checking in!

I’ll tell you one thing I’ve learned.
The longer you stay away from your blog, the easier it gets to stay away!


I’m not sick.
I’m not hurt or dealing with a major challenge (thank goodness!)
I’m done traveling (yay!)
I think because my calendar has been loaded with all sorts of things (travel, events, meetings, visits, etc…) since about spring break–I’ve maybe been hibernating from the online world just a bit in an effort to restore.
And it’s not like it’s been intentional.
It’s more like, I could blog … or, I could ___________ and I choose ____________.

Today, just now even I had the urge to sit down and type. Hoping of course that someone is still out there?!

I have been working.
In fact, here are few of the things I’ve been working on …

1 | This FREE slide presentation/project

I taught this hands-on project class at The Creative Connection. All you have to do is click on the link above and then click on the slide presentation and you can see and hear my whole class. In addition, you’ll get to see three of our awesome BPC instructors interpret the  “When I See You” concept in their style! There are a dozen or so kits left that you can purchase as well, but the class and concept are FREE for the taking and could easily be adapted to a format/product you have on hand.

2 | My Finish Line Scrapbooking class

If you’ve been reading my blog for a few years, Finish Line Scrapbooking should sound familiar. It is a class that I taught live for several years and it’s a WONDERFUL, fast-paced approach to getting a stack of pictures in a 6×6 or 8×8 album in a short amount of time. I’ve been promising this online version for a very LONG time and I’m finally DONE!  I create two or three “Finish Line” scrapbooks a year — just to keep me sane.

There’s more information here and here.
And … you can purchase one or two kits here.

3 | Twelve.

Much more on this in the coming days and weeks, but I am SO EXCITED about my NEW 4Experts class that starts in January. While the bulk of content will be delivered from January through the end of March, this truly is a year-long experience designed to get you scrapbooking (you pick: again, more often, with more meaning, in an inspired way.)

It’s going to be a LOT of work, but it is also going to be very satisfying and productive and together, we CAN do it!

4 | My home.

When the mom leaves off and on for months on end, the result is clutter and piles and dust bunnies galore. I’m eagerly cleaning and re-organizing and re-thinking stuff at home. In fact, the carpets are being cleaned as I type (Yipee!) and we are spending our “no school” day moving boys’ bedrooms around. My cousin is coming over on Saturday to take our bunk beds (Trey/Taft’s room) and I’m shifting Trey downstairs and giving Taft his own room. I also have a friend coming to build good shelves in my BIG bathroom closet and my “holiday” storage room downstairs. I have little projects here and there that I’m super anxious to finish before Thanksgiving too!

5 | Me.

I’ve gained 15 pounds. Hello?
All you have to do is watch my Photo Freedom episodes on My Craft Channel and you’ll see how THICK around the middle I’ve become. For the last two years, my focus has been getting some energy back and bringing hormones into a normal range, BUT … now I want to be thinner!!  I scheduled surgery for my arthritic toe on the Monday before Thanksgiving. This toe and the associated chronic pain has prevented me from jogging or even walking much and now because my gait is compromised, my hip hurts if I do too much. I might be getting old, but I’m far too young NOT to be active, so I’m totally on board with Cathy’s Move More, Eat Well workshop and I’m ready to fight my way back!

I’ll wrap up with this that Kayce and I commissioned this past summer.
We asked our students/teacher to share statements that describe BPC.
This is the “short” version … I like it!

I can’t believe tomorrow is 11.11.11 — CRAZY!
How are you going to celebrate or remember this day?
Do share.


  1. *waving* I am still here! Welcome back!

    That When I see You class looks interesting, I love that little metal box!

  2. Sue took the words right out of my mouth! LOL I’m here too and happy to hear from you as always!

  3. Hi there! You were definitely busy while you were gone! :D I’m excited about your Twelve class coming up! And as for tomorrow?!? Not sure yet, I’ll take a photo of the date and time, though!

  4. Welcome back! Glad that nothing serious has kept you away. I’m looking forward to Cathy’s MMEW class, too. Will you be participating on the message boards?

  5. Video is WAY cute — makes me wnat to go create just watching it!!

  6. what an absolutely awesome, adorable, inspiring video. Love, Love, Love it. So glad you took the few extra minutes to blog today. Thanks Jill B

  7. Ha! Just watched your Craft Channel episode (the story one) — great as usual — love these little shots of wisdom from you — reminds me to let go of my chronological ways and just tell the stories!! BTW — your episodes are the best — I love the quirky things you share and that you give credit to Rick and Brad! :)

  8. Welcome back! I’ve missed you! But I have been watching your craft channel episodes–LOVE them! I don’t know what we’re going to do tomorrow, but I’ll have to think of something fun to do with my kiddos!

  9. BARB TOPPING says:

    So glad to have you back, Stacy. I kept checking to see if you were not getting to my inbox for some reason. I love the cute little video with the happy music. I know your Twelve class is going to be amazing, but I worry about keeping up. I seem to have a big problem with that as of late. I also know that if I miss the deadline because I am still thinking about it, I shall be quite unhappy. Right now I am setting aside the money and not being tempted by all the cutest scrapping goodies which I really do not need. I am thrilled to see you looking so great and truly happy.

  10. Yea! You’re back. I was worried about you. Thanks for sharing your life! You are one busy woman!

  11. So excited to “see” you online! I’m definitely onboard for Twelve & Cathy’s Move More Eat Well next year.

  12. LOVE the video. So awesome. So YOU!! Very cute and yet meaningful. I think you’ve captured the essence of Big Picture. Well done.

  13. I love the video, and as always all the color you use everywhere. =] I am celebrating 11.11.11 by taking a day to play with my husband tomorrow. So, so, so looking forward to it.

  14. Hurrah! Glad you are back. I keep checking, since I love your blog. It inspires me! Just picked up a finish line kit–yeah!!! I bought one from you last year when you offered it and did an album–so fun!!!

  15. WOW! love that video – thanks so much for sharing!!!

    while I don’t view my blog subscriptions daily, I so enjoy reading all of your posts – even if you don’t post everyday ;-)

    I have the best intentions of blogging as well, but honestly I used to be much better …
    thanks for always being honest about what’s most important to you …
    you help me to remember what truly is most important to me …
    not just in my crafting, but in my living :-)

  16. I am glad you shared that commercial with us. it made me grin from ear to ear. I guess I hadn’t thought how I would celebrate 11.11.11 but now that you mentioned it, I think I shall scrap a little. :)

  17. Yes,, we’re still here- and it was so nice to hear from you.

  18. So glad you checked in! I’m very excited about the new workshops at BPC, especially Twelve…it sounds like a lot of fun :) random question: will the album work in 8.5×11? I’ve never really gotten the hang of 12×12. Or should I just take a deep breath and go for the big square? Thanks!

    • Nina,
      I think you can absolutely adapt the “2012″ concept for the 12×12 album to an 81/2 x 11 format — I’m all about doing your own thing!

      • okay, I’m awake now and actually *get* the 12×12 part of the *12* workshop – duh (headslap!) I may just break out of my comfort zone – we’ll see. Thanks for the reply!

  19. You are amazing!!!!! Wonderful to hear from you.

  20. Happy to hear from you! It’s funny how it seems a friend is gone when you don’t blog. I’m happy about all your fun classes and although your kitchen may be less than spotless the color and composition are INSPIRING!

    After the death of my husband’s mother three weeks ago and surgery on my OWN toe two weeks ago I can completely attest to having gained some poundage and needing to spend some time on ME when I’m all healed up and feeling more like “me.” Good luck, I know you’ll be successful! And I think you look fabulous. :)

  21. I’m going to take eleven photos and then I’ll be scrapping them. Not original, but a few idea to preserve a normal every day.

    So glad you’re back Stacy. At least we could get a little “Stacy fix” on My Craft Channel.

  22. Barb in AK says:

    So good to see you posting, but I totally understand the way we can come to a halt on something, then find it so hard to pick it back up again.
    Loved your video :-)

  23. I completed one of your finish line scrapbooks. So easy and satisfying! Tomorrow for 11.11.11 my active duty husband has the day off, but the kids still have school. We are going to go out to celebrate at Applebees…where hubby gets lunch for free. Then we are getting our new double oven delivered!!

  24. So excited for Twelve! Your episodes of My Craft Channel are great!

  25. Hi Stacy! Glad you’re back! I love hearing what you’re up to! Take care, and I’m looking forward to your new class. Good luck with the surgery!

  26. Hi! I love your videos-a great way to see you even if you have been away from blog land for a while :) I was hoping you could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us where you got the GORGEOUS colorful bracelets from video episode 3 of photo freedom?? I have been scouring the internet and cannot find anything like them-and they aren’t on your sister in law’s website either :( Thanks in advance!

  27. Hi Stacy, I will always still be here. Could never let you go, you and your philosophy was the most defing moment for my scrapbooking me except for finding scrapbooking it self. I still get so inspird by you, love your videos at My Craft Channel!

  28. So glad to “hear” your voice again! I kept checking, I knew you’d be back. Glad you take time for the things you need to do. Your blog can wait, we’ll be here!

  29. It’s always fun to see what you and the BPC team is up to. I love the new video!

    The kids and I are geocaching (yay!) and doing a once in a lifetime event cache for the 11-11-11 11:11 in Honolulu ( Thanks for introducing our family to geocaching. It’s been such fun for all of us!

  30. Hi Stacy
    Imagine my joy as I sit here nearing the end of 11.11.11 (actually about 40 mins off 11pm on the 11.11.11) to have my email bing and I check to see StacyJulian .com. YAY!
    I got your challenge from the LOM communtiy and I have been trying to do some of them. Today I go my kiddies (all 4 of them) to write down 11 things that about me or 11 things I like right now or 11 favourite things.
    My oldest girl set straight to it and that was cute. My second boy who doesn’t like to get things wrong was worried he wasn’t doing it right – but relaxed and got the idea when I said write what ever you like about things you like.
    And the two youngest (just turned 4) sat on my knee to tell me so I could write it down for them! Way too cute! I jsut got them to write them on copy paper because we had a hectic day and I was lucky to slip this in . When I get them to choose their colours and paper for their own page they can use these reminder sheets to write it on the LO.
    Thanks so much for the inspiration it felt so good to do this! happy 11.11.11 to you and yours. Hubby and I are doing ours too!

  31. Francisca, from the Netherlands says:

    Hi Stacy,
    It was good to see your post show up in my Google Reader today! I just watched 2 of your shows on the Craft channel yesterday evening and I loved them.

    And how I celebrate 11.11.11? With my 48th birthday!

    When I was younger I shared my birthday with my grandfather who was born on the same day and who used to give me 10 guilders on my 10th birthday and 11 on my eleven birthday.

    I am planning on making an 11.11.11 mini photo album, with 48 ‘I statements’. Just to give an overview of my life and of who I am. So far I’ve come up with 28 I statements (I love, I believe, I dream, I think, I go, I have, I trust, I listen and so on), but I need to come up with 20 more :)

    • Happy Birthday my friend!
      Here are few more ‘I statements’ to consider: I sing, I read, I wonder, I live, I walk, I shop, I clean, I help, I remember … and don’t forget, I scrap! You could end with I anticipate much more LIFE!

      What a great day to celebrate.

  32. great to see you back blogging! Your twelve class sounds fantatstic! Love that fun video too.
    I celebrated 11.11.11 by teaching my Grade 2′s. We talked about the special date and also that at 11 am we remembered all the soldiers who fought/are fighting in the war.

  33. Kathy Jo Camacaho says:

    Hi – yes, we are still here. :) That’s what friends are for.. they stick around no matter what. Totally understand how you must be crazy busy. Can’t even imagine. But glad to hear you are taking time for yourself. Be well.

  34. Well, well, well! Look who it is! HELLO, friend! And a huge THANK YOU for posting that pretty picture to go with your free class. It’s just the inspiration I needed today. I’ve got scrapper’s block, and you always make it seem so simple — just the thing I need to (hopefully) break the block! Thanks! And welcome back!

  35. Glad you’re back!! I missed hearing from you. You brighten my day with your tips, thoughts, and little bits of your life. Stacy you have tons of friends and we are all here when you need us.

  36. Glad to hear from you again Stacy, and glad you’re back as a guest on the Roundtable! Another something exciting to look forward to in 2012…Twelve!

  37. Kim Burningham says:

    Hi Stacy its funny how things get piled up isnt it. while i did miss you i completely understand the no bloging thing!! i also have been busy rethinking and reorganizing my home ,my self, my kitchen, andso on. Glad you are well!!! enjoy !!!

  38. Wow! I love the video! I love “12″ and just signed up. And I think you look fabulous! I highly reccomend swimming for excerise, good for body/mind/soul. Swim away the stress!

  39. Yay! Welcome back! Yep, I still check in with you almost daily… and was missing you/your fun posts… but now, YOU’RE BACK! You and I are the opposite… you had some time to do a few fun projects, but not to blog… I find a few spare minutes to blog, but never find the time for projects. (With 2 little ones, I am thankful for the opportunity to blog… to at least preserve our memories that way. When they get bigger, I hope to find more time for projects again.)

  40. Yep, we will always be here for you Stacy, my guru! Life is busier now than ever, that’s for sure!

    Today’s plans: I’m at work counting down the hours til the weekend begins. I just finished posting a Thank you Veterans message on our company facebook page – so want to give our military and their families a heartfelt THANK YOU for all that you do!

  41. Glad to hear (read) that you’re doing well. I too am excited for both Twelve and Move More, Eat Well. Go us!

  42. Oh L.O.V.E this video! Great job S & Kayce!

  43. Glad to see you feeling better and hear you on the wanting to move more and be healthy too. Hope the operation goes well.

  44. So glad to see all is well and from reading this comments I was just reminded that I need to take a picture in 45 minutes when it will be 11:11 on 11/11/11! Can’t wait for the upcoming classes. Take care!

  45. I love the happiness of that little video! It made me want to get out my supplies and do something creative but I am at work all day and because there is no mail and no banks I’m just sitting here. That’s my plans for Veteran’s day. I, too, want to take the Twelve class and I am frantically saving my money (fingers crossed that I will make it in time for the deadline). You have changed the way I scrapbook and for that I am deeply grateful. Thank you.

  46. Hi Stacy,
    I’ve missed your blog and knew that you had more going on in life that needed attention. Today I’m doing something memorable…buying reading glasses…I’ve needed them for months and finally decided a few weeks ago to get them today as I like to connect key life events with interesting dates!
    Sounds like your autumn cleaning will be a boost to your spirits too!
    Blessings to you,

  47. What a happy, cute, and catch-y little video. I’m still humming the tune ;)
    I just purchased FinishLine Scrapbooking and two kits – one for me and one for my teen daughter. We watched the video and slideshow. They are fantastic!

    My daughter and I made a list of ones to make, everything from some vacations we’ve taken, to Special people/friends in our lives, sending my dh a book on our road trip from this past summer, to all the houses we’ve lived in (military), to maybe breaking our year up by seasons and scrapping our fav photos of the season – kind of like a year in review but broken into small chunks – or Seasons. We have much more on our list, lol.
    Can’t wait to get our kits :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  48. I always visit your site and love the little peeks into your home life! I’m so glad to see the Finish Line class- I printed your instructions from your blog a few years ago and made a wonderful travel album with the kit you offered then- it was so much fun!

    I’ll be joining you in Cathy’s class- I need to get healthier, though I am moving more than I used to.

    And, today, I spent the day taking my fourth grade class through Heritage Village, a place here in Dallas that has historic homes for visitors to see what life was truly like in pioneer times. It was a glorious day to be outside and learning about how life used to be.

  49. I’m soooo excited about your Twelve class. Every thing I’ve taken from you at BPC has been fantastic! So I’m off to find 12 (at least) things to put on Craigslist so I can register for it:)

  50. Natasha Smith says:

    Super cute video. Love it!

  51. Love the video! So cute :)
    I took the Finish Line with you few years ago, I love my album! I should make another one.
    Today I took lots and lots of pictures and collected all kind of bits and pieces from the day to put in the time capsule.

  52. Laurie Takens says:

    Glad you’re back Stacy – I check your blog weekly and have missed it but I totally understand how life gets in the way. Hope your surgery goes well and you’re back on your feet quickly :)

  53. Oh how I’ve missed my “friend”!!! I completely understand about life keeping you busy and setting priorities over blogging…that’s a good thing! I check your blog everyday during my 15min “blog time” and have missed ya. Praying for a fast recovery for you with your surgery! I’m a physical therapist and have worked with many with “foot/toe issues”…isn’t it crazy how such a tiny part of your body can cause such troubles!!! Thank you so much for all your inspiration esp with FPF..loved that class this year and your challenges!

  54. Julie Ratcliffe says:

    Hi Stacy. I’m delighted that you are back in blog land. Here in the UK 11.11 is Remembrance Day when we think about all of the young men and women in our armed forces who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for peace and freedom. For a couple of weeks before the date poppies go on sale for people to wear and show their support for survivors and the families of the fallen. On the day poppy wreaths are laid in special ceremonies at 11.00am in towns and villages all over the country and there is a 2 minute silence held in businesses, schools and shops, and on the nearest Sunday to the day there are special church services held with 2 minutes silence. This year because it is 11.11.11. it has all seemed much more poignant. I guess this is all similar to your Memorial Day. Good luck with your get fit project. I always think you look amazing. :) Julie

  55. Nicky from Canada says:

    Happy to see you back Stacy!!

  56. Glad to see you’re back Stacey! Good luck w your toe!! I sympathize completely with the 15lb thing…how quickly it creeps up…I’m recouperating from a bad neck/back sprain and hoping I can start excercising again soon, am thinking about Cathy’s class as well…

  57. So happy you are back, but totally understand. I work full time so if I do two or three posts a month, I call that my “enough quotient.” I subscribed to your feed so when you do post I can keep up. Works great. Take care and have fun working on Twelve! Can’t wait to see what you cook up for us! I always learn so much from you. Love the video too!

  58. I’ve been checking in every other day or so to see when you were back and I was so happy to see you again! Thanks for the catch up post! You’ve been a busy girl!
    Good luck with your surgery. I deal with chronic pain every day of my life and it can be so draining. I wish you success in your recovery.

  59. Just wanted to share how we celebrated 11.11.11 – I think you might get a kick out of it. We went to a corduroy party – because it is the date that most resembles corduroy. Everything was designed around the theme of parallel lines and corduroy. It was at a bowling alley. The food all had lines – think ruffles, kit kats, zingers . . . There were a ton of pictures too – all to tie into the theme. So fun and clever!
    Hope you had a good day!

  60. I’m glad you are back and especially glad there was no illness or emergency that kept you away. I enjoy your blog!

  61. So thankful you are just busy like the rest of us and that you and the family are well (except the toe!)
    Wishing you a speedy recovery!!
    I did have intentions to take 11 photos yesterday, but life was just too busy for me to capture it! There’s always 12/12/12!!!!

  62. OK Stacy, I have to apologize up front. I know I’m being silly but I can’t help it. I’m sorry, but I have to tell you that I love the photo of your home kitchen/dining area. I love love love the chairs with different colors. But I’m sorry you don’t have a refrigerator. However do you manage?

    • I have a fridge — you just can’t see it. It sits next to the pantry. In fact, I have TWO fridges — the other is just outside the garage door. I buy milk 6 gallons at a time. Oh, I have a fridge!

  63. I just thought to myself that of course she is busy loving living life! And that’s the way it should be. God, family, health always first.

  64. Ahhhh….. a dose of Stacy!! Glad you’re back, you were missed!! With that said, I totally get the need for a hiatus from the cyber world…..unplugging is not only a good thing, it’s a necessity for the balance I need in my life!! Off to work my LOM now……..purging while watching football! (actually that doesn’t sound so pleasant does it!!LOL) Blessings on ya, girlie!

  65. What a Happy little video! Loving your classes on MCC too.

  66. Kristigilbert says:

    Glad to hear you’re doing well…hope your surgery goes well & doesn’t leave you too tired to enjoy the holidays!

  67. Color Galore,

    Hi Stacy, I was just in NYC and saw these two amazing stores:

    Poppin – – office supplies in all your happy colors and

    C.Wonder: – clothes, home decor and more for women, again in all happy colors (this is a must-see in person), but an online store will be ready just in time for the holidays. When we were at the store, they were serving us fresh lemonade (quiet unusual in store I think, great music, the selection of merchandise was so impressive and the price so affordable – just beautiful)

    Hope, you and blog readers will check out the two stores.

    Thank you

  68. I missed you! but I was so happy that I got to see you at CKU 2 weeks ago! I have been crazy busy catching up with family life so I figured that’s what you were doing too! It sure was nice to have that warm, sunny scrapping break there in San Deigo wasn’t it? Back to the WA gray now, although with your lovely, bright kitchen I bet you hardly notice the gray skies outside.

  69. bea medwecky says:

    Thanks for posting again Stacy. I loved the little video. Love your sense of color. And your daughter always looks so very happy. Can’t wait to join you in your new twelve week course.

  70. So glad that you’re back Stacy! Best of luck with your surgery!

    On 11.11.11 I was in Toronto, Ontario to attend my cousin’s wedding. He married a lovely woman and I hope they have a lifetime of happiness together! I was very happy to be there because I haven’t seen my family from that part of our country (I live in Alberta) for many years and it was great to catch up and see how my young cousins have grown up. It was fantastic!!

  71. Debbie in AZ says:

    Glad you’re back posting, Stacy. I, too, plan to take Cathy Z’s class to motivate me on a consistent basis to lose the 20 lbs. I put on during stressful times a couple of years ago. I hope your surgery is uneventful and that you heal quickly.

    Also, just started my student teaching (6th grade) and I told my students I love to scrapbook. My mentor teacher is up for allowing me to teach them to do a simple scrapbook as one of the projects I will teach them as part of their writing and reading class with me. I love your ideas and may adapt one or more for them. A whole new generation hooked on scrapbooking!

    • Debbie,
      Email me — I’d love to send your classroom some goodies or a FREE Finish Line class pass to your students?!

      Let’s get them started when they’re young!

  72. Like another fellow has mentioned i have had a error loading your pages.

  73. Hate to say it, lad (okay, not truly), but your writing is anything but “everyday ordinary”. It’s intelligent, witty, and extremely addictive. When the day’s post isn’t up by 10am eastern time, I begin to obtain twitchy, like I haven’t had my morning’s third cup of tea twitchy.

  74. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this happy little video!! It’s soooo creative. Also can’t get that happy tune out of my head! Can you tell us who’s music it is? Thx and welcome back. : )

  75. Stacy, great blog post!! I love, love, love the colorful papers and ribbons on your album project. I can relate to the 15 lb gainage. It happens way toooooo fast!! I am now ready to do something about it. Still on the fence about your 12 class. I am afraid to take on too much right now. Work is nutters. Good luck with your surgery!! Happy 6th to BPC. BPC has truly been a gift and a blessing in my life. Heidi’s 2007 AYTR class led to two years of Creative Escape where I met some of the most wonderful women, who I now count as some of my best friends. I am currently taking Nicole & Em’s felting class and Kolette’s gift class right now. Both are fabulous!! Thank you for everything you do!!

  76. I love this post, Stacy! I know what you mean about the 15 lbs… I’m so excited for Cathy’s Move More, Eat Well Workshop! I signed up for that as soon as I saw it listed. :)

    I love your episodes on My Craft Channel! Your show is one I have to watch every week!

  77. It’s so nice to see other people’s messes sometimes as a reminder that everyone’s home is not perfectly clean all the time. Mine certainly isn’t. :) I hope your surgery goes well. Call me if you need help with anything, I’d love to help. And as for number 5… you’re silly – you always look fabulous!
    -Rebekah W.

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