Friday FIVE for October 14th, 2011

My Friday FIVE for today is really a Friday @5:00p.m. and it’s
BIG News for Big Picture Classes!


I get to kick off the 5th year of 4Experts workshops in 2012!

I’ll be teaching a class called Twelve, which is unlike anything else I’ve ever taught before. You can watch my dorky video to learn more, AND, when you do, see if you can pick up on the subliminal, virtual “easter egg” that celebrates one of my favorite twelves. If you do, you just might WIN a prize (keep reading.)


Heidi Swapp.
Yes, she is back at Big Picture and I couldn’t be more thrilled.
I adore her and pretty much everything she does. She is in the process of launching a brand new product line, filming really great episodes on My Craft Channel and celebrating everything she believes about scrapbooking with Observations.


Nic Howard.
Super talented and funny and real. That’s Nic and she’s returning with an expanded version of Dimensional Details.

From the day I picked up Nic’s book I wanted to meet her in person. From the day I met her in person I wanted her to come teach for BPC and from the day she started teaching I have LOVED her and her style more and more. She is a fabulous teacher and a true expert.


Becky Higgins.
Yes, read that correctly! Becky (as in the Becky) is coming to BPC. I FINALLY convinced her that she should be teaching online. Project Life has changed lives all over the world and now all of her friends and fans will have the opportunity of experiencing real life with Becky, in Project Real Life!


The Favorite FOUR giveaway …

  • Colorful Sharpies make Stacy happy!
  • Heidi loves Mint Milanos as a treat anytime of the year
  • Lip gloss makes Nic feel pretty and that is why she loves it!
  • Seeing the Everyday magazine is a favorite of Becky’s because it inspires us to appreciate the little things.

Four lucky Big Picture Classes members will win a “fave four box” featuring one  favorite item from each of the four teachers + a $50 BPC Gift Certificate to use towards any BPC class.
When you’re done there be sure to stop by the 4Experts page at Big Picture Classes to learn more and watch videos introducing Becky, Nic, Heidi and Stacy.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment AFTER you’ve watched my little video and deciphered or discovered the hidden “twelve”,  I get to give away one of the Favorite FOUR packages here.

Happy Friday!


  1. Jeannette says:

    just watched all the videos….the classes look very exciting! Can’t wait!!!!

  2. I am super excited about all the classes that are going to be offered. 2012 is going to be an AWESOME year!!!! Thank you for everything you do. ~Ann

  3. Looks so exciting! Would love to win the favorite items! What happy mail that would be!!

  4. Kimberly Ann says:

    Stacy, are you wearing 12 different outfits in the video – that’s dedication for a video shoot! I am so excited to hear about this new class and will absolutely be registering as soon as it’s open!

    • Kimberly Ann says:

      So I may have gotten a little clue this morning to help me understand that it’s not just 12 different outfits – it’s 12 different colored outfits in the order of the color wheel!

  5. Looks like fun! I’m guessing that you are going to include something about the 12 keys in music???

  6. I just watched the videos and I HAVE to take your class & Becky’s too because while I was watching those two videos my 4 month old was cooing & giggling during both. So excited for 2012…

    p.s. I love the headband you had on for the 8th reason

  7. just watched the videos and i am so excited and inspired! 12 outfits and 12 hairdos…you rock, lady! awesome. and as always, so much happy color. i swoon. thanks for your dedication to this crazy crafty world we live in.

  8. Looks like a great line up! Can’t wait to take your class Stacy. Was your message that you love colour? 12 different shades of coloured shirts!

  9. It looks like to me that you are wearing the colors of the rainbow “backwards” (VIBGYOR.) Sounds like a great class!

  10. Oh my gosh, Stacy! You are so cute, but I have to say, in #5 you were especially pretty in that color! I did not pick up on the “Easter Egg”, but I had fun watching you just the same! I would love more information on what you’ve done to feel better. I have been so exhausted lately. Do I need to see a nutritionist? What’s going on? Please share the secrets to your success!

  11. I watched the video 3 times. I guess I’m too literal. Can’t find the “easter egg”. :(

  12. 12-weeks… 12 months?!!! WhooHoo, what a class!!!

  13. 12, 12, 12 – 12 different pieces of music, 12 different outfits, 12 different hairstyles, 12 different reasons to take 12. :) Class sounds happy and fun!

  14. 12 colors, 12 songs, 12 weeks, 12 months, 12 keys, 12 reasons. Can’t wait for this fun class!

  15. Melinda Wilson says:

    Just watched your video and BOY, you have lots of energy to complete this video by changing clothes, hairstyles, etc. These look like they will be great!

  16. Rebecca Y says:

    Great video, I want the class to start NOW!!! Love the different colours you wore. Thanks for the chance.

  17. Laurie Kearnes says:

    Just watched your video – you’re such a cutie! There is an “Easter egg” thingy showing that’s placed right next to the wall molding on the right side of your head…it’s not seen in the first episode cause your head is covering it….also your cute headband (in green) in one of the episodes has Easter egg shapes on it. I can’t see the image in the latter part of the 10th episode, nor in the 11th or 12th. Hope that’s it – cause I’d love to win!

  18. Way cool so glad Nic is back. And I’m so taking your class. How long till it starts?

  19. Watched all the videos. Looks like a great line up! I watched yours 4 times, and can’t figure out what the “Easter egg” is. But I am certainly convinced to take Twelve!

  20. Sign me up! :-) I loved your video. Too late right now to figure out the “Easter Egg”. But a clever video none the less. I’ll be watching it tomorrow to figure it all out. P.S. I hope you do a blog post on your health transformation. I am in the same boat that you were in health wise. So glad to hear you are doing better. :-)

  21. Super cute video! What an awesome way to start 2012! My guess is that one of your favorite things- besides the cute colors- is homemade pixie sticks. Not sure if that is what is in your #1 cup, but it looks fun regardless. Thanks for all you do Stacy!


    I’m guessing that Reason No. 7 – IMPERFECTION – is your favorite reason to follow TWELVE in 2012. And the virtual “easter egg” is your perfectly IMPERFECT video presentation. By Reason No. 4, I was laughing out loud. SOOOO SILLY FUN! (love the polka dotted sunglasses and pigtails!). The music is great, too!

    And, subliminaly speaking, I can’t WAIT for TWELVE in 2012! In fact, I’ve marked the calendar to register on 12/12 at 12:12pm! See you then!!!!

  23. I think the piano was the clue, so maybe either the 12 major scales or the 12 half notes in an octave? But I think Debby figured it out first. :)

    P.S. You’re adorable. And I’m so glad you’re feeling great!

  24. I saw 12 different colors, 12 different reasons to take the class, 12 different looks, and I hope i have money to enter this class souns amazing!!!

  25. Stacy you are too much fun! Your twelve different outfits was quite neat to see. Did I mention 12 is my favorite number? 2012 looks like a great year for taking Experts classes. After watching each video, I want to take them all!

  26. Oh what a fabby line up for 2012, so excited to join in the fun! Seeing as you love colour so much, I’m guessing the egg is the different colours you wore, or maybe the music, mmmmm …. adorable headband btw; they really suit you!

  27. Such a lot of fun reasons to take your ’12′ class – I don’t think I can add anything to the guesses already made, but I hope the NZ/US exchange rate is good enough that I can take ’12″, if not all of the 4Experts classes!
    So glad you’re feeling great again – hooray!!!

  28. I have no idea what the hidden 12 is but I do know that I am very excited and inspired to get my memories and stories on pages in 2012 and I think that all four of you great ladies will help me do that. This is indeed very exciting!

  29. Your class looks super fun and inspiring. The use of the 12 keys in music, 12 outfits, 12 numbers found around your house, and 12 reasons to explore my creativity. Twelve excuses to watch, create and be inspired (not to mention celebrate your overall wellness) are reasons enough to sign up…

  30. Oh my goodness — SUCH GOODNESS is coming our way in 2012. I noticed 12 different outfits on one Miss Stacy J. I am so happy that you are feeling so much better. Wonderful news!

  31. Although I watched the video 12 times, I’m not sure I know what the easter egg is. Which makes me think I should *really* take Heidi’s Observation class! LOL

  32. Is there going to be gathering of supplies in an egg carton, similar to Darci’s Baker’s Dozen class? As fun and energetic as your video is, my mind kept thinking about Jesus and His twelve disciples. I would love to journey with you into 20TWELVE and delve into this class.

  33. Great video — 12 hairstyles, outfits, awesome #s, music, reasons…all good things!

  34. So excited for your 2012 classes 4 experts…..

  35. Cyndy Recker says:

    All my answers have been picked already. But I am really leaning towards that cute headband. I am sooo excited for your class to start in january. As soon as I saw your face in the email I knew whatever it was I was signing up! Thank you for the awesome lineup of the other ladies too.

  36. I hope I don’t have to get the easter egg right to win! Loved the video; when I think of “fun” people, I always think of you! Loved the different outfits and wondered if you just changed clothes and hair twelve times in a row or if you taped segments on different days (I’m going for the former!).

    These classes look great and I can’t wait for them to start!

  37. Love the 12 looks! The pony tail and sunglasses was adorable. BTW – an 8×8 album is excellent – but somehow it seems like it should be a 12×12 album.

  38. Lisa R - saner4 says:

    I noticed twelve outfits, 12 hairstyles, twelve cool and unusual places to find numbers, and 12 pieces of music. 12 reasons to take 12 in 2012. Is it also 12 weeks till class starts?

    P.S. Your 4Experts classes in 2012 are fantastic. I really want to take all of them!!

  39. Great video! 12 outfits! You sold me. I will be signing up. Looking forward to 2012.

  40. Stacy,

    Your videos always make me laugh!!! You are so silly and I LOVE it!! 12 different music, hair (so cute!) styles, clothes, reasons, etc. Fantastic!!!

  41. excited to see the new line up. this might the first year that I HAVE to do all 4! I’m afraid, I didn’t pick up the “Easter egg” but I did notice that number 11 was actually 11oz and wondered if you had a super huge, chocolate filled 11oz Easter egg there?!?! Lots of 12s though and I love the video with all those cool numbers and the cute outfits.

  42. I’m putting your class on my Christmas List and asking for a BPC gift certificate. Looking forward to more time with you!

  43. Thw two things that stood out were your gorgeous daught and the colors of the rainbow, in backwards order, that your outfits represented! (Roy G. Biv backwards!)

  44. I went back to watch the video again ,I didn’t see an easter egg.But I did see 12 great reasons to take the class. Great intructor line up for 2012 I would love to take all 4.

  45. Mamasue123 says:

    I want all your beautifully colored tops! How cute is that video, you crack me up!! I have no clue what the Easter egg was but just enjoyed it and your humor. Sounds like a great course!!

  46. I’m not sure what you mean by “easter egg.” Maybe it has something to do with 12 different outfits, 12 different days, 12 different moods, etc. This is something that is evolving over time?

    I’m excited about your workshop and all of the others! I’d love to take them all!!

  47. what a fun video! not dorky, well ok just a little bit, but it’s fun and fab. LOVE the music :) and like everyone else think that the different looks/colours/outifts are fabulous!!

  48. The idea of all the different ways to video the numbers that you used. This gave me the idea to look around my house and photograph different numbers around my house to incorporate into my scrap booking pages. I will probably title it 12 things right now. Love the idea of the dice and the side of the package with ounces…. how cool!! Can’t wait to take this class!!

  49. I can’t believe 2012 will be coming so soon! I loved your 12 colors of clothing and how they were in color wheel order. I arrange my LOM albums that way.

  50. Kristigilbert says:

    I guess the Easter eggs are the 12 Easter egg colored shirts you wore?
    Can’t wait for you class & the others, too!

  51. This is so exciting! The colors you wore are in the order of the colors on the color wheel.
    I love how you think and manage to incorporate your ideas into even the “little” things!
    Thanks, Stacy!

  52. Oh Stacy! These new 4 experts classes are now on my calendar for next year! They all look great. I noticed a lot of things, including all your colorful outfits, and the order they are in, but the thing I picked up on the most is that I love your haircut! I’ve been holding off on getting mine cut, I just didn’t see anything I liked, but now, I think I’m taking your picture to the stylist with me! Hope you don’t mind!

  53. Tobi-Lynn says:

    Super fun. super cute. love your silliness! Noticed the color wheel backwards (ROY G BIV) in your shirts, the 12 reasons are fun, the 12 keys etc. I tried to find a word spelled out as some of the reasons had lots of alliteration, but missed it on several so….???? would love to win though!

  54. bea medwecky says:

    Stacy, BPC just keeps getting better and better. I am so looking forward to your delightful instruction on creating scrapbook pages following the FPF system. I will sign up for your class as soon as possible
    I loved your change of outfits and music. I did not notice the Easter Egg, though I am thinking the people who noticed that your outfits where in color order are probably correct. So at the end of TWELVE, can we all call ourselves “curators”?

  55. Emilyn Wright says:

    I loved your video. Very cute and upbeat as you gave your 12 reasons for taking your class! Loved how you changed clothing…reminded me of how you sort your products – by color. Looking forward to your workshop!!!

  56. SueinMtVernon says:

    Well, I think I’ve watched your video 12 times to find your hidden “Easter Egg”. I tried to build the word “T_W_E_L_V_E” from your 12 reasons, picking out words that you stressed in each reason, but that failed. I know you adore color – especially green – so I will say that is somehow tied in with your hidden egg. Can’t wait for class to start!

  57. Awesome video clip… love, Love, LOVE the fun and very colorful outfits, as well as all of the clever images of numbers 1-12 around your house! Your blog and style already boast the “I love color” goodness, which I love! (And I don’t find it dorky… just SUPER FUN!)

    As for the egg, I think I got it: Along with the Alfred Hitchcock-type music, number 8 states that “We are going to gather a collection of FUN and VERY COLORFUL bits and pieces of scrapbooking goodness and we are going to use them to challenge our inner designer and delight our inner critic.”

    Although, I did find it IRONIC that we are going to make an 8×8 album in this class that focuses on TWELVE.

    BTW, your outfit in Number 8 is my favorite color! I call it “happy green”. :)

  58. Always, always love your videos, Stacy!! You wore twelve different color outfits (backwards rainbow) to give us twelve reasons to take TWELVE in 2012! Whew, that was a mouthful… can’t wait to register.

  59. Chrissy Bryant says:

    Love your 12 reverse rainbow outfits, but does this tie in with the “easter egg”? Can’t wait to take your classes. Needing some inspiration:)

  60. I love all the colors you used in your video! They were all in the order of the color wheel! I also enjoyed the bits of colorful things you used to show the numbers before each reason. I love the 4 Experts classes and I’m looking forward to all of the ones you’ve scheduled for 2012.

  61. I love all your rainbow happy colors Stacy! This class looks great.

  62. Colours! Rainbow! Love the idea of the class, Stacy and your rainbow of outfits!

  63. Definitely the 12 colours on the colour wheel, because we all know that colour makes Stacy happy!!! :D Loved the video!

  64. This video made me happy! Every time I have taken a class with you Stacy, I have been inspired, rejuvenated and excited about telling my stories. I am going to put this class on my Christmas wish list!

  65. I’m guessing it’s colors! Cute video, as always. There are some really great classes coming up at BPC that I would love to take.

  66. Every segment you wore a different colour and we all know how much you love colour!!! I was so excited to watch all of the videos! I am going to make a real effort to sign up for at least two of these 4Expert classes starting, of course, with you Stacy!! Thanks!

  67. Hmm, very tricky, was that you or one of your kids playing the piano?

  68. Wasy cool series this year!! Love the 12 class — I am thinking the hidden 12 has to do with your 12 different outfits in 12 different happy Stacy colors! (However, I did not realize that the class would continue with emails and video content all 12 months — very cool!) I am putting this class on my Christmas list — may be my gift to myself!! Love you Stacy!

  69. OH — and by the way — Heidi’s class also looks sooooo good and I have been wanting to have a class from Becky at BPS — 2012 is going to be awesome!

  70. I agree with those that said it was the color of your outfits. Looking forward to “12″ as much as I looked forward to LOM the first time I took it.

  71. Kirsten J says:

    So excited about this, Stacy!!! And I loved the wardrobe changes ;)

  72. Kate aka stinkydudette says:

    How clever and fun, Stacy! Definitely signing up for your class when registration opens! Love the fun color costume changes, and Addie is so adorable!!

  73. Karen Schmidt says:

    Sign me up for the class. I can’t wait for registration. Love the videos. Green color was my favorite.

  74. Great video Stacy! I think your 12 different outfits/colors/hair styles made the video show your great sense of style :) I think your class looks like fun no matter what the subliminal message was and I would surely love to take it!!

  75. It looks like a great class. You are a creative genius. As I was watching the video, I thought it had something to do with the music or color. Can’t wait to hear the whole scoop!

  76. Margaret Burton (Meggie) says:

    Loved the video and that your always fun and enjoying life. The colors were a lot of fun too and in the order of the color wheel. How neat is that.

  77. 2012 is going to be an awesome year! Your class is definitely on my Christmas list and I am so glad that you finally got Becky to join in. I can’t wait for these four classes, to be inspired and try new things.
    Glad you are feeling better. It has been a long and challenging road for you. As I watched your video it was an answer to prayer to see some of your old energy and enthusiasm. You are an amazing woman!

  78. You know what? I’ve been with BPC since the beginning, taking classes here & there, but I’ve never taken a 4 experts class yet…2012 might be the year! I had to watch it twice to catch the color wheel, but I did notice the first time that you were changing your shirt for every number. I’m rather impressed that you have the whole color wheel in your closet. You DO love color! :)

    P.S. I loved your first video on My Craft Channel, green M&Ms and red raspberries! Yum! :)

  79. Very interesting… and I love the wardrobe changes, green especially… can’t wait!

  80. Loved the four videos! Clever idea to wear the 12 different colored tops and to give 12 reasons to take your class. Thanks for the chance to win.

  81. I’ve been waiting for the 4Expert announcement! So excited. They are some of my favorite classes to take. Loved your video and looking forward to signing up for the class. “Have More Fun” was one of my favorite classes. You have so many great ideas!

  82. Totally cute video Stacy and I have to say I loved all the outfit changes, but like many others here, thought the green definitely suited you best! Can’t wait for this class!

  83. what a fun video! love all the outfit changes and i want to figure out how to get my hair cut so it looks like yours – super adorable! can’t wait to take this class! =)

  84. One of your favorite things is COLOR. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your class. I think its just what I need to get back into scrapbooking.

  85. Dee Cummins says:

    Loved the outfit changes! I guess the 12 colors of your clothes are the key 12, but you definitely had more energy in the stripped yellow green shirt. Also, the pink-purple sunglasses in 4 were egg-shaped with a bit of bling! I loved the numbers on household items, but also liked the (looked like rub-on) number names that opened each segment.

  86. BARB TOPPING says:

    Stacy, I am so excited about TWELVE. Love your video and all the happy colors, but after watching it twice, I have not found the subliminal Easter egg. I am giving it a break before my brain becomes scrambled or poached. I shall come back later to see if the subliminal egg appears to me.

  87. Wow, 12 outfits- that’s a lot of work. It looks like so much fun, can’t wait to watch the videos from each of the teachers. So much talent there!

  88. Audrey Davis says:

    The colors of your 12 different outfits in the order of the color wheel.

    Thanks for the chance at a giveaway.


  89. I love the play on the number 12. So much potential! You’re so colorful with all those outfit changes! Can’t wait for the classes (Becky’s in particular)!

  90. Susan Ringler says:

    Oh Stacy,
    You are so funny! Most important to hear you are feeling great~ So glad for that. I cannot tell a lie=== I missed that it was the whole color wheel. Of course I saw all the color changes in your outfits, how long did that take you? You have a great wardrobe of color. I know that’s your thing and it’s great you carry it to your clothes, too! Can’t wait for class!

  91. I noticed your changing outfits right away. So much work. I’m thinking that there’s a code in the names of the color – beyond going in rainbow colors backwards. “mvp in tggyyor” doesn’t make sense though. Even if you are the scrapbooking MVP of ALL TIME. Colors have too many names! Is that a aqua shirt, or turquoise, or blue?

    Your class will go on my Christmas list but I might just end up getting it for myself! See you in 2012!

  92. Lorie Gomes says:

    Am going to make time to take one of these classes..have been putting it off too long.

  93. How fun 12 outfits in the order of the color wheel! And a couple of haristyle changes – loved the green head band. Glad you are feeling better. Loved the vioeo, thinking I need inspiration, so I will be watching for registration to open. Can hardly wait!

  94. Loved the video and the accompaning music. Your little easter egg was that your outfits were in the sequence of the color wheel. And since you LOVE color and are know for your use of it, I think that was very clever of you.

  95. Very clever video. Loved anticipating what you would do/wear next. 2012′s going to be a great and colorful year!

  96. Let’ see…12 different colored outfits (in order of the color wheel)….12 different ways to show the number “12″…12 reasons to take the class…and I even think you made little changes to your hair – was it 12 different hair styles, too? The video was adorable, and I can’t wait to take the class. I’m going to ask Santa for it for Christmas! Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. Christine H says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling so good! Love all the colorful clothing changes. Guess that’s the thing…..clothes in colors of the color wheel?

  98. LOVE your video. Just watching makes me happy. I think that the clue is the outfits in the 12 colors…but I’m guessing that there is more. Thanks for all you do to bring joy to our lives.

    Absolutely thrilled to hear your health is improved. Truly a blessing.

  99. I may have lost count but – - you changed your hair 12 times and your shirt in the reverse order of the color wheel. Here is where I think I lost count I am so not sure but I think you stated the # 12 — 12 times maybe more but 12 for certain.

  100. Too funny! Could it be the changes in clothes, hair style, and numbers. Glad your feeling better.

  101. Loved the color wheel outfits and changing hairstyles–12 different ones!

  102. Jenny McGee says:

    I don’t know if I found any “theme”, but I did see that you had different music and spoke to that theme of the music each time. Cute video.

  103. I bet your favorite 12 is Colour :) What a fun video, and fun class. I can’t wait! Glad you are feeling better…your energy is contagious. Thanks for sharing

  104. Loved the video, the music, the colors, all of it, and can not wait to take your class (and have my very best girlfriend get it as an early birthday present to take it with me!). I’m guessing your change of colorful outfits match the colors on the color wheel. Knowing how much you love color it just HAS to have something to do with that, right??

  105. Loved that you wore every color on the color wheel – and in color wheel order :). Can’t wait to sign up for these classes, I just know they will be wonderful!!

  106. I’m guessing it’s the colors as well. That was what I picked up on anyway. Looks like a great class!

  107. Hi all
    OK am I a total dork or am I the only one who can’t find the link to the video !! Must be some kind of test.

  108. I noticed the 12 different outfits. Sounds like a great class.

  109. I’m like the others…not totally sure, but I’ll guess Color as well. I know you have a thing about beautiful colors, so maybe that’s it!

  110. I also noticed the changing outfits, the variety of music, and the different types of numbers – like all the different reasons. I would love to take this class.

  111. i’m guessing color?

  112. Loved how you changed theme with color, hairstyle and music! Love that you convinced Becky Higgins to teach an online class! YAY!

  113. Love that you are feeling better and that your clothes in the video went completely around the color wheel. Did you begin and end in the same shirt?

  114. Very exciting line up of experts.

    I noticed your changing colourful outfits. (Amazing how different you looked in each colour!)

    I also noticed you used piano music throughout and the various types of type for the numbers.


  115. So excited for 2012 now. I will also guess it is the colors :-)

  116. Love the different colored outfits and change in hairstyles…fun video!!! Can’t wait for the class to start!!

  117. tammy perkins says:

    Noticed the twelve outfits and colors – AND 12 reasons to take your class – love it!!!

  118. Could it be int he head band???????

  119. was it your different colored outfits? cute video!

  120. Kasondra F. says:

    I’m going to guess the changing colors of your outfits!! Love, Love, love color though so maybe that’s just what stood out to me. Can’t wait to sign up for all 4 amazing classes

  121. Loved the color wheel order outfits, wondering how long it took you to film the video. Like others I also noticed the music, wondering if it was one of your kids playing, and the hairstyles. Would love to take your class (actually all four classes) will have to send a letter to Santa this year :)

  122. It’s all about 12 – different colors, hairstyles, 12 weeks, 12 pages a month, 12 months in the year 2012! Love it and can’t wait for it and the other Experts’ classes @ BPC!!

  123. So because I’m an honest girl, I’m gonna say that after I watched the video, I thought the “hidden egg” was the piano. It was consistent throughout, and changed with each video. Based on the other comments, I look to be wrong, but I can’t just change my answer to go with the (probably right) crowd! :D Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. I noticed the different outfits and hairstyles and loved the creative numbers. Can’t wait for your class!

  125. You wore a rainbow of different colored outfits and your hair styles changed as well. I intrigued about the class I might just have to take it:)

  126. Background music enhanced your individual talks. Also your outfits were a basket of different colors.

  127. I can’t wait to register!
    Twelve colors, twelve songs, twelve weeks, twelve months.

  128. Nicky from Canada says:

    Oh 12 – 12 – 12 – all about different colors, hairstyles, 12 weeks, 12 pages a month, 12 months in a year! Oh 12 – 12 – 12 – I would be thrilled to take this. Great idea

  129. Stacy, you rock! I love what you do, and the fact that what you do inspires me to do what I do. Awesome!
    I noticed all your different outfits, and I thought, either Stacy is sooooo busy, she cant tape more than one a day (which is probably true! Ha!) or she did it on purpose. =) Can’t wait to hear what the message is.
    And, honestly, what I really noticed was your camera in the background with the super cool camera strap! I love green. Gotta get me one of those!
    Hopefully I’ll see you in “Twelve, by Stacy” =)

  130. The color/outfit changes, the hairstyle changes, the music, the numbers…what a great video. Looks like a great class and a great line up of experts for 2012!

  131. I enjoyed watching you change you colour and hair for each number!
    You got me thinking about the number 12, for 2012 and 12 months in a year and 12 numbers on the clock and you make it sound like an awesome class for a year of motivation!!!

  132. Fun video! I saw the 12 reasons to take Twelve with you in 2012. Love the piano music with each number and all of you different outfits and hairstyles (pigtails & sunglasses was my fav!).

  133. Stacy Simpson says:

    12 months! 12 weeks! I noticed your clothing changes and hairstyles. At this point I would be happy if the class just made me complete 12 layouts – hehe! Looking forward to all the classes!

  134. I’m very excited for your Twelve class! It’s good timing too, because I’m just finishing up projects from Have More Fun. I just did the 30 Days Hath September album last month and I loved it!

  135. I’m so thrilled to take your class, I think it will be awesome! Everything you do is very well thought of and “philosophical”. So even though I don’t really know what the 12 class is all about, I’m very eager to find out.

    My guess about the easteregg is the music. I don’t know the names of the melodies, but my guess is that the first one has a name that has something to do with “one”, and that the second one has a name that… well, you get it! :D

  136. Loved all your COLOR!
    Can’t wait to take the class.

  137. SueinMtVernon says:

    I was just looking at those four beautiful “expert” faces and noticed three of you have blue eyes and Becky has brown. Just a random comment for a random Saturday morning!

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