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Hello and Happy Friday!
If you’re visiting from Georgana’s blog, then THANK YOU for participating in our little blog hop about the 12 Days of Christmas workshop!
If you’re here on your own, then welcome — you can learn a little bit about an upcoming workshop at Big Picture Classes.
Big Picture Classes
I LOVE that we’ve pulled together 12 FANTASTIC Big Picture teachers to help us put on this workshop, which is going to feel more like a party than a class.

Here how this whole thing will go down:

For the 12 days leading up to Christmas, you will receive an email from a BPC teacher with a photo prompt and a list of supplies to gather. Preparing specific holiday pictures and products as Christmas approaches will help us focus on the present moments and the joyful anticipation in a more thoughtful way—without feeling any pressure to scrapbook — yet! Then, starting on December 25th, you’ll get to “open” a new handout each day, designed to guide and inspire you in pulling together pictures and products to complete a dozen different layouts.

Can you imagine having 12 finished pages about Christmas that soon?!
Rather than rushing through the holidays this year, you’ll be able to give yourself the gift of happy memories documented in a delightfully doable way!

Here’s a peek at my page …

I hope you’ll continue “hopping” around today and pay Tami Morrison a visit.

As a little BONUS, I’m going to share something I found yesterday that I think is adorable.
Last year, we adopted a fun approach to kid gifts at our house (I learned about this from my cousin Missy.)
Each child gets …

Well, over at Somewhat Simple, you can print this CUTE. CUTE. “Dear Santa” wish list …

Every now and then, I like to share letters I receive from students and friends in this awesome online community of ours. This letter from Candy makes me especially happy because it demonstrates the kind of “after the fact” learning that I love to see happen …


I took your most recent LoM class* this year, and while I LOVED the process, I was disappointed at not seeing/finding more connections. Comparatively, I have a very young library of photos, I guess. I found a couple of stories connected by sorting and tagging, but not any huge, eye-opening “this is what it’s all about” break throughs.This Thanksgiving week I was chatting with my Mom and she mentioned that someday she’d like to scan all of our old photos and organize them. I volunteered to spearhead that project since I understand the scanner and computer and have LoM to lean on. We went out to the garage and Mom pointed to FIVE 20 gallon plastic totes. FIVE! I died. There are pictures ranging from the 1940′s clear through to the early 2000′s. From the time my grandparents were young until I was in high school!We pulled out the easiest to reach tote and proceeded to sort. This first go round we just culled the bad pictures and duplicates leaving us with about 1/4 the pictures we started with. Over Christmas break (Mom’s a teacher) we’ll go through and do the same with the other 4 tubs. Then I plan to categorize them using your star method and start scanning in 2012.

And OH! The connections! Just in sorting through that one tub of photos I found so many stories that need need NEED to be told! I can hardly wait to get started on the rest of the pictures and get to scrapping.

Without LoM I think the whole project would have remained a “someday” project, never getting really done. But having the tools and framework already in place has made this so much easier to approach and complete and doesn’t feel near as overwhelming as it could have.

I can’t thank you enough for sharing your process and tools through your class! What a paradigm shift it caused in my approach to dealing with photos.

One bite at a time,


*I teach a course called Finding Photo Freedom where I teach my Library of Memories system for organizing and using years of pictures. I’ll teach it again in the first part of 2013!

Go Candy!
To think that I had something to do with this kind of photo rescue and family memory work, makes me grin from ear to ear.
What we do as storytellers matters.
As in really, really matters.


  1. Candy is so right! I haven’t spent much time actually doing pages lately but knowing that my photos are ready to go and so accessible (to me and to my kids) is worth so much. I love LOM and Photo Freedom!

  2. Love that! I was feeling the same way, that I didn’t have enough photos to make real connections. But slowly, I’ve noticed that I’ll think of things to scrapbook when I’m busy doing something else. Now I know I can go look for pictures to go with the story I want to tell, and I think my layouts are so much more interesting now that the story came first!

  3. I love your way to simplify presents for Christmas! This year we are doing one present for each of the gifts to Christ, for Gold they get something of value, meaning something they REALLY WANT. For Frankincense they get something for learning/knowledge, and for Myrrh they get something they need. Santa is still invited to come and leave a little something (he doesn’t have a huge presence in our home) and stockings will be full of fun little things and candies, but I’m THRILLED to only have three gifts to shop for, and it’s made my kids very aware of what they really REALLY want.

  4. For our simplified Christmas we go with something to do, something to wear, something to read, and something musical or they need. It has made life so much easier at Christmas. But I always buys lots of stuff because birthdays fall in the spring. I try to get lots of the b-day presents at the same time.

  5. carol in seattle :) says:

    Candy’s story is AWESOME!

    I had to laugh, cuz that’s how I got into scrapping in the first place! Thirteen years ago, John and I got married after a five day engagement. Super small wedding – as in we both have one sister each and neither sister was at the wedding. A few months after we got married, his sister showed me boxes and boxes of photos and memorabilia of their parents who had died in the mid-80s. She gave it to me to sort and make a scrapbook. I had no idea what I was doing, but I loved learning about my new family in such a tangible way. I would have LOVED to have LOM/FPF at that time. Good luck to her!

    And thanks to you Stacy, for showing me that I don’t have to scrap “in order” and that time can help make my pages much more meaningful!

  6. Karen Schmidt says:

    Thanks for sharing Candy’s story. I have two boxes from my parents house and two boxes of photo’s from my husband side just waiting for me to go through. I’m going to go at it just like i would for FPF. At least get them out of the boxes and into a storage binder. My husband doesn’t want me to do anything with them but they are just calling my name.

    I have a small question: how would you handle the enlargements that wouldn’t fit into my 4X6 storage binder? I’ve been meaning to go back to FPF printouts but to look it up but its easier to ask you… :)

    • Hey Karen,

      I sometimes keep my 5×7 enlargements in my storage binders — just slipped in between the pages. I also have four shallow drawers (the same drawers I use for my family history stuff) one is for us enlargements and one for people, places and things — you can put a post-it in your storage binder by related photos. So, for example if you have a handful of birthday prints in your binder, you put a post-it note on the page that says, “8×10 enlargement in drawer” so you’ll remember what you have!

      Does that make sense?

  7. Barb in AK says:

    Thank you so much for showing us Candy’s post! I keep telling myself I’m going to get busy on the organization part of LOM, but I’m just dawdling. Her message made me realize that if I just get to it, the Photo Freedom method will make the job bearable! Thanks again, Stacy!

  8. Love the sneak. Can’t wait for class to start. Love Candy’s letter too. I love the LOM system too – makes it so much easier to get stories told.

  9. Oh I wish I had 4 tubs of old photos to work with but I`m also thankful to find the with the few I have. Thanks to LOM!

  10. Great LOM story. Fun blog hop (lots of great holiday craft ideas I’m hoping to find time to try out myself. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Melinda T says:

    Can’t wait for the 12 Days to start! And thats a lot of photos, but oh the memories for Candy and her family!

  12. What a fantastic LOM story! That was such a nice surprise that Candy’s mom had waiting in all those tubs!

  13. Barb in AK says:

    Stacy, I would love to take the 12 Days of Christmas class. In one place I read it was free. Then I read it was $24. Can you straighten me out? Thanks for your help!

  14. I have tried to base my shopping list for each of my kids on the want, wear, need, read idea the past copuple of years. Love the cute download, thanks for sharing it.

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