it’s been so long …

I feel I should introduce myself.

I used to blog here regularly, but I’ve been swept away by a whirlwind of summer activity and there have been days in which I have completely forgotten about this online extension of myself. Someday soon I will blog a health update. I am slowly but surely recovering and regaining energy and strength and I’ll share how that is happening, but that and other experiences seem to be pointing me in the direction of some life changes. I’m feeling like I want to perhaps reinvent some aspects of my life (and my blog.) For a long time I have wanted to Go-Go-Go and I have found new ideas and projects as well as deadlines both motivating and energizing. This isn’t the case as often as it used to be. I’m more careful as I consider new projects and in truth, I have discovered that when faced with two or more options for moving work-related projects forward there is this wonderful third option called a nap that is both enjoyable and refreshing. I still think of all sorts of things I could blog about, but then the task of taking pictures or sitting down to write or looking up links just doesn’t sound like fun, so I don’t do it. Seriously, I’ve created a number of scrapbook pages for my recently completed Finding Photo Freedom class that I could easily share, but I’m kinda sorta not that enamored with the idea of “publishing” everything I do. There are books I want to read and places I want to wander and projects in my house I want to tackle. I haven’t ridden my scooter much this summer and that doesn’t seem Ok. I wonder if sending my first child away to live on his own, doesn’t have something to do with my shift in priorities. I’d love to hear from other mothers who have passed this milestone–yes, I have four other children at home and the little princess has a lot of growing up yet to do, but the very fact that one of my children has left and is leaving again soon has definitely caught me off guard and caused some introspection regarding my time.

At my core, I’m still the same girl I was. I’m simply choosing to allow life experiences to shift some things and I’m trying to accept it all wholeheartedly.

Since I have finished teaching Photo Freedom, I’ll have a bit more discretionary time. We’ll see how the blog thing plays out, in light of that. I absolutely want to blog, and I miss posting on the I Love Color and Sprinkles pages. I can feel the energy for those two pieces of my blog coming back and I’m happy about that. If there are particular things that you most enjoy reading on my blog, I wish you’d tell me.

I am eager to finish up some other very-close-to-done classes at BPC and I’m envisioning a new, longer class as well.
Anyway, just thought I’d better check in and prove that I am here and working both professionally and personally.

If you made it this far, I’m officially impressed.


  1. always love to read what is going on in your world, stacy. wish i could identify something in particular for you, but it really just boils down to being encouraged when i see another mom experiencing her life fully with an attitude of gratitude. i say enjoy each day. do what works for you and your crew. and if you feel like napping, embrace the inclination!

  2. Hi Stacy. A child leaving home doesn’t really get easier – from my experience. It is life-changing, but natural and healthy. I have missed reading your blog updates. Change is good, but hard at times. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  3. I enjoy just about anything you care to share Stacy, largely because it is always so authentic.

    As for the college thing… my oldest is now in her senior year of college – she just left on Sunday. My younger two are starting their senior year in high school. I cried the entire way home (3 hour drive) the first time we dropped Sarah off at college. It does get easier when your child being away slowly becomes your new “normal” over time. And then when you see how eager your child is to be an adult and out on her (or his) own, you’ll be bursting with pride and be wishing that child all the best at the same time that your heart is breaking knowing that life will never be the same again. You just have to trust in your heart that you did the best you could. This is the natural progression. The way it is supposed to be. I’m looking forward to our children taking the world by storm and making their impact!

  4. Melissa Bissenden says:

    Glad to see you’re alive and well. You are one of the busiest Mom’s I know so I love that you are deciding what you want to do and not letting “stuff” dictate your schedule. I miss reading about your life, that my connection to my cool cousin, but I’m glad you’re making yourself happy. I say, nap away…:)

  5. Hi Stacy — I love posts like this one. Posts that are about you as a person, bc I like YOU. I mean I like hearing about your family and your products and your ideas, but I like YOU too.

    I also like Q&A posts, esp about LOM, and I like seeing your scrapbook pages and posts about the process of your scrapbooking.

    Anyway it is always nice to “hear” from you!

  6. Glad to hear from you! I look forward to your blog posts, but am glad you are realizing there are more important things for your life that need doing first.

  7. We miss you. I do really like the color page as a great place to trigger ideas. Hope you are happy and feeling well.

  8. How could we not finish reading this post you know we LOVE you!! No worries we shall be here & as long as we get something (like the tweets) we are are gonna be right here excited for everything you share! :) Can’t wait to see what you have for us. P.S. I think this has been the busiest Summer for everyone but in a good way its good to step back and enjoy right!

  9. I love reading you in general. Whether its about some cute thing you founfd. New routines you are trying. Whatever. I do not yet understand a child moving out but can’t even imagine. I look forward to new classes.

  10. Life is an evolution and children leaving home is a major part of that. You survive it day by day and spend the sad times focusing on what the new relationship is going to be like. When my daughter went to college out of state, we started sending a journal back and forth – she’d write and doodle in it and send it back. i would write in it and send it back to her. Getting it was a highlight of my week! It is now a cherished heirloom and fight over who gets custody. She is 30 now and we still have one going back and forth as she still lives far away.
    So embrace the evolution – it’s going to be ok!

    • Love the idea of an exchange journal — that’s cool. Pretty sure it wouldn’t work with this boy, but I’ll tuck that idea away for another day and another child!

      • This is also a wonderful idea even for teens in the same house as you. Sometimes they don’t want to talk to you but may write it down and sometimes they don’t want to hear what you are saying (even when complimenting them etc.) but they will read it when ready. Have heard of this idea and am tucking it away in case my DD and I need this form of connection in the future.

        Stacy – be kind to yourself. We all appreciate your blog so much but will be happy with whatever you have to offer when you feel able. Little snippets or quotes or ideas can be enough.

  11. Don’t worry about the blog (though we do miss you!). Enjoy the summer activity and the little things in life! Have a great time and we’ll be here waiting for when you return.

  12. I read this on the day I sent my youngest son off to his Junior year of high school, wondering where the years went. My oldest son is married, and my middle son graduated from college this past May. Over the past few years, I’ve asked myself often, “where did the years go?” The bottom line is that they go too fast, and once they are passed, we can’t have them back. There are no “do-overs” in this part of life, which makes it all the more important to live each day to it’s fullest, capture the moments as we can, and if it gives us pleasure, record those memories to relive again.

    How many times do we see the tagline … “life is not a race”, and yet we’re all gunnin’ for the finish line. There are certain moments, or milestones in life, that cause us to reflect, and slow down. You just crossed one of yours. Best wishes as you continue on … enjoy!

  13. No worries… we all have the life.. We make time to creative or not. Other than enjoy checking blogs etc. Now pinterest, twitter. And more. With children too

    Always something in our life.

    Don’t worry… be happy! :)

  14. I missed you while you were gone, but am glad to see that you are ok. We are at the same point in life, you and I, and I completely understand what your post was trying to convey. Whatever you decide to write, I will read, and whatever you decide to teach, I will probably take, but there are no rules and no shoulds. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to a friend.

    The whole college thing is kind of a grieving process and will take time. It doesn’t get easier with the other children, but it will be different. What is different is how you learn to cope with the changes. You will find what works for you and for your family. You will be okay.

    • Well said, Helen! I agree.

      “Be as kind to yourself as you would be to a friend.”

      “It doesn’t get easier with other children, but it will be different.” I just took my daughter 16 hrs. away to college and the next day took my older son to college to meet his future in-laws. Today . . . I am trying to “be as kind to yourself as you would be to a friend.”

  15. I’ve missed you, but you have my wholehearted support. :)

  16. I was so jealous of my first son when he left for college(BYU), he is now graduated, RM, husband and a dad. We had just moved to Virginia from sunny Arizona, which I dearly loved. I wanted to be anywhere but VA but I had 5 other kids I had to be strong for as they also where making the adjustments from the move. I put him on a plane to Utah and cried all the way home and went right back to bed, pulled the covers over my head and cried. My 16 year old daughter came in to see if I was ok. She asked me “Are you going to be this way when I leave”. I pulled her close and said “I sure hope so”. When she left for the first time I cried even harder than with my son. She left again just this morning for the drive across the country (USU) and it does get a little easier. I didn’t cry this morning but I am now. It is all good but man it is a bitter/sweet feeling. Wait until you sent him off on his mission, you miss them so much but know you prayed for this his whole life.

    Naps where made for moms, take them!!!!!!

  17. Children leaving the nest is hard, sad and all that stuff BUT it is also VERY freeing! 2 out of my 4, have their own families now with 2 still at home. When my oldest daugther left for college I thought I was going to fall apart. All I am and all I have ever wanted to be is a Mom, not always easy but the benifits have been wonderful. Something hit me when she had been gone for about a month, she got the flu – thousand miles away and I couldn’t do anything for her, I relized she had to take care of herself and there wasn’t anything I could do. It was her choice to move out of state for school and to take on the responsibitlites of taking care of herself. This flash of a moment for me also revealed that I was no longer responsible for her discipline if she made a mistake she had to take care of it. The ONLY thing I would do differantly if I could turn back in time…….when she declined her full ride scholarship because she didn’t want to follow through with the commitment of it, I shouldn’t have allowed my husband to co sign a loan. EVERYTHING in you is going to want to be there and take care of him when he goes out on his own. You have to TRUST that you raised him to know right from wrong and accept him when he makes mistakes BUT don’t rescue, it will only hurt in the long run… me! Move from a Parent/ Child relationship to a Adult/ Adult relationship because it is wonderful!! My 2 on their own are some of my best friends, even when I am asked for advice they listen and know I am okay if they don’t take it. You are going to grow! Let your blog be your outlet when you need one because you will. Juel~Spokane, WA

  18. So happy to see your post today!

    While I love checking in on you everday, as this site is my Home Page currently, I sometimes feel like I need to take a nap after reading about all your Go-Go-Going. So, while I love to be inpsired by your creativity and energy, I also LOOOOOVE naps, so I understand your conflict and LOVE that you are choosing to nap occassionally over keeping me entertained!! Yay for the shift!

    I have to admit I am most inspired by the Sprinkles section of your blog. I am also most inspired by your everyday posts. When you capture moments of your life and share your thoughts with us. I am so overwhelmed with photos and memories that I want to scrap and ideas for how to do it that I’m often paralyzed from actually making it all come together…even WITH 3 years of LOM under my belt! To see that you, too, even with all your success and industrial creativity, you, too, have your ups and downs and days you can’t make it happen. But, you also inspire me to stop, smell the roses, capture a moment…with myself, with my kids, with my life…and file it away for later recall. And ever since I started reading this blog and taking your LOM classes, I’ve appreciated MORE that life has to offer and at LEAST I’m smelling the roses and not bypassing them unawares!

    Go…take your nap…come back less often, but more refreshed…you will always INSPIRE us no matter how often you blog!

  19. DS#1 is going into his second year of college and this was the first summer he decided to stay there to work. Talk about milestones. I feel a deep spiritual connection to him so it doesn’t bother me that much that he’s happy somewhere away from me, but dh needs the physical connection so it’s been hard on him. It will be hard at first, but all you have to do is remember this is his right of passage and if he’s happy, all is good. Just establish ground rules that when you do get to see him, he must allow as many hugs as you want to give.

    As for the blog, take your time. You’ll always have a ready audience.


  20. Stephanie T says:

    GOOD for you, Stacy! I’m 52 years old and can relate to just about everything in your post. Take time–enjoy your younger ones, and enjoy hearing about Clark’s adventures–we sometimes find ourselves moving way too fast, and it takes courage to put on the brakes.

  21. My children are all adults but my oldest gs is going into his junior yr of hs and I see the man emerging and becoming so independent.

    I do understand the shifting of priorities even without any health issues. I’m a real extrovert but more and more I need alone time. I’m sure that is a 60s issue but it still feels a bit odd for me. If there’s life there’s change!

  22. Stacy, love your blog and you are so inspiring to me, please don’t ever go away. Maybe some sort of monthly idea for all of us would not be too challenging or taxing for you and would be great for all of your fans?

  23. Welcome Back! Missed you, but figured that your house was especially busy over the summer. Yes, I do like your SPRINKLES… they make me smile, as well as think about things that normally slip my busy mind.

  24. Glad to hear to you back in the saddle.
    I hope your Girl Group Volunteer job has come to an end? It sounds like it was draining you! If you are a vessel…you can only hold so much, and then it starts to leak out the bottom….uncontrollably….and leads to that panicky feeling, ya know?

  25. So glad to see you peep into blogland! The last couple of weeks have been crazy here, too, and I simply had to clean out my Google Reader this morning and start fresh with new posts! It felt totally liberating! :>)

  26. I’m so glad you are feeling better and taking naps. After my illness a few years ago I too had to cope with a shift in how much I could take on, decided that if the sight of me sitting down was such a shock to everyone I should do it more often…

    Hope Clark is coping/enjoying his new life – are you texting/skyping? I know those things have helped other families stay connected.

    It’s bittersweet for me, my special need eldest won’t be moving out any time soon, which is best for him, but to see all his age mates leaving and spreading their wings :sigh: Whilst my youngest is a senior this year (although she’s adding another year for more bits of paper next year) and I’m happy to know we’ve got one more year together before she flies.

    Enjoyed PF/LOM again this year and planning on working through all the handouts etc. that just didn’t get done yet during the autumn. Enjoy that princess! :)

  27. Stacy… even if you only blogged once a month… i would still check in! Stick with tweeting.. you are sooo right to breathe and spend more time doing other things!!!

  28. Madeline St Onge says:

    So happy to see you blogging again, was wondering if all was OK with you and your health.
    Happyn to see you are OK

  29. KristiGilbert says:

    Glad to see you’re alive & well and surviving a smaller (not empty!) nest! I think you should not worry about your faithful blog readers…we’ll be here whenever you feel like blogging, and until then, just do what you want to do and what feels restorative to your soul. We miss you, but we’ll still be around when you come back! Also, glad to hear you have some BPC projects in the works. : )

  30. Rebecca B says:

    So glad you’re doing better healthwise! And YAY for finishing Photo Freedom. I took it as an alumni for the 3rd time, and made great progress. Even though we moved this summer, for the 4th time in 3 years (with five kids under 9!) I still managed to do a little more on my LOM. I made a school of life file box, which was super helpful during the move so I had a place to put stuff! Plus I made square punch picture drawers, which are super fun, and I organized old family portraits. After we moved into our new home, I had a rough time emotionally. I also had a horrible feeling of “my kids are growing up and I’m spending all this time packing & unpacking instead of spending time with them” and so I scrapbooked. It helped. :)

    One last thing, last week we took a trip and my husband’s grandfather, age 94, got to meet our baby for the first time. They spent several minutes interacting and then grandpa sang “A Bushel and a Peck” to him, and it reminded me of you because it was on one of your pages that I first heard of that song. I wish I had video of that tender moment, but I do have some pictures that I can combine with the story. Thanks for all your time sharing & teaching, it’s truly made my life better!!! :):)

    • Rebecca,
      I’m love hearing from you and I’m so delighted that great grandfather knows my favorite tuck-in song. Make sure you share that page with me when you get it done!

  31. I missed finding you on your ‘blog’ but I have always wondered how on earth people can ‘blog’ day after day…which I admire them for. So, I think it is very healthy to do what you want. After my first child left and now leaves again for a year in Germany, nothing changed except we now need more money for college expenses. So, I will be going back to work…and therein lies my ‘problem’…what will that be? Thus, changes are coming… which happens to everyone. I say, “Go with the flow”.

  32. Jan in AZ says:

    I hope that you will continue to blog, however often you can. I appreciate your perspective, your “realness” (is that a word? I guess it is now!) and just how much you are able to share, letting all of us who are moms see just how much we have in common.

    My “baby” leaves next week for her senior year in college. I am excited for the wonderful year I know she’ll have, and for all the amazing growing-into-womanhood she has done these past three years. I miss her like crazy, but we talk, text and Skype often, plus I can look forward to next spring, when she plans to come back to this side of the country to live.

    Thanks for all you do for all of us out here. I suspect you underestimate your impact.

  33. Amanda M. says:

    Finding Photo Freedom was amazing, so thank you for all the effort you put in. OMG, the videos. I still am in awe. I hope you get/got a lot of satisfaction knowing how well done the class was.
    Also, and I am sure you do KNOW this, you are so so so lucky to be able to write, “I have discovered that when faced with two or more options for moving work-related projects forward there is this wonderful third option called a nap that is both enjoyable and refreshing.” Me too. I wish I had the kind of job where I could nap instead of moving projects forward. I work so hard at my job, and I wish I could take a nap, but I work in an office, with a boss, and that is simply not an option. Too demanding. I wish that for my Mom, who is 64 and still working full-time and BADLY needs to nap during the workday, but can’t because she works in a demanding, full-time job. So, the next time you do nap, I hope you nap for all of us! It sounds so luxurious!
    I enjoy reading about your personal journey to health on this blog, and also enjoy seeing scrapbook pages/projects, the color videos. But, if you decide not to do those things, that’s great too. Good luck as you move forward!

    • Amanda,
      You are so right — we should all be able to take a 20 minute nap in the early afternoon! I need to remember that will all the stress, I do have a great amount of freedom in my work. Thanks for the nudge.

  34. I’m so happy to hear from you again! It’s like we’re missing a friend when we don’t hear your perspective.

    I’m grateful for your honesty. It helps me with changes that are going on in my life circumstances. Change is hard–especially change that involves slowing down when one is used to going a hundred miles an hour–not to mention that it is hard because our society admires the mover a lot more than the relaxer. Good job on learning to know yourself and your family’s needs better.

    And, I love I Love Color and Sprinkles. I’ll be glad to get some more inspiration. Thank you!

  35. Stacy, I’ve so appreciated your work through the years. You have changed the way I scrapbook and keep my memories, I will always be grateful to you for your vision in that area. We are all human, and you do need to take care of yourself, first and foremost. I wish you strength and wisdom as you adjust to daily life without your son in the house. I love reading your blog, as I find your writing inspirational and fully “real”. I will keep reading, even if you’re only here every so often! I especially enjoy your posts about managing daily life, and that it’s okay that we are not superwomen. We cannot do it all, but it’s often hard for me to remember that. You help me to remember to be proud of myself. Take care of yourself :)

  36. I think summer did a number on us all! I’ve also made a new commitment to blogging, not to mention CALLING my friends and SEEING them! Gone are the days of summer laziness (or BUSY-NESS) and now it’s back to structure, exercise, and getting my SCRAPBOOK ROOM completed! I couldn’t be happier.

    Hope to hear from you soon, you’re inspiring!

  37. I had four babies in five years and starting in 1987, my life has been full and busy and sometimes hectic but fun. Last fall my youngest child joined her sibs away at college. My oldest child decided to go to med school so for last year and this year, all four kids have been in college (and of course, they would choose four different colleges). Thank God they were smart and all have academic scholarships and all even have had sports scholarships at times. The youngest is the only one still playing sports. However, I too have been very self reflecting this past year and I see it starting again now that the youngest has returned to school. In addition my husband had changed jobs and has been traveling more & more with his new job. So I have had lots of evening hours home alone, makings lists, scrapbooking, and thinking about who I am now and who I want to be. I was chief cook, bottle (then uniform) washer, taxi driver and family photographer for soooo many years, trying to work part time along the way to help with finances. Now I work a full time job, come home, exercise, and come home to an empty house. Sometimes I just sit, so I took a class at BP and started organizing my photos. Well if that wasn’t the saddest thing in the world, me boo hooing night after night over pictures of the babies that have flown from the nest. Sometimes I let myself wallow, sometimes I make myself do certain things like clean the bathroom, but I remind myself every day that I did not raise them to live in my basement their entire lives. I remind myself how much fun I had in college. We try to make as many volleyball games we can on the weekends, and usually one or more sibs are close enough that we get together. My mission now is the feed the hungry (college kids are always hungry) and fill a gas tank or two. I told myself I want to enjoy every phase of their lives. So enjoy it all, wallow sometimes, nap when you need to, cry over baby pictures sometimes, clean the bathroom sometimes and remind yourself how much fun your son is having becoming the man you and God want him to be.

  38. As someone said, be as kind to yourself as you would to a friend! You give so much – I know, I’ve read your books, taken a few of your classes over the years – and you have so much still to give, and to be. However, you don’t have to be all of that today! Change definitely causes us to analyze what we’re doing and how well it’s working for us.

    I just dropped off my 3rd child at college this week. Even though I have two married kids, it’s hitting me particularly hard to see only two of my offspring at the kitchen table, or in the car, or at prayers. Things keep reminding me of him and the talks we had before he left. I lost my dad earlier this summer, so I think I’m just a bit more emotional right now. However, being in my crafting studio is actually helping! I’d been on a creative hiatus for a long time, and the changes I’ve been through have led me to place even more value on capturing moments that matter.

  39. Like my Dad taught me…you can do ANYTHING you want…but you can’t do EVERYTHING you want. You must pick and choose. So pick wisely.
    I find that to be true. At least, I find that to be true – by seasons…pacing and doing the right things in the right season has been very rewarding.
    Enjoy this season.
    Really Stacy.
    ENJOY this – this very day – this very year – season.
    You are such a star…I love knowing you.

  40. So happy to see a blog post from you; have missed you. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to have a child leave home as mine are 9 & 4. I bet it must be life-changing. I would love to see pics of your new studio/craft room. Also would love to know what you did with the 180 days project you were working on while your oldest was in his last year of high school. And finally, would love to know what’s giving you more energy b/c I need some of that! Thanks for all the sharing you do with us readers. Hope to “see” you around here a little more often.

  41. Anything you feel like sharing with us is always welcome. But as a mother of 5 whose baby is a senior in HS, I understand the need to slow down, step back, relax, and enjoy.
    And those 20 minutes naps? Priceless. I’m heading for one right now. As my husband says- See you when I see you.

  42. In the sage words of our newfound wordy friend “BIF”:
    That BIF, he’s very wise.

    We love ya!
    Rhonda H in AR (mom2h)

  43. Hear every word/feeling. Summers make me want to stop – like the sign we put up on our front door – ‘we’re out back by our pool’. The world is at my front door knocking wanting to keep coming in at its frantic pace and me, I’m out back watching the kids laugh and relishing the waning days of summer/their time here.
    My oldest just called – we moved him to his NYC ‘dorm’ this weekend and I’ve have been too busy with other relatives/friends staying here and the commotion of the outside world events that I haven’t had a moment of quiet to wonder where he is in the quiet… Took a photo of his desk before I moved my stuff to it so I can have a desk spot. Made sure to keep all his post-it notes up so I can look at them.
    I’m learning too – finally took my step out and got a smart phone so I can stay connected to him. Doing some other scary steps in other areas that I have to deal with now that he isn’t here to take care of – that were his jobs… I think of it as my 1/2 of the responsibility to take chances and face unknowns like he is.
    The word my friends keep telling me is Bittersweet.

  44. michaelann says:

    Anytime is find myself thinking “I should…”, I know I shouldn’t! Love your blog. Will read anything you post. Again, take care of you. Your the only one that truly knows how to take care of you.

  45. My summer has been wrapped up with getting my 3rd child ready for college. We just dropped him off at WSU last week. I managed to make it home without sobbing but my heart literally feels as if someone has ripped off a piece and I have left it in Pullman! I agree with many other commenters that this is a very bittersweet time. I know he needs to go but he has been near me for 18 years and now he isn’t. He has however called every day and we have talked more on the phone in the last 5 days than we ever have before!

    The house is so quiet now with only my last daughter here and she’s in 10th grade and getting very independent. My other 2 go to college in Seattle so they are closer and we see them a couple times a month. I am learning to enjoy them as adults and trying not to “parent” them too much. That is a tricky transition too!

    I like the comments to treat yourself gently and nap when necessary…that is definitely true! Slowing down is also just a natural part of life. All the rushing to do and go and accomplish somehow seems less important as I get older. Spending time appreciating life and my family and friends seems more important.

    I hope that you will come to find a good balance for you, family, work , quiet time and hopefully inspiring all your blog readers with your stories and insights. thanks

  46. I love your blog! I like to read your Friday five. I love reading about your sweet family. Your blog is always happy and colorful.

    I cried off and on for a week when my daughter left home. She has finally moved back to the same state I’m in . . . so I am happy, now!

  47. Kirsten J says:

    Hey Stacy – have to tell you, my oldest is at college…starting his 3rd year at UW. It totally shifted the dynamic of our family when he left, not just groceries and laundry, but you name it, it changed. And I remember feeling so lost when I walked past his empty room late at night when I’d go to check on the kids…I had a personal pity party for a few years. You kinda get used to it, but my situation is unusual, because we’re in Issaquah, so barely 1/2 hour away. For instance, the other morning I got up, went into my craftroom and noticed his bedroom door was closed “hmmm…I don’t remember closing that….a breeze maybe?” and sat down, checked my messages and he had texted me at 11 the night before that he was getting a ride home that night. Don’t know when he came in, but my boy was safe and sound in his own bed, unbeknownst to me! So it changes daily, he’s here, and he’s gone, in and out, which kind of messes with my head, but I love it. Glad my youngest is 11 so I have a few years of her to enjoy….
    And excuse me….Miss?….you could blog about anything and I’d eat it up. Just like I could listen to James Earl Jones read the phone book, I’d read your thoughts on anything :)

  48. If I was to chose only ONE thing about your blog, it would have to be the Five for Fridays. Where do I begin with how much it has influenced my life???! We have made cake pops, chore charts, bought shoes, camera straps, pens, markers, scrapping supplies, photo albums, yogurt, breakfast parfaits, tried new foods, new brownies, brownie pans (haha!). And those are just the things I can REMEMBER to thank you for!

    Aside from that? Knowing you are very busy in your life, and still scrapbook (even if we don’t see your every single page, cuz hey, we aren’t really voyeurs, just hungry to see that you really do keep it simple.)

    Whatever your decision–my family and I have been blessed by what has been.

  49. Stacy, thank you for allowing me to watch you from afar amd benefit from it. By the way, I just woke up from a nap! It was so needed! You’d think I was the one who went back to school today! Ha!

    Like you, I have so many things on my list that I want to do, and then there are the things that I need to do. I’m not sure how they will ever get done! I had such great expectations for this summer, one of which included taking your class. Well, summer came at me with a bang, and I am still wondering where it went! Sadly, I think I am on lesson 2 in your class, and I will have to muddle through it on my own now because it didn’t happen this summer. But a lot of other great things happened this summer, and I should count my blessings for that. I appreciate you sharing the struggles with managing your “have to’s” and “want to’s” and hope that you can find a balance, too.

    As for the kids leaving, it is a strange thing. You want them to grow and develop and have wonderful experiences at college, but it is still hard to watch them actually do it! How can my kids be going to college? I still remember clearly when I started at BYU–it wasn’t THAT long ago. Okay, so I did get married, graduate, work, and have 4 kids, I guess those years add up, and now it is their turn to do all of that. Weird, isn’t it. We find that it helps to call and talk to our son regularly. Last semester, we had many late night texting conversations. As I got ready for bed, I’d text him and ask how his day went. It was a simple way to stay in touch. Texting and phone calls helped us to stay connected. Good luck with everything! Hugs!

  50. Debbie Watson says:

    I’m no doctor but at 57 I feel qualified to officially diagnos you as NORMAL! As our energy decreases, things must be cut to maintain the same quality of life. I suggest you write out a list of your priorities and then draw a line wherever you feel comfortable. Anything under the line is gravy if and when you get to it:) Don’t feel guilty when you can’t do it all. Guilt is highly overated:)

  51. Stacy, thanks so much for the Finding Photo Freedom class. I actually made a layout for myself last weekend after finishing the class! It’s the first one I’ve made in ten years! And I have two more in mind for this weekend. It feels amazing! The Write Now class is also sparking ideas for more layouts. I am so blessed to have found BPC. What a great gift you have given us.

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to have a child leave your home as I am 50 and childless. All I can think is how lucky you are to have had them for that long. I watch my nieces and nephews and marvel at the job their parents have done in raising them. They are so strong and confident as I imagine your children are.

    Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your life with us. It helps to know others are happy and yet have struggles just like I do. As for your blog, I live Sprinkles and anything you want to write about. I have found all kinds of products, ideas and inspiration from your blog.

    Thanks again (and keep napping). :)

  52. So glad you are well! Have missed your posts. What do I like best about your blog? Let’s see? That your fun, you put fun into everyday things in simple, doable ways. And when you are not having fun, you let us know, your real and I love that.

  53. I’ve missed you! I love reading your Friday Five and updates about your family. Your reflections about your life motivate me to reflect on my life. I understand losing the joy of something you’ve enjoyed in the past, but I sure hope your blogging love comes back.

  54. I am looking forward to whatever you decide to share about getting well. I am close to your age and am having some health issues myself that aren’t super serious, but very annoying and frustrating. I too am making some lifestyle changes and priority shifts. Our oldest son has been out on a mission for 1 month and I am really struggling somedays. I also have 4 still at home, all boys and our next son will leave on his mission in a year.

    I’m not sure I’m ready for all these family changes, but I’d better figure it out! Best of luck to you as you figure it out as well!!

  55. Summer is a time to be a little lazy, so enjoy what’s left of it and the rest will Fall into place. ;-)

  56. The word that jumped out at me when I read this – SCOOTER! That sounds like so much fun; just the thought makes me smile. :)

  57. Im a long time reader of your blog and have always wondered how you do it all! I have a son who will be a senior in college and a daughter 17. I love taking pictures and having memories – but just don’t feel the need to document everything as it it happening. Just live your life – be with your kids and family. IT GOES SO FAST! Take those pictures and I believe when our kids are off to their own lives – we will have all kinds of time to document those memories. I am inspired by your keep it simple philosophy and style – so keep with that! Thanks for being you.

  58. Sometimes it’s okay for a break, a nap, and a refresh. We’ll be here for you when you are ready. :)

  59. Hello Stacy :) Please post more about your Project 180 – I’m creating the framework for mine now – it will be a bit different as my children are younger than your senior – and I’m thinking about using page protectors that fit 3 4×6 photos in a notebook sized book. Getting started now and want to know how yours turned out and if you have any recommendations of how you’d do it differently next time or if you’d do it exactly the same again? :) Katie Scott.

  60. I love posts like this. So meditative and thoughtful. It’s always nice to see that life is a journey where we are constantly adjusting, rearranging, reflecting. I feel like I don’t often take the time to do that, so I pray that you get to. It is so refreshing. I’d love to see how you do it. I only have two kids, who are not into much yet, so to have five and such a span of ages, and with all the activities and things I imagine they are into and all the juggling that goes into that…I’m very interested in how that works! Plus, I’ve seen glimpses of your systems in blog posts and I’d love to see more. Like, you once had a drawer for every person? To stash their stuff in? The clipboards. The entryway drawer. Things like that. The little systems that you have come up with to make your life easier. I’d love if you shared those. Maybe as you go through some of those projects you want to tackle, or rearrange some areas in life, you will be inspired to share some of those aspects. I also love the sprinkles that you do to make your life special. The napkin story…It encourages me to do the same for my family and it’s not something that comes naturally for me. Or, a big question I have for you is how does your family feel with you being so open about them and your life in the scrapbook industry? Do they mind? Find it cool? That would be an interesting post to me.
    Really, though, this is your blog! I want for you to be inspired in life and I believe that connection to the people in your life is more important than keeping up a blog to keep us happy! I’ll be here when you are inspired to write, and whatever you write will have an impact. No matter what it is. =)

  61. It’s good to hear from you again Stacy. No matter what you write or how often you write, I always find inspiration from you…thanks for sharing your heart and talents whenever you feel moved to do so.

    I would love to hear more details about your Finding Photo Freedom (going self-paced) class.

    I feel your pain about “cutting the apron strings” with your firstborn. Our firstborn is heading off to college next week as well. It’s very difficult for me to wrap my head around this life change. I’ve been an emotional mess, all the while not wanting to quench her excitement about this next chapter in her life.

    I continue to lift you up in my daily prayers, as I too have struggled through some health issues over the past couple of years. I love that you give yourself permission to opt for a nap.

    Many blessings….

  62. It’s good to hear from you Stacy! It’s always hardest to let the oldest child leave home. (I have 5 children, too.) It does get easier because I think you find more of yourself with each child that leaves. Some of the things you ‘put away’ when you had children, you can enjoy again – like more 1 on 1 time with your hubby. : ) As I face our last child getting married in a couple of weeks, I am making yet another change. Evidently, God wants us to keep making changes and finding more and more of ourselves as time moves on. Hang in there, friend.

  63. looking forward to reading your blog again—
    what I like is the videos —do some more of them for us!

  64. Hi Stacy! Both of my sons are grown, married and living on the opposite side of the country from me. I am so thankful that they are happy, healthy and productive people. Very sad for me as I miss them so much. Taking classes here and immersing myself in creative projects along with meeting great people who share my interests certainly help. I know, however, what you are saying about taking a nap! Its kind of like Lain’s marathon over at MotherLOAD. You’ve been on this journey(“race”) getting Clark ready for his journey into adult life and now that part of your Mom job is done so your body is just telling you to take some time to rest, recharge and re-evaluate where you are at! When you’re ready I’d love to hear more “I Love Color” – I just finished organizing my color baskets in preparation for MotherLOAD and what a difference – I’m actually using my products! Take care!

  65. Change is hard…even if it’s just one of five children leaving the nest. I really enjoy reading your blog-especially your “Sprinkles” posts. Good luck to you.

  66. You can’t do everything. Too keep up with something means you have to let something else slack. Enjoy life! Life’s to short to be stressed out by doing ‘extra’ things in life. I agree with post layouts – sometimes it seems to take so much effort to photograph them and get them to a gallery I’d rather just start on another layout.
    Whenever and whatever you post I’ll be here reading. Take care and keep yourself healthy :)

  67. stephanie says:

    I hear ya! I keep wanting to dip my toes into “more official” blog land and create something more than just a “family ramblings” type website, but I too find myself being pulled in other directions. I think my situation is similar to yours, in that I have two older boys (11 and 9) and one young boy (2). I lived through 6 long years of infertitlity stuff-watching my babies grow too fast for my liking, wishing we could have two or three more little ones to round out the family. When miracle baby finally arrived we were THRILLED! But I know that he is our last and it makes me so sad. I live with that feeling, everyday, that time is passing by too swiftly. The song from Mama Mia, “Slipping Through my Fingers,” constantly drones through my head. It is hard to find a good balance between spending precious time with the boys, keeping up on the household duties and finding the time to recharge my own batteries. I think there is a time and place for everything. I have OFTEN wondered how you are able to keep up with it all? I have been a fan of yours since your fist book, Simple Scrapbooks, hit the stores FOREVER ago. So, I have watched your cute family grow over the years. I am inspired by your adoption story, the cute things you always discover and your general approach to life. I love reading your blog just simply to get a glimpse into your life. Yes, it is fun to see everything you do, but if you kept posting about the occasional happy, life moments and your perspective on them, that is why I come to your blog.

  68. Kimberly Jones says:

    “Been there, Done that, Got the T-Shirt”! My oldest daughter (of 3 girls) went to college three years ago now and it was like there was an earthquake, things shifted, without making much sense. It was a loss for me. I love all three of my girls, unconditionally, but there are 7 years between each, so I have different bonds with each. I was younger with my 1st, she’s a different personality then the others and she was Miss social. All the sudden I went from have 20 kids in my house to 2 girls. None of them are like me but my 1st was really MY friend as much as my daughter. I wasn’t quite as a motivated, I thought I’d have more time, and I did, but I wasn’t doing stuff w/ that time. I’m getting off track. I just wanted to say it gets better (at least some days:). I understand, however I’m not sure what you can do, other than LISTEN to your heart, your body, your head. You give ALOT of yourself. Its OK to step back, work on Stacy for awhile. We will be here and are soo fortunate for having had as much of your time as we have. Sorry for the babbling. Your in my thoughts. xo

  69. STACY!!! my youngest has just entered his senior year of high school (interestingly enough….our last name is Clark, so i feel a little connection there!;))
    Anyway…we love you and accept whatever, whenever, and however you want to share with us parts of your life. Glad to hear your health is improving and it sounds like you are really in-tune with your body now. That’s a good thing. My SIL is the biggest nap fan I know, and she’s proud of it… her for that! There are those days when you just have to STOP, lay down, and close your eyes. Just typing it sounds refreshing to me.
    Hugs and naps are 2 of my most favorite things. (especially from my 17 yr old “baby”) :)

  70. Glad to see you back Stacy…and glad to hear your health is also returning as well. We sure miss you when you’re gone, but understand how life and living it pulls you away. I hope you’ll continue to stick around and remind us all about the simple things that make life so great….and I really hope you’ll share some of your projects. The simple style is still so underrepresented in the commercialized scrapbook world, so seeing your projects always reenergizes my own creativity!

  71. OH, forgot to say what i’d like to see more of. I love it all, but I’d REALLY love information on the 180 (ish) days album you made for Clark. I want to make one for my boy who’s graduating (as i mentioned in my first post) this year. Perhaps you are doing a class, or something and can’t share? If you can…I’d love at least a few tidbits since I’m already into my 180ish days! Love ya! donna

    • Damiane Lucas says:

      Hi Donna,

      I also remember that 180 school days album that Stacy introduced last year around September. We never saw it again after that. I, too, would LOVE to see how that album developed. Even if it wasn’t completed, I would have loved to have seen the progress.

      I hope Stacy decides to share it. It must be gorgeous!

  72. I have three little boys…and some days I wish I could fast forward to the day everyone can just get in the car & buckle their own seatbelt. So I can’t even imagine the day they’ll go to college. Be kind to yourself—you have a foot in each stage, parenting a little girl, little boys/tweens, and a man. Each must have such different needs.

    Thanks to blog readers I never notice when you don’t post, just get a happy surprise when you do. I like your posts about juggling it all, tips on running your home, and keeping memory-keeping a priority.

    Welcome back!

  73. I would love to see more of your creative projects and ideas. I would also like to see some reflective posts like the one today. You inspire me with both kinds of entries!

  74. My father just died last week, and I am reminded again of how short and precious life is. Spend your time in ways that give you joy!

    I have to say I LOVE the Friday Five, just because it is so often random stuff, and always introduces me to new things!

  75. Stacy,
    My situation is similar to yours. I have four girls, and the oldest just started her second year of college. My next oldest is a HS senior, then I have a six year gap to the next one and then 3 more years after that. So, it still feels like a LONG time before all of them will be on their own!

    I do enjoy seeing how my oldest has grown up. I think we are better friends now. It is wonderful to see all that hard work finally come together!

    My second will probably always be my challenge child. I am ready to see reality catch up with her — it is coming!

    It has been so long since I’ve felt I really had TIME to do what needs to be done. I need to delegate more, I think, especially with stuff that needs to be done around the house.

    And I need to be better organized, set goals, and get some of those unfinished projects completed. That includes removing that unfinished project if it is no longer something I really want to do!

  76. Read this today and it made me think of you…
    “I’ve spent quite a lot of time over these winter weeks thinking about just what a well-lived life might look and feel like to me now. A balanced life has a rhythm. But we live in a time, and in a culture, that encourages everyone to just move faster. I’m learning that if I don’t take the time to tune in to my own more deliberate pace, I end up moving to someone else’s, the speed of events around me setting a tempo that leaves me feeling scattered and out of touch with myself. I know now that I can’t write fast; that words, my own thoughts and ideas, come to the surface slowly and in silence. A close relationship with myself requires slowness. Intimacy with my husband and guarded teenage sons requires slowness. A good conversation can’t be hurried, it needs time in which to meander its way to revelation and insight. Even cooking dinner with care and attention is slow work. A thoughtful life is not rushed.”
    From The Gift of an Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison
    Here’s to not rushing!

    • Amen. I’m going to look up this book. thank you.

      • Also get: Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry by the same author. I enjoyed it just as much as The Gift of an Ordinary Day. I did 2 layouts inspired by these books during the last LOAD challenge Lain had.

        • LOVED the Mitten Strings for God!!! Defintely worth the read and thanks for the referral to The Gift of an Ordinary Day.

          Stacy, as others have said, make (and take) the time you need for you and your family. We all love reading or listening to whatever you do but we also understand where the priority should be (and we’ll be waiting patiently when you have the time).

  77. Welcome back Stacy! I just love your whole blog and website. It’s good to know that you are feeling better!

    I have a friend and her oldest son went on his mission last year. I know she had a very hard time with that and now her second child is moving to Utah to attend BYU (we’re from Alberta), so this will be hard for her, too. She will still have two boys at home but they are almost finished high school as well. I haven’t come to this point in my life yet as my kids won’t be finished school for a few years and might not leave home right away. Right now, I can only imagine what it is like to not have one of your children around every day.

    But here’s to happy thoughts and sprinkles and naps (love them!!)! Take care!

  78. Stacy, I hear your struggle. I have 2 children, both are grown…One living here in the same town as my DH and I are; the other in Denmark. I was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia the summer after my DD graduated from college. She got a job in Orlando and, since that’s where we are from originally, and both our families live here, we followed her down a year later. I have a Type A personality and the fibro has thrown me for a loop. I don’t LIKE having to slow down and nap and chill. There is so much in life I want to do!!! However, God has other plans for me and I’m adapting. So, follow your instincts and nap, enjoy your children (I know you already do that!), play with your hubby, nap, watch the clouds go by, look at your scrapbooks, nap, eat chocolate, pray, nap……You get the idea.
    BTW, I’m taking 3 classes at BPC…I’m on Week 4 of FPF, Day 4 of the BIF, and I have not done August’s OLW!!! And I’m okay with that….mostly!
    Thanks for being an inspiration to me in my life. I wish I had access to all these wonderful scrapbookers and our fearless leaders when I had my children at home. However, I appreciate the fact that you all are in my life now. However, if you want to give up the blog for awhile…Just do it!
    Whatever you do, we know…It will be BIG! ;-)

    • Cathy,
      I smiled all the way through this comment. Thank YOU! I so appreciate your wisdom and experience with slowing down.

  79. Stacy, just wanted to say I’ve missed your blogging! Your perspective on the SBing world is refreshing & real. That makes me happy!

    I am almost where you are. My oldest is 16…I can hardly think about her leaving for college in two years. She’s ambitious and wants to GOOOOO and really experience college, so I have this feeling that she’ll be one of those who is gone. Yeah. I can’t stand even thinking about it. I am certain that, for me, it will be a process of finding a new normal, but how will it be “normal” without her around to tease me and make me crazy and get me to buy her sushi?

    Hang in there with your transition. I hope you share some of it with us but I also know that you have to write what feels right.

    And, hope you’re feeling better. I hear you on the nap thing. I love & adore naps and couldn’t function without them, even though I feel selfish…until I fall asleep!

  80. Love the name tag! I miss your blog so much, but I completely understand it’s impossible to “do it all.” My sister has been nagging me to start a blog, but I can’t imagine how I’d find the time. My one-and-only child is starting high school next week, and I’m already a bit queasy when I think that in four short years, I’ll be dropping him off at college.

    Since you asked . . . I am still eager to get a video tour of your upstairs office, and I hope you’ll share Clark’s 180 Days project, too. I love any video you’re in (the “color bins” were favorites), so if it’s easier to talk than write, perhaps you could just turn the camera on yourself more often. :)

    I just finished FPF as an alum. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and inspiration.

  81. Good For YOU!!! I however love reading your blog and am always excited when I see a new post. I just love your out look on motherhood, church callings, scrapbooking, color, sprinkles, and that it is okay to be me and not only scrapbooking my “own” way but also doing things in life on my own terms, I cant help but be inspired after a visit to your blog.

  82. Nice to see a post from you. As much as I love your blog and would love to see more regular posts from you, I encourage you to make sure that you’re fitting in some “me” time and that what you do post is fun for you. Don’t ever forget that there are lots and lots of ways that you’re sharing your great ideas, creativity and energy with us on a very regular basis – whether that’s through teaching BPC classes yourself, networking to find new teachers for BPC classes and working with them to make their classes available to us, presenting the Big Idea Festival (which I’m really enjoying), providing keynotes and contributing in other ways at creative retreats, participating in Paper Clipping Roundtables, and other newer initiatives and broadcasting (can’t remember if it was web-based?) partnerships. You do and share so much with us all. Infrequent blog posts are a necessary by-product of all those other ways of sharing. I like your Friday Five and other posts that feature all your ‘trademark’ energizing bright colours.

  83. Damiane Lucas says:

    Oh, Stacy, since you asked what we’d like to see, I wish to express my thoughts.

    I would LOVE to see more layouts from you — even if they’re old layouts. I own your two books and have followed your blog since 2009. I rarely see scrapbook layouts on your blog, so I’ve lost touch with your style.

    I love your two books, but I wonder if this is all you’ve done. Please, pretty please offer more layouts/scrapbooking inspiration to your blog. Don’t worry if they’re old layouts. I just want to see your scrapbooking style and fall in love all over again with this joyous hobby!

    Much love to you always!

  84. What do I love seeing most on your blog? When you share fun links, of interesting things you’ve found, fun shops, whatever. You find the coolest stuff and I love when you share that with us!!

  85. I have missed your posts Stacy, but I do understand that for everything there is a time, a season. I would love to just see your ideas on projects made easy. I took your “Finish Line Scrapbooking” at an expo and just that class helped me change my scrapbooking style. Don’t focus on “long” blog posts, but just snippets of creative wisdom and suggestions. Take care!

  86. I’m anxious to see the 180 Days album. I first read about it here and since I have heard you talk about it every so often on Paperclipping RT so am excited to get a glimpse of how it has all turned out.

    It’s wonderful to hear about your enjoying your precious family. Take good care!

  87. Many of us expect far too much of ourselves. I, for one, would be very happy to hear from you often – a short one or two lines of your current thoughts, a Friday “ONE” (when you’re not up to Five), a link to a book you like, a favourite quote. Photos not required. It is your personality and perspective that draw most people in. Allow yourself a simpler approach to the blog.

  88. Hi Stacy,
    Just finished review of the day 12 video of the Big Idea Festival—what a great finale! Thank you for your work, your creativity, your thoughtful approach–and always the educator! I am grateful for you in our scrapping world.

    As to your oldest moving away, I can only say it is absolutely ok to feel an imbalance or sense of loss. I remember like it was yesterday when we left our oldest in Boston to attend college in 2004. We live in Minnesota so it was difficult for the mamma! While I did struggle with his absence at home, I watched from afar as he grew into an even more independent, caring young man. The wings we always promise we will give them? Yep, they are worth giving even when our heart must ache a little in the process.

    Thanks again for your good work and for sharing with us.

  89. Suzanne Martinson says:

    Stacy, thank you so much for sharing yourself with me/us. You are an incredible person and I am so happy that I am connected to you via your website. The transitions you are undergoing are familiar in one way or another as we all experience transitions throughout different times in our lives but many of us don’t share those concerns or worries with others. By you sharing your thoughts and questions and ideas it helps all of us, and stating that some things will remain private also helps us realize that boundaries need to be set and respected. I learn so much from you! I just wanted you to know that whatever you decide will be the right decision!

    I would absolutely love to see more of your studio and new office. When I need inspiration I look to see how others create their special spaces that provide comfort, safety, interest, stimulation and other important aspects of themselves.

    Suzanne in Paradise Valley, AZ

  90. Stacy, others have posted this, but I just thank you for sharing you with us. You could do a video about mud and I’d be inspired. I think it’s the way you approach things. I love to see any of your videos – I always walk away thinking I can do that or feeling like I need to get busy. I love it. NO ONE else in the scrapbooking world has that kind of impact on me and no one else comes anywhere close. I think it’s your enthusiasm, your zest for whatever the topic is, and maybe it’s a bit of your childlike wonder coming through. It infects me with some of the same and that is a very good thing.

    I would like to see more short videos on whatever you feel like talking about. Color is good. I want to see your new space you created this past year. I’d love to hear more about your philosophies on work, play, or what to do when life throws you a curve ball, and I’ll never get tired of anything related to LOM or Photo Freedom. If I could, I’d hire you as a coach. My life is great and pretty much in order, but all of us have things we can and should work on. You would be so good at coaching (Maybe a BPC idea?) Those videos feel like little visits with you, and since we don’t live next door, they will have to do.

  91. I LOVE your blog! Thank you for each time you post! :) I wish you would complete the color videos!! LOVE seeing and hearing you and you have inspired me to sort my scrapbooking supplies and now I’m excited to make pages again!! :) I need to get busy putting paper and photos together! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  92. Hey Stacy,
    I can completely relate!!!
    As far as my favorite things…..Love the color videos, and would love to really see how you have organized your studio. I saw the gorgous pictures in Where Women Create, but it’s just not the same as hearing and seeing you. I would love lots of details. I hope to get my own mojo back very soon.
    Take care of yourself.

  93. Julie Lueck says:

    VIDEOS!!!!!!love the color ones, would love to see your new work space, and would basically watch any video you put up. It’s you that makes them worth watching.

    Dear Stacy, even in this day and age I have no access to any videos of my mom to show my kids. My mom passed away when my kids were very young and one wasn’t even born yet. I don’t know if you realize that you have been creating a treasure trove of family history with your blog. Genealogy is why I even started scrapbooking. We, your loyal blog readers are benefitting right now, but when your posterity will one day be able to access any of your posts…whamo…Great Grandma Stacy in all her colorful wonderfulness will be what they get. I imagine technology will only get better.

  94. Do what you can when you can – family first! We all enjoy hearing from you but can also appreciate your time and energy constraints. Perhaps I missed it, but I have been waiting for the reveal of your super-spectacular crafting room! Hug your family, love yourself and we’ll be here when you’ve got the time!

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