Friday FIVE for September 9, 2011

Friday FIVE today is a celebration of something I just realized about myself in the last week.
Are you ready?

I have a child in college
A child in high school
A child at the junior high
One in elementary school and  …
One enrolled in pre-school — hello?

This has to be somewhat unique.
I mean you have to have at least 5 kids and they have to be spread out just a tad! Anyway … here’s to the fact that it’s back to school week at our house …


Clark on Skype eating cold cereal out of his .49 Walmart bowl.
Clark started college back in June, was home for a 10 day break and is now back at BYU. He called the first day to report that he has 900 students in his statistics class! He is doing well, living with 5 other freshman (four of whom he knows well) and loving campus life.

Great pic of Clark getting in as much PLAY as possible the last week and half of August.


Chase is a junior this year at Central Valley High School.
He is most looking forward to his 2nd year of French, which has thus far come pretty easily to him. He also works hard as a courtesy clerk at Safeway and saves up to buy Hollister cologne (he smells SO GOOD.)

Chase is one who lives in the moment, as evidenced by this recent photo. We had one of those afternoon downpours and he told me to grab my camera and come take a picture! He has taught me so much about living and loving well. He is an amazingly kind and generous boy!


Trey, my ever-posing and always-singing boy is in the 7th grade at Greenacres Middle School. He decided the night before school started that he needed a pair of moccasins. We didn’t find them until the next evening, but he wore them yesterday and was obviously pleased with his early-adapter trend-setting ways.  I forgot to take a picture, so I’ll have to report back!

Here’s Trey giving his bus driver a pack of “apple pie” dessert gum!


This is Taft who is wrapping up his elementary school years as a 5th grader at Greenacres Elementary School. Taft bought his entire back-to-school wardrobe at the Life is Good store. Interestingly enough, he is the one that often reminds me that life is not good and completely unfair. He has proved to me that there are glass half-empty people. He intentionally takes an “expect the worse and then be pleasantly surprised when nothing horrible happens” view of life. Even on his most pessimistic days, I adore this boy and his she’s-making-me-smile-again-grin.

The best thing that happened to Taft this summer is Jared, who moved in right across the street. Other than the fact that Jared loves sports (and especially football) and Taft is self-proclaimed non-athlete they are very much alike and ended up getting the same teacher (along with Damen who also moved onto our street this summer.) They are quickly becoming 3 peas in a pod!


Little Miss Addie starts school on Monday at The Liberty Lake Children’s Academy. She is a prolific artist, adding several watercolor paintings a day to her collection. Addie is officially growing her hair long like Mulan and Ariel and Rapunzel, although I’ve tried my best to explain that hair as long as the latter isn’t likely to happen in this lifetime!

Just before Clark left, I had Randi Brunt take some new family pictures one morning before a hike. I’m fond of this one that emphasizes the little in our big family!

Here’s the top half of us.
I’ll post a few more of my favorites in a few days.

Now I’m off to get caught up at work. I’m preparing my presentation and class for The Creative Connection. I’m so excited to go to MN and hang out with Kayce, Wendy and Allison and see Cathy and others that I’ve heard from will be going. I need a cute new outfit though — might work on that this afternoon!

Happy Friday.


  1. What a sweet family you have! I love the reflection pictures.

  2. Your kids have grown a TON!! All of them are beautiful.

    I loved reading the article about you in Where Women Create. LOVE all your color!!

  3. I was telling my good friend Stephanie Easton yesterday how much I enjoy how “real” and happy your blog is and she blurted out, “I LOVE STACY!” Apparently you have made a lifelong lasting impression on her and she adores every little bit of you. (Did you meet at CK?)

    I think you’re swell, too!

    • I LOVE Stephanie Easton — please say hello. She made a lifelong impression on me too and yes, we met when we both worked at CK!

      Now, go have a “real, happy” day.

  4. +1

  5. Love this post! Way cool that you have a child in each school. I bet you’re thankful for school buses!

  6. What an awesome favorite 5 post! I hadn’t even thought about the fact that you’ve got one in EVERY grade level possible!! I love your family and am inspired to do a little journal entry about each kid and who they are RIGHT NOW. Love you!

  7. Stacy, your post made me cry! What a beautiful family. You always inspire me!

  8. Madeline St Onge says:

    Love everything about this post Stacey, the picture with the reflection in the water is great.
    How are you feeling? Keep thinking about it so I feel that is sign of some sort, never really knew what was wrong but hoping you are feeling back to yourself again

  9. Wow! What an amazing family. I don’t know where you find time to write a blog too. You definitely inspire me. Look forward to reading more. :)

  10. I love your description of Taft. I have a son who also says “you should always expect the worst.” It’s great to embrace that personality too.

  11. Christine H says:

    My one and only is a 15 year old Eeyore. He’s says I am Rabbit. I think my husband is Tigger. We could really use a Christopher Robin!! Love your pics and descriptions of your family. A lovely lot your are.

  12. Happy. My Chase is several years older than your Chase but he has that same amazing fun spirit that’s just contagious. I love it. :) So nice to see the whole family. Lovely, friend. :)

  13. I like the new family photos & that one highlighting Addie is perfect! What a beautiful family you have!

  14. Thank you for giving me a glimpse into your family. Your post made me think of my family. I just called my Mom and texted my daughter to let them know I missed them.

  15. Great family photos….love the one where Miss Addie gets the focus! You’re a great mom; I admire the way to take time to highlight each one of your children and what special people they are individually. No easy task for a large family. :)

  16. Awesome post! What fun to see how big all your kids are. I’m sure you are indeed fairly unique to have five children in five different schools!

  17. What a spectacular family photo (the first one)! Ano amazing Friday Five; how lucky they are!

  18. WOW, 5 kids in 5 schools, that is a rarity! Hope it’s a great year for all, love the family photos!

  19. Barbara Konopa says:

    Stacy you have a very beautiful/handsome family. You and Addie add the beautiful to the group. I am sure your “boys” wouldn’t be thrilled to be called beautiful. I can see why you took to scrapbooking as these ‘guys” would be a joy to scrap.

  20. Love the bottom half picture. Your post has me thinking of my family and I am thinking to do a LO or mini about my kiddies at the stages they are at right now. I love that your kids are busy living life. I hope my kids turn out like yours.

  21. What a fun and sweet post!

    I was curious about Chase’s red t-shirt…the one that has the “Every Woman Can” line…what does the line underneath it say?

  22. Stacy, can’t believe how grown up your kids are! I’ve been a long time fan and remember their faces when they all smaller. One of my favorite layouts was the one where he hands you a flower – I forget what book it is in. You have a beautiful family and I think it’s just awesome to have one in everything!

  23. I sure hope you create a LO about this to put in your family album. Just another, among many, reasons why your family is so special!

  24. What a lovely post – really enjoy seeing how your kids are growing up. The family shots are great!

  25. Love the reflection family photo – interesting to see the different leg and foot wear and the reflection is beautiful.

  26. Speaking of remembered scrapbook pages, I always loved the one with the boys footprints showing the differences in sizes. I believe there were only 3 or maybe 4 then. Always love to check in and see something new from you. Looking forward to more great pictures. Have a great day!

  27. Hee Jin Ramsey says:

    Enjoyed your family pics and seeing them grow up, as well as adding Addie to the group!

  28. Stacy, thank you for sharing a glimpse of your life. This is indeed a unique Five for Friday! I love how you highlighted each child’s strengths and qualities. Very inspiring!

  29. Katie Scott says:

    Love the family pics & love the one of your #2 son in the rain – earlier today I posted one of my boy in the photos we love BPC gallery – and he was in almost the same position after just climbing a mountain – he’s a live in the moment kind of kid too. :)

  30. This is the first time in 17 years that we have not had a child in elementary school. This is the first year in 12 years that we do not have a child in YM or YW. This is the first year in 8 years that we do not have to drive to early morning seminary. This is the first year that we have only 1 child in middle school (no elementary or high school students). It’s a whole new experience for me. But this is the first year that I have 3 kids in college!

  31. Would the lake photos be of Priest Lake? We visited Spokane this summer and fell in love with Pries Lake. Take care, O.

  32. What a wonderful post. This is your best-ever Friday Five.

  33. Heather Newman says:

    What a wonderful post!!! I love that you shared the uniqueness of each of your children. I’m reminded of and relish in the the uniqueness of my children daily, this inspires me to be better about documenting the uniqueness!!! Love the family shots!!

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