Good, Needed, Happy Mail.

You know those days when you’re really busy and feeling a bit buried and wondering what else will be thrown at you before you get even part way through your to-do list? I’ve found that on those days — if you look for them — there are tender mercies sent to buoy you up, to remind you that you are known and loved and that somehow your craziest days are anticipated. Generally, these mercies are delivered through other people. I can’t begin to count the times that I’ve opened an email or gone to my mailbox and found just the words I needed to read — I certainly can’t recount them all or share even a fraction of the kindness I receive, but I can share a few (today) and encourage you to keep your antennae up because I absolutely believe you will always find just what you need, when you most need it …

This email came from Kathleen just at the end of my last online class. In fact, it came the day I was filming episodes for My Craft Channel. I was feeling very tired and questioning my judgement in even doing the videos.

Hi Stacy,

Using my wonderful non-chronological system, I made a connection between two photos that I never would have pre-Library of Memories. I thought you might like to see a glimpse of the fruit of your labors in nursing us through this process. This is my third year, and I’m still tweaking, but it has been such a blessing to relax into the stories and the pictures. I now focus on those memories I want to capture and preserve — and especially the connections I would never have made and missed without this system.

Thank you so much for sharing your insights, for your willingness to listen and reply to the same questions year after year, and most of all for being you. Oh, and I agree, summer is NOT the greatest time to schedule LOM!

And there is this one, from Cyd — that she would take the time to email me — that is so, so cool!


I was de-cluttering and I started going through a 2008 check register. I saw an entry for my subscription to Simple Scrapbooks Magazine. I absolutely loved Simple Scrapbooks. My soul would sing when I leafed through the pages.
So I just wanted to thank you for founding that magazine.
I miss it.

(me too Cyd, me too.)

And then this very cool collection of notes and ephemera was discovered in my mailbox.
It was put together by my friend Melissa, after she read Good Mail Day (click the link to learn more and purchase at Amazon) a book filled with lots of ideas for creating postal art. Melissa gathered several miscellaneous items from different sources that reminded her of me. For example a dictionary page with the word “organize” (my word for 2011) circled and the title page to the story “Spot is Big” for Big Picture Classes — opening and exploring this very happy mail unleashed all kinds of memories and as I touched and smelled everything and got completely lost in textural goodness — and it’s all stuff I can use in mixed media and scrapbooking projects!

I’m sure you have plenty to do this week, but be sure to listen to the whisperings of the Spirit so that you can be a piece of good, needed, happy mail!


  1. I, too, miss SS magazine. I keep thinking I will get out my old copies and go thru them again but…. Where does all the time go? It seems like I had more time when I was younger. Some one told me years ago that life is like a roll of toilet paper – the closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes! I am beginning to believe that! :-)

    Thanks, Stacy, for all you do!

  2. I miss Simple Scrapbooks in the worst way! I still receive two magazines… and I’m entirely disenchanted with both of them and planning to let my subscriptions lapse. I look through the entire getting-thinner-by-the-issue mag and don’t see a single thing that inspires me! I’m so glad I saved my last two years of SS!

    And just have to say I ADORE happy mail – both sending and receiving! :)

  3. I miss Simple Scrapbooks too…it was my one true love when it came to scrapbooking, and never disappointed! :)

  4. Thanks Stacy for the reminder to “listen” especially when things get crazy! Thank you for the wonderful FPF class this summer and yes…summer is a busy time for the class and especially for you…you need to enjoy all you can with your kiddos during the summer!

  5. bea medwecky says:

    Stacy, Thanks for this uplifting post. I needed to be reminded to look for the inspirational in little things. It has been an exceptionally hard beginning to a new school year. Your post today has helped lift some of the weight off my shoulders.

  6. Thanks for posting this Stacy – you are a conduit for ‘happy mail’ that others need too, you know!

  7. Thanks Stacy. I needed this reminder tonight. I am definitely going to check out Good Mail Day. I think I need to send out some happy mail!!

  8. Bec Kilgore says:

    It is wonderful how the Spirit’s wisdom comes to you when so many other people need to hear it, too. Makes me think I should finally have a blog I keep up with instead of ignoring. Who knows how many other people need what to hear what is whispered to each and everyone of us if we are listening?

  9. Amen to that!
    I still have all of my issues of Simple Scrapbooks too; loved it and miss it!
    I’m looking forward to your shows on MCC.
    Enjoy your week Stacy!

    • Me too. I have every issue I bought of simple Scrapbooks, I always looked forward to getting a new issue in my mailbox. Simple Scrapbooks was my favorite. I miss it & still look to the issues I have for inspiration whenever I’m suffering from “scrapper’s block”

  10. I too miss Simple Scrapbooks and have found I am less and less satisfied with the remaining options. But I LOVE the happy mail idea. :)

  11. Christine H says:

    Right now I am working my fulltime job, interviewing with four companies for a new job (endless phone interviews and flying around the country for the face-to-face interview), helping my best friend of 30 years through a divorce that she didn’t see coming, and teaching Confirmation to 30 high school juniors at my church. Last weekend was the retreat for the Confirmation class. I didn’t have time to properly prepare for the retreat. And when we got there and the adults met for a final game plan meeting, it was clear none of us was prepared. We prayed and trusted that God would give us the words and energy we needed. It was a great weekend. We actually had 3 hours on Sat afternoon with nothing to do but walk around the lovely grounds of the facility and listen to the laughter of the kids as they canoed, played volleyball and just acted like kids. What I thought was going to be just another thing on my To Do list turned out to be the relief I needed to start up again on Monday. (Last week of interviews- new job decision to be made next week!)

  12. It’s funny that I read this post this morning- I’ve had a stressful time lately (who hasn’t?), but I received a really nice email from my new assistant principal (did I mention I’m a teacher?). It really brightened my day and made me really that I really do matter to the people around me. I love when God sends these little reminders of His love.

  13. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Happy Mail package Stacy! I got so many fun ideas from the Good Mail Day book and have been enjoying some Mail Art Exchanges with blog friends recently. It’s so fun to open the mailbox and see a happy envelope amidst all the bills & advertisements. And what a great connections page from Kathleen!

  14. This post was my good, needed, happy mail today. Thanks Stacy. I will listen to the Spirit whispering more often especially on days like today when I am frazzled with what to do first and facing an important decision.

  15. Nicky from Canada says:

    I also miss SS magazine.

    Happy mail is the best

  16. Karen Schmidt says:

    Those little messages come to me when I least expect it. A few months back I sent the family information sheet(from FPF) to my husband’s side of the family. I don’t know them very well because his family doesn’t get together like mine does. I had forgotten all about it then one day when, I was feeling overwhelmed with everything that my kids and I are doing on a daily basis, I opened up the mail box and there was a envelope addressed to me. I opened it and his sister had sent the sheets back to me. It was awesome! I was so excited to get them back. There are lots more I sent out that haven’t returned yet but its a start.

    thanks for a great post Stacy.

  17. Love tender mercies.

  18. Good mail day! What an awesome idea. I’ve been feeling blah all week. This post today cheered me up. Thank you!

  19. A Happy Mail Day sounds like a good idea. After reading my children’s blogs this evening, I feel good!

  20. I love, love, love mail. I always have. My friends think I’m a little nuts or maybe it’s over the edge about it, but honestly there is nothing better than the anticipation of what is going to be in that box. It can even be a whole bunch of nothing and it doesn’t diminish the anticipation of it. A few years back my husband sent a message out to my entire email box asking people to send me a peice of mail for my birthday. It was awesome. I was swimming in fun mail. Now some of my friends are really sweet and spend a great deal more than they should to mail me my favorite candy or something. The sweet part is they live so close by they could deliver it, but they know how it fills my bucket to get it in the mail. The sad part is not everyone has this love of mail that I do. Often my friends move and it take several years to get their new address. Sad state if you ask me. They have no idea what they are missing!

    • Kelli,
      This is such a fun thing to know about you. Please tell me you’ve scrapbooked this piece of your personality — perhaps inside a little envelope album? Add that to your list of stories to tell!

  21. It is amazing how the little things can really change your mood. I loved watching you this AM on the My Craft Channel! It make she happy to see you and have a ‘visit’ while you talk about color and scrapping and food! thanks for being you!

  22. Watched your first video on My Craft Channel and absolutely loved it. So inspiring and so much happy. I’m so glad you took some time out of your busy schedule and did that – and I can’t wait for the next episode. Thank you for being you and not hiding it from us. We all should do what makes us happy! :)

    • Thanks Anne.
      I’m actually so glad to know this, because they are apparently showing episodes out of order and I wondered if it made sense. I did like the intro they made and was feeling bad that I’m not more tech savvy to create those things for myself. Anyway I appreciate that you took time to comment!

  23. I was trying (key word: TRYING) to purge my old magazines. Each Simple Scrapbooks I looked at made me smile and dig into my supplies to record my family stories. I just couldn’t get rid of these magazines. I miss them and the little “family” – you, Wendy, Cathy… contained on each page. It was evident that it was a labor of love. I’m sure there were hard times, but I know that I am grateful for your passion and commitment of reminding us to tell our stories before we forget them.

  24. I still miss Simple, too. So much!

  25. I added some postcards and stamps to my traveling scrap/art/media pencil case and have created and mailed my college son two cool cards since reading this reminder post on good mail. I also remembered some pretty napkins I found that I had saved for someone. Do you realize how your posts tickle our memories of good things we are wanting to do but have either forgotten or lost our round-to-it button? Thanks.

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