Happy Birthday BPC!

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Big Picture is SIX years old today!

Watch your inbox for a special promo code to use for 50% all self-paced classes through November 20th.
Ok, I’ll just tell you, it’s 6thbirthday — use it to take a class you’ve been wanting to take.

Here’s a list of all self-paced classes.


  1. Happy Birthday BPC and congratulations to you Stacy for starting and continuing such an awesome and inspiring company! :)

  2. Congrats on the milestone! I love BPC, and thanks so much for the coupon code!

  3. Happy Birthday BPC!! I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since I took that “Did You Know” 5 Things class from Cathy and the Power of Ten class with Beth Proudfoot! They are some of my favs to this day! Thanks you for keeping this going and always coming up with just the thing I need to try and have fun with!!! BPC is the best!!!

  4. Thanks Stacy. I love taking BPC classes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  5. Happy, happy birthday BPC dear. Happy things will come to you all year. If I had one wish then it would be… a happy, happy birthday to you from me! (singing loudly).

  6. Happy Happy Birthday! BPC is the very best :)

  7. Thanks so much for starting this wonderful company, it has changed the way I scrapbook. Thanks for the discounted classes Stacey!Just in time to stock up for Christmas gifts. The promo code isn’t working for me at the moment though. I’ll keep trying.

  8. Promo code is working now! Thanks again!

  9. I will definitely be celebrating Big Picture Classes’ birthday by purchasing a few presents- for me! Thank you and Congrats on SIX years!

  10. Happy Birthday BPC and thanks for the promo code!

  11. I’m so thankful for BPS and for all the inspiration I have gotten from the classes offered! May it continue strongly for many more years! :)

  12. BPC ranks high on my list of good things that I’ve discovered! Happy Birthday.

  13. This is so exciting! Happy birthday!!! I love BPC, and hope to take many, many, many more classes! I just used the fabulous coupon to pick up 4 I haven’t taken yet – yay!! :) Thank you!!!

  14. Happy Birthday to BPC….and mannnnny more!!
    Had to go look, and I’ve been with you since my first class LOM in Feb 2008!!
    I value the learning,
    I cherish the community,
    I appreciate the teachers,
    I adore you Stacy!

  15. HAPPY Birthday BPC! What an amazing place it is! I just ordered a few classes to add to my “to do” list! I love that they will be there for me when I can devote the time and attention to them! God bless you Stacy for bringing BPC to life!

  16. Time flies when you are having fun!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday BPC–We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Woo Hoo, Happy Birthday BPC! I haven’t counted recently, but I’m pretty sure I have gone over the 100 mark with classes, so I guess you can safely say I LOVE BPC!!! Thanks Stacy, its been a super fun 6 years, and thanks for the coupon too!

  18. Happy Birthday to BPC. Just added a few more classes to my to do list! Thanks for the promo code.

  19. Happy Birthday! Congrats to you and your team. And Stacy just think others told you no ! Ha on them. I’ve been with you since the beginning. Even back when there was a scrapbook store on every corner there wasn’t one even near me. So your site has always been my go to place. I never would have been able all the to learn all the great things I have if it wasn’t for the BPC site.

    You and the staff and teachers are the best!

  20. Happy Birthday BPC!! Stacy you and your team are GREAT!! Thanks for all the great things you give us!

  21. Happy birthday, BPC! My very first class was Scrap Your Scraps and I’ve been in love with the site since then.

    My scrapbooking has changed so dramatically since I found the site and I am so very thankful for everything I’ve learned.

    Stacy- you’ve created a great community over there and I am very grateful. And, of course, thanks so much for the discount- already signed up for three self-paced classes!

  22. Congratulations Stacy and everyone at BPC,

    I signed up for three classes on Monday, two of them self-paced – Had I known this in advance, I might have waited.

    You have come a far way with BPC. I enjoy taking every class that you offer and I am so happy that you’ll be the first expert in 2012 starting with 12.

    I have also noticed that you start exploring new grounds, like offering a kit with a class – which is not for me, as the shipping to Europe will eat up all the benefit.

    As for the “in-class” experience, your classrooms are very fun and engaging – unfortunately, the gallery experience is not. I find the use very time consuming and complicated and really hope that this is on your roadmap to improve.

    For the coming years, I would love to see more of the element of surprise, like the goodies by snail mail in your “Have more fun” class and I am so happy that this appears to be back for “12″.

    I’d also be interested if you consider a few more “private”, initimate, premium priced classes with you, Cathy Zielske, Karen Grunberg and other “experts” on a specific topic.

    Thank you Stacy for being a continuous source of inspiration – I can’t wait to take more classes with you and the creative teachers who are a part of BPC.

    • Zewa,

      I LOVE this kind of feedback. Thank YOU!! I agree that we need to improve the gallery programming and YES, it is on our list for upgrades. Thanks for being a part of our community!!

  23. Congrats to BPC on such a great milestone. Thanks so much for the coupon code. I have been eyeing a class that I couldn’t justify spending the money on right now, but with this offer I finally can.

  24. Happy birthday! I know that I am definitely better a scrapbooker and photographer because of BPC classes.

    • Kelly,

      Guess what? You just won yourself a NEW American Crafts paper trimmer. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving me a comment!

      • Thank you Stacy! I responded in your post on 11-22. Do you need me to send you any information? Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  25. Congrats! I love me a good coupon! I took advantage of the offer and signed up for 4 of the classes. I finished one last night and a second one this afternoon. I found them very informative. Thanks!

  26. What a great way to celebrate BPC. I have taken many, many classes. I have about 6 self-paced ones I’d like to take and this 50% code means that I can sign up for them all! Thanks for all you do.

  27. Love BPC! Happy Birthday!

  28. BARB TOPPING says:

    Happy birthday BPC. Congratulation to you and all who help make this such a wonderful and inspiring place to come. Thank you for the awesome coupon.

  29. Congratulations! This is awesome.

  30. I went straight over and picked up two I’ve been looking at for a while. Taking them with me to ds’s music lesson to read while he is in class!Thanks for the savings!

  31. Happy B-Day BPC!!! You’ve been a great source of inspiration for me (and many thousands of others). The quality of the instruction is excellent and I love the energy from everyone in this community.

  32. Bec Kilgore says:

    Happy Birthday! Been with you since the beginning.

  33. Happy Birthday BPC and thank you Stacy for having the inspiration and insight to start up this amazing company. I have enjoyed each and every class I have taken and still am in awe with each class I take at the amazing instructors, the exceptional content of the classes and that I am sharing these classes with scrappers from all over the globe.

  34. Happy Birthday (a few days late). I LOVE BPC. You have the best online classes anywhere online! I love so many things about them!

  35. Happy Birthday BPC!!

    Hey Stacy, I just wanted to take you back a bit – to around October last year when you posted about your lovely yellow bike. http://stacyjulian.com/blog/?p=5934

    I saw that at the time and thought pretty neat. A couple of months later, hubby was trying to persuade me to leave my bike (that I bought while we lived in Belgium and was not good for the area back home in New Zealand). I knew I didn’t want a mountain bike – I liked my “sit-up” bike. But the family do a lot of biking along the river trails and so I saw the sense in having something that could handle the local terrain. I vaguely remembered your post, did a bit of research – and hubby agreed it was a good choice. And I’ve been waiting, and waiting…. and waiting…and waiting. Finally, in the last weeks I’ve been throwing out the hints that it would be REALLY good for us all to be biking over the christmas holidays.

    Guess what we ordered today??? YES!!!! I’ll have my very own yellow bike in just a few days time. SOO excited. And all because I remembered your bike :) Thank you for posting about it – and when you’re out biking in your area…. know I’m riding with you in spirit all the way down here in NZ!!!! :D

  36. I’m all signed up for the 12 Class & I have started on the divider things in the bin but I have one question – are the divider binder clips going to be for the months or for something else?

    I am just asking because I got the cutest binder clips with the months of the year on them from Office Depot.


  37. here are several goods in order to web sites which i hook up to since all of us believe they will be worth visiting.

  38. KristiGilbert says:

    Hope your surgery went well yesterday…when you get a chance let us know how you’re doing!

    BTW, I can’t wait for 12 to start! : ) : )

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