Let’s talk Twelve.

I’ve been fighting a cold for exactly one week and as you might imagine, I have with the exception of regular doses of Alka Seltzer Cold Plus, completely ignored it and pushed ahead in my pursuit of Christmas preparations.

Addie and her hat box!

We had a WONDERFUL Chrismtas Day—filled with delicious food, fun gifts, worship and family time and then more celebrating with good friends last night. We ate more, talked and talked, played games and then all watched one of Chase’s new movies, Captain America. After everyone left, Geoff and I sat down to unwind with our puzzle. The next thing we knew it was 1:00am. Since I went to bed on Christmas Eve at 1:30am and woke myself up at 5:30am (I always wake up well before the kids wake up!) I decided to sleep in this morning. I completely missed Geoff getting up to play basketball with his buddies and Clark/Trey leaving to go snowboarding. Addie came and sat in my bed and played and whispered on and on with her new Tangled doll—and I kept right on sleeping! I’m up now and realizing just how messy everything is and just how OK I am with the mess. It’s evidence of yesterday’s abundance. I think I’ll go read for a little bit and then start in one corner and work my way through!

I do want to begin talking a little bit about my NEW (classroom opens January 1st) class, Twelve. Because this is a really expensive class, I feel obliged to begin by explaining a few things that might not be super clear in my class description. I want to do my best to explain YOUR potential investment …

Custom Journals by Paper Coterie!


While this class is billed as a 3-month 4Experts class, it REALLY is a year-long experience. We’ll spend the first 12 weeks setting ourselves up for 52 weeks of inspired scrapbooking which will result in (potentially) 12 layouts/projects each month.


Registration includes a special snail-mail package with some really COOL items (including the beautiful journal you see pictured above) that each have a specific purpose in the creative process I will be teaching!


You will receive 24 emails each month (January through December) AND we’ll celebrate “Dozen Day” on the 12th of each month, when the classroom will be updated with a new handout and a slide show of my 12 pages/projects. Our “Dozen Day” next December (on 12.12.12.) will actually be an online event–as in BIG celebration–of all that we have accomplished.

You need not worry about the amount of content this class includes. Trust me, I will be keeping you inspired and busy ALL YEAR!

OK, this is the briefest of overviews …
I’d LOVE to answer any specific questions you might have.
Please leave them in the comments and I’ll be back tomorrow with answers.

ALSO … I was a guest on the Paperclipping Roundtable a few weeks back and did a pretty good job of explaining my class at the end of the hour. If you haven’t listened to this podcast, you might want to have a listen! Here’s the LINK: http://www.paperclipping.com/prt092-the-two-page-layout-show/

Happy Monday!


  1. Merry Christmas, Stacy! Now, I’m even more excited about starting Twelve.

  2. bea medwecky says:

    Hello Stacy,
    I was so gald to read your post today. I am so excited about your class Twelve. The only question I would have would be:”When will you ship the happy mail?” I have a new postman and the mail has been all wrong for about 3 weeks. I just want to make sure one of my neighbors didn’t get my happy mail.

    I have LOVED all your classes. I have taken LOM and FPF and in both classes, I had wished there had been more scrapbooking inspiration. And now I believe I will have that. Thanks Stacy and I can’t wait to see you in class.

    • bea medwecky says:

      Oh, and I meant to write that your daughter Addie is looking cuter and cuter! She looks so happy. Must be the fabulous mom, or is it all the happy colors? :-)

  3. When I first took Library of Memories (several years ago), I didn’t really get all of the concepts at first but I just trusted you and did what you told me too. I haven’t regretted that. So even though I don’t really understand all of the concepts of Twelve, I am going to trust you and do what you tell me to do- including the muffin tin thing.

  4. I got a BPC gift certificate for Christmas and used it to sign up for 12!! So excited!

  5. Hi Stacey, hope you’re still relaxing with your book not cleaning the house! I am also taking a “day off” today! I gave the hubby fair warning yesterday so he’s – sort of – on board and – mostly – keeping the kids out of my hair!
    I just wanted to say how excited I am for 12! I was thinking about signing up and then heard you on PRT and jumped at it! I have my muffin tin mostly painted (plan to finish that this week – should have primed it!) and am now just waiting for Jan 1. Woo hoo!!!

    “See” you in a week!!

  6. Kimberly K. says:

    I love those journals! That’s reason enough to take the class!

  7. Stacy,

    I haven’t been able to find a Teflon-free muffin tin. I even checked the dollar store and got a pan cheap, but it has Teflon on it. Do you think I’ll be able to paint it? I know I’m behind – I don’t do anything but Christmas from Oct thru Dec.

    • Kim,

      You are so NOT behind.
      I sprayed a teflon coated muffin tin and it covered just fine. I’m sure it will scratch off here and there, but I’m not too worried about that!

      I definitely like the idea of NOT spending a lot of money–finding a tin at the dollar store is brilliant!

  8. I’ve said it before and I will say it again – I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for this class! Woo-Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy. (And the journal? oh.my)

    • Also meant to add – I am an LOM and FPF alum and I am personally SUPER excited to put my system to use via 12 Inspiration…..bring it on! :)

  9. I’d love to take your Twelve class, but is there a way where you could be billed in installments? Just wondering.

  10. Hi, Stacy! I haven’t signed up yet, but I’m getting really close. I’m a FPF 2011 alum and I love my Library of Memories. If you’ve put an entire year-long class together on inspired storytelling, I’m sure it’ll be well worth it. I just have a hard time committing to spending that much money on a class. I had been planning to focus on getting back on track with working with my photos in 2012, but I know that I can accomplish both. It sounds like I’d better commit soon so that I can get the pre-class stuff ready. Is there anything that you’d recommend doing differently for a pure digi-scrapper?

    • I just signed up for the class (yay!) and read through the intro materials and I’m even more curious about how I’m going to do this as a digi scrapper. If we’re going to use color as inspiration, I could start tagging some of my favorite digi-supplies in the appropriate colors… my “digi” muffin tin? Am I on the right track, or would I be better off waiting until class officially starts and figure out what to do then?

  11. I’m so excited – this was my Christmas present of choice this year! And. I decided to spray paint my muffin tin which I believe was a wedding present 26 years ago. A little beat up, and a little rusty and kinda embarassing. Now it has a freshie coat, and I’m treating myself to a shiny new one for the kitchen :)

    • I’m so honored that my class is the final role your wedding-gift will receive. That is AWESOME and a story unto itself!!

  12. Would this be a class for someone who doesn’t “scrapbook”, but likes to record stories and pictures? Is it possible to do it all digital? Is this for a very beginner?
    Sounds like a great class.

    • Andrea,

      This class is very story-based and I love to teach processes that can be adapted to any output or format. I will be sharing my traditional layouts, but the class itself is more about how to process interesting information and channel the inspiration that is available to us! I will have a “beginners” forum on the message board — hope this helps!

  13. Oh, wow! I wanted to take his class before – now I REALLY do!!! Hmmm… gonna have to see if I can do that! Thanks for sharing more about it!

  14. I’ll be celebrating my 12th anniversary with a great company this January and was going to use a 12/dozen theme for the year. Planned this before I knew about this class! Really!

    Sounds like a wonderful event. All the best to you.

  15. This class was my Christmas present from my sister and I can’t wait to have so many Stacy Julian inspired pages, they are the best of course! Still taking photos of my numbers and need to get that muffin tin sprayed. At least I have one more week to be ready.

  16. After reading about the class on your blog, i signed up. i thought this would be great since i have a 6 week old baby. It will help me with his first year as well as simply making time to e creative.

  17. I’m all signed up Stacy! Ella Publishing is offering a twelve on twelve type inspiration ebook….does that contradict your class or compliment it? In what way? Thanks so much.

    • I think this fun e-book would be quite complementary to my class. In fact, I’ve reached out to Angie, to see if we can offer Twelve students a special offer?

  18. Terri Torrez says:

    You’re classes are always so over-the-top so I’m not worried at all about getting my money’s worth. But I’m a little worried about being overwhelmed. I love year-long classes like OLW with one layout each month. But 144 layouts seems like a lot.

    • Terri,

      I right there with you. But I’m hopeful and confident that the process I am teaching and living right alongside of you will truly promote productivity and the page-making will become a very natural thing. I could fall flat on my face, but I’m working HARD to avoid this! :)

      I think we can do it!

  19. Hi Stacy,

    Merry christmas! It sounds like it was wonderful, ours was remarkably similar, lots of family, days and days of it, which we love.
    I was a bit confused about your class until I heard you talk about it on PRT, it was very helpful for understanding it a bit more, luckily my husband heard you as well and we talked about it being a really good spend of my scrappy budget for 2012. I am already taking my number photos and mulling over what container to use and so very excited about it.

    So much so that I have Twelve Q’s about Twelve:

    1. I am in a scrapbook monthly kit club, will I be able to use these supplies through the year or do we set it all up from the beginning? I would love to make use of the kits, though I’m sure I have plenty of stash to use up right now so that is fine too LOL

    2. I could only find 2 six-muffin tins (no twelve-muffin ones) at my local dollar store, will this be ok?

    3. Do I need to set aside 2 albums, one special twleve one (your is black) and one for all other other layouts, or is the idea that the other layouts go in my regular albums?

    4. Will you be offering any version of FPF or LOM in 2012 (I think you mentioned a self paced one?) and would it be too much to try to do both? I have not taken those before and was worried I would start this class “behind” on those ideas. You were very reassuring in PRT about that, and so inspiring about this class, and its so exciting! But back to my question.. I have watched all the Craft Channel episodes but I still have lots of questions about it and would love to learn more but I’m not sure where to go next and it seems like a big undertaking, in addition to doing this class too, so I would love some thoughts about FPF and Twelve in 2012 :)

    5. I live in Australia, it can take weeks for things to arrive, will that be a problem for the snail mail package, since I suspect some locals will get stuff in a day or two… also will the postage be an problem?

    6. I took Ali’s OLW this year and also Lain’s Motherload class and found I couldnt manage everything at once. I still felt very happy with what I got from both, Lain gave a wonderful 13 week class about all the basics of scrapbooking, I am still returning to her notes to refresh on that stuff and Ali’s class has been life-changing. Embracing my word all year long, with or without the monthly assignments, has helped me to cope with a very hard year in 2011 (my word was nurture and we all really needed that). My question is, do you think that we can cope with taking Twleve and other classes, like OLW or Cathy Z’s annual class? They both look great, but perhaps it would be an overload?

    7. Which jellybean is your favourite colour?

    8. I didnt see pink in the extended colour wheel, does it have a spot because I have quite a few pink embellishments?

    9. Are the twelve layouts each month single, double or a mix of both (& are you counting your doubles as 1 or 2 layouts?)

    10. Just curious, which part of the preparation has been the most fun?

    11. I have been thinking a lot about process, and given that we will be separating our embellishments by colour, I am making a assumption that we will be scrapping by colour also in the class, which I am a little bit intimidated by. I generally start every page from a sketch and some photos, with a story in mind (yup just like i was taught in my first scrapbooking class about 10 years ago, but with much more story and less just event-based). After that I find some (usually close to hand or recently bought) stash to use and I generally keep my supplies sorted by brand or “kit” if from a kit of some sort, like a kit club. I don’t think I have ever started from a colour before and I dont think I know how to do that. So the idea kinda scares me. Is that something we will be doing and will a slow starter like me be able to do it?

    12. Because I was unable to resist asking all twelve questions about twelve. My last Q is when will the classroom open, because I am super excited to start!?

    • Great questions,Ruth. Can’t wait to hear Stacy’s answers! See you in class!

    • WOW Ruth — this is an awesome list of questions! Here are my answers:

      1. You will be able to use LOTS of products that you currently have on hand as well as the product that comes to your door via subscriptions to kit clubs!

      2. Two 6-cup muffin tins will work GREAT!

      3. You will need on 12×12 album for a special “2012″ project that we are creating. Otherwise the pages you make in class will go in your regular scrapbook albums!

      4. I am NOT teaching a live version of Finding Photo Freedom in 2012. I am hoping to publish a self-paced version sometime soon! I do not think you need to take FPF or be familiar with LOM to take and enjoy Twelve. In fact, I think Twelve will be a great introduction to the creative process that LOM supports. Clear as mud?

      5. We have already begun sending the packages to international addresses? While all of the goodies in the package are useful to the class, you can begin without the package. We will try to get everyone’s goodies to them by the middle of January!

      6. This is a good question and I’m sure the answer is different for everyone. I will say that you can “count” the pages you create for other classes as pages in Twelve. Twelve is about teaching you a creative process that encourage inspired scrapbooking and then about giving you the support/encouragement to scrapbook regularly. I think it will absolutely work alongside other classes, but I’ll leave that decision up to you!

      7. My favorite Jelly Belly is the pear one. I think it’s light green?!

      8. You can either include pink in one of the red slots or adjust your color wheel to include hues you prefer!

      9. A layout in 12 can be anything — but I not counting a two-page layout as two pages, but one. I am encouraging all kinds of page sizes!

      10. I find the writing to be very difficult, so the most FUN is definitely the scrapbooking and the making the slideshows — I enjoy talking (big surprise huh?)

      11. We actually won’t be scrapbooking by color, we will just be adding a little color to each of our completed pages as evidence that they are a part of Twelve. Make sense?

      12. Orientation begins January 1st — this means the classroom is open. Our first lesson is scheduled for Thursday, January 5th.

      Thanks again for all the questions. That was FUN!

      • Thank you Stacy, I am more and more excited about this, every time you answer a question or talk about it on your blog it peaks my anticipation more! This will be so fun.
        Great news about the kits and the FPF and well it was all great news! LOL

  20. Damiane Lucas says:

    Hi Stacy,

    I don’t have any children, so I don’t have any kiddos to take pictures of. Will your “Twelve” class be photo-heavy? I tend to scrapbook only one 6×4 photo (usually of myself or a nature pic) and add lots of journaling.

    Because of my lack of photos, I like to scrapbook on an 8.5×11 inch format.

    Will your class work for me?

    • Damiane,

      This class is about learning how to process stimulating information and digest it, so that you become a more ready channel for the kind of inspiration that translates into more compelling scrapbook stories. Hope that makes sense?
      I do not think you need any specific photos. I will be introducing you to 12 topics and you will have the opportunity to defining and refining those topics in your own life, so that you are taking and using the kinds of photos that will improve the breadth of your storytelling.

      I think Twelve will absolutely work for you!

  21. Merry Christmas, Julian Family! We had a great Christmas too. I know what you mean about the mess! We are tackling it tomorrow.

    TWELVE sounds like an amazing class! I wish it were in the budget this year. I will just have to follow your progress here and on the BPC blog. :) If it’s anything like the quality and caliber of LOM/Photo Freedom, I know that it will be an investment that will really pay off! Thanks for all of your inspiration.

    Happy 2012!

  22. So glad you posted the link to the PRT. When one of your crew emailed me an answer to a question (in less than 48 hours ;) I totally suggested it. I will be honest and say I wasn’t too excited about it (mostly due to price) until I heard you talking about it on PRT. I am currently saving my pennies and hoping to have the money by the cutoff!

    My question….

    How does this class work if you haven’t done your LOM? I have book Photo Freedom (bought it a million years ago, but never gave it a real shot) and want to take LOM (waiting for next round or self-paced). Is this class going to work if I don’t really have my photos organized?


    • Erin,

      YES. This class will work if you don’t have your photos organized. In fact, it will help you establish some order and *hopefully* show you how rewarding it is to scrapbook in an inspired way, so that you will be more motivated to learn and maintain a healthy digital workflow!

  23. For the pre-class assignment (hope I’m not giving too much away; I think it only adds to the fun that there is one!!), should the container be much bigger than a 4×6 picture, or is something that holds that size adequate? So looking forward to this journey!!

    • I was wondering this too. I’m really looking forward to the start of class!

    • Kelly,

      I would make your container bigger than 4×6 — you’ll want it to hold both lots of 4×6 pictures and other items like sketches, notes and memorabilia. Yes?

  24. Im just wondering if you would categorize this as a project based class? I have taken many BPC classes and find I enjoy (and stick with) those where I can just copy a layout, mini book or idea, tweak it a little to make it mine, but don’t have to put a lot of thought into it. I love the idea of the album, and already have an idea in mind, but I’m curios about the rest of the layouts. Thanks in advance!

    • Tami,
      This is a GREAT question. This class is as project based as I get. I am one who definitely teaches more philosophy and process, but in this class we are going to scrapbook! NOW, be careful, I am not going to give you specific layouts and project to “copy,” but I am going to help you set up a system for embracing a scrapbooking lifestyle, so that you are constantly curating what you need to create inspired scrapbook pages — and I will be sharing lots and lots of my own pages inside a community of hundreds of women also sharing their pages.
      If you by chance have a copy of my book, The Big Picture and you found that to be a book that got you scrapbooking, then this class will also help you?!

      I hope this helps you make the right decision for YOU!

  25. Ok I read through the class description for probably the 200th time and decided to sign up. Hopefully I can keep up!

  26. I’m even more excited about starting this class after this post. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait for that amazing journal to arrive.

  27. I’M IN!!!! CANNOT WAIT. Wondering if since the class starts on Jan. 1, which is a Sunday, will all the weekly emails be sent to us on Sundays or will we do the regular Thursday thing at some point.

    -Rhonda (mom2h) LOM 2009, FPF

    • I just went over to Paperclipping Roundtable and listened to the “Two-Page Layout” episode while cleaning my scrap room. I already signed up, but your explanation on the PRT show was a bit more concrete than the video you did for BPC. It just gave me more to look forward to. I would recommend anyone who is interested in the class to listen. If you don’t have much time, scroll forward to about 70 minutes in and you will find Stacy’s class description there. I agree with the woman who commented over at PRT…it would be great to link that little nugget of audio to the class info over at BPC…and here on your blog, too. I can’t wait to add this new component to my LOM/FPF system! And I can’t tell a lie…I am looking forward to the 144-page productivity marathon. WOO HOO!!!! Stalking the mailman for my scrappy mail!

      One other question: about what size binder will I need to accumulate class materials if I plan to print out my lessons? I have chunks of time waiting during the week,but no internet access at that time, so hard copies work for me.


  28. Jeanne Ann says:

    I am still on the fence about 12. Mostly because of the cost. I am an LOM alumni but haven’t scrapbooked or really taken any pictures in several years. Yes I do feel behind and saddened by that fact, but such is life. I am famous for starting projects and failing to finish which is something I plan to work on in 2012, so is this something that would get a procrastinator off the fence and back into creating and enjoying the craft? I will listen to the podcast as so many have said it was what made them decide once and for all. Thanks Stacy for all you do for this craft!

    • Jeanne Ann,

      One of the primary reasons I developed this class was to get ME motivated and more fully engaged in my LOM system. I want to get back to a place of steady storytelling, so YES I do believe this class will help organized procrastinators — YES!

  29. Is this class more about the 12 experts or is it more Stacy? I am kind of on the fence, especially when fronting this amt of money. I see there are “experts”. I am a huge Stacy fan and am afraid that the “experts” will be the main focus. I really want to get my inspiration from you. Will this be the case? Thank you!

  30. Happy New Year Stacy! I am so looking forward to your Twelve class and can’t wait for it to start. When I get a second I am going to listen to you on PaperClip after seeing all the recommendations in the comment section. New Years Day is a great day to start as the excitement from Christmas should be winding down and I will finally have my scrapbook room turned temporary guest room back into my scrapbook room again. As I said, ‘Can’t wait!’.

  31. Thanks so much for doing this q & a. Sometimes I feel as if the basic class information doesn’t always supply me with enough info to really understand what a class is about. I understand that BPC doesn’t want to give tooo much away, but I hope you’ll consider doing something like this for other BPC classes to help encourage people to sign up.

    I can’t think of a question that hasn’t been asked yet, though like an earlier question, I’m curious to know if a container that holds 4×6 pictures would be big enough for the pre-class project.

    • Great question Sharon,
      I think you’ll want your inspiration file to be roomy enough to not only hold lots of 4×6 photos, but also other items that might include notes, sketches, memorabilia, etc… We are essentially creating a working preparations file for pages in twelve different categories or topics.

      Does that clarify just a little?

  32. Susan Ringler says:

    I just have to say that (thought I am broke, truly) I trust you so implicitly that I know if you say it’s X number of dollars for your class that it is always worth at least twice that! You are a giver, giver girl and I LOVE the custom journal you revealed. It is gorgeous! I am really going to t ry to be committed to this class because, good heavens, 144 layouts (12 per month, right) is just a wonderful think to think about. 144 layouts more than I have now! Looking forward to spending “time” with you Stacy.

    P.S. I don’t mean to sounds snotty to those who are researching the cost, I mean to sound reassuring that you deliver! Does that make sense?

    • I don’t doubt that Stacy’s class is worth at least double the cost, however $144 is truly a LOT of money to some people. In fact it is more money than some people have to spend on food, much less scrapbooking.

      I don’t think your comment sounds snotty, but to some it really is just too much to spend on scrapbooking/themselves. Stacy is a giver for sure, that is why everyone wants to take her classes because she is just so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

      Good luck in the class!

      • Erin,
        I want you to know that I completely understand that this is a LOT of money, much more than many have for necessities let alone online classes! As our BPC community grows, there will continue to be a wide range of experiences offered. I sincerely apologize for creating a budgeting dilemma for so many. I have always tried to price my classes fairly and this is no exception, but I know that there are many that will not be able to take this class — thanks for taking the time to comment and remind us that it isn’t a matter of value for everyone, but simply a matter of available funds.

        We are giving away a seat today on the BPC blog!

        • Thanks Stacy.

          I am actually going to sign up to take this class. It is a luxury that I am lucky enough to get to treat myself to. However I have been in the situation before that spending ANY money on a class for fun was not even a thought! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of the questions we all have. You are truly an inspiration.

    • Thanks Susan,
      I truly appreciate your endorsement. I will work very hard to deliver the value that I am promising, and I too thrill at the thought of 144 stories told!

      • wow 144 stories told, that sounds so exciting. I’m pondering just making the personal commitment of 12 pages done a month. I want it to be encouraging and inspiring not something that will get me down if I don’t make it. I can’t do the class, but I’m so glad I went ahead and read the comments cause you all are getting me excited and motivated to really take on this commitment. I think I’m going to work on a tracking system with rewards for myself. Maybe in the way of of saving over time to be able to do an amazing class next year.
        Stacy, is there ever thoughts of creating an option of breaking a class payment down into like 3 payments rather than all at once?

  33. I very much need to make chronicling our daily life a habit. I need to go watch that video, because I’m not really following you. I’m wondering if this class would be the jumpstart that I need. Hmmm . . . . The journal is very fun looking. :D

  34. I’ve signed up and am more excited as we learn more. I hope to keep up with this class, the journal looks awesome! Can’t wait to get started

  35. The class sounds like such a great one…might have to drop some hints to my family for an early birthday present!

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!! Thanks!

  36. I’m in. I’m excited! Looking forward to a very productive 2012!

  37. Hi!
    I’m all signed up for class. It was my Christmas present from my husband and sons—with the promise of TIME to work on my LO’s and whatever else is in store. It is a big investment for our family, but he knows I am so eager to try this and get back to what made me fall in love with this hobby in the first place. Can’t wait!

    • Wow. What a great gift + the gift of time and support. I will do my best to assist you in this quest — I’m on a similar quest, so I think you’re in a good place!

  38. Nicky from Canada says:

    Would so love to take this class but this year it is not in the budget, living off one income for two years several corners have to be cut. So wishing that I could but also hoping that everyone enjoys this fun class and all those wonderful layouts get done.
    Stacey I love your work and your inspiration and hope that this is well loved by all who take it.
    So happy to hear your Christmas was filled with joy.
    All the best in 2012 to you and your family.

    • Nicky,

      I completely understand — thank you for your generosity in wishing others well. I support you in making decisions that will benefit your family long term!

  39. Hi Stacy-

    I REALLY want to take this class! I’ve taken LOM and own Photo Freedom and have my category boxes all lined up, but haven’t done much with them. Since the class is titled ‘Twelve in 2012′ is it going to be ABOUT 2012 only or will we be making connections in ways that I can use my category files with older pictures?

    Hmmm…I hope this question makes sense!?!

    • Debi — I completely understand your question and no, our scrapbooking efforts will not just focus on 2012. This class in a yearlong journey to inspired scrapbooking that will perfectly leverage all of the time/effort that you’ve invested in LOM and your category files.

      We are going to scrapbook stories that potentially span your lifetime!

  40. Happy New Year everyone. I was wondering when the snail package should arrive. The class begins Sunday. Should I be stalking the mailman?

  41. Lisa M. Zepponi says:

    Can’t Wait for Twelve to start! The journal is Awesome!!!! I was wondering how we purchased one, but WOW! it is a happy for being part of the class! THANKS!! Going to listen to PRT 92! Merry Christmas! P.S. enjoying 12 Days of Christmas! BPC has got a Tremendous line up for 2012! Thanks!

  42. I am curious, would you reccomend that I read the book or take your LOM class before I participate in 12? It seems like alot of scrapping and it looks like you will be referring to your system alot. I would rather gt organized first so that I can enjoy the year long project instead of trying to organize AND do the project… would you agree? And when is your next LOM class scheduled? I thought I saw that you were going to make a class at BPC for a self paced course of LOM… are you going to do that for 2012? Thanks!

    • Leslie,
      I won’t really be referring to LOM in this class. I will set up a forum for those that are using that system, so we can talk about how they will adapt the process I am teaching, but I do not think you need to have taken LOM first–in fact, I think Twelve will be a great introduction to LOM!

  43. Thanks for taking so much of your holiday time to answer all these questions so fully. And to write and update us so much about this class. I had already decided to sign up as long as I worked hard to earn the $ (before signing up). Which I have done! Your posts/answers reinforce that I have made a good choice. And while there are lots of necessities to pay for on our very limited budget, I have already set my budget for 2012 to include this class! Thanks for all you do. Thanks to your family also.

  44. My husband gave me Twelve as a Chanukkah present. I’m so excited! I’m working on my pre-class preparation. Can’t wait!

  45. I’m begging the hubby to get me an early birthday present – your class!!! It sounds like fun . Hope to enroll shortly.

  46. Candy Clay says:

    My favorite gift was some photo gear from Photojojo!

  47. dear stacy, i took your lom class, and never kept up with it. and yes this 12 seemed expensive and I kept telling myself I was not going to take it, but couldn’t resist so I took the plunge. I am excited. the Winter is depressing to me and I knew your class and the galary would encourage me even if I never got any scrapping finished.

    I have one question and I wanted to ask . I have rewards in my information but every time I try to use the code it always tells me it is not right, even though I check it multiply times and it is. I was disappointed that I could not use it for the class to take $10 off. Just wondering if you or Kayce could help me. I try to email but my computer will not deliver the mail… I am not a computer expert (can’t you tell) anyway thank you so much for all your “Fun”. I do so look forward to the class. thanks again

  48. i have taken your LOM and FPF but haven’t really gotten very far to be honest.. i have got the binders but have yet to find the time to put that together… hoping for 2012 ;)
    i am excited to take this class as i really want 2012 to be the year to rediscover my joy of finding the time to tell my stories for my family and myself.. it has lately been something that has fallen by the wayside to all the other “to dos” and i am realizing as i watch my sweet daughter flip thru the albums i have done, that it’s a very important thing for her too in addition to my own creative enjoyment..
    Thanks for all you do Stacy.. See you in “twelve”

  49. Judianne Graham says:

    I have been lucky enough to pick up a few extra shifts at work to help pay for this. I also am a single income tight budget family. But really wanted this and it is a gift to myself for my birthday.

    Thank you Stacey for your inspiritation and time. I love your Big Picture book and philosophy and refer to it often. do you think this class will turn into another book?

  50. I am SO excited for TWELVE! Even more so since you gave us a sneak peek at that adorable journal from Paper Coterie!! (I ordered a canvas from PC of our family photo for Christmas and I love it! – great quality!) Can’t wait to see the journal and spend a year scrapbooking with you.
    Happy New Year!

  51. I signed up the other day, Stacy. I am a big, BIG fan of you, your philosophy, your classes, your talent, etc. I can not WAIT for Twelve to begin!

    Happy New Year!


  52. Just wanted to say that my husband gifted me this class for my January birthday! I am really looking forward to it! It sounds like a lot of fun.

  53. Hi Stacy and fellow 12-ers,

    It’s the eve of the eve of your Twelve class – or should I say OUR Twelve class. I am thrilled with this opportunity to learn and do and focus and create. I signed up quite a while ago – using money I receivied from a cherished friends’ legacy. Her passing made me look back and realize I wanted to capture our friendship in a special way. I kept putting the process asside as I accumulated supplies and knowledge. And now in 2012 I can put it all togehter with your guidance. I feel blessed that I just retired and will have time to devlote to this and Ali Edward’s class and the Move More Eat Healthy class. Thank goodness you will let us count the pages we make for other classes!!

    Stacy, your light is shining bright in all of us as we anticipate TWELVE.

    Til next year,

  54. Hi Stacy! Thanks so much for posting all of this and for taking time to answer all the questions. I’d been waiting to sign up til today (payday ;) so was thrilled to find all this after committing to it. It sounds like just what I need. I’m a mom of two busy little boys and two elderly parents of whom I’m the main caregiver to. Scrapbooking is what keeps me sane some weeks, and it helps me to have scheduled time I’m committed to. Kind of forces me to slow down and recharge my soul, kwim? Thank you for putting this together. I cannot imagine the hours you’ve dedicated to this. Getting my prep work done today and tomorrow. Can’t wait! ♥

  55. Hi! After reading these comments and your replies I am super excited and I’m going to sign up after the kids are in bed.

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