Right Now: Trey

I have this wonderful intention to write monthly posts like this one.
My follow-thru has been less than inspiring, but I am undaunted and remain optimistic.

So, here is a right now look at Trey.

Trey is 13 years old today!

Trey is reading Soul Eater.

Trey’s favorite song is Fine By Me by Andy Grammer. If you haven’t downloaded any Andy yet, you should do it right now!

Trey is wearing what he refers to as a “grandpa” sweater. He asked me to take him to Value Village after school yesterday so he could buy a new “old” and totally unique article of clothing.

Trey is often an early adapter when it comes to trends. Note that he is wearing his moccasins, which he debuted on the 2nd day of school. They were very well received based on the appearance of many more moccassin-clad feet within the week!

Trey is SUPER EXCITED to create a Facebook page today after school. His mother has enforced the FB rule of 13, in spite of the fact that “everyone else” is faking their age.

Trey has an imaginary friend named Yert (Trey spelled backwards.)

This is a sketch of Yert and if you read a little about him, you’ll see that he is somewhat conflicted in his world views, or perhaps he is a perfectly normal13-yr old imaginary friend?!

Trey is taking a 13th birthday trip to New York City (in January) to see Spiderman and Lion King on Broadway!
Happy Birthday Trey!


  1. Happy Birthday Trey!!! That is a hilarious picture. I’m glad to know that shooting helps prevent world destruction! :) I think he must be a lot like you, Stacy. Not afraid to be himself, go out on a limb, and altogether happy!

  2. Bec Kilgore says:

    Happy Birthday, Trey! I think you are a fabulous young man. Good job, Mom and Dad.

  3. Happy Birthday, Trey!
    Glad to hear I am not the only mom in world enforcing the FB age limits.

  4. What a wonderful young man Trey is growing up into. Happy Birthday!

  5. Trey is a very handsome young man.

    Trey is looking a bit like his mother, especially the eyes.

    I hope I never run into Yert…he looks and sounds kinda scary.

  6. Trey sounds like a neat young man! 13 is a big deal. My daughter keeps asking when she can have a Facebook page, I’m trying to hold out until she’s 13 (she’s 10 now.). I know Andy Grammer’s music, but didn’t know his name. He’s one of those I hear all the time but never hear the d.j. say who’s singing. Now I know!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Trey! I’ll have a 13 year son (my oldest) on Saturday! We are planning day of fun. Starting w/going to watch Money Ball (if it has to do w/baseball Ram(his nickname) is there lol… I keep telling him he is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY cooler then I was when I was 13 that’s for sure! Ha

  8. Happy Birthday Trey!

    My Ryan is also 13 today. And he is very different from Trey. :)

  9. Happy Birthday, Trey!
    Looks like we share a birthday – but let’s just say I’m not 13 anymore. ;) (and wouldn’t want to be.)
    Hope Trey has a good time on FB – my 12yo can’t wait to play the games and socialize w/ his friends online.

  10. Peggy Leland says:

    Happy Birthday Trey! Listened to Andy, :o)

    Great cake by the way mom! lol

  11. Karen Schmidt says:

    Happy birthday Trey!. excellent post. I have a 14 yo and she doesn’t have FB yet. Its not something that will happen for a while yet. Hope you enjoyed the day.

  12. Happy Birthday Trey. Hope you have a fabulous day.

  13. Guess I’m not the only mom who discouraged facebook as long as possible. When my daughter was in 7th grade she presented me with a formal power point presentation on “why I should be allowed to have facebook”. It was convincing enough for me to agree, with the proviso that I had be be her friend (so that I could see what she was up to, of course). It also meant that I had to get a facebook page, something I really had absolutely no interest in doing…the things we do for our kids!

  14. Wishing Trey a wonderful Birthday! I love that he drew Yert with a Big heart & selling Love potions for the world, he sounds like such a sweet boy. You must be SO proud of him!!

  15. Kathy Jo Camacaho says:

    Happy Birthday Trey! I LOVE the sweater!

  16. Happy Birthday, Trey! I love that he wanted a “grandpa” sweater. :)

  17. A Rambo personality mixed with Happy…LOVE it.

    Happy Birthday, Trendsetter Trey.

    It makes my heart happy to hear of a confident 13 yr. old!!

  18. Happy Birthday Trey!

    (and Stacy, I love your FB rule—my son has been wanting one for a couple years now and I keep putting him off)

  19. Happy Birthday to Trey. I laughed out loud at the imaginary friend named Yert. My husband is Troy and his friends called him Yort when he was young. Too funny!

  20. Happy Birthday to Trey, and thanks to you Stacy for setting a great example with FB. We too have that rule in our house, even though some of my daughter’s friends have had accounts since they were 9! She’s 11 now, and I’m hoping the lure of FB is less than it is now by the time she turns 13!

  21. Oh! I love Trey! Trey is fabulous! Every time I see a picture of him he looks so smiling and happy and excited about life. I have never met him but I love him. Look at the life in his eyes! He is awesome!!!!!

  22. Happy birthday Trey! Great ‘grandpa’ swrater. Have a wonderful 13th birthday trip (your mom has some cool ideas/traditions). I want to go to NYC one day. I have seen the Lion King twice – once with adults and once with my daughters who are 10 & 8 everyone loved it!!

  23. Happy birthday Trey. You look awesome and so snuggly warm Dude!!!! Have a great day!

  24. Heather Newman says:

    Happy Birthday Trey!!! What an awesome boy you have Stacy:) And I love that his Mom and Dad allow him to be just exactly who he is!

  25. Happy Birthday Trey!
    What fun things to be experiencing as a now 13 year old. I’ll remember those things and the rules as well for when my boy turns 13 in a few.

  26. BARB TOPPING says:

    Happy birthday, Trey. There is so much I could say, but I shall not. Having raised 3 children and now watching from the sidelines my 8 grandchildren, I have much experience and a lot of memories. Besides that I too was once 13. Trey looks like a fine, happy young man. I have a 33 year old son who still loves to dress 60s vintage when he can. Your mention of Trey wanting to go to Value Village brought a smile. I wish Trey and you (and your family) the best. Now Tracy, I give you permission to tell Trey that I said he should buy for you one single rose to thank you for bringing him into this world. I would do this for my mom on my birthday, and it meant the world to her.

  27. Happy “late” Birthday Trey! We almost share a birthday! Mine is the 23rd (today). I love that you are totally you and content with that. You are awesome!

  28. Happy birthday to Trey! This mama also enforces the 13 rule on FB. Is refreshing to hear of another mom who does so. :) NYC fo his13th birthday sounds like an awesome celebration.

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  30. happy birthday trey!! Spiderman AND Lion King!! what a lucky boy.

    my almost 18 yo son went shopping this weekend at the thrift store. he’s so proud of the ugly sweater and stretched out sweatshirt he purchased. ugh. (of course, i still remember the treasures i purchased at the thrift store during my college years…)

    rock on, trey!!

  31. Happy Birthday, Trey! Thirteen is a wonderful age. Keep on being you and wearing what you like. And you have great taste in music – I just downloaded 2 Andy Grammer songs – thanks for the tip!

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