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It’s giveaway week over on the Big Picture Classes blog and today, the giveaway is for Twelve. Head on over, leave a comment and enter to WIN!

I’ve answered all the questions left on my Monday post.
Please read through the comments and my replies.

Today, I want to share a little bit more about the yearlong aspect of Twelve.

My Muffin Tin Full of Embellishments!

I think the best way to describe the 12-week 4Experts class is to say that it is the preparation for the yearlong experience. As usual, I have selfish motivations in teaching this class. I WANT to SCRAPBOOK MORE. I want to get back to a place of regular, inspired scrapbooking where I know I am telling meaningful stories. I have been in this place before–I was there most of the time that I was editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine and most definitely there when I was writing my books, The Big Picture and Photo Freedom. Since the magazine closed and I don’t have as many big projects or regular deadlines—and in reality due to the health challenges I’ve experienced—I haven’t been in this place for a LONG time.

As remedy to my personal dilemma, I am teaching Twelve.
Twelve is a class that I will be actively teaching ALL YEAR LONG …

Each month you will receive content on the 1st and 12th of the month, along with 24 emails, delivered on the 1st through the 24th. I will be sharing my 12 pages each month and I will talk about the What, Where and WHY of those pages, much like I did in The Big Picture. I will be on the message boards multiple times a week, answering questions and interacting with students.

In short, this is the BIGGEST commitment I’ve ever made in my professional work in this industry.
Twelve will be HUGE for me and I sincerely believe that it will be hugely helpful for anyone else who commits to it.

We are going to have LOTS of colorful, playful, creative and inspired FUN.
If you have additional questions, leave them below!


  1. Nicky from Canada says:

    Oh – I will enter in the giveaway. So very generous of you. Will keep my fingers crossed

  2. I received Twelve from my husband for Christmas! YAY! But at first could not get the PDFs to open and now not even the BPC site will open….so sad….I’ve contacted admin….do you know of any problems w/ the site? I’m feeling behind already and class hasn’t started…..

  3. Oh my, I’m definitely entering! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. So, I am considering taking Twelve, but I’m curious: are we ‘expected’ to make 12 layouts a month? are you providing the prompts? Is it more based around people or places? Thanks!

    • Sara,

      I am setting an expectation for myself and all of my students and that expectation is 12 layouts a month. Naturally, making any layout is better than making no layout — so there will be lots of both forgiving and flexibility in this class, but YES, we are setting our sights high!

      I am providing my pages as samples, but more importantly, I am providing a creative process that will *hopefully* teach all of us (me included) how to process thoughts and other incoming information so that we can become better at channeling inspiration and preparing pages that matter!

  5. I’m still on the fence . . . it’s such a big financial commitment . . . but you are slowly pushing my off of said fence. I also want to be back in that place of regularly making pages that share a glimpse into our life, tell meaningful stories and express to my girls just how important they are! Let’s see if I can find a final push off of the fence!

  6. How exciting, an opportunity to win what I’m sure will be an amazing class and journey. I’m reading all these smart ladies putting classes on their gift wish lists. I’ll be smarter next year.

  7. I’m all signed up but I entered anyway. I’m looking forward to this class.

  8. I would love to win. I, truly, need a jumpstart!

  9. So very excited for this to start. I love me some Stacy! :)

  10. Hi Stacy,
    I’d love the opportunity to win a seat in your 12 class!!

  11. I love your Photo Freedom classes and would love to win a seat in TWELVE. Thank you!

  12. carol in seattle :) says:

    Stacy, I’m so excited to see you back to teaching. My world has been feeling your absence. I hope you’re back on the road to health!

  13. I just entered the giveaway. I am all signed up and excited, but I would love my sister to join in too, so I am hoping to win for her. I think this class will be such an investment, all the product sitting around my desk will get USED on 144 layouts, and more exciting even is the idea of 144 more stories in my albums.

  14. I’m tickled pink that you are doing this, Stacy – and happy that you are feeling strong and able to take it on !!

  15. I was thrilled to sign up for 12, and Stacy, all of this extra information (especially your comments on your Monday post) is getting me excited all over again. Now to find the time to make this a priority! Scrapping keeps me sane, and I really miss it when I get busy elsewhere. SO looking forward to this journey.

  16. This class sounds so GREAT!! I look at the blog almost everyday now to see if you have posted more information. Love to get my name in the hat to win :)

    • Melanie,
      Make sure you go leave a comment at the BPC blog or over at Pink Paislee — the giveaway is not on my blog!

  17. Can’t wait for class to start Stacy! For the past few years I’ve done a minimum of 90 pages. But this is in 3 LOAD (LayOut A Day) months. I’m excited to consistently scrap throughout the year instead of just a quarter of it.

    Better go tidy up my scrap space and double check my adhesive supply!

  18. This would be so inspiring for me and help me accomplish one of my goals for 2112.

  19. Sherri in Sammamish says:

    I would to commit to this as well. it’s been far too long! I was just tonight looking at my boxes on a shelf for the years 2007,8,9,10 and 2011 hasn’t been started yet.

  20. Gail Alcorn says:

    OMGosh! I’m going to have to find a low-cal muffin recipe! I’ve had way too much sugar and fat in the last week!

  21. Wow and amazing! I promised myself that this is the year that I will focus on my scrapbooks also! This would be so encouraging. Great class Stacy!

  22. I tweeted this too. I sure would love to participate in your class. Thanks Stacy for your inspiration

  23. A year of encouragement would be just the ticket to get the pages done! I often print the photos with great intentions… So I’m ready!

  24. I love, love, love the sound of this class. But with money tight I needed Cathy’s more. So thanks for the heads up on a chance to win a seat. :)

  25. After 20 years of traditional scrapbooking with very liitle enthusiasm or creativity over the last few years, this would be an amazing boost.

  26. Heather Beasley says:

    Stacy, you have been a CONSTANT inspiration to me for over 15 years now. I would love to join this class! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Thanks Stacy! I left a comment on the BPC blog. Sounds like a HUGE committment on your part! All Stacy, all the time! :-)

  28. left a comment on you blog. .and very excited for your class.. i keep pondering it but know i am going to sign up ;)

  29. Janice Price says:

    This class sounds just like what I need to get my scrapbooking back on track. Thanks for the chance to win a seat.

  30. Stephanie T says:

    Hi Stacy–Please tell me if it is possible to purchase a pendant like the one you have on the Twelve page (“Everything changed….).

    Thank you,

    • Stacy,
      I would also like to purchase the pendant if it is available. I am turning 50 this year and the sentiment really spoke to me. Didn’t you have a similar saying for LOM?
      Thank you,


  31. Can’t wait for the class to start Stacy. You have always inspired me, and I think we are all going to have an absolute blast! See you soon!

  32. Stacy, I can’t wait for the class to begin!!! Everything you do is top notch and always very inspiring. Life is so crazy and I am frustrated with the lack of scrapbooking I have been able to do and am truly hoping that this class will help me make the commitment to many more pages made in 2012!!!

  33. Barb Groth says:

    T – houghts of
    W – inning
    E – xudes
    L – iberal
    V – ociferous
    E – xcitement!

  34. Ugh, I so want to win this……just entered. If hubby wasn’t still out of work I would sign up in a flash!!! Looks fantabulous!!!

  35. Stacy, this looks fantastic!!! 2 of my sisters are doing the class. I really want to take it with them!

  36. MissusWookie says:

    So looking forward to next year and TWELVE is one of the reasons :)

  37. I am SO EXCITED for class to begin. I’m tempted to start counting down the hours. I might wake up early just to get started, or maybe I should just stay up late…. hmmm….

  38. Wow. I just read that after 62 years in the photo business, is closing Jan. 3 2012. Since there is a reference to it in the preclass for TWELVE, I thought I would pass it on…

    • On a happier note, I just read that the PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR FOR 2012 is……(drumroll, please………………………………)

  39. Cheri Stine says:

    I just finished my pre-class assignment, the 12 basket-tote. It is so CUTE. Can’t wait for the class to start. Taking Finding Photo Freedom last summer was a great boost to getting rid of my guilt/obligation based scrapbooking and rediscovering the fun of this hobby.I know that TWELVE will be a whole year’s worth of the same inspiration. Thanks so much, Stacy, for commiting the time and energy to this class. Happy New Year!

  40. I just discovered this site. I would love a chance to take this class.

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