my son’s mad video skills

This is the Georgia O’Keeffe painting that Clark is writing an essay about for Humanities this week. I miss college when we Skype him. I remember it being stressful at times, but I also remember having to do assignments like this that challenged me. I told him I’m still grateful for Humanities. It forever changed the way I appreciate art, listen to music and watch movies. Some of my general ed classes have proven to be the most influential in my learning since college. I suppose that’s the idea, huh?

Anyway, when Clark’s not in class, studying or working he continues to play around with video creation. I think he’s getting really good. It’s exciting for me to see him find and pursue a creative passion and especially one that is so universally applicable in all aspects of work and recreation. I thought it might be fun to share a couple of his recent vids with you …

This is one he put together for his friend’s board shop. I love the light in this video, the angles he chooses to shoot from and the extra “beauty” shots he includes.

This is one Clark finished up to post on Trey’s new facebook page, for his birthday. They did the shooting late at night one night when he was home in August–I remember vividly trying to sleep to the sound of trampoline outside my window until the wee hours of the morning!

Feel free to leave me comments telling me how talented and good looking my children are. And by all means, have a happy Monday!


  1. I love the way he has incorporated so much nature into the boarding video – especially the sunset shots! gorgeous!

  2. He does a great job of working the video in with the music too. You have such talented and good looking children! LOL ;) I really mean it! Have a happy Monday, thanks for the smile.

  3. Yes, your sons ARE talented and good looking. I’d say they even rival my talanted and good looking sons! (One of my sons is also into video. He makes documentaries.)

  4. P.S. Here is a link to one he assissted with.

    And this one he’s working on. Scroll down to “The Gospel According Ralphael”.

  5. Obviously you would be proud of this! He is incredibly talented – there is just a really good feel to his work….and he’s got great taste in music! :)
    BTW….thanks Stacy for always finding ways to make us smile and inspire us!

  6. Those are very cool, Stacy! You have quite the talented kids!! Love it!

  7. Yes, amazing and talented!

    I want to learn about your trampoline. I love the way it seems flush with the ground. How did you do that? Did you install it yourself? It looks like it would be safer than some of the other styles I have seen. Please share!

  8. Jennifer O. says:

    Very cool videos! The talent of our youth is amazing!

  9. Love the golden hour light in the board video! Both videos are really cool! Clark you do have some mad skills. Great tricks on the tramp – I’ll have to show my daughters when they got home from school.

  10. Awesome videos and trampoline skills!

  11. too cool! How about a post on your trampoline setup? How difficult was it to have your trampoline set into the ground like that?? I’m intrigued!

  12. You have very good looking and talented children! They all look like they have so much personality just like their Mamma. Loved both videos very well done. Loved the tram tricks.

  13. Wow! Love those videos . . . love the light, the blur, the music . . . he sure does have mad skillz! ;)
    I also love seeing how your oldest is finding his way, discovering his gifts. My oldest is a junior in high school and we’re tip toeing out onto the path of discovery and plans and dreams . . . exciting times!!

  14. Wow, he sure is talented! And they all have mad skills jumping like that!

  15. Awesome! Very very impressive.

  16. I can only say: WOW!

  17. Very talented, that young man of yours! And your boys have always been very handsome, Stacy! They come by it naturally, I would think!! Have a great day!

  18. Very impressive!

  19. Stacy, love the videos and wish I could see things like Clark does. Yes, your boys are handsome – I love that they all look different, some with more of you and some with more of Geoff. With Addie, you have a beautiful family.

  20. Do you know what kind of camera Clark used to shoot the video with? I love the quality and am looking around to replace my old one. THX!

    • Rekehl,

      Clark acutally used my Canon Rebel T1i — it does a great job. I have a couple of different lens he likes to play with!

  21. Wow, I would thing the skateboard one was professionally done. He’s got a great eye!

  22. Karen Schmidt says:

    Your boys have great trampoline skills. that would make me worry about them getting hurt. Love both videos.

  23. Peggy Leland says:

    Great job on both videos. Very cool!

  24. Cheryl Smith says:

    It is so rewarding as a parent to see the things that our children can accomplish. I have a son who does amazing photography and loves doing it. I’m so proud of him and what he does. So I can totally relate to how proud you are of Clark and his videos. That is one of the perks of being a parent. Loved the videos.

  25. Angela Williams says:

    I LOVE the trampoline video! What fun and great job!

  26. Fantastic videos – wow, your boys are amazing on the trampoline! The board video is so cool – love the nature shots too

  27. Lisa R - saner4 says:

    Clark definitely has an eye for creating and capturing things in a cool way. I love how he filmed the skateboarding one thru nature! The trampoline video is cool too. I wonder where he got his creative genes from, lol.

  28. All I can say is WOW! He has talent! Of course we know where he got that!!

  29. Very cool! Yes, you definitely have talented and good-looking children! Have a happy week! :)

  30. Love the videos-very creative stuff! The music was great too!

  31. WOWza! Your boy is talented. The skateboard vid is amazing. I love the view winding down the road with the fence. And, both your boys are amazing trampoliners!

  32. Stephanie E. says:

    What fun videos! Your son is very talented!

  33. Kim Burningham says:

    hi Stacy! remember enjoyment of watching my son become a man that i am proud to call my son? This is it. forget not that even though you miss him- enjoy the process of him learning and growing!!!! Have a terrific tuesday !

  34. Very talented with video and editing! I also love the “beauty” shots in the board video – and the symbolism of the boarder traveling a long and winding road all alone. Lots of depth there! And some serious trampoline skills going on. You are brave to go to bed and leave them to it!

    Lawrenceville, GA

  35. You are such a sweet, proud mom. =] It’s great to see them grow and establish themselves, especially when they clearly have a love for what they are doiing. And of course your family is _full_ of smart, talented, good looking kids. =]

  36. In a word…AWESOME!

  37. that trampoline video is AWESOME!! Your kids are seriously talented and VERY good looking!!!

  38. Wow, really awesome video skills, and the trampoline work…love it! I can always tell from how you write about your family how proud you are of them all, as well you should be!
    Thanks for sharing those.

  39. wow- incredible talent!

  40. Wow, I actually really like the DenAli Boardshop video. It was really well done. The other one was fun too but the first one was impressive. Mad video skills. Great job!

  41. Seriously excellent work! I guess we know where his mad creative skills come from. Honestly Stacy, in the 10+ years I’ve been following your work, it has been such a pleasure watching your sons grow into such amazing young men, thanks for bringing the rest of us along on the journey!

  42. Wow, he’s got talent. I love when kids find something that they are passionate about. It sounds like college is going well for Clark. I still know you miss seeing him everyday. Hang in there…Christmas vacation is coming.Ha Ha.

  43. Amy DeMordaunt says:

    So cool. Your boys are cute and fun. I told Jim that Clark is at BYU, too and they used to know each other as babies. He thought that would be weird to find Clark and tell him that…so he’s just letting me be weird for thinking of it! Talented videotaping, for sure.

  44. Seriously cool perspective in both vids. Love the angle and his insight to edit it to make the board video. Congrats Clark super job, but you will already know that as you obviously have an innate talent for being creative. Yes Stacy they are very cool young men.
    Cheers Mudgie

  45. I agree. Tell me about the trampoline. And then the vidoes! AMAZING. I showed the trampoline one to my little guy. He’s three. He was in awe! I loved it. Then he had to go “jump like those big guys and you watch.” Thanks!!! for the look on my kiddos face when he saw how cool your “big guys” were.

  46. I enjoy spending time with your family. Thanks for sharing them.

  47. Bec Kilgore says:

    I am the mom of two street Sk8ers, i loved the first video. My skaters are now 33 and 26.

    I sure wish I had more pictures :(.

  48. Wow Stacy, he does have a natural talent at videography! You should be very proud!

  49. Christina says:

    My boys and I really enjoyed Clark’s video’s. We were in awe of their talent on the trampoline. My boys wanted to know how they learned to do those flips! I am sure they have spent a lot of time practicing. Clark seems to have a good eye for video, I hope you will continue to share his work. We really enjoyed watching it. And the music was great too. You have a lot to be proud of.

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