunity Stacy. The best design tip I got what was to find your favorite neutral background (form one of May’s classes at BPC). I love cream cardstock and my scrapbooking has been so much easier since this discovery.

  85. The best advice I have been given is to let go of scrapbooking chronologically. I was bogged down and always worried about being caught up with putting pictures away and having this seasons photos scrapped and in an album. Now that I have moved away from that I see the connections I have been missing.

    A little side note…I am doing the Finding Photo Freedom class and with having off in the summers, I have been staying up every Wednesday night until the stroke of midnight to see the new course materials immediately!

  86. The best scrapbooking advice I’ve received is to keep my photos organized so I can find my photos when inspiration strikes. The best design tip I’ve received is use colors you love.

  87. Best design tip I’ve learned . . . . The visual triangle. It’s all about balance, baby!

  88. the best advice I’ve ever received it to scrapbook what inspires you, let you of the idea of being behind

  89. I am terrible with design – no matter how much I worship at the alter that is Cathy Zielske. . .but I do try to remember some of the basics like the visual triangle. . .white space. . .


  90. carol in seattle :) says:

    The best tip I got? That there is no right, no wrong, just YOURS! Whatever you scrap, however you scrap, it’s YOURS….so go do it!

  91. rebecca.k says:

    I am a “procrastinating perfectionist”, so the best advice for me was “just start where you are”. Meaning, even though I hadn’t done my daughter’s baby book from 4 years ago, I could scrap a story about something that happened last week and not feel guilty about it. Also, “just glue it down” (as Pam said above) really helped with the perfectionism part of my scrapbooking. I am still a super-slow scrapper, but at least I am getting the stories I want to tell down on paper.

  92. From Stacy – herself. “Prefection is overrated” You have permission to be imperfect! Scrap the photos, moments and colors you love.

  93. The best design tip I’ve learned was from Karen Grunberg’s class. I no longer think I need to change a design with every layout. I can use the same layout and still have the page look totally different and it’s still all okay!!

  94. Christine says:

    The best design tip I ever got was looking at layouts in magazines and other print media. Lots of ideas can be generated from professional layouts used in advertising.

  95. The best tip: there is no one “right” way to scrapbook. If you love it, then it is right! It’s ALL GOOD! : )

  96. hate to say it but “just do it”. My sb stuff is in boxes in the basement & the table has part of a blouse cut out & quilt stuff on it. I severely need motivation to scrap! Just gotta……..

  97. Oh how much fun! For me I learned from Ali Edwards that its more important to document the little moments and not worry so much about your creations. That is what I have been doing and it feels so much free & wonderful to be able to be capturing our family moments. Thanks so much for the chance!

  98. I got this advice from Cathy Zielske in her BPC class Design Your Life: “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you scrapbook to be a good designer. For me, I recycle many of the same designs and overall design approaches. It saves me time when I work with tried and true designs.”

    I have really taken this bit of advice to heart and very often use layouts that I love from my own library as design “patterns”.

  99. Best design tip? Hmm. A little (untrapped) white space is a very good thing. (but I am not one to leave oodles of it, after all I have photos and stories to share in that space!) Thanks for the chance to win!

  100. Just sit down and do it! And glue things down right away, instead of fussing over the exact right place to put them. Your family is not going to care about the visual triangles and white space – what they will care about is the photos and what you wrote about them.

  101. Kim Shimer says:

    I have come to find that if something isn’t working for me, it is simply because I just haven’t found the right piece yet. Sometimes it is a starting point, sometimes it is a finishing touch. Either way, if I feel like something just isn’t right, it is probably because it isn’t. I might just leave it & come back to it later to see if that helps. Trust your instincts & don’t force things.

  102. I would love to win a spot in Elizabeth’s class. I met both you and Elizabeth at CKC-Valley Forge a few years back and was so inspired by both of you. As for my “tip”… I have recently moved into a shared craft/office space, which has forced me to take a serious look at the mass of supplies that I have compiled over the years and keep only the best. Since doing this, I’ve become a much quicker scrapper, as I can just go right to my supplies, but something out and then go. Very similar to your Library of Memories, but for supplies — Library of Supplies, perhaps! But it’s lean and I’m able to get in, find what I need and get on with the show… which is the best part. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  103. I think the best design tips come from you, Stacy! Through the years you have taught me to let go of expectation, know that I won’t scrapbook every photo, develop a system for my photos, and scrapbook my relationships. The design elements on the page tend to fall in place when I focus on what really matters.

  104. One of the best tips i ever heard about designing better scrapbooks what to stop worrying about the end product and focus on the story and the journey of making that story and these photos about the story into a visual memory. The process was important and it made all the difference to whether you ended up with something fast and meaningless, no words, so emotion, or if you ended up with something you went back to because it came from somewhere genuine.

  105. If you are stuck, try a grid. That is a design tip that always gets me out of a rut.

  106. There is no wrong way to scrapbook.

  107. 1. Make yourself happy and go with what color/design work for you
    2. Work in 3′s
    3. Keep it simple!!!

  108. Best design tip I ever learned was actually from Cathy Z. during Design Your Life. She taught about trapped white space, and I found that once I started actively removing it from my layouts, I was much more pleased with the overall look of things. So, thanks BPC, and thanks Cathy Z.!

  109. Scrapbooking can mean many different things – mini, traditional, smash, project life – I really like where the hobby has travelled over the years. Everything is ok! Do whatever tells your story. Thanks Stacy.

  110. Use visual triangles-whenever doesn’t seem right, I move them around to form a triangle and suddenly it works.

  111. Keep it simple, keep it you. I love trying new things, but I always try to keep it simple and to make it my own.

  112. Heather B. says:

    The best advice I have heard (over and over) is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m sure if I hear it a few more times I might start to believe it!!

  113. Sarah Wiehe says:

    The best advice I received is every page you make doesn’t have to be perfect….This allowed me to do a page and move on making sure that I worry about telling the story or the feeling behind the pictures rather than dwelling on the details of the pages. It was Scrapbooking Freedom for me!!!!

  114. Phyllis says:

    Start with a color you love and the page just seems to fall together!

  115. Lol…design tip? I use sketches, so that’s not me designing, it’s taking other people’s designs and adding my own spin to them.

  116. Kate aka stinkydudette says:

    If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. Follow your heart and you gut. Don’t compare your work to published layouts cos you are your own person.

  117. Kimberly Ann says:

    Thursdays are absolutely my favorite days too – sometimes I’ll even stay up late on Wednesday night to catch a peek of the classroom updates :)

    I learned a lot about design from Darci Dowdle at BPS, in her Baker’s Dozen class. I was so worried about having perfect design and perfect embellishments and paper. After her class, I learned that I loved sketches – leave the design work to someone else – and that I could take photos I love and pair them with product I love – even if they don’t “match” – and get wonderful results.

  118. When scrapbooking–HAVE FUN!!!

  119. Oh this is one class I would love to win! I would have to say the best design tip was from Cathy Z’s, DYL class (actually there was way more than just one tip in that class) to use an odd number of the same design elements. Thanks so much for this great chance to win!

  120. The best tip I’ve ever learned was to embrace imperfection from Karen after taking her free 2 week class with the same title.

  121. Debbie Watson says:

    The best advice I ever received came from my first scrapbook teacher who died way too young of cancer. Her advice? “There are NO mistakes, only new oppportunities:)”

  122. The best advice I have ever learned is to let go of “being perfect.” Every time I create something new I remind myself: the story and the memory are the reason behind my page. It has really helped me to be more productive and to enjoy my hobby even more. Thanks for the chance to win!

  123. Rachelle says:

    The best advice I ever received was enjoy the process. Scrapbooking is a lot of fun. Not just the results, but the process.

    This class sounds like great fun.

  124. Sharolyn says:

    Best advice? Just start!

  125. Abbeyviolet says:

    Happy Thursday indeed! Loved this colorful post!

  126. lynnette harder says:

    my best design tip was ‘keep it simple’ from my favorite magazine, my favorite author, my favorite site online, my favorite teacher, my favorite scrapbooking approach – all from you Stacy!!!! I am most certain that I am your biggest fan!

  127. My all-time go-to tip is what I call the “rule of odds.” I always try to have an odd number of things on my page — embellishments, photos, whatever. For some reason it works out better and more balanced than even numbers. Oh, and visual triangles are always good too!

  128. Krunberry says:

    The best advice for me was that if my page doesn’t feel like it’s working, to just walk away. Take a break. When I come back later, my mind is fresh and I can usually figure out what was wrong or missing or decide it was just done.

  129. Veronica says:

    My tip goes with my tips to all the students I teach year after year…..USE THE KISS METHOD….and do something that you are passionate about because it becomes much more meaningful.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. Something new all summer long will be a wonderful change to the summer of nothing I anticipate this summer to be.


  130. My tip is: every layout doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Make it. Move on and the memory is captured.

  131. Best tip I received was to relax when I scrapbook, just enjoy capturing the stories I want to remember. Years from now, when anyone is looking through the pages, they aren’t going to ask why I didnt use a different shade of blue, or why I used or didnt use certain products, they will be viewing the pics, reading the stories and enjoying the memories.

  132. J3SS1C4 says:

    I find the words add meaning to the pictures, so always include at least some journalling, even if it’s just the date and who’s in the picture!

  133. I get my best design ideas and advice from listening to Paperclipping! I like the idea that it all counts!

  134. The best tip/advice about scrapbooking was that there is no “catching up”.
    I always felt SO BEHIND on my scrap booking, then a bright and cheerful lady said to scrap what is important and catches you eye and emotions. Life changing and totally freeing. Love that and everything else I have learned from SJ.

  135. Kirstin says:

    The best scrapbook advice I ever received is from YOU! I learned to redefine my focus and instead of thinking how behind I was to think about what stories and connections I wanted to make. It has changed EVERYTHING about how I scrap!

    Thank you!!

  136. Fiona L says:

    Best tip (& advice) I have is I don’t have to strive for ‘perfection’ – it’s all about capturing life and recording it. Plus having fun too !!

  137. Deanna Clark says:

    My best advice is…. to know that I will never be “caught up” and to just be happy with the pictures that I get scrapbooked. To let go of perfection. I have 4 sons who love to look at thier scrapbooks. They are ages 20, 18, 13, 9. I catch them looking quite often. THAT is why I want to never give up.

  138. My best design advice is to just believe in yourself and not compare your final product to others.

  139. Gail Bassett says:

    The best advice I had was to realize that my pages will not be perfect – whatever that means – so just relax and have fun doing them.

  140. The best tip I have ever received was to “ENJOY” what I was doing. It wasn’t the layout or the embellishments, it was the joy in scrapbooking and preserving memories for my family. Thank so much Stacy for the chance to win. I LOVE the picture and journalling with the little girl and the butterfly. Precious!!

  141. The best design advice for me was in Cathy Z’s DYL class when she did the week on color. I have always struggled with color (I wish I could embrace it like you do Stacy) and her advice was so simple and obvious and it made a total difference in how I choose color and how quickly I can put together a page.

  142. My fav tip came from you actually. Its to use the triangle of elements to jump off the page. My pages never feel complete now without three areas of embellishment! I also love encouragement to use my own handwriting on layouts. It really is a wonderful personal touch, no matter what your writing looks like!

  143. The tip that I think has helped me the most is the rule of thirds – the same as photography. I find with this approach a layout feels balanced and finished no matter how much or how little is on the page. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  144. Dee Dee says:

    The best advice I have been given is to treat a scrapbook page like a magazine ad. You don’t have to know WHY a page looks good – the balance, visual triangles, etc – just that it DOES.

  145. Monika S says:

    The best tip I’ve received is to enjoy the process. I still struggle with this at times… worrying about making things too perfect but when I step back and just enjoy myself I find I am more creative and in the end more pleased with what I have created.

  146. I think for me it was the revelation that using a sketch or template isn’t ‘cheating’ and that the point of this is the memories not just the prettiness of the page. Although pretty is good too!

  147. Cathy Z’s tip in DYL about trapped white space has stuck in my head. I am already in Elizabeth’s class and I have to say I am impressed and it only started yesterday. Lots of inspiration and things to make you think.

  148. The best advice I have ever been given to ensure you have a good scrapbook page is to enjoy life and the magical moments in it and ensure that you are in the photos not just behind the lense, so that you can share your story so that those that love you know what you thought about what was going on in your life!

  149. wow – i’d love the chance to join elizabeths class.
    my tip (came from you stacy) and it is to include your handwriting on your layouts. Even if (like me ) you are not a fan of your own handwriting – it finishes a page, adds a personal touch and it is SOOOO much quicker than adding computer journalling or no journalling !

  150. Susan R says:

    The best tip I was ever given was to just be myself and not try to compare my work to others… Works in SBing as well as in life! :)

  151. Best advice – JUST DO IT…..

  152. Kathy Jo Camacaho says:

    OMG – this class looks fantastic, and would get me going on some really great pages – since I know where all my photos are due to LOM! Best Design tip… get rid of “captured space” on pages. The empty space that sometimes gets developed by pictures or an object placement. Move things around / or add until that space is gone.

  153. Michelle S says:

    I would say best advice is, it just doesn’t matter!!!!

  154. Virginia says:

    Thanks for the chance to win and thank you for starting BPC, love it.

    Best advice…let go of the idea of perfection, as long as the memory or moment gets down it is perfect.

  155. Best advice – maybe the rule of 3.

  156. Angie U. says:

    Best advice – make your pages the way you like them – there are no scrapbooking police. Also, scraplift your own pages.

  157. The best advice is to get in front of the camera! Most of us are afraid of having our picture taken, but I love this quote from Fran Lebowitz: “At a certain point, the worst picture taken of you when you were 25 is better than the best picture taken of you when you’re 45.” It’s so true for those of us south of 45! :)

    Perfection is so overrated. My grandmother actually cut herself out of some photos of her as a young girl because SHE thought she looked ugly; oh to have those photos intact. Take pictures and lots of them and get in front of the camera NOW!

  158. Best advice when I was trying to follow a “pattern” or find “rules” to follow….just do/design/create what matters to you! Journal everything…tell your story!

  159. Chris Pochatek says:

    The best design tip is to stop trying so hard to make it perfect! Just like body shapes & personalities, the imperfections are what makes your pages “yours”!

  160. Rhonda H says:

    Elizabeth’s challenges will be a perfect addition to my other class…FPF/LOM!!!
    One of the best pieces of advice came from Ali Edwards…simply: “photos+words”.
    I guess one other famous person has influenced my scrapbooking, too. Larry, the Cable Guy. His advice: “Git R Dun”. LOL!

  161. Best advice. just let it go. if you make a mistake just let it go.

  162. Duckienz says:

    Follow your own instincts! That is the best thing ever to do to improve your own layouts.

  163. SueinMtVernon says:

    I would love a chance to win this class. I had the honor of taking a few classes from Elizabeth at a local store when she lived in Virginia. She’s a delight and is so talented in the scrapbooking department!

  164. the best advice is to make sure you enjoy the process and don’t worry – you can’t do anything wrong. Oh, and that I should just scrap what I want and not try to do what I think I should be scrapping. I adore BPC, loved the Elizabeth class I did in the past and would so love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  165. Great giveaway!
    Best advice – enjoy the process

  166. JessicaM says:

    The best design advice I have is to use a visual triangle. Adding a little splash of color (like red) in a triangle on the page makes it really pretty. I think I learned that when you were doing your I Love Color challenges in 2010! :-)

  167. Cheri Stine says:

    Dear Stacy, When I was a subscriber to “Simple Scrapbooking” magazine I remember how unhappy I was when you were no longer connected with the magazine, but having the Big Picture Classes website is So much better. I’m having fun ( and learning so much!) from Finding Photo Freedom. Would be thrilled to be a winner of the Elizabeth Dillon class.

  168. Jen Shipley says:

    The best tip I received was to enjoy what you are doing while scrap booking. There is no right or wrong way to scrap, if you love it then that’s what matters.

  169. Jeanne Ann says:

    The best advice I have gotten: Just do it! Don’t worry about it, just let the inspiration take you where it will.

  170. BARB TOPPING says:

    I have learned so much from BPC, actually most of what I know came from here. The one thing that I always try to remember, even when I want that perfectly designed, cluster embellished lo, is that scrapbooking is about telling the story. I plan to take Elizabeth’s class so winning it would be an extra special perk.

  171. The best advice I’ve ever heard was to embrace imperfection (Ali Edwards). Which is super tough to do when you have horrible OCD perfectionism! :)

  172. Best design tip is Imperfection is Ok… I was a perfectionist and wanted everything even and linear but through the classes I’ve taken at Big Picture, I learned to let it go and have fun and play more.

  173. The best advice…it doesn’t have to be perfect!

  174. jennifer says:

    The best advice I’ve gotten about scrapbooking was to let go of the need to scrap chronologically — not to try to be “caught up.” That held me prisoner for a long time, and now – I scrap what inspires me (and am much happier for it!)

  175. There are no mistakes; only happy accidents. AND sometimes, less is more.

  176. Karen Moore says:

    Getting “something done” is better than “just thinking” about a layout. I would simply LOVE to win this class!!! Ready all these comments has been pretty cool too!

  177. My best advise is do what you love, love what you do! If you like a certain patten paper or embellishment, use it! Don’t try to live up to someone else’s expectations or what you think it “should” look like. Just create something with the photos, colors and products you love and you’ll love it! :)

  178. The best design tip…simple is best. Thanks for the chance to win!

  179. The Best design tip I was ever given was to stop focusing on what other people were doing and instead focus on the things that you truly love and what speeks to your very core. Don’t try to be Ali Edwards Jr. (or whoever), because whatever you can come up with that is authentically you is far better than a carbon copy of someone else.

  180. Hi Stacy! Hope you’re having a great summer. Thought of you when I traveled to SLC a few weeks ago.

    The best design tip I ever learned was on the use of color. Not sure of the technical term, but I think of it as A gallon, a quart, and a pint. Picking three colors and using them in these quantities helps me design a page I love every time.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  181. Brenda in Sunny SoCal says:

    The best advice I ever got was from Karen at BPC “embrace imperfection” not every LO has to be the perfect work of art, you’ll be the only one that knows where the problems are.

  182. Denise Hunter says:

    Love reading everyone else best advice. One of the best one’s I’ve heard is start current. You can always back track later.

  183. Lynnette says:

    Looks like a wonderful class, but then again BPC has nothing but great classes.
    Best Advice – don’t worry about trends – do what you like, be true to your own personal style – it will grow and change but will always be yours.

  184. Great giveaway – Thanks for the chance to win!!

    My best design tip is to follow your own style and wants. Don’t get caught up in what the “experts” say needs to be followed or done.

  185. Best Advice: Don’t be afraid of white space. (or colored space in my case). There is such a thing as too much and white space is really restful.

  186. It’s okay to use sketches or scraplift-there’s no point in reinventing the wheel, especially when you have limited time to create. The point is to tell the story and preserve the memories, not to be a design genius (not that they don’t exist–I just don’t have to try to be one myself!)

  187. Kim Burningham says:


  188. Kerry G. says:

    Hmmm. I think the best stuff I learned was in CZ’s BPS class on design. I learned a lot and have repeated the lessons multiple times. I’m always sticking to the visual triangle rule.

  189. Deirdre says:

    I’m scrapping more now that I’ve started using templates. No more shuffling photos around a page. I still paper scrap, hybrid style, but starting with a photo template has been huge for me.
    And taking a class at BPC is also great advice. I’m working on making my creative time a priority—no one is stopping me but somehow I find it easier to give myself permission to go create when I can say “I have to go work on my class” than just “I wanna go scrap” :)

  190. One of the best tips I got was to make the photos the focus of the layout. Don’t overpower them by getting caught up in adding tons of embellishments. The photos and journaling ARE the story afterall!

  191. i would say the best thing i have learned is not to worry about chronological scrapping. when you start scrapping and you have life before the scrapping started you just jump in and go! that is the best advise ever…i have been going ever since!

  192. Mercedes says:

    Let your photos be the star of the page not your embellishments. While I love the look of fancy pages with gazillions of embellishments on them, I like pages that show me through pictures what happened even more. KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetie) has always been the best design tip that I have ever gotten.

  193. Common margins, for sure. That and your pictures don’t have to be perfect.

  194. Amanda S says:

    What a great giveaway.

    Best advice – enjoy it. Once you start stressing about stuff it isn’t fun anymore and then it becomes work.

  195. Getting a page done, even if it isn’t “perfect,” is better than getting nothing done! Thanks for the giveaway!

  196. Tip: Just get the words and pictures together, don’t get crazy about it. Just do it.

    I would LOVE to win this class!!

  197. Best advice I ever got was you are allowed to scrap out of order. That took a lot of the pressure away.

    I would love to win a spot in this class! Thanks for the opportunity!

  198. Heather Bogaty says:

    My best advice was to mat photos on a solid paper before mounting them on a patterned background. It gives the photos a place to reside before mingling with other details. It looks less busy and is easier on the eyes.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this class. It looks terrific! And, I love your blog and website…so user friendly and packed with great information! Thank you, Stacy, for creating a wonderfully organized structure from which to learn!

  199. Linda M says:

    I would love this chance to win–I like Elizabeth’s style. The best tip I got was focus on the pictures and not the “stuff” although the “stuff” is fun, it isn’t why I scrapbook. Thanks for the chance to win!

  200. My best design secret? Take a class form BPS! Seriously – I’ve loved every class I’ve taken -and especially those with CZ – her designs are so much like my own stiyle! I’m not a graphic designer – but I often look to print ads for my layout ideas and end up with something pretty great every time. [Did I learn that from Simple?]

  201. Gina Torres says:

    The best advice that I received about designing scrapbook pages is that there are NO mistakes in scrapbooking! I live and create by that advice every day!

  202. It’s not really a design tip but it is the one that helps me be the most creative. Keep my space clean and organized.

  203. Hee Jin R. says:

    Like Nike- Just do it! slogan, but I would also say, use your scraps!, scrap out of order, use templates, mat your pics to stand out. Just a few of my favorites.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  204. White space is good. Even margins are good… All complements of Cathy Zielske’s Design Your Life class. Thanks for 6 years of inspiration and education!

  205. Donelle says:

    Keep it SIMPLE ! Don’t let yourself get so caught up product. My best layouts were using my own stash of product…..Mind you I like most others have enough to scrap me through my life time,my daughter’s as well as my scrapbooking niece.

  206. The best design advice was about loving what you make because its yours – if you like what you have done then ‘You have designed the layout, card, project perfectly!’

  207. Marcie L says:

    The tip I like best is from Cathy Zielske. Single spacing between sentences as opposed to double spaces like we were taught in typing class ages ago! Love the difference it makes when I use the computer for journaling.

    Best advice I’ve gotten is “You are not behind!” So glad you started BPC Stacy, you rock!

  208. Michelle Roger says:

    Best advice : you are never behind on your paages, just go with the flow and be creative

  209. So many little tips have helped me improve my pages, but the one that has by far made the biggest impact is to try to have the people in photos facing in towards the center of your layout rather than gazing off the edges — unless of course you’re going for a different look!

  210. Kasey Lewis says:

    I want to be your winner! :) The best advice I have gotten regarding scrapbooking is to just do it! Don’t worry about being perfect or “on time”. It’s so much more fun now.

  211. Maggie Hurder says:

    Single pages can be just as detailed and can make your scrapbooks a little more managable to get through. This took me a long time to try out, but now I love not feeling so confined by my 2 page layouts.

  212. Marianne says:

    Best advice I’ve rec’d: LET GO OF THE IDEA OF PERFECTION.

  213. The rule of thirds!

  214. You don’t have to FILL the page. White space is good!

  215. Lee Ann Galligan says:

    What a cool class. I am learning in now in your Finding Photo Freedom class to lose the pressure to scrapbook “in order.

    Have a great weekend.

  216. My favorite tip is that odd numbers are more appealing, seems to work every time!

  217. The tried and true visual triangle has saved many a layout for me. I sure could use some more design basics under my command . . . hmm, if only there were a seat in class for moi!

  218. Katie Scott says:

    Best Design Tip from Cathy Zielske – common margins

  219. Honestly the best advice I have ever received is that I need to scrap my style and there is not right or wrong way to do it. I need to embrace imperfection, to quote Karen G’s BPC class. When I focus on capturing the memories, stories, and connections, I worry less about how pretty it is and more on the meaning. Often this allows me to be more creative and have more fun with it.

  220. Dondalee Southern says:

    Probably the best advice I have recieved is that there are no mistakes in scrapbooking just opportunities to try new things. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  221. Jenny McGee says:

    I think one tip is that the more you scrapbook, the better your pages look design wise. And also important is that if you love your page, that’s all the design tips you need. Follow you heart, not everyone elses advice or pages and you will be happy. Do what you like and what you want. Nothing is wrong, there are no rules. Just do it and be happy.

  222. I have learned that “perfect” doesn’t exist and you must get over that if you want to get your pages done.

  223. Great give-a-way! The best advice I’ve gotten was to scrap whatever tickles your fancy, and to step away from chronological scrapbooking…at least occasionally.

  224. cool class! thanks for the chance to win. best advice: step out of your box every now and then. learn something new.
    thanks again

  225. lisa h. says:

    “perfection is overrated” comes to mind often when I scrap, as well as Stacy’s reminder that yes you do want your work to look homemade rather than commercially made, isn’t that the point? To put the YOU into your layouts. Thanks Stacy.

  226. What an awesome class! The best design advice I received was from watching Paperclipping tutorials. Visual repetition and visual triangles. I use them all the time to help my page “feel right”. Other than that, I like that you can rarely make mistakes. As long as you’re getting the story on the page. Thanks for the great giveaway!! :o)

  227. anything is better than nothing, sometimes even for me half finished. Better than nothing is what I was think

  228. karen Hobbs says:

    I have learned soooooo much in my many BPC classes!!! but the thing that pops into my mind most often is “Glue and Go!” by Heidi Swapp. Thanks Stacy for running with your fabulous idea and enriching our lives so much!!

  229. Perfect isn’t done! I recite that to myself a lot during my creative process.

  230. Oh, this class looks like fun! The best advice I go for scrapbooking is from Stacy I believe!). Life doesn’t happen in 2 page lay-outs! and it’s okay to scrap non-chronologically. Once I left go of these 2 hang-ups (I’m talking back when Simple Scrapbooks was first released!) my scrapbooking became more personal and was no longer a “chore”. I scrapbook what I want to scrap, when I want to scrap it! very liberating!

  231. the best advice i have been given — and share with all — is that this crazy hobby of ours is FUN, so play & enjoy — it is not a competition to complete the most or a contest for the most perfect page — it is about memories & family & fun & friends….just have fun!!

  232. I agree with everyone saying “there are no mistakes”! You don’t have to stress over making your page perfect, just go with the flow and have fun doing it!!!
    This looks like an awesome class!

  233. Heather H says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading these tips, and I’ve especially enjoyed all the great things I’ve learned from BPC. Hats off to your vision, Stacy, and many thanks to you & the whole BPC team!

    My design tip is something I picked up from Claudine Hellmuth’s recent Big Picture class. In the very first week of “Composition for Collage”, she declared that variety is the spice of life, and it’s true! Using a variety of sizes (and/or shapes, colours, textures or other elements) makes page designs sing!

  234. Go for it! All rules can be broken!

  235. ana smith says:

    great idea for a class……this will get me back to scraping.

  236. Bunnyfreak says:

    The best advice was that there is no wrong way to scrapbook.

  237. The best tip(s) I ever learned was in a class by Cathy Z. when she talked about how to and how NOT to use white space! Especially helpful was the tip about not leaving a naked spot right in the center of the page!

  238. Best advice was if you make a mistake, just figure out a way to cover it or make it look like it was planned. Has saved me from the fear of making a mistake which took my crafting to a whole new level. I think I learned it at a CKU class in Salt Lake – maybe you even said that.

  239. Photo albums are scrapbooks too! I got so caught up in making pretty pages that I couldn’t keep up with all my photos. But photo album scrapbooking was the best thing to happen for me!

  240. Leeann Sammons says:

    It is hard to give only one! But here goes….journal in your own handwriting, even if you don’t like it. Your children, grandchildren and future generations will appreciate it.

  241. “Dont worry about making mistakes, use them as stepping stones to better things” paraphrased from Joyce Meyer.

    Oh my! Orange! After 40+ years of loving the color green, my new favorite color is orange. So much so, that in our house the saying goes “Orange! It’s the new green!”

  242. Chrissy says:

    it doesn’t matter if you repeat the same design over and over…as long as you’ve picked a good to start with. it adds a sense of balance to your over all work.

  243. hope I am not too late! Best advice I ever got was don’t worry abou tmaking it “right” just make it your OWN! :) Thanks!

  244. The best design tips I learned was in Cathy Z class. She taught me so much about balance, repition and white space. I look at my layouts in a whole new way after her class.

  245. Best advice was from Cathy Z: Use common margins!

  246. Somewhere along my journey I was told that “mistakes” are opportunities to try something new. And I’ve had to learn to let go of perfection and just “go with it” sometimes!! I’ve created some terrific layouts since…

  247. Raewyn A says:

    Cathy Zielske taught me all about the VISUAL TRIANGLE technique using colours or elements placed in a triangle on your layouts to draw the eye across the page.

  248. the best advice that I received was tell your story and keep your pages simple. Photo+story=scrapbooking. thanks!

  249. Krista Tretter says:

    One of the best pieces of advice that I received was to record the everyday things that occur. I learned this through a scrapbook my mom gave to me…I love reading the captions by the photos that she wrote about my childhood.

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