50% OFF MyBook Planners

Every year I give my mom a MyBook Photo Planner for Christmas.

This is the one I gave her last year. You can read more HERE.
I pick out a collection of pretty pattern papers and create a custom book that she uses all year long to keep track of appointments, etc.. I love these planners as there is ample room for photos and other mementos.

I’m waiting for this year’s planner to arrive.
In the meantime, my friend Lisa at PerAnnum Inc. has given me a promo code to share with YOU.

SAVE 50% when you use the code: SJMB5

Don’t wait too long.
This code will expire on 12/18/11.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful discount! Just might have to order one!!!

  2. Karen Schmidt says:

    Thanks for the discount but I already use and bought my 2012 planner bummer I can’t use the discount. I love these planners I get to write the little things the kids say on the day they said it. Its my keep track of the kids/families schedules. I plan to decorate my 2012 planner this year because i didn’t take the time to do it last year but it still works the same… Love it.

  3. Thanks for the code! I have actually been using one of these to document my fortieth year (I turned 40 back in August). It’s been a great way to track everyday events as well as what books I’ve read and other things. I may have to give one of these as a gift to someone!

  4. Thanks for the discount, just ordered 2!!

  5. Darn, I already bought mine for 2012. Did you get the 4×6 one? I tried to get that size, but they said they ran out and sent me the bigger size for the same price. I have the bigger one for this year and wanted to try the smaller size. Oh well. I hope this year I will get it decorated too. Can you take a picture of the inside tabs? I am not sure where you covered it , put paper inside the clear leaf, or just put tabs on the outside.
    Please and Thank you,
    So happy to be hearing more from you, you have been sorely missed,

  6. Oh happy day! This is awesome. I jumped on the website and ordered mine within minutes of reading your post today. (I remembered it from your post last year) THANK YOU! I am so excited to create a special planner for 2012. I wish it would come in the mail tomorrow… Merry Christmas!

  7. Thank you! Ordered mine :)

  8. I ordered mine as soon as they came out, but maybe I could order a few more for gifts, thanks Stacy! I use mine to keep track of to-do’s and goals every day; the larger size is perfect for this. In theory I was supposed to add a photo at the end of each month to celebrate goals achieved, but never quite got round to this! Maybe next year ….

  9. I am excited to order one! I can’t wait to decorate one with all my favorite papers that make me smile. I think I’ll use my fav photos from 2011 in it as well!

    Thanks for the awesome discount! I’m trying to think of who I can bless with a journal for 2012.

  10. I love planners!

  11. Thanks so much for this discount- I plan on using it as a gratitude journal for the year. I am so excited to get it and play with setting it up!

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