Amy Wolff is my WINNER in the Design Challenges giveaway.
I really like this tip. I think it is the one thing that helped me train my inner-designer and find my happy style.

I think it’s good to study layouts that you are drawn to, try to figure out why and add those elements to your pages. It doesn’t hurt to scrap lift a couple of pages either until you find your own style.

I’ve added Amy to Elizabeth’s classroom.
It is NOT too late to add Elizabeth’s class to your own account. You can do that HERE.

Three eye-popping pages that fulfill Design Challenge #1

Here are several other REALLY GOOD tips …

From Melanie:
I’d LOVE to take Elizabeth’s class. She is one of my all-time favorite scrapbookers. My best design tip – the visual triangle. It really makes a difference in my layouts. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

From Brandi:
No trapped space – thank you Cathy Zielske :)

From Colleen:
Common margins, baby! Iterated so many years ago on yearbook staff, and reiterated by the one and only CZ (cue chorus of angels). This sounds like a great compliment to FPF. :-)

From Robin:
My best advice is to enjoy yourself and don’t worry about whether every page is as good as the “pros”. I’m not a graphic designer or artist and my pages will never be published anywhere but it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy getting my pictures on a page and just be happy with that!!! I don’t have to follow anybody elses rules.

From Julie:
The visual triangle is probably the best design tip I learned. My layouts come together much easier when I keep the triangle in mind!

From Susan:
Everything counts (blogging, scrapping, FBing, etc). [Another of my personal mantras!]

From Falwyn:
I love Elizabeth Dillow’s work! And I’d love to take her class.

One of the best design tips I’ve ever used is contrast. Whether it’s contrast in font size, photo size, element size, color… it’s a great way to emphasize things. ;)

From Rheanne:
The best advice that i ever received was to let my page age. look at it for a couple of days before adding anything else. now when I do that I realize what I have is great and doesn’t need another thing

From Jeannie:
The best advice I’ve ever gotten was in a BPC class with Karen Gruenburg and that is to take the time to find your style and what you like and stick with it. It helps with purchasing product as well as creating layouts.

From Chrissy:
It doesn’t matter if you repeat the same design over and over…as long as you’ve picked a good to start with. it adds a sense of balance to your over all work.

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