Help me decide …

Which of the following three family pictures I should print and frame as an 8×10?

Now that I’m home from The Creative Connection, I want to put together a grouping of a family picture, a picture of the Savior, the Family Proclamation and the vinyl quote, “Other things may change us, but we start and end with family,” so tell me which one would you choose?

I adore this one.
We’re calling it group hug.
Poor Taft.
It is now the desktop on my laptop.

And finally … I need to thank Randi again (publicly) because she made time for a mini-photo session early one morning, just two days before Clark left. For just $125 dollars I got great pictures delivered on a CD with a sweet note and color coordinated M&Ms. How cool is that?

If you live in or near Spokane, I hope you’ll check out Randi’s photography HERE.


  1. Love them all, but the 3rd one is the winner in my book! It’s perfect, because the focus is completely on your cute family! :-) Have a great day, Stacy!

  2. 3rd one all the way. I adore the 2nd one where you and Addie are looking at each other. But the 3rd one you can actually see everyone’s faces. Hope you show us a pic of your completed gallery collection! Have a great Monday!

  3. All great pic but the third is the best. No distractions in it. It literally starts and ends wth your adorable family!

  4. I like #3:) Can you print it bigger than an 8×10 and perhaps print the other 2 in 5×7 to hang next to it?

  5. following the trend – the 3rd one – becasue you are all together as a tight unit

  6. Definately the third one! Love it!

  7. They are all awesome, Stacy, but I really love the 3rd one. I feel the love in that one more than I do in the others. :)

  8. For your plans, I think the third shot is the best. My favorite is the one you made your desktop. Good family silliness. It can’t be beat.

  9. The third one is my favorite! Love the up close shot and how close you are positioned in that one. That said, you could use the fourth one, too!

  10. The third one says it all! So sweet and cozy and lovable! You guys are adorable! It reminds me it’s time to get a recent family shot!

  11. Amanda Susan says:

    no question, the third one is the best

  12. I love the closest one, the third one! They are all great and the reflection is cool, but in the third one you can connect with the faces. Enjoy!

    • p.s. I love the expression on Taft’s face in the third photo! It seems to fit with the personality notes you talked about in your recent Friday Five. Makes me wonder if that’s a look you see from him pretty often! :)

  13. Number three for sure!

  14. Love the color closeup of the family. What a beautiful picture!

  15. Number 3!!!

  16. All great but the color closeup is the best!

  17. Crop the first one and use it. Then print all three in (cropped 6×4) and frame. You can never have too many.

  18. definitely the 3rd one, it’s fabulous!

  19. Number 3!! Looks like you were on the verge of the group hug but I especially like it because it pulls everyone in tight & close ~

  20. I’ll chime in with the majority and say the 3rd one. Love the close up, love seeing a closer view of your faces.

  21. Kathleen Loughran says:


  22. #3 for sure, but that 4th one, the b/w group hug – that is one AWESOME photo and for sure I’d have that one hanging somewhere, too!!!

  23. ooh, cute photos, but I have to say I love the close up one the most. Hope you enjoyed the Creative Connection!

  24. As an outsider – without a doubt, no questions, hands-down – Number Three! Love the smiles, the family unity (the way you are all either touching or hugging … no spaces). Love that it focuses on the interaction of your family and makes the background (while gorgeous) totally irrelevant – this is your family – no matter where you go – no matter where the photo is taken. The other shots are beautiful too – and tell a story – but I think they rely more on the scenery than on each of you and your beautiful faces!

  25. You probably don’t need another vote, but I agree with #3–love it!

  26. We always go for the casual photo that looks most like us and if I were to guess on yours, 3 is that photo. :) Love them all. Family photos are the best, aren’t they? :)

  27. I like #3. Good of everyone and equally focused on everyone. Love it!

  28. stacy – i think that the 3rd one is best for the size you want (8×10). however – if you ever do a bigger one – i would absolutely choose the 2nd one! love it!!

  29. I do like #3 best, but I also love in #2 how you and Addie are looking at each other. That is so sweet!

  30. #3 the closeness of everyone wrapped up in each other is nice. Or #2 with the girls lookng at each other, even cropped a bit tighter to see you lovely family better.

  31. Another vote for #3!

  32. #3!!

  33. I also love #3!!

  34. I love them all but I think #3 would be the best 8×10.

  35. I like them all, but I think #3 is the best!!

  36. I must vote for #3 also. It’s such a sweet personality shot of all of you. Shows the love!

  37. They are all great, but #3 is the best!

  38. Number 3

  39. Definitely #3. I love #2 and it’s adorable, but #3 really shows off your personalty as individuals and a family. It shines!

  40. #3! I have that same quote in vinyl on the wall in my hallway where all of our family potraits are – including my vintage photos. The quote and most recent family pictures can be seen from my living room.

  41. definitively #3. All are so great but there is nothing like a family loving on each other. The black and white is my very most favorite. Can’t wait for my son to get home from his mission so we can do family fotos again, we have a grandbaby now too. love family time!!!!!

  42. Melinda Wilson says:

    My favorite is number 3.

  43. I’d do #3 – not even a doubt. I love that you are all together, arms around each other (and yet not squishing each other…). Great color, too.
    Yep, I’d pick #3.

  44. Kary in Colorado says:

    #3 absolutely–personality, close-up and unposed. They are all good photos, but 3 would be the one to inspire good feelings of family togetherness in the years to come!

  45. All three photos are really beautiful. But number 3 really just stands out. It’s perfect. :) Have a beautiful day Stacy!

  46. Ann Grounds says:

    Hands down #3 but I also love #2 with you and Addy looking at each other and all the boys looking at the camera which is worthy of an enlargement too! BTW Randi rocks!

  47. #3 is my vote. I really like the mother-daughter connection in the second one, too.

  48. #3 is my vote. I would probably print them all as 8x10s and hang them all over the house, though. #3 definitely for your Family grouping though.

  49. I’m going with Group Hug

  50. I too love groupings and think all these shots would work well together. Love the reflection of you in the lake, but photo number 3 is definitely my favorite. It’s close enough to see all your beautiful faces and yet doesn’t have a “posed” feel to it. Wish I lived close enough to hire Randi. Terrific shots.

  51. Number 3 is the “official” photo, but number 4 would be my choice.
    I think the best one is the reflection picture for the other day where addie is the only one person in th photo and the rest of the family is legs and all your reflections are in the water. That is the xmas card photo, it is so unique.

  52. Although I love the one on the bridge with the reflection in the water, I vote for the third one, the close up, for the official photo. All are great shots tho’.

  53. Sherri in Sammamish says:

    For sure, number 3! For that size frame, the people need to be closer than the others. It looks less staged than the others, too.

  54. carol in seattle :) says:

    Number three for sure! I like the others, but that one shows more “connectedness” if you know what I mean. You have such a beautiful family!

  55. Love #3. I love that it’s close up and great of all of you.
    I do love #2 as well. I love how you are looking at Addie and she is looking at you.

  56. #3 for sure.

  57. Love #3, the close up. The expressions on the faces are all good, like the goofyness of a younger, the sweetness of Addie and the seriousness of the college man, catches their personalities I imagine.

  58. Brenda DellaVecchia says:

    Wow – looks like I’m in the minority. My vote was #1 – hmmm- can’t go wrong with any of them.

  59. The top one is my fav. I wished Randi lived near Seattle…I wonder if she ever comes out this way (?).

  60. Kathryn Benfiet says:

    The third one (close up) is wonderful and by far my favorite.

  61. Number 3, the close up, is my choice.

  62. Number 3 is my vote.

  63. Great photos! I love them all! If I had to pick one….i’d pick#3 too….

  64. Molly McCarthy says:

    I like the all! How are you going to choose?!

  65. I like #3 too. The group hug one is very sweet.

  66. Hi Stacy, I love photo #3. Your family looks great in this one!

  67. NO doubt…my vote goes to #3…but I am also loving #4!!

  68. Desiree Chandler says:

    LOVE number 3! well, i love all of them but number 3 especially because it’s a close up and everyone looks so GOOD! :)

  69. For the art of it, I really like #2 – the reflection of you all in the water is great, and I especially like that you and Addie are looking at each other, but #3 shows everyone’s face better, with plenty of personality on display. So for a wall photo, I would pick #3.

  70. Totally the third one! It shows each of you so well! LOVE IT!

  71. #3 is my favorite! But they’re all great! Such an adorable family.

  72. 3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 :)

  73. I agree with Karen C.: #333333333333333333333333333333333

    The second one is precious because you and Addy are smiling at each other, but 1 & 2 seem dominated by landscape. #3 is just FAMILY! Pure and simple.

    I love your idea of a little family shrine to remind any passersby what your/their focus is. That’s wonderful! Hope you post a photo of the finished assembly.

  74. SueinMtVernon says:

    I like #1

  75. Definitely the third one! Really nice photo and would look great in a frame!

  76. Hi Stacy,

    It was such a treat to meet you this weekend at the TCC Event!! The highlight of the event for me. Thank you for your inspiring words at the keynote and specifically to me about work/family life! I purchased Andy Grammer’s album this weekend and I listened to it yesterday while running errands. LOVE IT!!

    I love the close up of number 3 with number 2 being a close second. I love the look between you and Addie, sort of a girls secret with all the boys!!

    Thank You again for all the hard work you and the team put in to make TCC a great experience for me!!

    • Hey Melissa,

      I was just thinking this morning how fun it was to meet YOU. I so enjoyed the intimacy of our small group classes and just chatting about life and keeping it all together. I will post my family notebook this week!

      and Yay for Andy!!

  77. Madeline St Onge says:

    I would pick #3 too, says it all. What a beautiful family

  78. The third one is my favorite!

  79. photo #3, because it’s a close up and also adorable.

  80. I would choose #2, I love the scenery!

  81. For an 8 x 10, I would choose #3, because it is more of a close-up and you’ll be able to see everyone’s faces. If you were going to get a giant print, I’d get #2 — I love how all the boys are looking forward and you and and Addie are looking at each other.

  82. #3 happiness is much more visible

  83. I also vote #3.

  84. #3 shows joy! #4 should also be blown up! Rarely do we get such a shot of pure fun! I would make that group hug picture an 11×14 minimum- when they aren’t being so pleasant it will help you remember.

    We get too wrapped up in the perfect picture instead of the perfect moment!!

  85. Kristigilbert says:

    Love them all, but I’d definitely pick #3!

  86. I like the 3rd one best, but I tend to go with close-ups to capture facial expressions. They are all really great & any one would be a good choice!!

  87. I am partial to closeups and b/w for sure. So, my vote is for #3 and loving the b/w photo!!

  88. Not usually a “joiner” but I have to say number 3 as well! Love the close ups of your family – shows some of their personalities and your love for each other!!!

  89. my vote is for #3! so bummed we were both in MN and didn’t get to even hug one another! xo

  90. I like the second one. It would look nice on a very big canvas.

  91. I love number 3 – up close, but all are really great!

  92. I’ll jump on the number three bandwagon. It’s very cute. And I love the look on Clark’s face. Classic. The last one is fabulous and I think I would blow that one up huge and put it on a canvus over the fireplace. Love.

  93. No. 3 is my favorite! I always like up close and personal photos.

  94. Absolutely #3. Before I saw the silly black & white photo, my first thought was group hug for #3. That’s why I liked it.

  95. Completely and totally #3, I love that it’s closer up than the others and if it’s only going to be an 8×10 you’ll want to see faces instead of the scenery!!!!!!!! Those farther away ones would be better as a big canvas.

  96. Definitely the third one! Although they are all beautiful, I can totally see why you would have trouble deciding

  97. Nicky from Canada says:

    I love group hug but I really love #1 also. They are all great

  98. I like #3, the close up.

  99. DEFINITELY #3! (or the group hug one!)
    You have such a beautiful family Stacy! Love it!

  100. tammy perkins says:

    All are very nice but #1 gets my vote.

  101. 004 and 0017 are my favorites but you could not go wrong with any of the photos they are all beautiful.

  102. Stacy
    I love the 3rd one the best, the closeness is very special. The 1st is also great

  103. #3

  104. I’d do the third one – all close in and close up

  105. 3.

  106. Love #3! Although they are all great.

  107. What a gorgeous family you have! Go with #3, definitely!

  108. My choice is #3 for sure! It’s awesome of each and every one of you.

  109. My vote is for #3! Beautiful family!

  110. Go with #3!

  111. Kathy in St. Louis says:

    #3 without a doubt

  112. I was going to say #2 because it’s more casual and I like that,, but with the quote, Id go with #3. Love the closeups of everyone and it just says LOVE! :)

  113. I think you may have a consensus. #3

  114. I like #2. The family is relaxed and enjoying some time on the water, and everyone looks happy.

  115. My favorite is #3 closely followed by #1!!

  116. I’m torn between #2 and #3, but I think #2 wins out because of the family’s reflections in the water, the horizontal line of the family, and the way you and Addie are looking at each other.

  117. Geez, I can see why its hard to choose. I was all for 2, then I saw 3. I think go with #3.

  118. I think number 3! It is so cute!

  119. 3!!!!!

  120. I vote for #3! :)

  121. Definitely number 3!!!!!!

  122. Chanda Seiter says:

    #3 all the way Stacy!

  123. #3!!!

  124. Viki Powell says:

    Love them all, especially the family reflection in the water:) for an 8 x 10 though, it has to be number 3 or your favorite of course. Great photos!

  125. Yep. #3. I like the second one, the way everyone is looking but you and Addy, and you are looking at each other. But I always prefer the close ups for frames.

  126. #3 – love it!

  127. My favorite is #3, the closeness of your family absolutely shines thru!

  128. #3, without a doubt

  129. I think they’re all great – but I loved the one you posted the other day of your whole refections and only lower bodies – it’s dreamier, reflective and perhaps ties in with some of the other things you’ll be including in your collage.

  130. Karen Schmidt says:

    ok I can’t pick.. I like #2 & #3.

  131. All are great. #3 is the top pick!

  132. I like the feel of #3 but if it were of my family, I think I would go with #1 because I like every single person’s expression as well as the way every person is standing. I also think once it is blown up to 8×10 it will make more of an impact than it does on the computer screen.

  133. I love the 3rd one down… soon as I saw it I went – OH, this is IT!

    # 4 would be so much fun to do something with too… frame it and place in the family room… it’ll make all of you smile smile smile every time you see it….

    … SabineH.

  134. The 3rd one is my favorite. Too cute!

  135. Kimberly Ann says:

    I love #3. My mom has always said that her favorite photos are close up face shots and that sticks with me, but they are all wonderful shots.

  136. #3 is my favorite!!

  137. Sharon Holesh says:

    #1 for framing, but all are great!

  138. 3

  139. Number 3, no contest….

  140. I love number 2 the one by the water, I love how you and Addie are looking at each other, like a little “hello over there”, it is great of all of you and really makes me smile, and it really shows how you adore your little girl too. Even if you chose #3 you should really do something with 2

  141. The 3rd definitely! It conveys how happy you all are together!

  142. NUMBER 3!

  143. I like the 3rd photo – because it feels like a one big happy family. Everyone looks so happy together.

  144. I’m going to go with 3 as well. The other two are great but three really captures the warmth and love that is a family. And the other two are a little too far away for my taste when it comes to portraits.

  145. My vote is for #3, with #1 a close 2nd.

  146. #3 is my favorite!

  147. 1st choice #3
    2nd choice #1 but crop a little from the left and right.

  148. I like #2 but I’d like to see it cropped vertically so that the frame reflects the vertical reflections. Of course I really love #3 as a big photo too. I can see such a connection between all seven of you. PS. You and Addie look so cute in this one too.

  149. My favourite would be #3 but I think they are all fabulous.

  150. The third one, you all look so happy

  151. Cindy McDannol says:

    I love #2, but considering the subject and the way you want to use the photo in a grouping…my vote is for #3.

  152. I agree, #2 is great, but should be bigger than an 8×10, #3 is great all smooshed in, and in an 8×10 you can get a good look at everyone.

  153. #3. I like closer-ups! Priceless photo. Randi is a genius and you have a beautiful family.

  154. My vote is for number 1 – although with a family like yours, there are no “bad” photos only ones that are slightly better than others!

  155. I like the third one–it definitely implies togetherness & love. :) Love the hug picture, too. For the last 10 or 12 years our family has been doing a “family hug” every night after family prayers. Don’t really remember how it started, but now all of my husband’s brothers do it with their families and we have some “monster family hugs” when the extended family is together.

  156. I like #3 the best – but they are all great. What a beautiful family!

  157. The top (first) one is my pick!

  158. My vote is for #3. I Love how close you all are. It shows how much you truly love each other & love being a family!

  159. I love the group hug one and the one just above it. I also like the one with the reflection in the water. What a beautiful and happy family!!

  160. I vote for the third picture – the close up of your family. I just love everyone’s expressions, and I think it will be wonderful enlarged!

  161. The third one – I love seeing all the faces. Great pictures!

  162. Oh Stacy, I could not pick. I love them all!

    I do think Taft looks uncomfortable in #1 and #3, plus I love the background of #2. It’s not just your family but also your setting, the hills of Spokane that I love and wish to see again. But in #2 you and Addie are looking at each other and not the camera or the rest of the family, so I am not sure.

    Any of them will be awesome!

  163. Definitely #3 as an 8×10. If you wanted a larger one for a different space, then #2. That one would be great as a gallery-wrapped canvas! Beautiful family!

  164. Bec Kilgore says:

    Number 2 is my favorite but I think #3 would be a better one for the wall grouping. Or, maybe I should just say I agree with Cindy McDannol :).

    • Bec Kilgore says:

      Duh! I thought this one didn’t post. It is a Monday morning for sure! Love all the pictures. Y’all are such a beautiful family.

  165. Bec Kilgore says:

    I agree with Cindy McDannol :).

  166. Close up photo #3, modified group hug!!!!!

  167. Kim Burningham says:

    I would choose #3. it really captures the essence of your family!!!! i think it matches the quote perfectly!!!! Group hug is a great one but it would be better framed alone! Just my 2 cents! good luch can’t wait to see what you choose!!!

  168. Veronica Norris says:

    #3 is my vote, love the close up of everyone…lots of joy and love.

  169. i really love #2. It is not as traditional for a photo grouping on a wall but that is what I love about it! I also really like the bigness of the mountains and the reflection in the water and, after all, that is what our lives are about, living in His world, being part of Him.

  170. Allie.Duckienz says:

    Totally the third one in my opinion!

  171. Lisa R - saner4 says:

    I love the background in #2 and the fact that you and Addie are looking at each other, but I think I would use #3 – which is also adorable, for the grouping you are thinking about. Everyone looks good and I love that you and Addie are smiling ;)

    • Lisa R - saner4 says:

      #1 is good too, but that has to be the one photo where Addie isn’t smiling and her face just lights up when she smiles…causing everyone around her to smile too, I imagine.

  172. I would choose nr 2….love that one! But the last one is also pretty funny. Shows you as a family together…:)

  173. #3—even though I’ve never met any of them, based on your blog that photo catches each one’s personality so well. The beautiful scenery may come and go, as your quote says, but it’s the close up family that defines us.

    Thanks for sharing! Motivates me to get a new group shot.

  174. Christine H says:

    I vote for #3.

  175. Absolutely #3. They’re all nice pictures but #1 is too posed and “average”; and #2 only shows interaction between you and Addie. #3 just says FAMILY.

  176. I really love #3.

  177. Brenda in Sunny SoCal says:

    I’m going against the current and saying go with group hug. I love how that one captures everyones personality!

  178. I prefer the third photo because it’s more up close and personal.

  179. #2 theey are all awesome pictures but there is just something about #2 that captures an awesome family feel…its different and its beautiful

  180. I’d have to go with #3. I love how it’s composed and everyone has a genuine “smile” – it really doesn’t look “posed” at all. But my favorite out of the four is the black & white; it’s the definition of FAMILY.

  181. Stephanie E. says:

    My vote is for #3! I just love how it is closer-up than the others. Great shots though!!!

  182. Julie Lueck says:

    I like #3. I like how everyone isn’t tiny and far away.

  183. I love all the photos, but I think #3 is the best choice for an 8×10.

  184. I prefer #3 for an 8×10 – you can see everyone’s faces very well and it is close up. That said, I love the #2 shot as well – natural and adorable!

    Enjoy those M&Ms :-)

  185. love all the pics but my choice is #3

  186. theresa Ferran says:


  187. BARB TOPPING says:

    I vote for #3. All the photos are great, such a wonderfully connected family.

  188. I like number 3 for the purpose you are using it for. The group hug is by far my favorite though. :)

  189. Anita Braddock says:

    I love them all but #3 is cool and thats the one.
    you have a wonderful Family

  190. The third one of all of you’ll together

  191. Get the 2nd one blown up really big like 16×20-it’s only like $20. The scenery is wonderful.

  192. I actually like the one you posted last week better than these 3. How’s that for helping you make a decision. From these 3, I like #3.

  193. I love the 3rd one that is a close up. So cool to have such great pictures to chose from.

  194. Definitely the close-up color one.

  195. Jenny McGee says:

    I like the 3rd one best, the close up. It looks like that’s the one a lot of people picked. Great photos.

  196. I love #3. That’s what I would print if it were my family. :-)

  197. Group hug one, that is so you Stacy!!!!

  198. All the pictures are great, but I would absolutely, definitely go with the third one.

  199. #3 absolutely! It’s so you and so good of every single family member. #2 is cool with you and Addie looking at each other – and the guys all focussed on the camera but it’s not the one I would enlarge. Have you thought of making it into a big, big canvas print? It would be fabulous!

  200. #3 shows every facial expression & personality. Group hug obscures a face or I’d choose that one.

  201. #3 for sure! But I would include group hug on the wall – or bookshelf somewhere…those make the best photos!!

  202. Without a doubt, Picture 3. The others are beautiful, but looking at #3 I can feel the LOVE

  203. Natasha Smith says:

    #3 Close up FOR SURE!!!

  204. # 3 without a doubt. Looks like all the individual personalities are in one photo. Great Close up picture.

  205. # 3 is my favorite. I also loved the one you shared earlier of everyone’s feet!

  206. the close up

  207. #3.. they are alll great in their own way but i love #3
    Lori R

  208. I am sure I agree with everyone else who says go with #3

  209. I’d go for #3 (the closeup) but agree with Laurie that you have to have the group hug one somewhere in your house too!

  210. Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous pictures! I would say to frame #3. But you must also frame #1…I love the reflection and how both you and your daughter are looking at each other….what a precious pic! What a beautiful family you have!

  211. #3

  212. Yes, it was #3 for me too! Sounds like a consensus.

  213. I don’t know if you’ve already decided, but I love the close-up of your family – so adorable! My 2nd favorite is the group hug, but only 2nd because one of your child’s faces is partly covered. Other than that – love it!
    Good luck choosing.

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  215. Number THREE!!! Super Cute!

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