Introducing …

Dance of the Eagles.
A water ballet (of sorts.)

We’ve spent the whole day together.
Ate pancakes for breakfast.
Got a new family picture taken.
Went for a nice long hike (at least long for my crew.)
Did some back-to-school shopping at Ross.
and Lunched at Panda Express.

Then, Geoff, Chase and Addie went one way to shop for a new mattress and Clark, Trey, Taft and I stopped by Value Village and Goodwill to peruse their T-shirt selections. Finished it all off with some FroYo (we have TWO new locations for frozen yogurt) and returned home to hang out, as pictured above.

I will miss Summer.

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to comment and share your experiences.
I appreciate your support.


  1. LOL, that is very, very fun. Sounds like a terrific family day. Big hugs on yesterday’s post too…whatever you put out there, is enough and is going to make me very happy to share it!

  2. I’ll miss summer some, but am looking forward to Fall. It means the bright, bold colors in the trees. The crisp snap in the air. The crunch of leaves underfoot. Fall is a beautiful time to take walks without the sweat and bugs biting. Plus there’s all the school activities in September, the local Septemberfest Carnival, town days, and Halloween to look forward to!

  3. Oh I am looking forward to Summer. One thing about reading American blogs is that as you start lamenting the loss of Summer I can start looking forward to my favourite season, Spring.
    Baby animals born, spring flowers, my birthday. I love Spring. Glad to have you back Stacy. I am in total overwhelm myself and I don’t have children yet! I seriously think you’re super woman and need to take time !!!

  4. How awesome is your inground trampoline! I did not even know you could do that! I guess it is not as fun in the winter.

  5. Two blog posts in two days — you’re on fire! My girls and the girls next door can NOT go on the trampoline without water being on! Back to school Wednesday 31 here, and to me that signals the end of summer :( I always say goodbye summer, I’ll miss you.

  6. Spokane has Panda Express? My mom and I discovered it this summer in Las Vegas. Next time I’m in Spokane I’ll have to look for it!

  7. What a wonderful day with your family! I am very much looking forward to fall weather but wish kindergarten started later so we could enjoy the picnics and bike riding a bit more. I miss my girl during the day.

    Love the sunken trampoline. What a great idea!

  8. Hi Stacy, I’m a long time fan though I’ve never commented on here. I just wanted to tell you that my neighbor and I were talking about scrapbooking and people the other day and she told me that she was in your Ward in Washington! I about died just thinking that I know someone who knows you! I think I was even a bit star struck! :) Katie London is my neighbor, she says you are awesome too! ;)

    • Emily,
      I just checked out your website — it’s adorable and what a wonderful idea. I’m going to help spread the word! Which ward is Katie referring to. I’d love to figure out who she is and when I was in her ward!

  9. Love those photos of the water ballet – I’ll have to show my girls tomorrow morning. We’re on water restrictions her so come summer there are no sprinklers/water to go with the tramopoline. Sounds like a fun day today. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Time with family is just so precious

  11. Love these photos! And the sunken trampoline is *brilliant* — this may be the solution to kids want vs. mommy paranoia about broken limbs :-D

  12. Brenda in Sunny SoCal says:

    My kids have only been at school 3 days and I already cannot wait for the next break

  13. Love the sunken trampoline!! It’s so hard to bury anything deep here in FL w/ the sandy soil & water level. Ours just has the netting therefore. :( Looks SO much better buried! LOL

    Know what you mean about summer. It’s hard to send them off with all the fun Summer brings…for them and me! Life passes by so quickly. Thank heavens for scrapbooking to savor it all again and again.

  14. Vicki Boutin says:

    Love it!!!!

  15. Love the Eagle Water Ballet photos. Too much fun. The sunken in trampoline is a fantastic idea! What I noticed most about the photos is that your backyard is so full of color. It’s so you! Thanks for sharing!

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