This is the time of year when my lovely summer porch becomes not so lovely.
The weather is very dry and hot and some of my flowers look pretty worn-out and tired — rather like I feel!

I always look forward to September when I add a pot or two of Mums, which are a little hardier and can take the colder nights of fall. Life this last week has been as busy as ever and a few nights ago as I headed to bed, I went to turn the porch light off and noticed this happy yellow pot of Mums sitting on the chair next to my door.

My sweet husband (who btw, is very into perennials these days) went and got some Mums for me. It makes me wonder who I could surprise with a happy little pot of Mums.

Life is good.


  1. We have a family wedding weekend after next and a couple of pots of mums for our front patio will really brighten up the front of the house. Thanks for the ‘kick in the pants’!

  2. I love mums in the fall. What a sweet “for no reason” gift from your husband!

  3. so funny – I got a great surprise today when a pot of mums from last year that I never got in the ground – burst thru and has blooms!! =)

    here’s hoping for a sunny pretty fall porch!

  4. LOVE the idea of surprising someone with a cute pot of mums with maybe just a ribbon around it – may just need to be a weekend project!

  5. Even in the heat of Florida, I find myself seeing a pot of Mums as the start of Fall. :-) Thanks for sharing your pot of Mums with all of us!

  6. That’s so cute! What a great husband!

  7. Flowers are so happy. They’re natures answer to sunshine in a pot. :)

  8. That Geoff Julian sounds like a keeper. :)

  9. Peggy Leland says:

    i was just thinking i need to replace some flowers with mums. Maybe during the long weekend.

  10. Ha ha, in New Zealand we use the word ‘Mum’ for the US ‘Mom”, so I thought your post was going to be about mothers!
    Now that I’ve had a big grin about it, I can enjoy your photo – lovely flowers indeed, and such a pretty colour!

  11. They are beautiful Stacy. Your husband is a very thoughtful man. I stopped in at a friend’s house last night, and she had two pots of beautiful mums that she just bought. A wonderful fall addition to your porch.

  12. How thoughtful of your husband! I love the idea of a little special delivery to family and friends. :)

  13. AWWWW! How sweet is your honey? A keeper for sure!

  14. Happiness is in the small things. :)

  15. How sweet of your husband! I gave my girls some mums to put in their little flower bed in front of the house. They love planting with their daddy and I love all the fall colors!

  16. I love mum plants in all colors brightens up the front and back porches

  17. You always amaze me with your thoughtfullness and that you follow through on it. You are my inspiration.

  18. I love mums, especially that color. I’m also a little jealous of your cooler nights. Our summer was delayed and is finally here. We were 92 last night at 10:00. Ugh!!

  19. I’m going to get some of these lovely flowers in the next few days. It is quite cool here right now (northern Alberta) and most of my annuals are struggling to stay upright! And I love your idea of a little ‘pay-it-forward’. Who wouldn’t like a little flowery surprise by their front door?!! Thanks Stacy!

  20. What a sweet surprise!

  21. Kim Crocheron says:

    Stacy! I think of you and your family often, and how much you influenced my life for the better in such a short period of time! Just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated! Hugs to you and your family!

    Off to buy some mums, if they are out yet.

  23. I love mums as well. My front porch plants are looking tired and dried up. I think I’ll replace them with mums! Great husband you have there for surprising you!

  24. Hi Stacy,

    My favorite part of your blog is your “stacyness”, 5 for Friday and introducing cool people like the Accidental Creative. Be well.

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