BPC Retreat.

Kayce and I have been working with our friend, Kathy to plan our first-ever Big Picture Classes team retreat and we made it (mostly.) We arrived yesterday at The Sleeping Lady resort, nestled at the base of the Cascade Mountains, on Icicle Creek and just outside Leavenworth, Washington.

We had arranged to our out-of-state team members to fly into Spokane yesterday morning, so we could drive the 3 hours together, BUT … for some odd reason, there was super dense fog in Spokane yesterday and they canceled all incoming flights! I guess the limited visibility combined with the fact that our longest runway is under construction was enough to warrant a shut down. This meant that our technical admin Michele (who I still have never met in person) was unable to come. Allison, who left from Las Vegas ended in Portland and Dani who is from Seattle flew over, circled a few times and flew back. Allison ended up renting a car in Portland, picking up Dani in Seattle and driving over. Luckily Kathy and Wendy had flown in a day earlier to participate in some pre-retreat training, and Brandi and Kiley live in Spokane. We will definitely miss Michele, but the rest of us are delighted to finally be here and together!

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The grounds at The Sleeping Lady are amazing. There is ART everywhere, like Dale Chihuly glass hanging from trees. Interestingly enough, Stacy forgot her camera (what?) and will be relying on the generosity of others for pictures of this experience — I do have my iPhone — so I’m not completely destitute!

The food is also amazing. They grow as much of the produce as they can in their own garden and they provide a most delicious buffet three times a day!

Anyway … thought I’d check in. I’m just waking up (on the top bunk) in our little cabin and our room is slowly filling with light. We’re anticipating a wonderful day of team building and exploration.

Be Happy!


  1. Awww, I miss you guys too, but I’m holding down the BPC fort! I woke up this morning super bummed I wasn’t there, but my husband is planning a little trip to the new IKEA to cheer me up. Stupid fog, and there wasn’t even anything I could get to Seattle. :( But that means when I do make it out to Spokane, there will be more time for me to help you with technical stuff (check your email, I sent you possible dates).

  2. Sounds like fun! Have a great time.

  3. Heehee, Leavenworth. If you have time, I recommend hiking to Colchuck Lake: http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/colchuck-lake – you might even see some golden larch trees up there right now!

  4. Sounds wonderful – have a good time.

  5. Carrie Alexander says:

    I teach in Issaquah, and we have tech funds that allow Issaquah to hold the “Issaquah Technology Project” teacher tech trainings for 5 days every summer at Sleeping Lady. Being from Eastern Wa myself (Winthrop), the summer I got to go was like old home week! I’m looking forward to the serenity and peace again this summer as I get to go to round 2 in July! Enjoy, try not to eat too much (seriously?!?! The desserts at dinner!!!!) and you HAVE to hit the hot tub in the pool area at night!!!!

    Get pictures of the Chihuly white glass sculpture to the right of the dining hall at night-beautiful!!!

  6. I got to stay at The Sleeping Lady once for a leadership training retreat for work. It was beautiful, fun, and yummy. For something a bit more romantic, I highly recommend Run of the River right near there. DH and I spent a wonderful anniversary there. And we were able to meet his desire for authentic German food, and mine for Italian at restaurants in Leavenworth. Have fun!!

  7. Wow- sounds wonderful! Have a good time. I’m sure you will.

  8. Sounds fabulous! Hope the weather gets sunnier so you can enjoy a walk in the woods. funny how weather can disrupt so many plans…

  9. It looks beautiful! I hope it’s not to distracting and you’re able to get things done :) ENJOY!!

  10. Karen Schmidt says:

    Have Fun.

  11. Sounds like a WONDERFUL time (man, I could go for a weekend like that!!!! :)) HA! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Have a great weekend!

  13. Peggy Leland says:

    Sounds like fun! Enjoy!

  14. I have just come home from a retreat with my quilting guild. It has recharged me creatively and personally – probably due to all the laughter. May your retreat do the same for all on the BPC team.

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