Friday FIVE for September 30th, 2011


Bite-sized Scrapbooking.
Ok. I’m super proud of Kim and her ingenious idea for email-delivered scrapbook page tutorials. Essentially, you sign up (it’s now FREE) and then you get three emails that deliver the step-by-step process of creating a layout (from concept, to material prep to execution.)
I say GO Kim and GO learn more!


I bought this adorably soft and colorful scarf at my favorite store in the Minneapolis airport. It’s from Natural Life (another of my favorites) and I LOVE it, as it LOVE. LOVE. LOVE it.

Note: There are lots of other designs too!


This is called Square and it’s AMAZING.
Have you heard of it?
It’s a small device that inserts into your iPhone and allows you, with the aid of this app to process credit card payment right from your phone.
Here’s the story: I purchased a handful of things from the marketplace at The Creative Connection event. One vendor used square and the transaction took maybe 45 seconds. My receipt was emailed to me. The other two transactions were painstakingly S-L-O-W and I had to write out my name, address, VISA # (with all the details) and just walk away with all of that information in a note-very-secure environment. I’m not saying I don’t trust those vendors, but I am saying there is clearly better, faster and more secure way of doing business with your handmade goods.

Visit for more information.

I don’t make or sell any handmade goods, but I’m thinking I could get one just in case someone compliments something I’m wearing. I could say, “Like it, want it? It’s yours — just give me your credit card!”


Super cute (20 for $5) snack bags from the Peace Love World online store. Yes, kind of expensive, but still so cute for an every-now-and-then special lunch! And while you’re at the store, poke around as there are LOTS of ways to spend your money!


My Craft Channel.
I’m pretty sure this exciting new WEB TV show launches Monday (at least that’s what I’ve heard!) This is camera man Brad and camera man Rick on my MCC set, just after finishing up 12 episodes of Photo Freedom. Note: There’s a reason I’m wearing the Fanta Orange T-shirt (stay tuned!)

Happy Friday to YOU!


  1. I love the idea of bite-sized scrapbooking! I’m going to check it out!!!

  2. Hey Stacy – great fun things today! I just saw the square used last weekend, and I thought it was genius! I’d never seen it before, and it made our purchases so easy when we were out and about at a booth.

    how are you feeling? you are busy again and just praying for your good health.



  3. Thanks Stacy for posting about squareup. That info was just what I needed to learn about today!! I am self-employed and I needed to change my current cc method. And exciting news re: Craft Channel and Photo Freedom – Orange ya excited!!

  4. Hi from someone who is normally a lurker! Thanks for the bite sized scrapbooking info, I am heading over there to check them out.

  5. Good five, and i’m intrigued by square, but i don’t have an iPhone. Yet. ;) can’t wait to see you on MCC!

  6. carol in seattle :) says:

    I signed up for Bite-Sized sb yesterday! How funny to see it today. I love seeing your Friday Fives!

  7. Your picks are always so fun — love, love LOVE the first two this week!

  8. Jennifer C. says:

    I love your Friday Five! Just subscribed to the scrapbooking bites – can’t wait to try it out! I really miss Simple Scrapbooks – can’t seem to part with any old issues!

  9. Fun ideas. I signed up for the Bite-Size scrapbook emails. Also looking forward to My Craft Channel. Thanks.

  10. Stacy, you always post such exciting stuff, can’t wait to try some of these suggestions.

  11. Bite-Sized Scrapbooking is such a cool idea! Glad you’ve featured it for others to check out and enjoy. Can’t wait for My Craft Channel to start!

  12. I love you and your site Stacy and your ingenious ideas…thank you for sharing it all here with us…..Yeah

  13. Can’t wait for MyCraftChannel…so excited for new content!

  14. I’m pleased to see Bite Sized Scrapbooking is now accessible to the dollar-challenged (the exchange rate’s just fallen again); thanks for the link. Lots of other fun things too – I wonder if we’ll be able to access the Craft Channel from here in NZ?

  15. Hi Stacy! You always cheer me up, and I just love how you look at life. Yes, I am a fan. But today I just had to comment because I was laughing so hard after reading about why you might need the square–This could be a whole new economy! No need to go to the mall, just buy clothes off of real life “models” you see. Really, you are the best. Have a great weekend.

  16. I just signed up for Bite-Sized Scrapbooking! Thanks for the info :-)
    It reminded me a bit of Darcy’s classes (which I AB.SO.LUTE.LY loved!!)
    I’m going to tell all my friends to sign up.
    I’d love to know which shop at the MSP airport you got the scarf. I’d like to get one of those for my future dil :-)
    Congrats on the My Craft Channel’s debut this Monday! I hope I can get it on my cable.
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Five fun things. Signed up for Bite-sized Scrapbooking, looks like a great idea!

  18. I just signed up for Bite Sized Scrapbooking. It looks like a wonderful source of scrapping motivation.
    I’ve got MCC debut listed in my calendar. I’m really looking forward to it after all these months of excitement leading up to it.

  19. I bet your favorite store in the Minneapolis airport is Minnesota! – am I right? That’s my sister-in-law’s store – I believe you got a cool mirror there once! LOVE all of her stores!

    And Bite-Sized Scrapbooking is free now?? WONDERFUL!!! I’m in! Thanks for letting us know!


  20. Your FIVES are always so cool. Love your Fanta shirt.

  21. I am constantly amazed by technology today! Who would have thought we could use a phone to run a credit card? So cool. And I love Bite Size Scrapbooking, what a great idea!

  22. Thanks for sharing. Wow, love those little snack bags and the square – amazing. Bite sized scrapbooking sounds intriguing. Take care

  23. THANKS for the great Friday Five!! I already signed up for BiteSized Scrapbooking emails! I love the idea!

  24. Just want to say that I really enjoy your Friday “Fives”. I always check out the links and, more often than I would care to admit, end up with an online purchase of something that I didn’t know I needed until then!

    Thanks for keeping these up.

  25. I’m going to buy that square for my bishop so that I can FINALLY pay my tithing with a debit card!


    Joking. Mostly.

    You make me happy, can’t wait to hear about the Fanta shirt!

  26. ana smith says:

    I want you to know that I wait to see what your ‘five for Friday’ stuff will be. But, today I read your ‘favorites’ on your website and fell in love with the idea. As I read them, my mind began listing my own favorites by alpha. I can see a mini book in my future. (mini books will be one of my ‘m’ favorites). It kind of reminded me of the book ‘Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life’ by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. It was suppose to be a starting point for a scrapbook, but I found it a little intimidating.

    Your way will be easy AND fun! Thanks!

  27. Wow, Stacy! I almost didn’t make it past #1! I went and subscribed. BSS is a perfect compliment to LOM/FPF and to LOAD which started yesterday. Thanks for the link.
    I’m glad I went back and scrolled on down. LOVE that scarf. (pun intended).Ordering one.
    And………CAN.NOT.WAIT. FOR MY CRAFT CHANNEL. Been saying this a while.
    Rhonda H in AR (mom2h, LOM 2009, alum 2010, FPF 2011)

    ps- a cat found us yesterday. we are keeping him. is it wrong that one of the first things I thought of (after a vet visit) was OH GOOD, A NEW PET TO SCRAPBOOK? Is it wrong???

  28. scrapper al says:

    I saw the square at a recent craft show. It looked so easy and the vendor was really enthusiastic about the the ease of use and cost. I hope it takes off and helps small businesses.

  29. Christine H says:

    I love the MN airport! I used to go through there once a month for work and I would purposely take the later flight home in the evening so I would have a couple of hours to shop and eat!

  30. ana smith says:

    i have to chime in again…..went to check out the scarf and found out i have one of their crosses. and it’s one of my favorite items in my living room. i think i’ll be a copy-cat, because i love the scarf design you picked.

  31. Allie.Duckienz says:

    I am so sad that BSS is finishing up. I have just got into it and I am loving it!
    Square sounds AWESOME!
    Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

  32. Thanks for these – they all look great, and I LOVE the snack bags with messages! Can’t wait until My Craft Channel starts.

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