I must be feeling extra generous this week, because I’m about to give away FOUR FUN things for FREE.
Obviously, if you are giving something away, it is free — but I just really like the sound of four fun things for free! Anyway, I think I mentioned a while back that most of the time I like to give things to people who are already reading my blog and leave comments when there’s nothing to win. This is what I’m doing today — I guess it’s a sort-of “Thanks for checking in on an ordinary nothing-to-win-here day!” btw, I’ve emailed all of the winners!


A FREE Amy Tangerine kit from American Crafts and Big Picture Classes. I snapped a quick photo of just the papers — there is MUCH more to see, so follow the link!

This first FREE goes to: Natasha Smith


A FREE seat in Amy’s workshop, The Good Life, that features TONS of ideas and creative inspiration for living the good life. Amy will be talking about and using elements from her new product link and she is even going to show you how she creates her signature T-shirts that are all the rage in boutiques across America.

This second FREE goes to: Kris Huber


A FREE copy of this new book called, Scrapbook Workshop edited by the ever-inspiring May Flaum May sent me a copy of few weeks ago and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a peek into the lives and trusted techniques of a very talented collection of bloggers, so it combines the best of our daily reads with the opportunity to sit outside and thumb through step-by-step instructions and full-cover photos of finished pages and projects.

The second FREE goes to: Donelle Macy


A FREE seat in a NEW workshop at BPC called Double Take.

This unique sketch-based class features the talented instruction and interaction of TWO seasoned BPC teachers, May Flaum and Nic Howard – if you haven’t watch the video on the class description page, you really must, as it perfectly represents the collaboration you’ll enjoy for

This fourth FREE goes to: Alicia Spencer

Thanks for reading.
If you didn’t win, you can …

Buy Amy’s kit.
Register for The Good Life.
Buy the book.
Register for Double Take.

You can always depend on me for lots of options!


  1. How fun! Great way to do giveaways!! Congrats, ladies! :-)

  2. How awesome are you ! bet them 4 gals must be squealing I would have too ha. So for you I send a BIGGGG Cyber Hug.. Just because well your Stacy ha..

  3. Missus Wookie says:

    Sounds like a great idea – thanks for the fun :-)

  4. This was so very cool of you. Congrats ladies.

  5. BARB TOPPING says:

    Congratulations to the lucky ducks who received the special gifts from you. Stacy, I think you have the best group of followers. Everyone always seems so sincere in their comments. I love following your blog because it is informative, fun, inspiring, and honest. The chance of receiving a prize in addition to what I already get from your blog would be like sprinkles – not necessary but totally fun. Hope you are enjoying your day to its fullest.

  6. Bec Kilgore says:

    That was very cook. May’s book is very nice. Love Amy’s new line. Must say I would have loved a seat in either workshop. Doesn’t mean I won’t take them anyway, haha.

    Congrats to the surprise winners! That makes it even more fun.

  7. Wow — those are fun free things! Lucky ladies!

    Sidenote — fall begins in just 2 days — not that I am wishing away time but am excited for what I think is the most beautiful time of the year!

  8. I think the best freebie you give is of yourself. I may not always comment but I ALWAYS read. And most of the time I’m happier afterwards. You’re spunky and spirited and fun. And I always take something worthwhile away. Thanks, Stacy!!

  9. A fun surprise for 4 lucky people!

  10. After having met you in South Dakota, way back way, I can hear your voice as I read your posts…SO FUN! All the items are great. Glad you enjoyed Minnesota.

  11. Thanks sooo much for the prize :) I never win anything. What a way to cheer up my day – have a head cold and have been sulking around the house. Now I have a big grin on my face :) You are the best!

  12. gotta love alliteration! and congrats to the 4 winners!

  13. Oh aren’t you having fun giving things away! I’m looking forward to the Double Take workshop starting tomorrow. My sister has signed up with me, so it will be fun to work on the same thing even though we don’t live near enough to scrap together.

  14. Congrats to the winners! I am waiting for that gorgeous kit to arrive and in a few hours I’ll be starting those classes. Looking forward to some more fabulous BPC inspiration. You are one amazing, inspiring woman. I managed to track down a copy of I Am Her in Australia and I’m looking forward to it arriving today/tomorrow. I have a layout started based on my She statements too. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Great giveaway! Fun Fun!

  16. Aw, that is so kind Stacy; many congrats to the winners, yay!

  17. i definitely want to buy May’s book and register for Double Take. So happy Kolette is back this year with Giving Well. I took the first version. My friends and family were awed with “my” creativity that year. Can’t wait to see what she has planned for this year!!

  18. Oh, dear Stacy . . . you are the best! Congrats to all of the winners.

    I just wanted to say how absolutely wonderful it was to meet you at TCC. Although, I think I spent too much time laughing during the class with you and Wendy (it really was such fun!) Thanks for being a part of that fantastic weekend (and I’m so glad you made it to your keynote in time . . . and especially in such a rockin’ outfit!!!) Take care and hope to laugh with you again soon!

  19. I love your surprise giveaways. I’ve been out of my blog habits lately due to some life things and it was such a fun note to come back on.

  20. KristiGilbert says:

    I’m not sure if you’ll get this comment since it’s not really a post requesting comments, but I’ve been curious about something. When your son left for college, did he take any scrapbooks with him? I know you’ve said it’s never been your intent to send your kids off with volumes of scrapbooks, but I was curious if he took his school of life album, or a special mini album or anything like that?

  21. Karen Schmidt says:

    Stacy, you are so fun to follow. Congrats to all the winners! I think i just might need to order Amy’s kit, it just looks fun and bright. Have a great day.

  22. Lisa R - saner4 says:

    Stacy, you are so sweet, thoughtful, and generous! Congratulations to the winners of your generosity. I will see you ladies at least one class :) Double Take, but I am really, really tempted to take Amy’s class too! Ahhhh….decisions, decisions

    Have a great, creative weekend everyone!

  23. Super jealous ladies – congrats! The papers look amazing and the classes will rock. I have done one with Nic and May separately and loved them, so together it must be fun. Enjoy!

  24. Nicky from Canada says:

    How great the giveaways were!!! Congrats

  25. Great giveaways Stacy!! Congrats to the winners!

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