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I missed Google’s celebration of what should have been Jim Henson’s 75th birthday, but since today is Google’s 13th birthday I think it’s a fitting blog post. On the 24th of September, Google created a special set of interactive monsters on their front page. Here’s the backstory …

I love the “classic” Google homepage and the ever-imaginative doodles. I love that they do a contest each year where school children can WIN the  guest-doodler-for-the-day grand prize. I love the history of Google’s doodles. Note: I’ve you’ve never read this history, do it and consider it an investment in your creativity bank.

Most of all I LOVE that “google” has replaced the word search and that we can “google” just about anything we need information about and get an immediate answer. My camera’s auto focus hasn’t been working, so this morning I googled the problem and found a video as well as an expert forum with my answer!

In 2006, Trey (who was born the same month and year as Google) walked into the family room one morning and said, “Let’s see, where should I go today?” This moment sparked a scrapbook page, where I imitated the Google colors and talked about the virtual wanderings that we have the ability to make thanks to the Internet and search engines.

I like that I created this page.
I like that I know the difference between scrapbooking pictures and scrapbooking life.

The take away today is a reminder that as scrapbookers we can choose to look past the piles of guilt-inducing pictures and forget the “I’m so far behind” mentality and decide to simply tell a story about some seemingly ordinary aspect of our current existence. It’s only been five years since I created this page. Just IMAGINE how fun it will be for Trey’s children to read about his new-found freedom on the information highway!  Just IMAGINE how archaic this type of search and exploration will seem to them.

So, here’s to creative genius like Jim Henson and here’s to Google for honoring the creativity in each of us. Happy Birthday Google!

Thanks for changing the way we interact with our world.
Now … go exercise your creativity!


  1. Such a cute page Stacy! I have recently started to use Google to look up recipes; its hard to imagine life without it!

  2. Thanks Stacy—I come to you for enlightenment. I never even paid attention to these google doodles, but now I will.

  3. Thanks to you, Stacy, I’m learning to scrapbook more of my “life” instead of just all the pictures I’ve taken. In fact, I’m much more thoughtful about the pictures I take. The stories I’m telling now will be much more valued than just a bunch of pictures on a page with the who, what, where, and when.

  4. My girls (10 and 8) say “just Google it” all the time. Goggle has made us all smarter. Don’t know something, just flick on the computer and in seconds you’ll have the answer.

    Love capturing things like your Imagine page.

  5. My son entered the google contest this year with his rendition of ‘google’. Ironically the boy that won also entered the exact same theme…outer space. I was just thinking of how to scrapbook his entry when I saw your blog. It will be a fun project…but I’m still thinking…I need to ‘showcase’ his entry on the page and not distract…..hmmmmm. Maybe I’ll printout google on a page over and over for a background and then put his entry smack dab in the middle. Ha!

  6. I wonder what I’d do without Google.
    I like your scrapbook story.

  7. As always, thank you for your inspiring messages! I really want to scrapbook more of the here & now. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for this post, Stacy, and for the reminder to focus on the stories and not the pictures. I needed that right now.

  9. Peggy Leland says:

    we live on google. my son wants answers to all questions so when I don’t know the answer we send him to google.

  10. Awesome post Stacy! This totally made me happy! :)

    A side note on Jim Henson: I will always see his death as one of the greatest tragedies of our modern world of art. We lost him too soon. So glad that he is memorialized and appreciated by so many!

  11. I saw the google banner that day and spent a happy 2-3 minutes giggling at google. ;) Made my day.

  12. We check out those Google doodles too. It’s such a big part of our life too- helps out with homework, answering those all important questions and helping to settle my 9 yr old daughter’s anxieties before sleep – I vet the answers first so we get the right one :) Must scrapbook this story – we’ve had to google such things as are angels real;when is the world going to end and will there be a storm tomorrow. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration. Take care xx

  13. BARB TOPPING says:

    Love Jim Henson, your Imagine lo, and of course Google. I love your post too. You have inspired me with IMAGINE. Thank you.

  14. Thank you Stacy for putting the thoughts of a lot of us down on paper. I google everyday, whether I need to or not, just because I don’t want to miss a special banner :)

  15. Thanks for your post, Stacy – our family is always “googling” something, whether it’s for school, or for me learning how to interact with my tween girl and her changing moods :). Love that you incorporated Jim Henson into this post – I remember as a girl being so sad to hear that he’d passed away, but so grateful for his creative genius.

  16. Loved the Google’s fun monsters for Jim Henson’s Birthday! Several times that day I went to the page to play with the monsters…not even to search for anything! lol I also loved the imagination and creativity of Jim Henson. Didn’t know all about the doodle stuff. Learn something new every day!

    I am learning to embrace ‘telling the story’…Thanks, Stacy!

  17. Kristen Ann says:

    Thanks for the smile you brought to my face! Jim Henson’s and his Muppets were/are such a joy. My mother just LOVED Miss Piggy and I had a Fozzie Bear stuffed animal for many years (until he fell apart). Also, my husband and I are forever asking each other, “Did you see the doodle today?”. Great post :o)

  18. Nicky from Canada says:

    What a great page Stacy!! Love it

  19. Every day you inspire me but this one hit me like a brick! Scrapbooking pictures or scrapbooking LIFE!!! I want to scrap LIFE!!!!
    And I too comment to my kids about these amazing inventions that they take for granted, a copy machine IN MY HOUSE!, a LIBRARY of information IN MY POCKET!, music so clear you can hear every note , anytime and anywhere!
    Guess I should go start scrapping about these things!

  20. And thank you for changing the way I scrapbook!

  21. Love this post and I love how google has changed our searching lives. Love the page idea as well.

  22. Donelle Macey says:

    Love the page it is speaking to me ! Srap lift me. I have noticed I have switched gears abit and feel the story is equally as important as the image.I guess part of my legacy will be telling the stories of our everyday life.

  23. I am a Google Freak and love everything about this post! I have an open Word Doc on my computer and save lists of my Google searches to use in my Project Life. You truly have changed the way I approach scrapbooking and I will always adore you for that.

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