I am her (part two)

She loves the cool mornings of early fall and the chance to reestablish trusted routines with her family.

She is planning some new approaches to old things and that is sparking good things inside of her.

She believes that the anxiety, frustration and challenges she faces will ultimately work together for her good and teach her patience and a greater degree of compassion for others.

She loves light, enlightenment and illumination in all its forms.

She is (currently) at peace with the seemingly conflicting assignment to both self-accept and self-improve.

She is not yet who she wants to be, but she is closer than she was a year ago.

She is completely in awe of the women who read her blog and the conquering spirit they possess.

I am her.

Among other things, I am with this post issuing a challenge that you write a series of “she” statements about yourself and answer them with a resolute “I am her.” I told you that I am in love with this book and now I’m back to show you how I’m using it and planning to use it in the future …

First of all, I’m owning my copy by adding a personal touch to the cover.
This is my book.

I’m adding bits and pieces and little notes, inside. Some of these are very personal, some not so much. Either way I like the idea of creating a personal imprint throughout — after all, this is also my workbook!

I’m outlining and circling and boxing in words and phrases that resonate with me.

I’m using a little journaling stamp to create space for my thoughts and feelings.

I’m using this punch to create tabs, which I’m attaching to my most favorite pages.

One of my favorite quotes in the I am her book is this one, that I shared in my keynote at The Creative Connection …

“She puts on the shoes that make her stand tall, buttons her buttons, sees herself in the mirror: resilient and beautiful and ready. There is nothing she cannot meet with clear eyes and a willing heart and a strength that bubbles up inside of her like a spring.”

This book was written by M. H. Clark, I’m assuming this is her quote, as there is no other name listed.

If you have even 5 minutes to click on the comments from my first post about this book, I hope you will do it. I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the things we are all wanting to conquer. Our individual and collective strength to live life is truly inspiring. I decided there was no way I could select winners by the content of their comment, so I’ve selected three women in random fashion.

The winners are:

Please watch for my email and send me your snail mail address!

AND now, the really good news is that if you did NOT win, you can take advantage of a special promotional code that Compendium is offering friends and family of all those who attended The Creative Connection. Since by virtue of you reading my blog, you are my friend, then this offer is for YOU.

Visit live-inspired.com and use the promo code, TCC2011 at checkout to receive 30% off your entire Compendium order. Plus, orders totaling $50.00 (or more after the discount) will receive free shipping anywhere in the US.
Offer expires at the end of the month.

Thanks for reading my blog and for participating in this giveaway.


  1. I did read the comments, and they are all very beautiful and inspiring. It’s always humbling to read what others are going through, and I guess the blogosphere helps me realize that we all have our ups and downs.

  2. I am in love the “she” statements, how powerful! I am inspired to write my own and quote a a few of yours:

    “She believes that the anxiety, frustration and challenges she faces will ultimately work together for her good and teach her patience and a greater degree of compassion for others.”

    Thank you

  3. Thanks for sharing. I was inspired to write my own post. Here’s the link if you are interested http://deb-a.blogspot.com/2011/09/i-am-her.html

  4. Hi Stacy,
    Well I took your recommendation and ordered the book. I look forward to receiving it. Check out m blog. I made up my own she statements and challenged my readers to do the same as well. Thanks.

  5. I love how you are making this book your own! Thanks again for sharing. I love that by virtue of reading your blog, I am your friend. And…I would love to know where you found that journaling stamp.

  6. First hearing you speak of this book at TCC and now these posts. Thank you for sharing its amazing message and your own!

  7. I truly love how you’re personalizing your book. Thank you for passing along the discount. I’m ordering one now, and I’m going to work on my “she” statements. Your words always touch my heart – thanks so much for sharing yours here with us!

  8. WOW, this does look an awesome book, thanks so much for sharing and for offering the discount! I truly hope this book is a great inspiration to you too!

  9. She is (currently) at peace with the seemingly conflicting assignment to both self-accept and self-improve.

    This statement completely embodies the challenge I am facing right now. My “one little word” this year was “discipline” and I am coming to realize that it may not have been a good choice for me. Thank you!

  10. hi, stacy — i love compendium, & i love you, so i’m already awaiting four of the “i am her” books, per your earlier recommendation! but what is bizarrely serendipitous is that for my 44th birthday in july, i did a “44 things about her” blog post, beginning every item with “she” . . . & you should definitely check out #43 on my list! i continue to be amazed & inspired by you, your creativity, your authenticity & your courage. you bless the world with it all, & i am grateful. :)

  11. Thank you Stacy, for sharing what looks to be an amazing book with us. I just placed my order. Now I will wait patiently for the UPS truck. :)

  12. Thanks for the recommendation … I just placed an order!

  13. I LOVE the idea of making notes and embellishing this book…. LOVE IT!!

  14. I scrapped a layout based on my responses to this fabulous post. I ordered the book too and it should be here by tomorrow :) Fabulous service from Compendium in Australia. Here’s the link to my layout http://deb-a.blogspot.com/2011/09/i-am-her-scrapped.html

  15. Even though I live on the other side of the world, and know you only through your blog, I too feel as though I am your friend. Thank you for the affirmation that you feel the same way!

  16. Thank you Stacy and TCC! I have been searching for something for my best girlfriend that is having a bit of a rough time. I just ordered this book for her birthday and a copy for myself. I can’t wait to alter hers before I pass it along!

  17. Currently sold out, wonder if they will extend the special once it’s restocked?

  18. I love what you are doing with this book. Thank you for giving me permission to make a book my own. I need this book and will be getting a copy to make mine. I hope this book helps you on your journey.

  19. Compendium books is sold out. :(

  20. I love this book idea – I plan to order one for myself and one for my newly married daughter. Love the quote as well.

  21. stephanie costello says:

    love this, thanks for posting how you made it into a work book. I have now ordered 7 copies for gifts. thank you for the inspiration.

  22. you’ve got really straightforward method of blogging

  23. Oh, I love this prompt. So glad I swung by here, I didn’t know you had a blog. Very cool!

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